Importance of Airbnb Photography in High Revenue Generation

Airbnb Photographer

Airbnb Photographer

When companies cannot effectively communicate and market to their customers, they fail, regardless of how good their business ideas are. Airbnb almost went out of business 11 years ago when this was the case. Airbnb Photographer is here to stay! When Airbnb first began, the company struggled to convince people to book nights in its listings instead of hotels. Today, renting rooms in people’s homes is a popular idea, but a decade ago it was still rare to find people doing it. While Airbnb has been offering lower prices than hotels for over a year, it is still struggling with low occupancy rates. Travelers at the time were skeptical of Airbnb’s quality and safety, as staying in someone else’s house was a novel idea, according to a local airbnb photographer. Despite expanding operations from San Francisco to New York City in 2009, the company almost went bankrupt as revenues were so low. A change in marketing strategy drastically changed everything in the young start-up’s quest to increase bookings.

How Photography Saved Airbnb?

Airbnb Photographer

Airbnb Photographer

As a result of hiring professional photographers instead of using photos taken by Airbnb hosts, the company was able to achieve its breakthrough. As per a local airbnb photographer, that was a turning point for Airbnb when it realized that it had to invest in professional photography. “We observed a pattern. All of these listings share some similarities. Their photos are terrible. They were not the best photos. They were taken on their smartphones or from classified websites. Because you could not really see what you were paying for, it wasn’t surprising that people weren’t booking rooms.” – Joe Gebbia, Airbnb co-founder.


Door to Door Photography in New York

Airbnb tested this theory by going door-to-door in New York City to take professional photos of its listings. Airbnb’s revenue instantly doubled after the test. As soon as the company realized they were onto something, they expanded their photography services and made it their policy to include professional photography with every listing going forward. Airbnb turned a good concept into a successful product that sold on the market thanks to its photography. Even more relevant today than ever before is the importance of photography. Online content is dominated by images more than ever, and appealing imagery is required for practically every type of content online. According to a 2016 academic research paper from Carnegie Mellon University, professional photography leads to more bookings and revenue for Airbnb.


The Encouraging Results

Airbnb Photographer

Airbnb Photographer

An average of $2,455 per Airbnb unit was increased by having high quality professional photography! In an unusual partnership, the home sharing service has partnered with 1,000 photographers to help their customers grow their businesses. Airbnb’s free professional photo service involves a professional coming to your property to light, frame, and photograph it. Photos on Airbnb had a direct correlation with bookings: Their places were booked 2.5 times more frequently than those without professional photos, and on average, the photos brought in $1,025 per month.


Airbnb explains that taking photos that accurately convey the feel and look of a space is one of the most difficult elements of creating a listing. Airbnb’s catalogue of 13,000 properties has been viewed and photographed by professionals in 383 cities across six continents. Almost as quickly as Airbnb has grown, their photographer army will continue to grow. The Airbnb blog states that the company’s founders used the “Photo Service” in its early days to photograph listings. Since summer 2010, it has been around as a more formalized pilot project. A spokesperson for Airbnb wrote in an email to Fast Company that the program runs like a small business within the company, with eight in-house photographers managing the global team. Aside from photographers with architectural or real estate experience, Airbnb will consider someone with an alternative portfolio if they are able to demonstrate “impressive professional skills in composition, lighting and technique.”


Addressing the Security Concerns

Another reason the feature is popular is that, beyond beautifying the site, it suggests an extra level of security to guests who book themselves into a place they’ve only seen online. Guests know their photographs have been screened by a member of the Airbnb team when they see the “Airbnb Verified Photo” ribbon. “Apart from any other travel site, Airbnb offers more secure inventory to guests”, the company explains. It isn’t an issue with these properties for a ‘bait and switch’ scam to occur. When it launched three years ago, the company was an investor darling. But it has been struggling with trust issues since. A home renter’s blog post in August this year described how rogue guests ruined her home. This exposed the inherent risk that is associated with renting a home. To make matters worse, Airbnb’s response was slow and cold, which left it vulnerable to criticism. There was a fiasco because it was growing too quickly and failing too quickly. The Airbnb founders slowed down after this event and put some thought into preventing this from happening again in the future. In a blog post, Brian Cheskey apologized and announced new security measures to reassure users.


It is true that the unlikely partnership between Airbnb and pro photographers might be working well for the company and its homeowners. However, if the program has offered some reassurance, Airbnb says it favors guests over hosts.

Airbnb Photographer

Airbnb Photographer

It Took Time

A company like Airbnb didn’t become successful overnight. For a start-up based in San Francisco, business took a while to take off at first. When the founders looked at the pictures hosting companies used to promote their listings, they found an important flaw: poor quality. Homeowners aren’t necessarily professional photographers. Thus, the pictures they took were often too dark, too bright, or too blurry – and their compositions tended to be unattractive. Airbnb’s founders reshot their best listings after hiring professional photographers to address the problem. Their efforts were rewarded.

Airbnb’s best listings included professional photography, which instantly doubled their income. As a result, all new hosts get a free photography service when they enroll.

The Effect On Small Businesses

To sell anything online, you need professional images. According to a survey, 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact local businesses that include images. Your work will be better showcased if you provide good pictures. Photos that capture your customers’ attention are also a good first step. Assuming you are on a budget, here are the basics you need to keep in mind: the right equipment, the right composition, and the right lighting.

Having the Right Gear

If you want your photos to appear professional, you should use the same gear as a professional. Put down your smartphone and forget about taking pictures. Buy a DSLR instead, which will allow you to change the focus and zoom in. You’ll get the best results when you frame, compose, and consider the subject matter on a tripod.

Choosing the Right Angles

Focus on different aspects of your business, such as the storefront, the interior, the signage, the people, the services or equipment. For listings on online directories or search engines, include static pictures of the facilities. Your business name should be clearly visible on the storefront and should represent your business. Photographs of people interacting with your service are also a good idea. Your customers or staff can be the ones demonstrating your service. However, the shots should remain natural. Don’t let your guests stare awkwardly at the camera or staged pictures. For a professional appearance, the background must be clean and the lighting must be adequate.

The Before and After Photos

Last but not least, if you’re a hairdresser, a gardener or a dentist, take some before and after photos. Your clients will be able to see your results. Your business is more attractive when you use professional photos. Avoid using flash to take high-quality photos with digital cameras. Shoot outdoors whenever possible and make sure there are no lights behind the subject. Last but not least, edit your pictures but don’t go overboard. It’s rare for professional photographers to use Instagram filters or frames, isn’t it? Try cropping and adjusting your photo’s color or brightness. But don’t go overboard.

The Rule of Thirds

Professional shots are often distinguished by the quality of their composition (how they are framed). Hence, do not center your photograph on your subject when you are photographing an object or person. Consider positioning them slightly off-center to create a more natural-looking photograph. Often referred to as the rule of thirds, this is a fundamental principle of photography. The quality of your pictures will greatly influence how your customers perceive your company. Your photos can be used for digital marketing, your website, or printed materials.

Show off your business and services with your brand new pictures on your website. Generally, pictures need to be reduced in resolution so that they don’t slow down your website’s loading speed. On the web, 72 pixels per inch is the recommended resolution for displaying professional pictures.


Your customers don’t have the option to physically inspect your products before placing their orders online if your business exists online. Airbnb photo and product description play an increasingly important role in securing a sale in this case. The only way to determine a product’s quality and appearance online is with its photographs and descriptions. They provide the buyer with a sense of what to expect from the purchase. Likewise, pictures of a place are crucial in making a decision to rent a place in the hospitality sector. Guests check out the pictures of an accommodation when exploring a stay, and only then do they decide if the stay is for them. Due to this understanding, Airbnb places a great deal of importance on its listing photos. Airbnb hosts say that Airbnb photos are the first thing that attract potential customers. Guests can view these photos to get a better understanding of the amenities and services available on site. As a result, if your pictures are better than those of other rentals and they manage to make your place seem like a charming getaway, then you are more likely to get more bookings. As a result, Airbnb Photo is a powerful tool to attract potential customers when used correctly. But how can you take photos of your property that stand out? If you are shooting photos of your property, what can you do to make your property look attractive and inviting?

How to Take Appealing Airbnb Photos?

Here are some tips you may find helpful in order to help you take pictures of your property that will make it stand out from the rest. You should avoid taking multiple photos of the flat walls when you are doing an Airbnb photoshoot, as they might look dull and unappealing. Consider taking photos of its corners instead. Your’ will look more exciting if you capture the corners of your apartment during your photoshoot. Your photos will stand out from those of other properties because of this unique view. A second benefit of taking corner photos is that they will give your guests a better idea of the size of your room.

Photograph the Surroundings

There are a lot of tourists staying at your hotel. Most of them are there because of the natural beauty of your surroundings. When you are taking an Airbnb photo, it is a good idea to include the surroundings. You will appreciate having a look at the neighborhood so that your guests know what they can expect during their stay. Make sure to capture the beauty of your surroundings, whether it is a lake near your property or a quaint and amazing restaurant right outside your rental. You will boost your bookings by brightening up your place.


Use Bright Decorations

Whenever you are taking photos of a place, you should aim to take clear pictures where everything is clearly visible. Getting your space bright before taking an Airbnb Photo is a crucial step to making this happen. If you do this, you will capture a well-lit area, which will, in turn, encourage the viewer’s confidence. In order to get the best photos of your property, open all the windows and remove the curtains and blinds before having a photoshoot. You should always turn all the lights in your room on when you take pictures, no matter what time of day it is. When you shoot bathrooms and kitchens, doing this simple practice will help you. The absence of natural light in these areas can be compensated by turning on the lights. Airbnb Photographer.