3 Best Ways to Generate Outbound Leads For Your Business in 2023

Outbound lead generation is a task that can be exhausting when done incorrectly; this is why many businesses often give up on endless direct messages, emails, and cold calls that get nowhere. Most potential clients have become accustomed to ignore the hundreds of messages they receive per week that just beg for business, which is a shame because many great connections could have been made. This is why it is important to learn how to properly generate outbound leads for your business, before you wear yourself out with old and out-dated strategies that don’t work! My business, Momentum 360, has seen so much success with outbound leads because of the techniques I use to create quality connections with my future clients. Today I will be going over my strategies for generating leads through LinkedIn, Instagram, and Cold Calling.

I will also be sharing real conversations with clients that always end with a sale! As well as, a complete cold call pitch that I use personally!


Don’t wait for your customers to find you! If you see a person or company that would benefit from your service or product, tell them! If you don’t, there is a good chance they will never know you or your business exists, and a mutually advantageous connection will never be made. But do not just spam a single message to thousands of potential clients, hoping to get a response. A solid connection will never be made this way, and you will end up working way harder than you need to.

Try to treat outbound pitching like dating, you wouldn’t ask a thousand girls or guys out on a date, if you were really only interested in a select few of them. If you know a business would most likely not need your service, don’t even bother spamming them, even if they might respond back. Instead, allocate this time on prospecting for a real client that you know will benefit from what you have to offer, and contact them in a way that is natural, refreshing, and professional.


Here is a recent sales pitch I had with a potential client that I prospected on LinkedIn, who, after a short conversation decided to work with my company! How did I pull this off? First, I researched before I contacted him and found out that works with franchises, a kind of client I need. I would also be able to offer him commissions to his benefit as well.

I treated him professionally, as if we were already business partners, and told him the absolute truth as simply as possible. No shifty selling, cringy slogans, or exaggerated sales figures were in my messages. In fact, I found his email and sent him my business information before I DM’ed him, in order to save time and keep my intentions short and to the point; and also to catch his attention in a way that doesn’t seem like I’m trying to spam him with sales. Within only sending 5 messages, I was able to connect with a great client that I am still working with today! If you’re reading this “C.J.” Thanks again! Look over our conversation to understand what works when pitching a business:

3 Best Ways to Generate Outbound Leads For Your Business in 2023

3 Best Ways to Generate Outbound Leads For Your Business in 2023


For Outbound leads on Instagram, I use the tool ManyChat. This website is useful for sending and organizing large amounts of messages and works with both Instagram and Facebook. I discovered a college that I determined could benefit from a virtual tour from my company. We have done these tours for universities in the past, and those examples are all displayed on my Instagram profile for prospects to view. Notice how she was asking about my business out of interest in my portfolio, rather than me telling her up front! As you can see, our conversation went perfectly and we were able to set up a 10 minute meeting within one week.

3 Best Ways to Generate Outbound Leads For Your Business in 20233 Best Ways to Generate Outbound Leads For Your Business in 2023

Cold Calls

Cold Calling is the most notorious method for outbound lead generation. Everyone knows how harsh these callers are treated, they will most likely receive many rude comments or abrupt hang ups each day from potential clients that are tired of their phone buzzing. But It doesn’t have to be this way! One mistake is that, after hundreds of calls wearing them out, the marketer might begin sounding like a robot as they read their lines over and over. It’s important to prepare your speech in a way where your opening line is fast and to the point and also has the ability to make an immediate connection, this way you can save your energy for a real conversation.

You should not have to go into paragraphs of dialogue during your call. Remember, just get to the point. Just say who you are, who you’re with, and what you do. Make sure to say this with energy! I’d recommend checking out Andy Elliot for some inspiration and tips on cold calling as well!

3 Best Ways to Generate Outbound Leads For Your Business in 2023

3 Best Ways to Generate Outbound Leads For Your Business in 2023

Now that you’ve learned some of my personal secrets to earn outbound leads, you should realize that reaching out to clients is not as hard as it seems. Prospect clients carefully, treat them professionally, and keep your conversations short and to the point for success. If you are a small business and need help with outbound leads we can help you with this, just fill out the free forum on our website. See you soon!