Are Virtual Tours Worth It?

By Sean Boyle

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Welcome back to another Momentum Monday!

In this week’s blog, learn about why virtual tours are worth it for your niche industry! Let’s dive in!

During this crazy year in 2020, there have been all types of new marketing strategies. Some don’t work at all, some work a little bit, and some will work until the test of time. Virtual tours are just that…a timeless quality product! So..if you asked the age old question “Are Virtual Tours Worth It?”, don’t worry, we’ll give you the answer and why in this blog here.

First off, the answer is yes. If you wanted to save yourself 5 minutes of your life and just get the answer..there you go! But, if you wanted to learn exactly how and why these virtual tours are so effective, stick around.

These are so many different niches that Momentum 360 has helped out during this anxiety producing time…but I’ve chosen to talk about 4 imperticual ones today. These niches are:

These 4 niches have seen the most growth from our virtual tours, thus that’s why I want to use their statistics to show you why virtual tours are worth it! I’ll be starting from the top and going down the list. Grab your popcorn and soda…this is going to be a fun ride.


I know, I know. You’re probably reminiscing back to the days you went to school. Maybe you miss those days, maybe not..but one thing for certain. Virtual tours for schools have been an absolute success. In 2020 alone, Momentum 360 has been able to help over 20+ schools get a virtual tour all across the United States!

Why do schools need virtual tours you ask? Great question.

Think of these tours as a first date. You want to make the best impression possible upfront..because you know that you’re not just trying to impress the person across the’re also trying to impress their parents as well! Schools need to show off all their best amenities. With a virtual tour, we make that transition as easy as possible. The school that saw the most growth was none other than Paul VI, a local catholic high school based in New Jersey.

We shot 10+ tours for them, and also shot a drone video to boot! During the pandemic, Paul VI saw an increase of over 24% in enrollment! Isn’t that awesome? You bet it is. The methodology was pretty simple. Show off every cool room Paul VI had to offer, and post it all over their social media, website, etc. Before long, catholic families were enrolling their students to the prestigious Paul VI HS!

Virtual tours were worth it for Paul VI and now they’re soaring higher than they’ve ever been during 2020. This tour will continue to set a benchmark for catholic high schools around the country to try and emulate. Like I told Paul VI’s marketing department when we first started working with them..”no one is doing virtual tours for schools, this is why we need to strike while the iron is hot!” Once they found out that literally no one has a virtual tour of their school, they pounced on the idea and we made it happen!

It just goes to show that good things can happen in 2020!

Real Estate

Not just any real estate, but commercial real estate. During the year, we saw our biggest niche continue the trend. With over 300+ realtors serviced during 2020, we made sure that we continued branching out our efforts to ensure this niche would be a top producing industry for years to come. What we didn’t expect was commercial real estate to be such a net positive. Turns out, it was.

The facility that saw the most growth was a multi-facility company in Pennsylvania and Delaware called NextFab!

NextFab, if you haven’t heard of them, is an engineering workshop. Doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, engineer, or someone just looking for a weekend getaway to build some stuff, this is the place for you!

We ended up shooting 3 of their locations and have seen tremendous results as of their virtual tours. Ever since, they’ve seen an impressive 45% increase in website traffic! Not bad during a pandemic huh?

Like I mentioned in the video above, we actually recently shot an ad there promoting our 50% OFF virtual tour special throughout the holidays! If you’re reading this right now and missed out on our sale, don’t worry! Just tell us you saw the 50% OFF deal from our blog and we’ll grant you the discount! No strings attached! Just don’t be surprised if you see us on your Instagram or Facebook timeline pretty soon 😉

All in all, NextFab will continue to grow and their locations will as well. I can’t wait to do future business with their amazing company. Their shoot was nothing but an absolute pleasure and their team directly told me that this was worth it. “This” being the virtual tour. Like you’ll continue to read in this blog, there’s a common theme here. Virtual tours are worth it, they’re hip, the new trend, they’re here to stay!

Event Venues & Co-Working Spaces

Let’s be honest, this industry has heard crickets for most of 2020. It’s been a dismal year for this industry, that’s why they need our help. One of, if not the most luxurious co-working spaces in all of Philadelphia, Fitler Club, gave us a buzz.

They were looking for a product that would turn their numbers around with membership and overall site impressions. I told them they came to the right place! We were able to shoot 4 different tours of the Fiter Club, encapsulating their entire space which is roughly over 125,000 square feet. We needed to pull out all the bells and whistles for this one, this was Momentum 360’s largest project to date!

We incorporated a boatload of features to their tour that were able to help them reach their goal. We included:

  • Local SEO
    • Keyword tracking, Linking to CRM
  • Unlimited Mattertags
    • Show off art, Offer CTAs
  • Unlimited 360 & 3D Scans
    • Additional content for website

And a handful of other features as well! With this winning formula in place, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing them at the top. In a few weeks time, Fitler Club started ranking for elite local search keywords online, as well as starting to drive 23% more memberships and traffic in general! It wasn’t easy, and it took all the man power at Momentum 360 to accomplish this goal, but we did it!

It goes to show that teamwork always, always, always makes the dream work. This is why virtual tours are worth it! Now, the Fitler Club is absolutely crushing the competition in Philadelphia and pretty soon the FC’s competitors will come knocking on our door to get a virtual tour of their place too! A little competition is good, it keeps things interesting. All I can say is that it was a privilege to shoot FC’s wonderful space and I can’t wait to see the big things they come up with later in this decade!


If not the most impacted industry of them all, restaurants have been completely ravished during 2020. Foot traffic is down, morale is too, it’s just not ideal to be in the food business at this point due to the pandemic. But, the show must go on. Hard working restaurants aren’t going by the waist side on our watch, Momentum is here to help! And here to help we did, while working with the best restaurant group in Philadelphia, Fearless!

Fearless was actually a client of ours before this wild year happened, but once they started to suffer financially they knew it was time to continue our project with us! So, to date, we’ve shot some of their best restaurants such as:

These restaurants needed a virtual tour! Without one, it would be impossible to thrive in the years to come. Now, you might be asking yourself, “why do they need a virtual tour if they aren’t physically going to the restaurant?” That’s a great point. Well, here’s the thing. In today’s day and age, people love to save time and money. If you can help them do both very well, you’ll be a hero for them!

What we did with Fearless was not only show off their place, but we incorporated takeout and delivery CTAs so people could buy right from the tour itself! Imagine seeing the tour, checking out the inside, and being able to buy your meal right from the tour! No gimmick ads or anything like that, just the good stuff! Literally!

There’s a reason we were able to help all 5+ places get over 28% more takeout/delivery orders during the pandemic!

The entire fearless team was a delight to work with. From Kerrie, Sydney, and the rest of the entire staff, we can’t wait to do big things with them and other restaurant companies in Philadelphia and surrounding cities! Remember, Momentum’s HQ is in Philadelphia, but we have over 50+ locations all over the world!

Side note, but we’ll be in Puerto Rico, Spain, Paris, UK, Germany, Slovakia, and other countries Q1-Q2 of 2021! Very exciting stuff and we can’t wait to make it happen!

So from now on, if one of your friends asks, “Are Virtual Tours Worth It?”, you’ll know the answer! The resounding answer is yes! It’s a VR based solution that accelerates your business to the head of the pact in terms of technology. Every industry needs this moving forward. We’re living in 2020, it’s time your business started looking like it.

If your business is looking for a virtual tour, look no farther than Momentum. We aid small businesses everyday with this technology. We’d love to help your business get up to speed with things. Thanks again for reading the blog and we’ll see you soon!

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