• BIM Scanning, BIM Scanning, Momentum 360
  • BIM Scanning, BIM Scanning, Momentum 360
  • BIM Scanning, BIM Scanning, Momentum 360
  • BIM Scanning, BIM Scanning, Momentum 360
  • BIM Scanning, BIM Scanning, Momentum 360

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    BIM Scanning, BIM Scanning, Momentum 360


    BIM Scanning Services

    BIM Scanning – the new way to design and sculp new buildings from scratch. Standing for “Building Information Modeling”, BIM scanning helps to create a digital model of a large building for renovations, documentation, what have you! This BIM scanning service has been extremely popular as the years have gone on, and they’re not slowing down!

    Usually coupled with Matterport, BIM scanning is normally done with A BLK Leica 360 camera, the most comprehensive and expensive camera on its time. Normally in the range of $20,000+ to buy, this camera allows for Lidar scanning in the outside, which was unheard of just a few short years ago!

    How Our BIM Scanning Work

    Momentum 360 has been providing quality BIM Scanning for years now. Ever since COVID, this service became evermore popular due to the shear simplicity of the process. Normally, we send you a quote, once accepted we actually take a walkthrough with the entire building, and then after we plan on a shoot date!

    Since these scans are normally in the vicinity of 100,000 square feet and above, it’s really important to understand much time this will take. Which if done right, will roughly take several days to finish, but that’s ok, that’s how it’s suppose to work.

    BIM Scanning Philosophy

    Our philosophy for doing this service is simple, to implement a competitive price at something that is a fast turnaround, with an unbelievable product! Our main objective is to create something that your architect team will love and actually have use for. After this, we’ll simply send you a digitized copy that they can continue to use for an on-going basis.

    We look forward to capturing your beautiful building with our Leica 360 BLK camera, and working with you on a long term basis. Do yourself a favor and fill out the form below or give us a call for next steps!



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