The future of the world is changing right in front of our eyes. We have the most innovative technology right at our fingertips and we can use it to improve all aspects of our lives! 3D Tours are one of these cutting-edge technologies that completely changes the game of touring. No matter what you use 3D Tours for, it gives businesses another aspect of customer service. Whether you are in real estate, the restaurant business, a university, etc. the list goes on, you have to put the customer first and keep them totally satisfied.

3D Tours are a great way to increase customer satisfaction. With 3D Tours, people can view places that they are interested in from the comfort of their own homes. I could literally be sitting on my couch in my home in New York and I could take a tour in real time of a building all the way across the world in Malaysia! Who knows, maybe one day I will be able to interact with the people in the place I am taking a 3D Tour of.


What is a 3D Tour?

3D Tours So, what actually is a 3D Tour? A 3D Tour is a three-dimensional virtual tour of a property or location. Compared to normal photos and videos, 3D Tours give you an extra layer of dimension to look around a location to see every angle and every detail of an object or place. You can actually scroll around and see every side of something in a 360-degree view. You would see everything as if you were doing a walkthrough of the building. You can look up, you can look down, and you can look 360-degrees around where you would be standing. This experience is often more accurate and immersive than just a regular photo or video.

Most people when they think of 3D, they think of the glasses or headset that you need to put on to see something three dimensional. That is not totally the case with 3D Tours. Although it is nice to throw on the headset and feel completely immerged in the tour, it is not necessary to view a 3D Tour. You can view 3D Tours right off of your computer, phone, or pretty much anything with a screen.


What are the benefits of a 3D Tour?

3D Tours offer a lot of benefits to all parties involved. I think one of the main benefits is the convenience and ease of use aspect of it. Say a homebuyer wants to buy a new home (obviously!). They have to start their search somewhere. So, before they go out and visit homes in person, they have to find homes that are actually for sale and homes they actually think are attractive to them. So, they do an online search, something like “homes for sale near me”. And BOOM a catalog of homes for sale pops up. This homebuyer then scrolls through and clicks through the homes for sale. This homebuyer sees a listing that has a 3D Tour attached to it and they click it and scroll through it. The homebuyer can feel any way about the home, either love it or hate it or feel anywhere in between. That 3D Tour captivated the homebuyer and gave them a really good feeling about that potential home. It doesn’t matter what they were feeling about it, as long as they can be certain about that feeling and trust the tour they just viewed.

From there the homebuyer has two choices, they can set up an in-person walkthrough with the realtor, or they can move on to the next listing and never look back at the home they just viewed. It is so easy and convenient for the homebuyer to get a feel for a home with a 3D Tour. And that makes it very beneficial for the realtor to use as well! The realtor that chose to get a 3D Tour of their property essentially weeded out uninterested buyers. Now everyone that hits up the realtor is sure to be interested because they got a good feel based on the 3D Tour. 3D Tours really save time for both parties involved.

3D Tours

These are also beneficial for people looking at properties in different areas. 3D Tours make properties accessible to anyone in the world. Hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals should all have 3D Tours of their properties. These places are most likely to get a lot of international traffic and a lot of people taking trips there. Don’t you think these travelers would want to see these places as most in person as they could before they book their trip there? 3D Tours lets them see it as they would see it live in person before they book their trip.

3D Tours are some of the most captivating content out right now. If you are using social media to market your listings or company property, then you have to be creative with your content to give yourself a competitive edge in order to draw in customers. A lot of content on social media is so cookie cutter and that makes it uninteresting. 3D Tours as content is a great way to keep your page interesting and lively. 3D Tours will make your page stand out from the crowd!

How to do a 3D Tour?

3D Tours Getting a 3D Tour done for your property can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. There are so many different apps and software that claim to create the best 3D Tours. Save yourself some pain and time and give us a call today to discuss 3D Tours. We will take care of every detail and get it done for you. Matterport is the best 3D virtual tour software in the industry and that is what we use. Your 3D Tour will come out amazing and your clients and customers will absolutely love it! So, call us today and have us do your 3D Tours!


How much does a 3D Tour cost?

The cost of your 3D Tour is going to vary depending on the size of your property. This is usually a base fee and then a percentage of the total square footage of the property is added on to that to get the total 3D Tour price. A rough estimate of the base price is $350. You can expect to pay about 10% of the total square footage on top of that. That really does not seem so bad considering the longtime value that comes with it! Check out our site to get a more accurate representation of pricing!


Cutting Edge Matterport Technology

We are the best because we use the best. Matterport Real Estate Tours has been using Matterport 3D tour software and technology since our inception. Matterport technology lets us capture your space and turn it into a 3D representation. This state of the art technology is the best in the business right now and produces the highest of quality 3D Tours.

3D Tours

How does it work you ask? Well, it starts off with Matterport’s top of the line, high quality cameras. The camera is placed on a tripod inside the location of the tour. The camera then 360 degree scans the space and produces a digital twin model of the building or location. Depending on the size and shape of the building, more scans will be needed until every angle and perspective is covered. These digital twin models of the building are what get pasted together to create a lifelike 3D Tour that can be viewed on any device with a screen.


The Future of 3D Tours

3D Tours

Five years ago, I never would have thought that 3D technology would be used to sell homes! It is crazy the technology that has become in this world. I can only imagine where we will be five years from now. Right now, I think that we are only at the beginning of the 3D Tours wave. I truly believe that these will become mainstream, and every company or business will have a 3D Tour of their property. Once enough people realize the value of them, they will not blink an eye to get one for their business. I also believe that customers will come to expect to see them for certain businesses. People search literally everything online nowadays and to be able to virtually step foot into a business before you decide to go in person is huge in a customer’s decision-making process. If the customers truly like seeing 3D Tours, then businesses will be forced to use them to keep up with their competition and keep customers satisfied.

I think we could see 3D Tours becoming way more interactive in the future. Right now, they are nice because you can interact with the property and location of where the tour is, but I keep thinking, what else can people interact with to give them a better experience?

How cool would it be if people, potential customers, could interact with a member of the staff? As they scroll around the 3D Tour of the property, they would be able to talk to someone on the other end that is attached to the property. I could see this starting out as an artificial intelligence (AI) bot because there is already technology that does that. But down the road I hope to see actual people that could respond to a customer’s voice in real time. I am no fortune teller, but this would be my best guess as to what the next step in the future of 3D Tours is.

What do you think will happen in the future of 3D Tours? Leave a comment below with your best guess!



3D Tours provide business and customers with an extremely valuable service. They have really changed the way that businesses can market themselves. They have also changed the way that customers can shop for services! 3D Tours allow customers to step foot inside of a business from the comfort of their own home. So next time you are debating on where to go out to dinner, and you are searching through different restaurants, make sure you scroll through the 3D Tours if they are provided, so you can really see what the atmosphere of the place is!

I am excited to see how 3D Tours evolve in the future. Be sure to check back here for news and updates regarding any 3D Tour services!

Make sure to hit us up or check out our other blog posts in you have any questions or are interested in learning more about 3D Tours. We do provide 3D Tours using the best Matterport technology in the game and would be happy to talk to you about how we could expand your business using 3D Tours!