Exciting details about 360 degree Product photography:


360 degree product photography

Planned sales and marketing strategies for their businesses are only one of the difficulties small business entrepreneurs must overcome. Depending on the nature of your company, your business plan will change, but one important distinction to remember is whether it is a product- or service-based company. Product-based firm owners must think about effectively selling their products.

How many of you know about 360 product photography? It is one of the smartest steps to cover modern customers. Knowing more than the average level of 360 degree product photography will help you to use it in a better way. Use this post to learn different facts and details about it:

360 degree product photography – Overview:

A picture is what a customer will initially search for in product advertising. A product’s success can depend on how well its images are received by its target audience. What steps can people take to make sure they make the proper decision then? Many companies are embracing the emerging trend of 360 degree product photography in their advertising and sales efforts.

By photographing a product from all angles, this style of photography can provide still images, films, interactive images, and more. It is crucial to produce the top images of your merchandise. These images can be used for displays at trade shows and eCommerce websites, among other things. Increasing brand visibility is the aim.

Lists of equipment required for 360 degree product photography

Mirrorless camera or DSLR Many photographers opt for entry-level cameras with lower resolutions to avoid working with big volumes of data. Generally speaking, a 24-megapixel crop-sensor option provides outstanding quality without burdening the websites that show 360 product photographs.

  • Zoom Lens 

Since different products come in different sizes, you will need a lens that can accommodate both large and little objects in the picture. Using a zoom lens is your best bet. To ensure the object is in the shot, all you need to do is zoom in or out.

  • Tripod 

You don’t want your 360 images to be blurry. To consistently produce the finest results for your product shots, make it a habit to utilize a tripod when taking photos.

  • Equipment for Lighting

For 360 product photography, a strong light source is necessary to get reliable images. Therefore, you have the option of using strobes or LEDs. To ensure optimal illumination, you often need two to three lamps. To create 360 photographs, you will also require two to three softboxes. Although umbrellas or octa boxes also function, rectangular ones are the best. To create evenly lighted surfaces and a detailed image, product photography frequently needs soft lighting conditions. You will also need light supports to hold your light source. Depending on how many lights you have, two or three should be plenty.

  • Using a remote

To turn on your camera wirelessly, you will need a remote control. By doing this, you can prevent unintentional device movement during the 360° product image capture.

  • Turntable

Turntables for 360 degree product photography are available from several brands of photography gear. However, you don’t always have to spend tens of thousands of amount to achieve quality outcomes. Various types of turntables are there and choose the best one that suits you.

Benefits of 360 degree product photography


360 degree product photography

More information

Customers will show interest to view your products when you provide multiple data in a single shot. People don’t have much time to go through all the details by spending more time. A product can gain a lot of information by being photographed in 360° views, which not only reveals hidden characteristics. But it also reveals more about the object’s shape and the materials used to create it. 360 degree product photography is highly effective to showcase some additional information about the product.

Increased conversion rates

By increasing conversion rates, you may lower the cost of client acquisition while improving the utility of your present customers and visitors. Once you improve your conversion rate, you may expand your customer base, boost income per visitor, and expand your company. Image-based internet sales have increased conversion rates. As it offers greater visual input, 360 degree product photography is a superior type of product image. When 360 degree product photography is used, brands and retailers see higher conversion rates in some situations, by as much as 45%.

Reduce the chance of returns 

Some people might return the good products after purchasing. Poor satisfaction or decided with confusion might be the reason for that. Before making a purchase, a client can view a product’s features using 360°product photography. Thus, the buyer is informed about what they are purchasing and has done their research. The likelihood of the product being returned is thus drastically decreased. So, only if it is broken or damaged, will your merchandise likely be returned.

Increase Trust

Gaining trust among your customers is not an easy or handy task but this 360 degree product photography will help you. Providing your customers with the opportunity to view your products from all sides will help them better comprehend your products and will increase their level of trust in you. With the help of an info hotspot, you can effectively enlighten your customers and give them access to all the necessary information. You can build greater trust in your brand by providing more information, which will help people form better opinions.

Across creative selling

According to research, shoppers are more likely to acquire things that contain 360 photographs than those that only have videos. This is because customers desire to be in charge of how they evaluate items. Customers enjoy researching products they are interested in purchasing. Videos are essentially two-dimensional motion pictures, whereas 360° images let viewers view objects from all directions.


Flexible 360 degree product photography is compatible with many platforms, including mobile, laptop, web, and apps. Customers can easily contact you at any time and from any location. This has great usability. Additionally, customers search for convenient methods to complete their online purchases.

Tips to create 360 degree product photos


360 degree product photography

Place Your Product Centered

Your product or item is the hero of the show and keeps it in a right place. To capture the finest picture of the item, make sure it is stable and in the middle of the turntable. Placing it on the edges or the wrong side does not provide a great look. When the table starts to spin, the object may seem to shift or move since it is not stable on the turntable’s center.

Clean your item

Even the old items look or work well when you clean them properly. So, clean your merchandise before you start taking pictures of it. It is crucial to capture your goods in the greatest possible light, and having a tidy, polished product will help you take the best 360 product picture. Have a lint roller, all-surface cleaner, microfiber cloth, and other cleaning supplies on hand.

Make use of the top-notch gear 

When you invest in user-friendly equipment, mastering 360 spin product photography is easy. High-quality tools are offered by businesses to customers so they may learn how to build 360 product movies and 3D product photos. E-commerce product photography may be a straightforward process with the correct tools.

Perfectionism is a virtue

It could take some time for you to become more comfortable with your gear and the photography process. It is beneficial to have as much practice generating 360 photos as you can. You will soon be able to produce many 360 product photos as the procedure becomes simpler.


Images changing your website’s entire product photographs to 360 images can assist maintain consistency. Your website’s design and layout are essential for attracting visitors and encouraging them to browse all of your offerings. Each of your products should have high-quality spinning images to impress visitors and persuade them to buy from your website.

Industries that use 360 degree product photography


360 degree product photography

  • Fashion

It is best to display a shirt, sweater, or dress in as many ways as possible. A great way to make clothing stand out from the page is with 360 photos.

  • Tools

A full view of each piece of gear, including tools, can help you make sure you are recording every

Technology and wearables 360 photographs are a great way to display the most recent technology, from smartwatches to the newest high-powered portable fan.

  • Retail

You can share some of the “retail magic” with anyone viewing comfortably from home or on the road with 360 photographs.

  • Cars

An excellent way to show prospective customers the car’s appearance before they stop by for a test drive.

Winding it up:

Hopefully, now you know many details about 360 degree product photography and you can try it on your own. There are many skilled individuals available to give your products a polished appearance even if you don’t have a setup for 360 degree photography. To order online, you must first locate the item you desire. Sending them your product to be photographed is the next step. With the help of skilled product photo editing, you may complete your photos. They will then return your purchases to you after that. The main task at hand is to locate the ideal customer and send them your goods.