Why Retail Shops Need A Virtual Tour

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Welcome back to another Momentum 360 Blog!

In this week’s blog, learn about why retail shops need a virtual tour! Not next month, not next year, right now. If you’re in the retail world, take 5 minutes out of your day and read this. It just might make or break your business.


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In our last blog, we discussed the benefits of having a virtual tour for restaurants. But what if you have a retail shop, or are just getting started with a retail business? How can you better your shop? We’ll tell you…it comes with a virtual tour!

Whether you’re just starting out or already have established a quality retail shop, here are some concrete reasons to get a virtual tour for your beloved shop!

Feature Product Lines Embedded in a Virtual Tour

Ever since our virtual tour provider Matterport created what are now known today as mattertags, it makes it easier than ever to tag your product lines on the virtual tour. Let us show you what we mean.

As you can see from this screenshot above, retail shops can tag anything inside the space place based on their current product lines. This way, people can see what your place has to offer or any discounts you might want to feature. All your consumer needs to do is click on the desired category of your store, and they’ll be directed to your website where they can go ahead and buy anything they want!

Now, with this said, we understand that with the changing seasons, clothing stores change with them. No worries, virtual tours can adapt to this as well.

As you can see from this example from Shop Vintage Alley, we put a mattertag that says, “New Winter Line.” This way, the new people shopping go to the virtual tour, immediately see this mattertag that talks about their new winter clothing line, and then click the button that directs them to the website! It’s a great system that has worked for all of our retail clients.

As you can see from this Matterport screenshot, there are over 24k visits and 16,000 unique visitors! The unique visitors mean that they made over 3+ actions on the virtual tour. From the multiple mattertags that were offered on the tour, this made it so much easier for a consumer to navigate through the different lines of clothing and ultimately go on the website and pick out the initial one that they wanted.

Ultimately, if people can check out different product lines and navigate through a virtual tour to their liking, it would be a huge benefit to the company. No one is doing this in retail thus far in society. If your store is the first in your area to have a unique perspective of your business, i.e, a virtual tour, then you’ll set yourself up for future success!

Save Time Finding Products in a Virtual Tour

To many, saving time may not be the first benefit that one thinks of for retail shops. However, take a second to think about it. If you’re going through a large retail store that offers multiple brands, having a virtual tour makes it easy to navigate to the exact brand and article of clothing you want. That way, when you want to go to the store in person, you’ll know exactly where the Polo brand is located inside the store.

As you can see from this virtual tour above, this shop Serendipidy highlights multiple styles and brands that they carry. This is a great example because they’re able to showcase their shop and save people time. Time is the most valuable thing in the world, said everyone…..

If you’re able to cut right through the fluff and give the consumer the tools to get exactly what they want, then you’ll be perceived as adding tremendous value to the buyer. Once you are perceived of adding value, then word of mouth will start to get around and you’ll start having increased foot and online traffic!

Retail shops need a virtual tour to stand out from the boring way people shop nowadays. People are starting to only buy online now. The scary part is that some retail shops don’t even have a website! They only offer social media as their main form of communication between them and the consumer.

A virtual tour takes care of this problem. A tour will give your consumers a platform to check out your space, big or small, and buy your clothes. Whether they’re calling you, messaging you on Instagram or buying from your website, virtual tours for retail shops are extremely valuable for saving time.

Integrated Social Media in Your Virtual Tour

Like we talked about in the last section, social media integration is huge for retail and virtual tours! Let us show you what we mean. With our friends at Linktree, we have the ability to post one link in our Instagram/Facebook/Twitter bio that allows us to have multiple links for different purposes. For example, if someone didn’t just want to have their virtual tour on the site, they can go and simply add their website link, virtual tour link, blog link, new line link, the possibilities are endless!

Linktree does offer a free link but limits 5 links to a single one. They have different packages that can go as high as up to blank links per account!

Once you have your virtual tour integrated to linktree, you post the link in your URL. From here, people can go and click the link and be directed to your armada of links!

The neat thing about integrating a virtual tour in your social media is that people can directly shop from the tour itself! Once they see something they like, they can go on the tour, click the link to that specific article of clothing, and then go on to buy that from the tour itself!

As you can see from this Linktree link, a business has simply integrated a successful link that attracts new customers to buy new fashion lines from their retail store. Of course, people can just check out the retail store from the virtual tour itself. Regardless though, you’ve given your consumer an extremely unique perspective on your business and another way to check it out!

You can post this Linktree link then wherever you see fit. Instagram integrates their link a little better than any other social media in our opinion, but it’s still a good idea to post this link wherever you can.

So, if you’re one of those retail businesses without a website, don’t worry. You still have an opportunity to sell your products using social media. You just need the help of a virtual tour is all!

Rank Higher on Google for Your Retail Store

Like all niches, it wouldn’t be a true Momentum 360 blog if we didn’t discuss the incredible benefits of having a virtual tour on your Google platforms. For those that don’t know, you can actually place a virtual tour on Google via Matterport, our virtual tour provider. It’s very simple actually. We simply scan your place, type in your address, adjust the dollhouse to match the exact shape of your building, and then post! It usually takes around 24-48 hours to full render, but when it finally does, boy does it look fantastic.

Having a virtual tour on your Google My Business, Google Street View, Google Maps and other Google accounts make it extremely easy to have increased traffic. We took a screenshot from one of our client’s accounts. As you can see from this screenshot, they were able to have an absurd amount of traffic just under one quarter!

We like to refer to virtual tours as a snowball effect, gaining more attraction overtime as these things gain steam in your business. The more people watch them, the more people will tell their friends, their friend’s friends and so on. You get the gist.

It’s a total gamechanger, especially if you’re one of the many people that don’t have the money to advertise on Google. A virtual tour works just as well. You post a few screen recorded videos of the tour, generate some hype, and your retail shop is off to the races.

Word of mouth isn’t dead, your customers will talk to their friends and family and make sure that your virtual tour is shown to all that are interested in it. In this case it’s a scenario of, “If you build it, they will come” sort of thing. Retail isn’t going away anytime soon. The way people buy from retail shops has changed though. If you’re to survive in this technological game, you must make an investment in a virtual tour for your shop. It’s an investment well worth it for your business.

Website Shopping using a Virtual Tour

The most practical reason for getting a virtual tour for your retail shop is to help your customers shop online using the tour itself. Where you put your virtual tour exactly can either make or break your results. Here is what we’re talking about. We’ll use one of our art gallery clients in Chestnut Hill called “The Little Gallery.”

They put their virtual tour right on the front page of your website. People can check out your art supply and buy right then and there. However, if you put it anywhere else, you risk not letting people see your place and buying straight from there. This benefits the people that are online shoppers, and the people that prefer to stop into a physical place, old fashioned style.

You think that all clients would want their virtual tour front and center on their website right? Wrong! For some reason, people want to have their virtual tour on their “About” page or their “Contact Us” page.

Now, which do you think gets more traffic, a home page or a contact us page? If you said contact us page, you’re a goner. But seriously, the home page is the page where the majority of your traffic comes in from. So why would you risk losing out on free traffic and more money? It’s a dumb decision at the end of the day, but hey, some people like their food cold and some people prefer it hot.

There are different kinds of preferences out there, not everyone will use the virtual tour to the best of their ability.

Why Hire Momentum 360 for a Virtual Tour?

Regardless of the industry, we have your back. We have experience in every single industry and customize your virtual tour to beat your competitors and enhance your customer experience. It’s our pleasure to make a virtual tour that suits your business only. We never use a cookie cutter system. Everything is individually customized to meet your needs.

Momentum 360 has been the leading-virtual tour provider in Philadelphia since our inception. Why? Because we deliver a top-quality product at a reasonable price. We take pride in helping small-businesses rise and get more traction. We lived through the struggle that most business owners go through on a daily basis, that’s why we get along with them so well.

If you’re looking to grow your online presence with a quality virtual tour, look no further.

You can schedule a call with Sean or Mac and always get more information on our website!

Our owners Mac Frederick and Sean Boyle have over 20+ years of digital marketing experience and are ready to help take your business to the next level! Our team members have also worked at Google and Facebook before, so we have the most up-to-date knowledge in the business. All to help your business rank at the top of Google and kickstart your journey to be a future lead generation machine!

You can email us or check out our website for more information!

We hope this blog informed you on how to correctly publish your tour to Google Street View and the neat features that comes along with this!

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If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love and until next time, build Momentum!


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Having a digital blueprint is important in this day and age. You need to be visible to your clients and customers. Having that edge may seem like a daunting task but you can rely on Momentum Virtual Tours to give you that competitive edge.

What is a Virtual Tour?

What is a virtual tour! It’s an inside look into your business that consumers can visually see prior to visiting. It’s a 360 degree look into your business that will set quite above your competitors. This a good tool to have. If there’s ever a question of what services you provide a consumer’s inside look inside will make the difference. We are talking about a Google 360 tour with street view technology. I am personally a Google researcher. I look into every business I go into for the most part. The ones that stood out are the ones who can give be that birds eye view. If I’m in the market for a new apartment a virtual Google tour that allows me a real inside view versus just a layout plan will give your apartment a boost on my list of places to visit first.


Same idea with medical offices for example, I want to see your business prior to me coming. I also use it so I can recognize where I am as well. Do you know how much people market their business and it comes off on paper as amazing only to be super disappointed in its aesthetics?! You need Momentum Virtual Tours in your marketing and business plan!
Momentum Virtual Tours will come in and do all of the work. They will take the pictures and videos and deliver you a state of the art look into your business that will fine you the edge you need. You need to be able to compete with your competitors in a way that allows your presence on Google to stand out. Your online reputation is important.

Who benefits from a virtual tour?

Real estate

And in case you were wondering these tours can be tailored to fit your budget. Big business and small businesses want to increase traffic to their site. An increase in traffic and better high quality Google thumbprint will increase your revenue! It will become more and more valuable to you as a business to have more and more people give a quality review. How you are perceived online before you can even gain a customer’s interest to come to your facility matters.

Let me give you another example! If you own a venue for example a wedding venue you are going to want a bride and groom to place you at the top of their list. Often time’s people are short on time and they want to make decisions a lot faster than they did years ago. Having a virtual tour can put them at ease that you would be the ideal venue of their dreams.
What you want is someone who comes in and meets with you to understand your business and your vision for what you want to put into the digital world! Sean Boyle is the owner of Momentum Virtual Tours and he has exactly what you’re looking for!

Sean Boyle with client Victoria

He’s experienced and a trusted Google photographer. He’s been running Momentum Virtual Tours for 5 years. He’s also a Penn State grad and I might be a bit biased but there’s always great stock coming from Penn State! We Are!!! You know by now Penn State is where I graduated from as well! He loves UFC and Conor McGregor!! Can’t go wrong!

2020 is fast approaching and I keep hearing people talk about goal setting. One place to set goals is with your business! You need to be able to set the bar high and the start is with Momentum Virtual Tours!

Easy process?

Oh and I need to mention the process is easy as 1-2-3! Yes you are given a quote, schedule a tour so you can have all of the photography completed, and it’s ready to publish! Now you have a virtual tour and a keepsake to add to your virtual blueprint for years to come or until you are ready for an upgrade! This is ideal for new and established businesses of all sizes!!

Let’s work

So let’s make your business stand out! Contact Momentum Virtual Tours by clicking on the link and let them do all the work to make you stand out!


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