How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour Shoot

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How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour Shoot

So you’ve finally decided to get a virtual tour for your space – awesome! Before we have one of our professional photographers do what they do best, we need to go over some essential tips in order to get your space ready! Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail, let us show you how to get the highest quality out of your 360 virtual tour!

Clean Everything

This may be an obvious one, but we’re stating it anyway. Momentum 360 recommends cleaning every single inch of your space. At the end of the day, the 360 camera will pick up everything that shows up on your space, so you need to make sure to clean everything to the best of your ability. Not only will this make your virtual tour look 10x better, but it will be easier for the photographer to capture!

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour Shoot

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour Shoot

Here is a checklist of cleaning items for your space:

  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Cushions
  • Steps
  • Walls

If you follow this simple checklist, you will make your virtual tour a lot better looking, i.e your tour will help you make more money. This is a great first step to learning how to prepare for a virtual tour shoot.

Momentum 360 has shot thousands of virtual tours in the entire world, so we know a thing or two about making sure your space looks the best it possibly can!

No Visitors Allowed

People still don’t seem to understand this, but you will need to close your listing/business so no people are walking around while we shoot! Remember, the camera captures whatever is there, even people. Thus, if you’re in the line of sight for the camera, it’ll pick you up in the virtual tour.

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour ShootWhat Momentum recommends is meeting with your team a week before the shoot, and making sure that everyone can work from home and/or stay out of the way if they need to be in the office. Another popular option if you’re a M-F business is to simply shoot on the weekends. This will ensure for minimal people to be in your space, so we can focus on shooting without the worry of capturing someone in the scan. The good news is, even if we do, we can blur them out and/or delete the scan, so hope is not all lost.

We recommend having one point of contact to meet our photographer on-site, this way we can go over the shot list for 5-10 minutes and then get to work! This process has worked very well for our clients, we try to make it as easy as possible for them. This is another example of how to prepare for a virtual tour shoot.


Another common sense tip but just so we’re on the same page, make sure you pick up your clutter! It would shock you the number of times we’ve shown up for shoots, only to find the place covered with trash.

It’s a shame because this means we’ll have to reschedule and shoot again. It’s essential for the realtor or small business owner to read this blog to get your space ready to shoot! Here’s a quick list of what to do in terms of decluttering:

  • Clean everything off the kitchen counters.
  • Remove from the refrigerator magnets, clippings, your children’s artwork, etc.
  • Put away all personal photographs and photos on the walls.
  • Make the beds.
  • Vacuum and sweep the floors.

This list is especially important for realtors as you can see. For large commercial spaces in excess of 10,000 square feet, there is actually less declutter on average that the client has to deal with. Of course, it always depends on the space and size.

Great Natural & Building Lighting

This is one of the most important tips for your virtual tour shoot. Lighting will either make or break your virtual tour, so let’s light your space up!

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour ShootRegardless of how many windows and built-in lights you have, your team needs to strategically create as much light as possible for the shoot. What good is it for your virtual tour if no one can see what they’re looking at! Of the thousands of virtual tours Momentum 360 has had the privilege of shooting, lighting is something we always look for in a shoot.

Whether our team is using Matterport, Cloudpano or 3DVista, we require good solid lighting for our cameras. If your team needs more natural lighting, use this brief checklist:

  1. Add More Mirrors and Shiny Objects
  2. Choose the Right Colour Palette
  3. Bring in New Furniture and Accessories
  4. Install Larger Windows or Doors
  5. Replace Wall Space with Glass Blocks
  6. Wash the Windows
  7. Lighter Window Treatments
  8. Add Skylights

Again, this is a great example especially for real estate listings, but the same goes for large commercial spaces that we work with too.

Create Shot List for Photographer

This should be worked out between Momentum 360 and our clients previous to shooting, but we want to emphasize the shot list again come shoot day. Just another way to be on the same page and create a better working relationship between photographer and client. Although the POC doesn’t have to monitor every single shot that the photographer does, instead a great idea would be to give the photographer the shot list after having a 5-10 minute meeting upon arrival. This is reinforcing what needs to be shot and again creating solid rapport with the client.

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour ShootIf you’re wondering what a shot list looks like, check out our own Momentum 360 Photographer Guidelines. We indicate what a correct shot list should look like, as well as a clear onboarding process for all of our new photographers!

If you’re a 360 photographer reading this, send us an email with your resume and portfolio to [email protected] and we’ll potentially add you to our vendor list!

Hide Personal Information

If we’re shooting a small business, we make sure to emphasize the protection of personal information. Some clients don’t think this is necessary, here at Momentum 360 we absolutely do. Here’s an example:

  • Protecting the headshots and names of children in schools
  • Protecting sensitive company data on a messy work desk
  • Protecting specific areas that aren’t in the shot list

Make sense now?

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour ShootHiding sensitive information is absolutely a priority, and something that at Momentum 360 we take extremely seriously. The virtual tour softwares that we use such as Matterport, Cloudpano and 3DVista contain helpful features to help hide personal information.

Matterport can blur and hide scans that we shoot, thus having no possibility of leaking important company and personal information.

Don’t Forget to Stage!

This is the fun part!

If your listing or small business is vacant in some areas, this is a perfect opportunity to spice it up! Whether physical or virtual staging, Momentum 360 can consult which would be the better option for you. As you can see from this image, one side looks better than the other, and that’s the one with some staging in it!

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour ShootEspecially for realtors, staging gives the buyer a better idea of what they can do with their new space!

Momentum 360 also provides virtual staging for realtors and small businesses, you can check out our staging portfolio here!

Get Creative

This is one of the best ways to prepare for a virtual tour shoot. Getting creative with the space you have and maneuvering it in the best way possible is a huge selling point. Think about it. Ever seen a real estate listing that just didn’t cut it? Pretty boring? One of the reasons it was boring was because of the way the house was staged.

When we work with conference centers/schools/venues, our main question to those clients is: Which type of staging arrangement would sell the most online?

Because at the end of the day ladies and gentlemen, it’s about how much the tour sells, that’s the entire purpose of this technology. To sell more tickets, more students, more listings, more anything! Not taking the project too seriously and getting creative is another great way to prepare for a virtual tour shoot and make it perfect!

Check Everything One Last Time

How to Prepare For A Virtual Tour Shoot

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to go over this entire list again and make sure you did everything! You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to virtual tours.

Once you have triple checked to confirm you’ve done everything to prepare for a virtual tour shoot, then we’re good to go!

Momentum 360 likes to make it easy on our clients, that’s why we handle all our scheduling, support and invoicing online just like any other successful company would do!

If you want to hop on a demo or if you’re ready to see what all the virtual tour hoopla is about and get your own virtual tour, connect with us!

That’s it for this week’s blog! As always, check out our website and social media to learn more about Momentum 360 and all that we do.

For information about pricing, check out our pricing page here.

For a complete list of Momentum 360 Services, check out our website here.

Still not convinced? Check out our portfolio and see our work for yourself!

Our team members have also worked at Google and Facebook before, so we have the most up-to-date knowledge in the business. All to help your business rank at the top of Google and kickstart your journey to be a future lead generation machine!

Here at Momentum 360, we want to make growing your business easier than ever. Investing in a virtual tour is without a doubt an imperative step in making that happen. Our society is prioritizing digital content now more than ever, and we likely will not see a decline in this mindset in the future years.

If you are interested in learning more about Momentum 360 Virtual Tours or would like to have one made for your business, feel free to email us or schedule a call with Sean or Mac. For more information, visit our website! Mac Frederick and Sean Boyle, owners of Momentum, have over twenty years of experience in the digital marketing field and have a passion for helping businesses reach their fullest potential.

We post our Momentum Monday and Small Business Saturday blog every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

April 7, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

There are so many places on my bucket list where I would love to travel, but there’s one place I am dying to visit. Can you guess? I would give you a hint, but I cannot even describe in words on how beautiful this attraction is. I am joking, yes I can and that is exactly what I am going to do for you right now! Get ready everyone, because we are going in a virtual tour to the amazing Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel!

I am very excited to take you on this amazing virtual tour and show you this iconic location. If you have never been to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, then welcome! For those who have, just know I am high-key jealous of you right now– but still come along with us; it’s never a bad time.

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel During COVID

Unfortunately, no one is able to physically visit the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel during these current times due the pandemic. Thank God for virtual tours, am I right? Look on the bright side, I am literally giving you the inside look, without paying any flights or fees; so you’re welcome!

Before we head on in, let me give you some background knowledge on the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. It is 42,000 meter of pure beauty, located in the state of Vatican City. I know, you are probably thinking, ‘how is it a state when it says it is clearly a city?’. Well, friends, it is an independent state– not to mention the smallest state in the world, with a population of 825 people. Mind blown? Yup, mines too! I am warning you though, more mind blowing coming your way during this virtual tour. We will be walking through the Vatican Museum and ending at the notorious Sistine Chapel so let’s get started!

Court of the Pigna

For our first stop of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel virtual tour, we are standing in this astonishing courtyard called the Court of the Pigna; but I personally call it “The Pine cone Courtyard”. Reason being, I mean come on, look in front of you! There is a gigantic pine cone right there. This is a cool pine cone, not the ones your grandmother puts out as Christmas decorations. It is a green color and is made up of a gorgeous bronze that sits in the middle or the courtyard surrounded with stairs on each side. This statue was founded in the area of the pantheon and was made by the Ancient Romans almost 2,000 years ago.

The pine cone is not the only thing you can observe in the Fontana della Pigna. There is also a reflective statue of a big Sphere. It is called the Sphere within Sphere. This was actually created about 30 years ago; so it is a fairly recent piece of art. There is meaning behind the Sphere within Sphere; if you stand in front of it, we see from the outside we see a perfect sphere but the inside hides another mechanism of another sphere. In other words, do not judge a book by its cover. I absolutely love this art piece because it can be reflective for others– see what I did there? Okay, I do not want my cringe humor ruin your virtual tour experience, let’s go to the next stop of the virtual tour!

Collection of Popes

This is actually a pretty amazing spot. There are a variety of statues, but I was to show you three of my favorite ones. Not only these statues are very artistic, but the backstory behind them are super interesting.

The first statue we have here is called the Statue of Apollo. It was made by the Ancient Romans in the first century of Christ as a copy of an original Greek statue. Apollo was known as the Pagan God– the God of poetry and the God of music. Back then, Apollo represented “classical beauty” in other words in today’s society,he was very good looking. He is not really my type, but to each their own. Apparently, he was so handsome, Michelangelo was inspired by the look of the statue; so he modeled Apollo’s face after Jesus Christ in his paint of The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel. Don’t worry, we will get there soon enough! The off-white of this statue gives it that beautiful definition, It is an absolute masterpiece!

The next statue is pretty interesting. This one is called the Laocoön; sounds so fancy with the accent and everything. If you have heard of the ancient story Troy and the Trojan Horse, this is what this statue is based on. For those who are not familiar with the story, let me give you the rundown really quickly.

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

So, basically, he was a Priest that was trying to warn the Trojans from accepting the horse as a gift from the Greeks, but no listened to him. As a result, since the Gods were on the Greeks side, he was punished by being killed by snakes– and that is exactly what the statue is showing.

The expressions and detail or this art piece seems so legit. The statue was founded in Downtown Rome in the beginning of the 1500’s. Michelangelo told the Pope Julius II, who was pope at the time, to go get it because it was something special. Obviously, he was not wrong, because it is sitting here in the Vatican Museum during the virtual tour today.

Statue of Apollo and Laocoön

The Statue of Apollo and the Laocoön are very important art pieces because they were both the first statue to enter the Vatican Museum (previously known as the palace), but this last one is a little less important, but it is a great piece. This one is called the River God also known as Arno. It represents the river or Arno which is located in Florence, Italy. Back then, rivers represent men with huge beards; like the one in this statue.

It was founded at the time of Pope Leo X in the 1500’s. The way this statue honors Pope Leo X, they added a lion’s face inside the vase which the bearded man is holding. Not going to lie, but I kind of jumped back when I saw that. I just thought that was a super clever way for an artist to create a legacy of Pope Leo X.

Hall of the Muses

Wow, look at us! We have already been through two whole courtyards at the Vatican Museum. I don’t know about you, but I am loving this. Anyway, we have officially entered inside. Looking around right now is breathtaking, and we are not even at the Sistine Chapel yet! I cannot imagine the expression on my face once we get there; but look where right now. Welcome to the Hall of the Muses. Along the sides of the red walls we see statues of figures called muses. Muses are the protectors of art, music, and poetry. A fun fact is the words “museum” and “music” comes from the word “muses”. Are you amused? Here I go again with my cringe humor, sorry everyone.

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

Let’s go to the center of the room and look at this next art piece. This is called the Torso. I mean, if you look at it, you can clearly see how it got its name. It is just a plain torso; no arms, no legs, and no head. Bizarre, right? It’s an important piece though; reason being because it was made in the first century before Christ. Also, if you look towards the bottom of the torso in the center, you will see a signature; which is very rare for ancient art like this piece of marble.

Gallery of Maps

Who needs a GPS when you have the Gallery of Maps? This is a really cool and narrow hall in the Vatican Museum. The left and right side of the walls are covered with maps with different regions of Italy. The east coast of Italy is on one side, and the West coast of Italy is on the other side. It was painted at the end of the 1500’s and the paintings are very detailed.

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

For example, let’s look over here. Right here on the map is Lazio, Rome. It is so detailed, you see places such as the Tiger River and even the Vatican! It does not look like this anymore since it was painted a very long time ago. This Gallery of Maps was commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII; also known as the man who reformed the gregorian calendar.

The Raphael Rooms: The Room of the Segnatura

The Raphael Rooms are one of the most iconic rooms in the Museum. They consist of four different rooms. It was formerly known as Pope Julius the II’s private apartment. He called up one of the most famous painters of all time, Raphael to paint and decorate it.

Out of all four of these rooms, the most well-known room is the Room of the Segnatura. It used to be the Pope’s library, but then became the tribunal of the church for signing a bunch of documents; which is why it has it’s name.

The most famous painting in this room is The School of Athens. It is a beautiful painting of people walking in a building that is about to be build; which is St. Peter’s Basilica. Some of the people in the frescoe are included and represented with great minds of the ancient times. Both well-known philosophers Plato and Aristotle who are in the center of the masterpiece.

Sistine Chapel

We made it to homestretch! Of course, I had to save the best for last; the Sistine Chapel. It is famous for its mind blowing paint of The Last Judgement by Michelangelo, and also this is the exact place where the election takes place of the new Pope. The Sistine Chapel was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV and it was also named after him. At the end of the 15th century, he was called the best artists in Tuscany and they created this beautiful frescoe side walls of the right and left hand side. As you look, these are paintings of Moses’ old testament and Jesus’ new testament.

Now, look up; looks familiar, right? Pope Julius II called Michelangelo to paint this now famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. As you look up, look in the center. That is a painting that represents Genesis, which is the creation of the world in the Bible. Isn’t it crazy how the beginning of the world is right above our heads?

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

Virtual Tours of Sistine Chapel

The most iconic part of this ceiling is the Creation of Adam. You know, the once painting when Adam and God are reaching for reaching each other. It is showing Adam with no energy because he is about to receive life for the first time. Also, if you notice behind God is a shape of a human brain. Michelangelo was trying to send a message to us as viewers that we need to use the brain God has given us because it is a beauty.

Closing Time

Alright, now look straight at the wall in front of you. This is a big painting of The Last Judgement. I am not here to give you a Religion lecture, but if you do not know the story behind this painting; long story short, it is the day when Jesus comes back to earth and decides who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. In the center you would notice a beautiful detailed painting of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary along with Saints and others surrounding them in heaven.

Now, look towards the bottom right, that is hell. I got some tea for you right now. Michelangel was on a whole other level of pettiness when painting this, I am going to tell you why. If you look in the corner, you will notice a naked man with snakes and creepy figures around him. The man in the painting is named Biagio and he was an assistant at The Vatican. He would complain about the naked figures Michelangelo would paint in the Sistine Chapel– so that is why Michelangelo decided to include him in this famous piece of art. That is hilarious!

Well, that is a wrap! I hope you all had a great time on this amazing virtual tour. This was a pretty good one, and I hope to see you all again at The Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel.

Virtual Museum Tours

March 31, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Virtual Tours

Over 1-year-ago Snapchat Travel Recaps? These 10 Virtual Museum Tours Will Let You See the World Again From the Safety and Comfort of Your Own Home

Take a look at world famous paintings and exhibitions, from the United Kingdom all the way to Argentina!

Quarantine was a weird period for everybody. Lockdown constraints, limited opening hours, reduction in the number of allowed guests and travel restrictions were all enforced worldwide. Entertainment of every sort was confined to in-door activities only, so you could forget about movie night with your friends anytime soon.

Or is that so?

Museums, just like most organizations earning profit from their in-person-operated kind-of-services, found themselves struggling to keep their business afloat. Now, a year into this global phenomenon, museums everywhere have come up with the idea to hold virtual museum tours after a record number of sites were closed down temporarily.

  1. Amsterdam
virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

The Van Gogh Museum, located in the heart and soul of the Netherlands, contains an exquisite collection of well over 200 paintings and sculptures. Additionally this is the home as well to around 500 drawings from the famous artist of the same name and his contemporaries. The ‘Google Street Virtual Experience’ gives visitors close access to Van Gogh’s greatest handwritten letters about his life, online boarding games, and much more.

With the institution is temporarily closed and not expecting to open its door to the general public until March 31st, people of all ages can enjoy everything they have to offer!

They currently hold no exhibition fees. An online ticket gives people the opportunity to visit both the permanent collections and exhibitions on view, in addition to the temporary ones they bring. Further discounts and promotions are given to scholars, the elderly, and everybody on special occasions (with the exception of Dutch holidays).

2. London

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Founded in 2000, Tate Modern is an institution that houses, in a series of galleries, a collection of the United Kingdom’s most celebrated artists, as well as those around the world with popular contemporary art pieces.

An artist that certainly remains as one of the most influential figures in contemporary art is Andy Warhol. More than 20 years after his death, Warhol maintains his status as pop artist and cultural icon. He was a shy gay man who, born as the son of immigrants, embraced consumerism, celebrity and counter culture – all while changing the definition of modern art in the process. America’s Auction House estimates his paintings to cost as low as $10,000, depending on the piece of work and where it is being offered.

For those who are interested in seeing the Pittsburg native’s Marilyn Monroe and Campbell Soup paintings can purchase their tickets at Tate’s exhibition online platform. Tickers are free but some exhibitions might charge for access. The one-way route guides visitors from the Turbine Hall and through the exhibitions. There will be access to toilets, the souvenir shop, and stores to buy refreshments. The proper guidelines such as wearing a mask and limitations of 6 people per group are being enforced to avoid the spread of the virus.

Still, if fans of Warhol do not feel comfortable going in person, they can always experience a virtual tour of the museum via their website. The museum’s short documentary on the life and work of Andy Warhol, his immigration process, and struggles with his sexuality. Curators Gregor Muir and Fiontan Moran give in the video a more in-depth analysis of the man behind the notorious blonde wigs.

3. Japan

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

For the opposite of a crappy time, make sure to schedule a virtual museum visit to the Unko Museum in Tokyo, Japan – the country’s very unique art institution dedicated to poop. Located in the Odaiba district, Unko has quickly become one of the most talked-about attractions for both locals and tourists alike.

Unko, which can be translated to ‘poop,’ is a candy-colored space with a range of poop-themes interactive games and challenges, photo booths, and gift shops. After the break of the coronavirus pandemic they came up with an extensive online space that includes an interactive chat with the company’s mascot and view of their gallery of toilet art created and inspired by celebrities. They also host regular live sessions on Unko Museum’s Official Instagram page where they discuss everything from new merchandise releases to one’s digestive system.

4. Mexico City

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Another attraction that is sure to captivate its visitors is the Frida Kahlo Museum, based in Mexico City, Mexico. Also known as ‘Caza Azul’ due to its picturesque blue walls, the family home-turned-museum has been opening its doors to the general public since July 1958.

The museum exhibits the ambience of tranquility and comfort, with some of the artist’s most iconic dresses, as well as remarkable pre-Columbian sculptures, intimate photographs, documents, books, and furniture. Some of Diego Rivera’s paintings, who was married to Kahlo up to her death, are also featured in the art institution.

Starting March 6th, guests have been welcomed following CDC protocols to ensure the safety and comfort of everybody. Tickets start at $25, However, those that choose to do a virtual museum tour instead can do so by heading to their website. It gives a 360-degree view of every room, artwork, and garden of the famous Blue House totally free of charge.

5. Toronto

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Located in Toronto, Canada, the Bata Shoe Museum (BSM) regularly displays thousands of shoes and related artifacts, in architect Raymond Moriyama’s emblematic award-winning building. It celebrates the style, development, and function of footwear across four different galleries. The BSM serves as an exhibition space to bound-foot shoes embraced by the Chinese and ancient-inspired Egyptian sandals to chestnut-crushing clogs and glamorous Hollywood-inspired platforms. More than 4,500 years of history is reflected in the Canadian-based institution permanently, while its other three galleries feature something different every other week to keep things fresh and interesting for its visitors.

The fashion building is temporarily closed, but people can still learn about the origins of cloth shoes and how wedge heels are made by going over their virtual museum exhibitions. Every one of the four galleries contains a virtual portfolio and guide of all pieces. It even contains tutorial videos and additional teacher-recommended resources for those looking for more information.

6. Memphis

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

Another location to look at is Graceland, once home to rock and roll icon, Elvis Presley. From the funky jungle room to the still-in-prime condition music room, and from the flamingo-wall bathroom and wide horse stables, Graceland is an experience of a lifetime. This is where he recorded hit albums and home movies. It is also where he lived with his family and entertained friends. It is visited by millions of people each year, including fellow movie stars, sports heroes, and political figures from around the world.

The museum is open both for in-person visitors and those that wish to do the museum tour online. At $98.50 a ticket, visitors can catch a glimpse of the life of the ‘King of Rock.’

Unfortunately, there are some areas that remain restricted.

When she agreed to turn the house into a museum, Priscilla Presly (the singer’s widow), decided to keep the upstairs area private. This is excluded from both the in-person and virtual museum tours. Still, critics remain delighted with the project and continue to invite fans around the world to learn more about the man whose career started with an old and dusty guitar.

7. Figueres

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

The nex artist on the list is Salvador Dali, a man who knows no boundaries for the imagination.

The Dali Theater Museum is located in Dali’s hometown of Figueres, Spain – displaying pieces as eccentric and alluring as the painter. The ‘pink bread encrusted’ museum, designed by him, is the pure example of surrealism. Some of the pieces featured at the Dali Theater’s Museum are the Mae West Room, the Labyrinth, the Rain Taxi, the courtyard of golden Oscar statues, and the painting of ‘Gala contemplating the Mediterranean Sea’ that serves as a blurry reflection of the former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

A virtual tour of the museum gives everyone free and total access (or a 360-degree view) of the rooms and paintings inside the art building. The Dali Theater Museum is happy to make their exhibitions public to the general audience. Nonetheless, they warn internet users that the commercial or any other kind of exploitation of the videos will be punishable by law. Reproduction rights of the virtual visit are reserved – no excuses.

8. Los Angeles

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

If you are one of those people who has to quarantine with an ex, this could be something of a bonding experience for you both!

The Museum of Broken Relationships is dedicated to failed love relationships. This is a physical public space created with the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing stories about one’s heartbreaks. It is a museum about you, about me, and all of us who have experienced love and later misplaced it.

It was founded by 2 Croatian-based artists, sculptor Dražen Grubišić and film producer Olinka Vištica, after they ended their 4-year relationship in 2006. It has since inspired thousands of people worldwide to channel those ‘destructive’ emotions of a breakup by adding to the growing collection of intimate items. They exhibit all kinds of personal objects that were left behind from former lovers and detailed descriptions about these relationships and what it meant to its participants. Every piece in display comes from an anonymous failed relationship and an accompanying personal note explaining its story and significance.

Due to covid restrictions, the museum is restricting the number of parties per visit – with everybody having to schedule and purchase their $18 tickets beforehand online. But if you can’t make it to the location, the museum’s director, Alexis Hyde, gives a virtual tour of the museum’s most popular items free of charge on their official youtube account.

So, awkward museum date with your ex, anyone?

9. New York City

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

If you have a sweet tooth and can’t seem to get enough of picture editing and caption brainstorming, the Museum of Ice Cream will truly feel like paradise for you!

Established in 2016 by young entrepreneur Mayrellis Bunn, this dessert-inspired emporium has become the ‘it place’ for A-listers like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Kevin Hart, as well as thousands of up and coming influencers and social media-craving teens. This business was built with the promise to provide sprinkles, happiness, and every ice cream flavor your heart desires. Every room provides visitors with a 3D selfie background that’s sure to get them the perfect snap for Instagram. It comes with a rainbow tunnel, unicorn statues, and a swimming pool filled with about 100 million plastic sprinkle-like ball pits. Some activities and areas have of course been closed due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.

While the museum itself has remained open in a limited capacity to go in accordance with CDC regulations, they do offer group ice cream making and mixology ice cream classes online. These museum virtual sessions offer friends and family the opportunity to learn more about the history of ice cream, what the dessert industry is like and how to make their own flavors from scratch!

10. Miami

virtual museum tours

virtual museum tours

To finish up this interesting list of interesting museum suggestions is the Burger Museum by ‘Burger Beast’ that’s based in Miami, FL. Featuring well over 3,000 historical artifacts and collectibles from burger and comfort food restaurants from all over the country. It opened in December 2016 and includes items dating back to the 50s and 60s, such as a Krystal Waitress Uniform and a Burger King Menu Board from those eras.

While the museum physically closed all the way back in 2019, the organization remains active both online and in person. Events like the #CroquetaPalooza were held as drive throughs to keep the virus from spreading any further. Their personally-created sauces are sold and burger recipes are shared on their website as well.

Luckily, this does not end here!

The masterminds behind the ‘Burger Beast’ empire shared publicly a museum virtual walkthrough of their installations and regularly posts about their other businesses via their official website and social media accounts.


Even a year into the pandemic, everybody is still adjusting to the changes it brought to our lives. Restaurants are closed, concerts are cancelled, and couples are separating. Still, technology has helped us connect with others on the same boat and even inspired some to think outside the box to expand the list of things we can do, even virtually. Museums, for example, are not only offering virtual tours for free (or the majority of them), but include additional features like live info sessions and interactive educational games to keep children and parents entertained.

Here at Momentum 360 we want to push the envelope further and make this quarantine experience a little less painful for those at home. Investing on a virtual tour gives businesses the opportunity to hit the ground running and dominate the tech world. Prioritizing digital content now more than ever is key for businesses to succeed. Having a youtube channel is not enough. Posting videos showing off the museum’s newest addition isn’t either. The best ones will invest in themselves to offer something their competitors don’t and make clients want to pay for these museum virtual tours (for those that offer one for a fee) and visit one day when things get better.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to set something up for your business, feel free to schedule an appointment with us!


3D House Tours

March 30, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Virtual Tours

3D House Tours

We live in a world where technology is improving rapidly and it is becoming beneficial for our society. In other words, technology is taking over! I started to realize this when I was very young. I went to a movie theatre and I was seeing my first ever 3D movie, “Spy Kids 3D”; I was thinking, how can paper glasses and a huge movie screen create this amazing experience? As I got older, I started to notice 3D printing and 3D ultrasounds became a huge thing. Now, there are 3D house tours– and those paper glasses are not even required!

3D House Tours

3D House Tours

Today, you can now use the human eye to take a tour of a house in 3D. You cannot tell me that is not cool, because It is clear that three dimension layouts are taking over. I am that kind of person that goes on real estate property sites like Zillow, and I would look at property listings of million dollar houses– don’t judge, let me dream! What I am trying to say is, by scrolling and looking at a total of 100 pictures per property was not cutting it for me. I wanted to feel like I was inside of the luxury home. We went on Momentum 360’s website and noticed they did a 3D house tour for a client in the greater Philadelphia area. The quality of 3D house tours are ten times better than looking at pictures and you are even getting that 360, crystal clear experience.

What are 3D House Tours?

It is so simple to explain what a 3D house tour is, but it is difficult to describe what it looks like since it is an amazing tool. This feature launched recently in 2019. This is something a 3D house tour can give buyers the ability to view a property from a 360 point of view. You are able to experience this animation walkthrough. Just one click, you can be in the next room within the matter of seconds. You can zoom in, zoom out, look up, look down– you can honestly do whatever.

You are able to pick which room you would want to go into. 3D house tours are mainly used for promoting real estate properties for the sellers. This is a virtual tool that can be created in a variety of ways; Matterport, HD Photography, and even with a drone video. This can all be viewed from your computer and/or your mobile device.

Benefits of 3D House Tours

3D House Tours

3D House Tours

As I said previously that our technology is becoming more beneficial for today’s society, it is the same thing with 3D house tours. Of course, the main benefit is that you can literally do walkthroughs of a house behind your computer screen. You, the buyer, is basically cutting the cost of travel to visiting the potential property that the buyer is interested in. For example, say that you are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania– and you just landed a big-time job offer that is based in Los Angeles, California, then you are going to have to relocate and live there.

Myself, personally, I do not have the time and energy to fly back and forth to secure my dream home. If you do, then kudos to you. Also, low quality pictures and videos of the property is not going to do the buyer any justice, either. If I personally cannot see the house in person, then I want the next best thing. That is exactly why we have this intelligent resource of 3D house tours!

So now that we realize how cost efficient using a 3D home tour is, did I mention how it’s a fast and easy look through? I want you to think about this from a buyer’s point of view, aside from the traveling back and forth that can be very time consuming, it is also a benefit that the buyer can go right into looking in each room. You do not have to feel rushed and can just simply take your time; and most importantly, the buyer does not have to feel no sales pressure from the seller of the property listing. We all know how that feels.

Realtor Insights

Now let’s look at a realtors point of view. How can this benefit them and their chances of selling the property? 3D Tours truly impact your business growth by providing value to the overall customer experience. This leads to more website traffic, more social media engagement, more positive reviews, and overall higher ROI, according to Momentum 360’s website. A property listing that includes a 3D virtual tour receives over 40 percent more clicks than just looking at random images of the house!

Another benefit is that potential buyers are able to access your 3D home tour 24 hours, seven days a week. There are many people out there who change their mind so much, that they want to make sure they are making the best decision for themselves.

Buying a house is already difficult enough– and to make that decision more soothing for a realtor’s clients is making sure they have access to the house anytime and anywhere without hanging them a set of keys. To all my realtors out there, step your game up! 3D house tours are a hot trend right now and can benefit you and your property listings tremendously; so no more worrying about if your property listening is clean enough or not, you have the best version right in front of your eyes!

COVID-19 and 3D House Tours

It is clear that we are currently living in a time where the majority of everything we do is virtual. We can literally go anywhere just by a click of a button on your desktop. Students are going to school virtually, people are working from home, and you can even go to the gym virtually! Having the option of doing a 3D house tour could not have come at a better time. Due to the pandemic, it is understandable that others do not want to be in contact with other people– which is okay.

Even before the pandemic had hit, there are still some introverts out there who prefer contactless house tours. Although we are all going through some rough times, 3D house tours are definitely increasing profit for realtors. It is the best option for realtors to keep their traffic flowing with potential buyers by keeping their property listings germ-free as much as possible and it also saves the buyers from having a panic attack of possibly coming in contact with COVID-19.

Open houses will forever be a smart and clever way to pull in potential buyers; but since the pandemic began, that action has been suspended in most places. Many real estate companies have been choosing to go the 3D house/virtual tour route for safety reasons. 3D house tours are a great resource for keeping the buyers and sellers safe.

What does a 3D House Tour Include?

I can tell you one thing a 3D house tour for sure includes; like this is the most important thing of it. The first thing a 3D house tour includes is… A HOUSE. I know right, who would have ever thought? Okay, I am now done being sarcastic. But yes, a property listing is included, along with some nice background music and narration (it can be optional to turn on and off).

Companies like Momentum 360, put it all together and create it for someone who is interested in having a 3D house tour; like the realtors potential buyers. It is fast and easy progress, so you can get your 3D house tour in no time.

Cost of 3D House Tours

For the buyers, the cost of just simply viewing the property listing should be absolutely complimentary for you. If not, then that is concerning. For the sellers, if you are interested in getting a 3D house tour done for your property listing, it would all depend on the company you seek partnership with.

It also depends on the square foot of your place; so each price varies. Depending on the company, sometimes you are able to get a free quote just like we do here at Momentum 360. To get started and to request a demo, head over to Momentum 360. It is highly recommended and it is worth an investment.

Why You Should Get a 3D House Tour

As I said before, and I will say it again; 3D house tours are extremely beneficial to the potential buyer and the seller. At the end of the day, the main goal is for the 3D house tour to be as authentic as it can be. Realtors, to increase your traffic of potential buyers for your property listing there are a variety of ways for more clients to come in. There is not such a thing as too many clients!

One thing you can do when promoting your 3D house tours is post on your social media platforms. If your property listings are eye-catching, then it can possibly go viral and increase more traffic. Sure, you can post the 3D house tour on your own website, but with the benefits of using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and more– it gives you the ability for more exposure and also more shares. So show off that beautiful house along with that breathtaking 3D layout!

3D House Tours

3D House Tours

Future of 3D House Tours

For this option you are able to take off those flimsy 3D movie theater glasses and put on your virtual reality goggles! Another way to spice up your 3D for your clients is offering virtual reality. Virtual reality is another hot new trend that has been skyrocketing for years. So when worlds collide, you get success! If you do not know what virtual reality is, it is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D image of a place, which makes you feel like you are in that setting.

You wear special technological equipment like goggles and a handset– sometimes a helmet, also. It is an amazing experience! I promise you, it literally looks like you are at the property– but isn’t that the whole point? I highly recommend going with the virtual reality; it gives you the most authentic feeling with 3D house tours and it is also fun.

When thinking of options like these, it seems like a great way to grow that buyer-seller relationship. Sellers, I know you do not want to come off too hard on you buyers; and buyers, I know you do not want to come off as the “snooty” type when purchasing a home. This is why 3D house tours are a trusting way to connect with each other! The sellers do not want to lose the potential client and the buyers do not want to lose a potential dream home.

Closing Out

Well, hopefully I gave you a good insight about 3D house tours, and HOPEFULLY whether you are a buyer or a seller, you choose to go down the 3D path. It is a win-win situation for both of you. Keeping up with the latest virtual and technology trends is very important in today’s world–and three dimensional is taking over. Buyers, we all know buying a house is one of many important events that occurs in our lives; so do not be afraid to try out this viewing option when searching for your dream home. It can make your decision a lot easier in the process.

Sellers, make your property listings stand out from the rest of them! Try to make your selling technique more creative than any other realtors you are competing with. With the pandemic and along with it being a recent trend for business, it is definitely worth it. This is 2021, and 3D house tours are dominating in the real estate world. If you are still unclear or would like to know more information on 3D house tours, please visit Momentum 360’s 3D house tours tab or virtual tour for homes tab.

Virtual Tours of San Diego Zoo

March 24, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours of San Diego Zoo

Going virtual has become a social norm in today’s current time. It has been proven for over a year now that anyone can go almost anywhere just by sitting behind a computer screen in the comfort of their own home. We can go to school, go shopping, and even attend doctor appointments all virtually. Check out Virtual Tours of San Diego Zoo right now!

That seems great and all– but have you ever taken a virtual tour at a zoo? Now, I am not talking about your typical local zoo; I’m thinking bigger and better, like the San Diego Zoo. Virtual tours at zoos are very creative and interesting by getting that whole 360 experience just by looking on your computer screen. The San Diego Zoo does offer live cams of the animals, but who would want to stare at the same thing for a long period of time? With the virtual tour; you are able to see changes of scenery. You are also able to see the ins and outs of the entire facility along with how detailed it is. It is pretty much coming to life right in front of your eyes.

virtual tours san diego zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

Who would not want to pay a visit to the San Diego Zoo? I mean, when you are known to be the most-visited zoo in the United States, it is hard to say. It is known to be an extreme tourist hot-spot in California. Ever since the facility had opened in 1916, many people would travel from all around the world to attend this 100 acre zoo. With its high volume of attendees per day, a San Diego Zoo virtual tour could be golden for many people who are unable to pay a visit.

As a child, going to the zoo was my ultimate flex. I would walk up in the Philadelphia Zoo, get my mother to pay to get a tiger painted on my face, look at some cool animals, and mind my business. So with that, let’s do it again. Since I live on the east coast, I never had the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo; so let’s go! The only things that will not be included during this virtual tour are the sounds of crying children, the smell of animal feces, and the feeling of others bumping into you while walking. Virtual Tours of San Diego Zoo are a sight to see!

Children’s Zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

There are a variety of animals in the Children’s Zoo. This exhibit is now called the “Denny Sanford Children’s Zoo at the San Diego Zoo”. The reason why they changed the name is because T. Denny Sanford donated $30 million for the children’s zoo to be renovated. There is so much more for the children to do at the zoo like never before. So let us get started– shall we?

We are now heading over to the mouse house. As you walk inside, there are different types of mice living lavishly in their interesting obstacle courses. Also, not to mention how colorful their houses are! I am telling you, these mice really have it good. The fact that these mice get to live RENT FREE in a house like that, makes me wish I was them. You are able to see them through the glass or right above their cages– but good luck, because the mice usually are sleeping during the day. Okay, next attraction, please!

I don’t know about you, but as a child when I would go to the zoo, the petting zoo was the best part of the whole experience. Oh yes, we are going to the good places; next stop at the Children’s Zoo is Petting Paddock. This section is known to be the home of the goats and sheep!

They also have other animals inside such as rabbits. As you are walking into Petting Paddock, it gives you more of that barn setting feel. There is hay splattered everywhere, along with goats and sheep walking around freely. When exiting Petting Paddock, there is a hand washing station with multiple sinks for the visitors after when petting the animals. Not to mention, we are in a pandemic– so do it either way, please. Don’t you love the virtual tours of San Diego Zoo!

Reptile Walk

Here we are, Reptile Walk. I would like to say, the ambiance of this exhibit feels so real. The green trees clashing with the heat of that California sun makes it feel legit. You are greeted in the front with a sign that reads “Reptile Walk” along with a picture of an Alligator under it. As you walk across the pathway, stop mid-way and look down over the bridge, you can see some amazing reptiles! They may be in the water or laying out in the hot sand. This attraction includes alligators, crocodiles, turtles, iguanas and more!

Okay, I think we spent enough time outside. Let’s go inside to the Reptile House! Walking through the doors, you can look at more reptiles through a glass. Most of them are in the snake family. You will notice that there are a bunch of sticks, rocks, and tree branches inside the glass. That is it for the whole exhibit of Reptile Walk!

Monkey Trail’s and Forrest Tails

I am very excited about this Monkey Trail’s and Forrest Tails! Walking through the exhibit, you would think we would see some monkeys first, right? Well, not in this case. Right in front of the entrance, you will see the beautiful flamingo lagoon! This is the home for many flamingos that live at the San Diego Zoo. The flamingos are surrounded by a giant body of water with pretty red flowers in the trees and bushes. It is definitely a great attraction for this exitibit, which causes people to make a flock; see what I did there?

Walking down the pathway, you will be heading to the rainforest boardwalk. It is a great scene to look at while walking. The rainforest boardwalk gives off that jungle looking vibe. You are surrounded by tall trees and forest plans on each side of the pathway giving it that shady look. There are many different types of monkeys greeted on the rainforest boardwalk. This section is so cool-looking, that there are tropical canopies, giant trees and of course, monkey bars!

In the middle of the boardwalk, there is a set of stairs that takes you down to the rest of the forest floor. It is a very shady area with the tall tree and boardwalk architecture from above blocking the sun.

As we walk back up on the boardwalk and head towards the exit, between the pathway are low fences on each side. Under, live the babirusa; which is an unusual pig.

Overall, this is an extremely big exhibit in the San Diego Zoo, especially having an upper and lower part

Africa Rocks

This is that last exhibit we will review. This exhibit is fairly new. Africa Rocks opened in 2017 at the San Diego Zoo. What makes this unique is that this space is the largest consecutive project in franchise history! This exhibit contains a variety of different animals; about 3,500 of them.

virtual tours san diego zoo

virtual tours san diego zoo

This first scenery is so perfect that it is almost hard to even put it into words; but hey, that is my job, right? This one is an all-time favorite of mine in this exhibit. As you are entering Africa Rocks, you will see a beautiful 5,000 square foot and 13 feet deep aquarium. It is giving that panoramic look.

When staring at the tank, the pretty blue color from the water is reflecting back at you. Inside the water are mostly penguins just swimming across the wall. There are also some sharks included in the tank with them. Looking at this tank can be very soothing! There are benches in front of the aquarium; so it is nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

When exiting the aquarium, it takes you right back outside. It might take some time for your eyes to adjust a little since you were in a darker room previously. Speaking of looking on the bright side, there are two more underwater viewing windows out here! Even outside, this tank still gives that panoramic stretch.

Alright, next section of African Rocks! When walking down the pathway, you will notice an astonishing waterfall. It is the way the rocks are layered, the way the water falls down so smoothly in the river, and even the attraction the trees give it by surrounding the waterfall. This waterfall was created with the intention for people at the zoo to get some great pictures; and also, more importantly, for the crocodiles since they live under that water. Another thing that is unique about this waterfall is that you are able to go up on the elevated bridge and witness an eye-opening scenery behind the waterfall! You are basically looking at the waterfall in 360 mode at this point.

Madagascar Forest and Acacia Woodland

When entering through these sections, it starts with a windy pathway. Try not to bump into anyone or anything, but as you are walking– look to your left and right, then look above! You will notice lots of mesh nets covering the parts of Madagascar Forest and Acacia Woodland. Each net is all connected and holds each other up. It expands out all the way to the end of the exhibit, crazy right?

They definitely deserve a medal for world’s hugest net. You are probably asking, “What is with the nets?”. Well, for the lemurs and especially the vervet monkeys. Let me just say, that net is doing you justice.The last piece of attraction at Acacia Woodland you will see some leopards, baboons, and so much more! When exiting this section, we cross a spacious walk-through pathway. Just stop for a minute and look around. You get a great view witnessing vervet monkeys climbing and jumping from tree to tree.

You are probably thinking, “Jeez, how big is this exhibit?”. I mean, when you put in 68 million dollars to renovate, it is going to be a big one. This is the last part of African Rocks though! Here we are, Kopje. Kopje is one of the OG sections that has always been around. It gives it that natural and old school zoo look. Looking around, there are ropes and bamboo connected making an obstacle course for the orangutans.

It actually looks so creative the way they did it! While walking along the way, you will see some eagles, mongooses, klipspringers, and many more. What is interesting about this section is that on the animals ground level are nothing but rocks; even the walls are rocks! Some of them are big and some of them are small. Some rocks even have an incline so the animals can just climb up, sit and observe what is going on around them. When heading towards the exit, lastly you will see the meerkats and giraffes.

Closing Time

The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United States; so it is unfortunate that we could not get to visit every single exhibit. There is so much more attraction to this zoo and is definitely worth checking out. With it’s interesting pathways, beautiful plants, and great environment, it gives that one-of-a-kind look.

The zoo works hard and continues to make improvements all through the years to keep it looking nice and modern for not only the people, but for the animals, also. Not to mention, it is super clean. When a huge zoo like San Diego has thousands of people visiting per day keeping it neat, and on top of caring for the animals show they really care about their facility.

As you leave, stop at their gift shop, maybe go take a ride on the famous Skyfari to get an overlook of the whole zoo, or hey– maybe even get a cool tiger face painting! It has been a pleasure taking you on your virtual tour here at San Diego Zoo, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



Five Reasons To Leave Your Career

March 23, 2021 in Blog, Education, Virtual Tours

Five Reasons To Leave Your Career

In everyone’s work life, there comes a point when you ask yourself if you’re on the right path. Is what you’re doing what you want to be doing? Or is staying in it your way to play it safe and avoid change? The answer to these questions contains the key for what should be your next career move.

Maybe you have already considered changing careers, but have not gone further than that. You have probably imagined yourself pursuing a new interest, or perhaps you’re dominated by a burning need to change things. No matter the case, there are some definite signs that you must try new things and move on.

Pride Is Non-Existent

You spend so much of your lifetime at work, you should be doing something that feels worthy to you. People can find a sense of pride in whatever they do if they are passionate about their mission. If you no longer feel this and see no point in advancing, your motivation is running out.

Maybe you feel like your industry is not relevant anymore, and you want to move on to the careers of the future. Maybe you want to make a difference in an area that is closer to your values. Maybe you want to feel the rush of learning new things again. The pride in the work you do comes from how well it aligns with your life’s purpose. Reaching that balance is the key to career happiness.

You’re On Auto-Pilot

When you reach a point where your career doesn’t offer new challenges, it’s time to move on. Predictability at work can kill your motivation and stunt your growth process as a professional and as a person.

In a position where you’ve learned all that is possible, you have two options: you either leave in search of new challenges, or you bring them in yourself. Tech advancements surface every day. You could try to bring new tech tools into your job if you want to take on the project. Whatever you decide, you should aim to get out of your comfort zone. It’s where the magic happens.

Too Many Downsides

A very straightforward method to know if you should move on to a different career is to make a balance of upsides and downsides. Make an honest list of the positive and negative aspects of your career. Include everything, from practical things (money, time investment, long-term advancement) to abstracts (motivation, fulfillment, happiness).

Look at your list. It’s a reflection of what you think about your career. Is it full of negatives? Then you need a change, your job is not hitting the mark. Use this list to assess what matters to you in work terms, and apply that knowledge to your search for alternatives.

Your Values Don’t Align

Besides skills, interest, money, and other practical stuff, there’s one thing that will determine how motivated you’ll be at work, especially in the long run: how your career relates to your values.

We all have a set of values that we carry with us. There are the things that we give importance to, that guide our decisions and structure our lives. Of course, this means very different things for each person, but what is important is that your career aligns with those values you hold. If you have never stopped to consider this, you should identify yours. It has been proved that people who have this kind of knowledge about themselves generally do better in life.

Something Else Has Come Up

If you have bumped into a new career path that you’re interested in, pursue it. Fear of change is no excuse to stay stagnant in your current position. If a new opportunity presents itself, ask yourself sincerely if you want it. If the answer is yes, embrace it with both arms. Job security is a myth, anything could happen at any minute, so don’t let that convince you of staying where you’re not happy.


Thinking of changing careers will put you on a journey towards self-discovery that you should profit from. You will only find ultimate success in pursuing things that fulfill you, so make the right decisions. Change is inevitable, but not only a thing that happens to you. You can spark it yourself.