Is AirBNB Photography Really Worth It in 2022?


AirBNB Photography

AirBNB Photography

Using the Airbnb Photographer Service is the best way to showcase vacation properties. Photographs that showcase a vacation rental property are crucial to those in the vacation rental business. As a result, Airbnb provides a dedicated service for taking pictures of its properties. Airbnb owners understand how important it is to take the time to upload good-looking photos. In order to advertise their space, they can either take the photos themselves or hire photographers. For an owner, it is crucial that their property description is accompanied by accurate and representative photos. However, it does not mean that an owner has to hire a professional to take photos for their listings. Photographers who specialize in this may be able to help, however there may also be other ways to get the pictures that people need.

Airbnb Photographer Service: What is it?

AirBNB Photography

AirBNB Photography

Airbnb owners are required to have at least one good photo of their property to use for their listing. The use of more than one photo is highly recommended in order to see multiple perspectives. Airbnb understands that this is challenging for some travelers. A photographer service will come and take photos for the eligible hosts in order to help with this. But the quality of the photos is not guaranteed. Furthermore, this service is not available to all hosts. The photographer must be available to take the pictures if he or she is in the specified area at the time. The list of available photographers can be found on this site if this is something you are interested in. An Airbnb list is generated according to the property’s address.

Airbnb Listing Photography: Everything You Need to Know

You can be proud of the property you list on Airbnb. This is something you’ve worked hard on, and you want others to enjoy it as well. What are the best ways to let Airbnb shoppers know about the amazing property you have? You should hire a professional Airbnb photographer. Just like hiring a professional real estate photographer to lower your days on the market, a professional Airbnb photographer can increase earnings by 40%, increase bookings by 24%, and even increase the price by 26%. Your Airbnb listings will provide a rapid ROI and a long-term revenue stream if you utilize quality photography and a solid digital marketing strategy. The meeting and greeting process can be hindered if a temporary or long-term business relationship is not established with a photography company.

Is It Expensive?

Airbnb’s professional photography services are priced according to the size and location of your property. Since the cost of your photoshoot will be deducted from your next rental payment, no upfront payment is required. The remaining amount will be subtracted from the next payout until it is fully paid, if your next payout exceeds the cost of the shooting. In the event you need to cancel before the shoot, there will be no fees associated with it. Regardless, there will be no charge until your property’s listing has photos.

Boosting Your Revenue

AirBNB Photography

AirBNB Photography

A recent survey found, professionally taken photos increased views by 61%. Professional photographers can help in creating value when it comes to connecting with customers looking for short-term rentals, whether you’re marketing your first Airbnb or you have ten stunning rentals. Real estate photography companies have the digital tools needed to promote Airbnb rental properties and real estate listings. With everything from basic photography to aerial drone photography to virtual 3D tours, the marketing horizons are endless. Bringing a feeling of home ownership to prospective buyers or enabling them to imagine vacationing at the property is key to signing a contract. You can accomplish your goals with a successful digital media campaign. You’ll get the best return on investment if you work with a company that provides both photography expertise and the know-how to build an online marketing plan. A study from 2016 found that exhibiting and marketing properties with the help of an experienced photographer can be beneficial for increasing nightly rental rates in addition to enjoying increased bookings.

Total Time It Takes

When the shooting is complete, your photos will be edited by the photographer and sent to Airbnb’s editorial team, who will check that they comply with their guidelines. Airbnb states that the whole process usually takes around 2 weeks to complete, when you will have your pictures ready. You are not restricted from listing your property while you wait. If you want, you can even take pictures of your own and use these while you wait.

How Does It Work?

The chances are you’ve already heard that you should take the time to upload quality photographs to your Airbnb account if you already manage one. You can maximize your listing’s views on the Airbnb website or numerous other sites by taking attention-grabbing photographs. If you are trying to market a valuable property, it is always recommended that you hire a professional photographer. In their official website, Airbnb says, “Uploading high quality photos is the first impression the guests get of your space.” Shooting your property only needs to be done every few years (maybe only once every ten years!) and the investment will pay off in the long run. Airbnb photographers are specially trained in photography for property rentals and know what it takes to gain customers’ attention. Photography for Airbnb properties should be done by a photographer who is familiar with the style of your listing and who will capture attention. Ultimately, you end up with a listing that looks professional and speaks for itself.

In addition to providing some useful tips for taking your own property rental photos, Airbnb also offers some great resources. Simply choose a nice sunny day to take your own photos and you will get great results. In order to appeal to guests, your images must depict the natural light in your rental property. No matter what you decide to do, don’t forget that creating a visually appealing advertisement is crucial. During this stage, you will have the opportunity to genuinely showcase your rental property, so you need to make sure it is presented in an outstanding way.

For your first Airbnb listing, you may want to take a look at some existing listings to see how the images are used. Knowing how the images are used will be helpful. You will see that some images are presented more effectively than others. Taking the time to ensure your photography is as good as it can be will help you make the best use of Airbnb. If you want people to book your property, you need to give them as accurate a picture as possible of what they will get. It is better to show them as much as you can about the property. Additionally, the photos must be of high quality, otherwise, they will detract from the features of the property.

Creating good photos for your Airbnb listing really only needs to be done once once you have taken the time. You will need different images for each property listing if you have more than one.

Increase in Bookings

AirBNB Photography

AirBNB Photography

You can increase your Airbnb bookings by focusing on what your client’s needs and wants are and delivering them professionally. You should consider these details when listing your Airbnb properties:

  • Tell the people about your space. After you’ve entered the hard facts, you’ll want to describe your space so that guests will feel like they are there. You should include attractive, detailed, and informative titles and descriptions in your listing. You might mention a cute cafe right around the corner, a stroll to the beach, or the relaxing koi pond in the backyard. You will become more in-demand as your details become more compelling.
  • Provide accurate listing information. Guests are on vacation, and they want to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. Providing them with current listing information is essential. To ensure real-time updates for your clients, you will need to update your host dashboard each time your listing details change.
  • There are rules and expectations . As a final note, you want to let them know what’s expected from them. Include guidelines and expectations in your listing description.
  • Use high-quality photographs. Airbnb photographers are good for this. On Airbnb, the best listings have comprehensive descriptions and beautiful images alongside them. Make sure your photos are eye-catching, detailed, and beautiful, as they will be the first impression your guests will have of your space online.

Tips for Taking Better Airbnb Photos

You must first create your listing on Airbnb, and good photos are a necessity for this. When it comes to vacation rentals, the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true. Potential guests will usually take notice of the photos on your property listing first.

The Pricing

Pricing is also important when it comes to renting out your property. Photographs provide the best representation of what guests can expect for the money they will pay. If you are renting a room, apartment, house, or any other type of property, your pictures must show it off well.

The Photographs

The photos of the rental accommodation may not need to be taken by a professional, and that is fine with you. There are some things you will need to keep in mind if you plan on doing this yourself.

How Many Photos?

There may be a need to have at least one of each of the rooms where guests are expected to stay. It’s also great to have an outdoor image, but make sure the property has good curb appeal as well. When enticing people to book your rental property, you should use the best features as selling points. A kitchen is always an important selling point. This may be an additional feature that you wish to include in your photos if there is plenty of space for the kids both indoors and outdoors.

The Equipment

For a good photo that will work well on the Airbnb platform, you don’t need high-powered or expensive camera equipment. The only thing you will need is a quality cell phone that is capable of taking decent photos.

Some Common Mistakes

Obtaining an image of the wrong size is one of the greatest mistakes many hosts make. Considering they have only a limited amount of space on Airbnb’s dashboard, they assume the pictures must be small. It is advisable to take photos no smaller than 1024×683 pixels. If necessary, you can always downsize them with some simple software if the resolution isn’t good enough. Make sure not to take the pictures horizontally. Landscape photos fit better in the space than portrait photos. Viewers can get a better sense of the space and amenities of a property by viewing it in landscape format.

Preparing the Space

You should stage your rental property before taking any photographs. The first step to this is to make sure it is clean and that it has been decluttered and tidied.

Positioning and Uploading

As a host, after you have collected all of your photos, you will need to upload them to your Airbnb listings. The process of uploading the photos is easy, but take the time to arrange them in the correct order so that they have a nice flow.

Adequate Lighting

Additionally, any photo taken during the natural light of day will show on Airbnb much better than one taken at night. Guests will also notice that the rental has lots of natural light, which is appealing to them. Airbnb’s website is a great resource for hosts looking for information about photographs that work. It’s worth a look.

Is Airbnb Photography Worth the Money?

AirBNB Photography

AirBNB Photography

Prices for Airbnb photographers vary widely. Your photographer will charge you depending on many factors, including how many (and what type of) photos you need (basic photographs, video tours, 3D tours, or aerial photography), as well as his or her experience. The price of your Airbnb photographer usually ranges between a few hundred dollars and a thousand or more. Be sure to speak directly to your photographer if you have questions about the price or what will be included in the photography package. In any case, adding beautiful pictures to your listing is one of the best ways to make sure that your rental stands out from others on the Airbnb platform or through social media and that you maximize the value of your property.