3D House Tours

We live in a world where technology is improving rapidly and it is becoming beneficial for our society. In other words, technology is taking over! I started to realize this when I was very young. I went to a movie theatre and I was seeing my first ever 3D movie, “Spy Kids 3D”; I was thinking, how can paper glasses and a huge movie screen create this amazing experience? As I got older, I started to notice 3D printing and 3D ultrasounds became a huge thing. Now, there are 3D house tours– and those paper glasses are not even required!

3D House Tours

3D House Tours

Today, you can now use the human eye to take a tour of a house in 3D. You cannot tell me that is not cool, because It is clear that three dimension layouts are taking over. I am that kind of person that goes on real estate property sites like Zillow, and I would look at property listings of million dollar houses– don’t judge, let me dream! What I am trying to say is, by scrolling and looking at a total of 100 pictures per property was not cutting it for me. I wanted to feel like I was inside of the luxury home. We went on Momentum 360’s website and noticed they did a 3D house tour for a client in the greater Philadelphia area. The quality of 3D house tours are ten times better than looking at pictures and you are even getting that 360, crystal clear experience.

What are 3D House Tours?

It is so simple to explain what a 3D house tour is, but it is difficult to describe what it looks like since it is an amazing tool. This feature launched recently in 2019. This is something a 3D house tour can give buyers the ability to view a property from a 360 point of view. You are able to experience this animation walkthrough. Just one click, you can be in the next room within the matter of seconds. You can zoom in, zoom out, look up, look down– you can honestly do whatever.

You are able to pick which room you would want to go into. 3D house tours are mainly used for promoting real estate properties for the sellers. This is a virtual tool that can be created in a variety of ways; Matterport, HD Photography, and even with a drone video. This can all be viewed from your computer and/or your mobile device.

Benefits of 3D House Tours

3D House Tours

3D House Tours

As I said previously that our technology is becoming more beneficial for today’s society, it is the same thing with 3D house tours. Of course, the main benefit is that you can literally do walkthroughs of a house behind your computer screen. You, the buyer, is basically cutting the cost of travel to visiting the potential property that the buyer is interested in. For example, say that you are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania– and you just landed a big-time job offer that is based in Los Angeles, California, then you are going to have to relocate and live there.

Myself, personally, I do not have the time and energy to fly back and forth to secure my dream home. If you do, then kudos to you. Also, low quality pictures and videos of the property is not going to do the buyer any justice, either. If I personally cannot see the house in person, then I want the next best thing. That is exactly why we have this intelligent resource of 3D house tours!

So now that we realize how cost efficient using a 3D home tour is, did I mention how it’s a fast and easy look through? I want you to think about this from a buyer’s point of view, aside from the traveling back and forth that can be very time consuming, it is also a benefit that the buyer can go right into looking in each room. You do not have to feel rushed and can just simply take your time; and most importantly, the buyer does not have to feel no sales pressure from the seller of the property listing. We all know how that feels.

Realtor Insights

Now let’s look at a realtors point of view. How can this benefit them and their chances of selling the property? 3D Tours truly impact your business growth by providing value to the overall customer experience. This leads to more website traffic, more social media engagement, more positive reviews, and overall higher ROI, according to Momentum 360’s website. A property listing that includes a 3D virtual tour receives over 40 percent more clicks than just looking at random images of the house!

Another benefit is that potential buyers are able to access your 3D home tour 24 hours, seven days a week. There are many people out there who change their mind so much, that they want to make sure they are making the best decision for themselves.

Buying a house is already difficult enough– and to make that decision more soothing for a realtor’s clients is making sure they have access to the house anytime and anywhere without hanging them a set of keys. To all my realtors out there, step your game up! 3D house tours are a hot trend right now and can benefit you and your property listings tremendously; so no more worrying about if your property listening is clean enough or not, you have the best version right in front of your eyes!

COVID-19 and 3D House Tours

It is clear that we are currently living in a time where the majority of everything we do is virtual. We can literally go anywhere just by a click of a button on your desktop. Students are going to school virtually, people are working from home, and you can even go to the gym virtually! Having the option of doing a 3D house tour could not have come at a better time. Due to the pandemic, it is understandable that others do not want to be in contact with other people– which is okay.

Even before the pandemic had hit, there are still some introverts out there who prefer contactless house tours. Although we are all going through some rough times, 3D house tours are definitely increasing profit for realtors. It is the best option for realtors to keep their traffic flowing with potential buyers by keeping their property listings germ-free as much as possible and it also saves the buyers from having a panic attack of possibly coming in contact with COVID-19.

Open houses will forever be a smart and clever way to pull in potential buyers; but since the pandemic began, that action has been suspended in most places. Many real estate companies have been choosing to go the 3D house/virtual tour route for safety reasons. 3D house tours are a great resource for keeping the buyers and sellers safe.

What does a 3D House Tour Include?

I can tell you one thing a 3D house tour for sure includes; like this is the most important thing of it. The first thing a 3D house tour includes is… A HOUSE. I know right, who would have ever thought? Okay, I am now done being sarcastic. But yes, a property listing is included, along with some nice background music and narration (it can be optional to turn on and off).

Companies like Momentum 360, put it all together and create it for someone who is interested in having a 3D house tour; like the realtors potential buyers. It is fast and easy progress, so you can get your 3D house tour in no time.

Cost of 3D House Tours

For the buyers, the cost of just simply viewing the property listing should be absolutely complimentary for you. If not, then that is concerning. For the sellers, if you are interested in getting a 3D house tour done for your property listing, it would all depend on the company you seek partnership with.

It also depends on the square foot of your place; so each price varies. Depending on the company, sometimes you are able to get a free quote just like we do here at Momentum 360. To get started and to request a demo, head over to Momentum 360. It is highly recommended and it is worth an investment.

Why You Should Get a 3D House Tour

As I said before, and I will say it again; 3D house tours are extremely beneficial to the potential buyer and the seller. At the end of the day, the main goal is for the 3D house tour to be as authentic as it can be. Realtors, to increase your traffic of potential buyers for your property listing there are a variety of ways for more clients to come in. There is not such a thing as too many clients!

One thing you can do when promoting your 3D house tours is post on your social media platforms. If your property listings are eye-catching, then it can possibly go viral and increase more traffic. Sure, you can post the 3D house tour on your own website, but with the benefits of using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and more– it gives you the ability for more exposure and also more shares. So show off that beautiful house along with that breathtaking 3D layout!

3D House Tours

3D House Tours

Future of 3D House Tours

For this option you are able to take off those flimsy 3D movie theater glasses and put on your virtual reality goggles! Another way to spice up your 3D for your clients is offering virtual reality. Virtual reality is another hot new trend that has been skyrocketing for years. So when worlds collide, you get success! If you do not know what virtual reality is, it is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D image of a place, which makes you feel like you are in that setting.

You wear special technological equipment like goggles and a handset– sometimes a helmet, also. It is an amazing experience! I promise you, it literally looks like you are at the property– but isn’t that the whole point? I highly recommend going with the virtual reality; it gives you the most authentic feeling with 3D house tours and it is also fun.

When thinking of options like these, it seems like a great way to grow that buyer-seller relationship. Sellers, I know you do not want to come off too hard on you buyers; and buyers, I know you do not want to come off as the “snooty” type when purchasing a home. This is why 3D house tours are a trusting way to connect with each other! The sellers do not want to lose the potential client and the buyers do not want to lose a potential dream home.

Closing Out

Well, hopefully I gave you a good insight about 3D house tours, and HOPEFULLY whether you are a buyer or a seller, you choose to go down the 3D path. It is a win-win situation for both of you. Keeping up with the latest virtual and technology trends is very important in today’s world–and three dimensional is taking over. Buyers, we all know buying a house is one of many important events that occurs in our lives; so do not be afraid to try out this viewing option when searching for your dream home. It can make your decision a lot easier in the process.

Sellers, make your property listings stand out from the rest of them! Try to make your selling technique more creative than any other realtors you are competing with. With the pandemic and along with it being a recent trend for business, it is definitely worth it. This is 2021, and 3D house tours are dominating in the real estate world. If you are still unclear or would like to know more information on 3D house tours, please visit Momentum 360’s 3D house tours tab or virtual tour for homes tab.