Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

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Virtual Reality (VR), Helping Your Business Thrive in 2022

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Globalization is shrinking the world. Thanks to technology, physical distances can be spanned, and information can be shared regardless of where an audience is located. Using these advancements, we are able to explore locations that were once only accessible through travel. With the touch of a button, audiences can access virtual tours to explore landmarks and destinations. In order to connect with prospective students, college campuses are increasingly relying on virtual campus tours. Virtual tours are also used by towns and communities to reach out to new residents and tourists.

On-Site Virtual Self-Guided Tours

Virtual tours provide the possibility for a safe, self-distributed experience when your clients are offsite. Organizations can share a wealth of information through a quality, guided mobile tour while keeping their staff and patrons safe. Although we typically think of virtual tours as solely remote solutions, many virtual tour services in Atlanta provide audiences with an offsite or remotely accessible way to take guided tours.

Remote Virtual Self-Guided Tours

Visitors who are unable to physically visit a space can still get a feel for it through remote tours. Mobile technology can be used to take users along an interactive tour, which can make audiences feel as though they are actually there.

Purpose of Virtual Tours

Organizations are using virtual tours to highlight a range of places and points of interest using different virtual tour services in Atlanta. When students choose their colleges and universities, campus visits are an essential component of their decision-making process. Touring campuses virtually helps students and their families get to know more about institutions and campus life. Corporate campuses and hospitals with large grounds use virtual tours to familiarize employees with the campus before they ever step foot on it. Cities and towns are also using virtual tours to welcome visitors with tours that introduce them to local restaurants and shopping centers. A Chamber of Commerce might use virtual tours to create a local business directory. A virtual tour may also be a solution for your organization if its web traffic has been reduced.

Virtual Tours Supporting Organizations

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Even if your audience cannot visit a location physically, virtual tours can help to familiarize them with it. Students who can’t visit campus can picture themselves on campus with a virtual tour. The virtual tour allows students to tell their stories in their own words. An organization can showcase important information exactly how they want to present it with a virtual tour, whether it is to attract visitors, donors, or employees. With virtual tours, you can let your audience ‘try it out.’ For businesses and organizations seeking new customers, the tours provide the information they need to make an informed decision. Providing virtual tours can be an effective method of engaging audiences. Upon the opening of the landmark or destination, visitors will be able to explore your destination independently with virtual tours. You can track the interest of your audience through virtual tours. With analytics, you can track downloads, time spent touring, and popular content. Virtual tours let organizations gain a deeper understanding of their audiences.

The Amazon Explore

Nearly six months have passed since Amazon launched Amazon Explore – a virtual tour platform featuring virtual expert tours all over the world. At the time, Amazon appeared to be filling a void created by COVID-19, an opportunity recognized by others such as Airbnb, Tripadvisor’s Viator, as well as Klook and GetYourGuide, which both launched their own online experiences in April. Even as borders and destinations reopen, Amazon and other virtual experience providers say they will continue to develop virtual products – as an alternative to in-person travel as well as a new way to experience the world.

From culture and landmarks to food and drink, wellness and beauty, nature and outdoor activities and – naturally – shopping, Amazon Explore now offers more than 250 experiences starting at $10 in 20 different geographies. Intrepid Group’s Urban Adventures are just one of their many big clients. Personal hosts like Ken Sakata of Ken’s Tours Tokyo run tours as well as the mentioned big players like Intrepid Group.

A spokesperson for Amazon says the company will “explore expanding the service to other regions based on the findings gathered during the initial launch period” for the moment, since the experiences can only be streamed by customers in the United States. According to Amazon, the shopping experience is a key part of their strategy. However, they would not share numbers regarding bookings. According to the spokesperson, Amazon is always looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience for customers and is always innovating on behalf of them. The Amazon Explore program allows customers to find unique products, connect with new people, and learn new perspectives and skills.”

“Amazon Explore was intentionally created as a virtual service, and will remain a virtual service once travel resumes,” Amazon says in response to a question about if customers will be able to book in-person experiences as travel resumes. Customers can always use virtual experiences to preview vacation locations and destinations as travel reopens.”

Case Study of Tiqets

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Tiqets is based in Amsterdam and offers online experiences in a different way, but echoes the view that these options will still exist even if the pandemic no longer affects travel. In collaboration with its venue partners, Tiqets created one-time virtual experiences that transported visitors inside museums and attractions themed for holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

There have been more than 55 venues and 21,000 participants at the free events. “This campaign was created in an attempt to connect our venues that were closed at the time with consumers that were stuck at home, wishing they could travel, but not be able to leave, giving them inspiration for when they can travel again. From a business-to-business perspective, our focus was making sure the brands of the venues were still relevant,” says Daniel Hackett, Tiqets’ regional director for the Americas.


The virtual experiences are aimed at providing unique, compelling content rather than replicating the in-person experience at these museums and attractions. Hackett says, “To create an enticing message that consumers can’t get in person, you can use a virtual platform.” The company is exploring ways to use Facebook Live and Instagram Live to market its events, but it does not intend to turn them into revenue-generating channels. Hackett expects Tiqets to continue offering virtual experiences to its venue partners. “We are not looking to replace or monetize the in-destination, person-to-person experience. This provides consumers with the opportunity to engage with venues pre-travel and possibly post-travel, but it is not a strict replacement for the traditional booking process”, he said. Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta!

Case Study of Walks

Steve Oddo, Walks’ CEO, is focused on building virtual experiences to compliment in-person travel. Since March 2020, when Italy, Walks’ largest market, effectively closed, the company has focused on virtual experiences as a priority. In April, Walks offered over two dozen “Tours from Home,” which narrated in-person walking tours with the company’s 800 guides, as well as videos, photos, and narratives.

Walks has since added a “Spotlight Series” – presentations on current topics, such as walking tours of Wuhan, China, as it reopened, and one last summer featuring street artists and musicians in New York – as well as live online experiences with guides in six cities. There have been about 10,000 bookings for virtual experiences since Oddo began offering them, with individual tickets priced at $10 up to about $1,000 for large corporations like Cisco and Google. The virtual tours do not generate a lot of revenue for Walks, but they have provided income for some guides as well as allowed Walks to stay in touch with past clients and attract new ones. In fact, only 14.8% of tour operators who used virtual tours during the pandemic said they generated a lot of revenue, according to a recent survey by the Tourism Marketing Agency. According to 39.3% of respondents, virtual tours did not generate revenue, but did increase brand awareness.

Oddo says that if some of those customers tour with us in the future, those are customers we never have to pay to Google or whomever. According to Oddo, “My relationships with those customers, the good experiences they had, are things we are hoping will pay off in the future.” Considering that borders are now open and international travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels, Oddo says he sees opportunities for virtual experiences to market to travelers both during their travel planning stages as well as after their trips. “Take a virtual experience with us before you book, and we will convert that into the booking so it’s free,” Oddo says. Our virtual tours were also taken by past customers who had previously taken those tours with these guides. They loved reconnecting with them. “Once you create a virtual experience, you can keep delighting the same guests”, he adds further.

Virtual Reality Tours in Real Estate

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Technological advancements are transforming industries all the time today. VR (virtual reality) and virtual tours are the newest technological developments in the real estate industry. Right now, virtual reality is created by using a helmet and remote to create a virtual world based on plans created in 3D. Virtual tours on your site are essential to running your real estate business today, as they allow clients to see exactly what they want, which allows them to make more informed buying decisions. Furthermore, VR allows you to view a house without physically moving around.

Brings Imagination to Life

Virtual tours can be used to let potential buyers see what a property will look like once it’s completed. Before construction begins or once the property is completed, buyers can leave comments. In addition to building an emotional connection, helping your clients visualize each property can engage them better than 2D photos.

Site Traffic is Increased

The VR experience also holds the attention of viewers for longer than text or still images. Your site will receive more traffic as a result. Virtual reality will also help potential buyers visualize living in the property. VR tools, like mortgage calculators, can increase a buyer’s motivation to close the deal.

Saves Time

It is believed that VR could really assist real estate agents in saving time, especially when it comes to properties in remote areas. Viewing properties in remote locations or abroad is possible with this technology. To give them a clear, 3D view of each room, buyers can click on bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. VR frees up real estate agents’ time and resources that could be used to schedule an open house, acquire new clients, or retain existing ones!

24/7 Availability

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

In addition, using VR technology in real estate makes all listed properties available around the clock for viewing. Through virtual reality headsets, homebuyers can tour properties at any time, day or night, without having to travel with an agent.

Reaching a Global Audience

When you arrange property visits, show clients around a property, negotiate terms and prices, you spend a lot of time. But with VR you don’t even have to worry about where your clients live. Through VR, you can showcase properties even to buyers who live far away. You can then work with more clients and respond to more inquiries at your desk as a real estate agent!

Saves Money

You may think that purchasing 3D virtual tour equipment is an expensive investment. On the contrary, it is a worthwhile investment. You not only stage homes but also take high-quality pictures of them. It only takes a panoramic camera and basic editing to create 360-degree videos and computer graphics.

Improved Online Communication

Through VR, clients can interact more directly with the property by commenting on any aspect. A client might want to know what type of flooring or insulation to purchase. You can provide instant feedback to the agent from your office and do so in real time! Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta!

No Need to Prepare Your Home for a Tour All the Time

In order to increase your home’s chances of being sold, agents recommend deep cleaning it to increase its appeal. However, keeping your house spotless for several days or weeks is not easy. Many home sellers even move out of their home while visiting. By using VR, you can clean your house once, shoot the property, and go about your daily routine.

The Buyer Saves Time

Organizing property tours can be challenging. You might not be viewing all properties in the same neighborhood if you are viewing several homes. Virtual reality might not entirely replace physical property viewings, but it could be used to introduce buyers to properties. You can also see properties online.

No Rush

You don’t need to feel rushed by the agent or the seller when viewing a property. Take your time. It’s also easier to review a property at your leisure. Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta!

The Future of VR Tours

It won’t be long before VR can even simulate flavors and smells. Potential buyers may subconsciously consider the kitchen to be better after smelling freshly baked cookies during a virtual reality visit. Furthermore, virtual reality will simulate touch with haptic technology (VR touch). You could then feel the texture of the walls and furniture! It is the goal of VR experts to make virtual tours as realistic as possible so visitors can experience them as if they were physically there.



Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

November 23, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

The Growing Acceptability for Virtual Tours in the 2022 Marketing Industry

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Finding a marketing strategy that appeals to all parties – agent, seller, and buyer – is key to real estate marketing success. Traditionally, visual marketing serves different audiences differently. Since 2D photos brought definitive value to agents, buyers, and sellers for a long time, they have long been the industry standard. Potential home buyers can be emotionally engaged by attractive images of a house. In addition to impressing buyers who want to know their homes will be marketed in the best light possible, they can also win agents’ listings. Real estate photography will continue to be an important part of any real estate marketing campaign, as camera technology improves on both DSLR cameras as well as those on smartphones. However, technology is constantly evolving. Beautiful real estate photos are only one part of a successful equation for buyers and sellers in today’s market. Virtual tours in 3D are the next step.

Facilitating First Home Buyers

Homehunters start their search online more than half of the time. The number of individuals seeking homes that are not close to their current location is increasing. Younger, digitally savvy first-time buyers increasingly want to get a true sense of the home’s real appearance and feel beyond static pictures. Modern buyers report that the two things they desire most from an online listing are high-quality, large photos and a virtual tour in 3D.

An 80% of real estate agents and sellers responded to a recent survey stating that their clients would like to spend less time staging their property. The same percentage of respondents (77%) say that after a staging and photography shoot is completed, they find a feature that was missed during the shoot. A number of virtual tour services in Seattle give agents and sellers the ability to create open houses that are always staged perfectly. Having this information available can help attract more leads to subsequent open houses and better qualify them. Listings with dynamic visual content generate 403% more leads for agents.

Let’s look at the numbers. In any real estate marketing package, large, high-quality images are essential. An agent who offers 3D visual tours can, however, differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a dynamic, interactive tour. In addition, it has been proven that offering this service will generate more leads. Because potential buyers have virtually viewed the home, they are more likely to buy. Additionally, agents can pay more attention to interested, knowledgeable buyers than listing properties. These virtual tour services in Seattle and several listing portals have invested a lot of resources in adding a 3D virtual tour filter for buyers, making 3D virtual tours easier to find for their end-users.

A successful customer journey is reflected in the following numbers:

  • 40% more clicks on listings with virtual tours than listings without.
  • 75% more email inquiries on properties with virtual tours versus those without.
  • VR generates 49% more qualified leads compared to non-VR means.
  • 95% more phone inquiries on properties with virtual tours.

These successes can be attributed to the fact that 3D virtual tours engage buyers in a way that words and photos cannot. These tools offer a visual representation of a property and enhanced emotional engagement through ‘location intelligence’. As opposed to an open house or home visit, a 3D virtual home tour allows the prospect to explore the features that make a house or apartment feel like home at any time from wherever they are located. In a highly competitive market, the experience factor is crucial for agents and sellers to win listings and build a business. In addition, it’s a modern, enjoyable, and memorable way to show more details about a home quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

In addition to being proficient salespeople, agents must be proficient marketers as well. Dynamic real estate marketing is being employed to delight sellers and make a home listing an unforgettable experience for buyers. By utilizing 3D virtual tour technology, you will be able to increase your competitiveness in your market, and your success with prospective customers. 3D and VR photography solutions provide a more realistic view of properties. All of the benefits of the best photos are combined in one shoot, and you can help to immerse buyers into a property’s experience, so they can connect emotionally as well as intellectually with it.

Real Utility

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Travel agencies, airlines, and tourism boards have used VR technology for marketing destinations for years. Ralph Hollister, a tourism analyst and author of a report on the VR travel industry, says that COVID-19 will allow [virtual reality] to overcome its image of a gimmick. A surge in popularity is being seen for virtual travel experiences.

Ascape’s Verdict

Valery Kondruk, CEO of VR travel company Ascape, has reported a 60 percent rise in downloads since December (traditionally the busiest month) and a double-digit increase since January. Education and nursing home workers are showing greater interest in the company’s VR programs, Kondruk says, even as airlines and travel agencies have paused their licenses.

Hollister’s and Samuel’s Analysis

Still, there’s a big difference between treating virtual reality like a destination and using it to “try before you buy”. It’s just not there yet. VR videos in 360-degrees are viewed using headsets (like Oculus Rift) or apps (like Google Cardboard). In addition to being expensive, heavy, and uncomfortable to wear for more than 30 minutes, the headsets can also cause nausea. Hollister says the apps don’t have any of these problems but aren’t as good as they could be. Another problem is limited sensations. Virtual reality experiences tend to be short, only lasting a few minutes-hardly the equivalent of an entire vacation. Videos focus on sounds and sights but not much on smell, touch, or taste. Samuel Greengard, author of Virtual Reality, says that some researchers are working on VR experiences that are ever more immersive, including haptic suits. In spite of the fact that a full-body suit with enhanced sensory experiences may improve the appearance of videos of the Amazon or Antarctica, it still cannot fulfill the more fundamental needs that spur us to travel.

Countering Overtourism

It may be necessary to use virtual tours instead for people who usually celebrate outdoors. We will be able to witness a technology that experts have developed as an eco-friendly solution to the overtourism problem. Most of the world is covered by travel restrictions, so many would-be adventurers are using virtual reality (VR) to visit Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands. Some of the unexpected ecological benefits that the coronavirus lockdown has made apparent-including cleaner air and water-underline the potential for this technology to lower tourism’s carbon footprint.

The Urge to Wander

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

There is no such thing as a local tourist or a business traveler. Typically, tourists are less directed in their explorations, preferring instead to discover and experience new things. According to Erick Ramirez, a philosopher at Santa Clara University who studies virtual reality, “this simply cannot be recreated in virtual reality.”.

Imagine that you could hook yourself up to an “experience machine” and feel happy for the rest of your life. This is how he compares the future of virtual travel. Ramirez says that “nobody would want to be hooked up to such a thing,” according to Robert Nozick, who developed the experiment. There are some types of tourist experiences whose value lies in the doing, not just in the seeing and hearing, and VR would be hard-pressed to replicate such experiences. Besides wanting to do things, we also want to make decisions about them. In a fundamental sense, virtual travel is constructed by others and fed to us; the extent to which it can be filmed and engineered is up to us. Among guided tours, Ramirez calls this one “the most authoritarian.”

If someone goes to India for real, they can choose what they see and where they go. This gives them a chance to be surprised and to learn. A person watching a video of India might not be able to appreciate certain aspects that a VR company obscures to make the experience more pleasant. To pick on someone, Ramirez says that a tour designed by Elon Musk would look very different from one designed by a working-class Indian living in India. As we embark on these touristy VR experiences, it is important to keep that in mind.”

A Client’s Experience

During a stay in Vancouver, British Columbia, a client of some VR company gave feedback that he had the opportunity to demo VR travel using the Oculus Rift. Four years later, when he visited the real place, he found that the demo was beautiful and similar to the real place. However, there were a few differences as well. Among the differences was the sense of touch and the cold air on his skin. There was a great deal of difference between what he experienced in VR and what he experienced in person. In person, the experience happened exclusively to him, he had full control over what he heard and saw, and if he wanted, he could see something else as well.

Experts’ Opinion

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Several of the world’s earliest cave paintings can be found in southern France, but the works are too fragile to open to the public. In spite of this, a replica of the original can be found only four miles away. According to Ramirez, virtual reality could be applied in a similar way — and even in a more accessible manner — to sites around the world. Compared to other technologies, VR can have a unique role to play in recreating historical attractions, agrees Hollister from Global Data. Ascape CEO Kondruk says the company has been working with Vietravel, a major Vietnamese travel agency, to recreate parts of Vietnam where the government restricts travel to tourists.


In the end, virtual reality’s impact on travel will depend on new technology’s development and application. As of now, advances have been incremental rather than at a scale likely to disrupt the travel industry or lead to a reduction in travel-related CO2 emissions once the pandemic is over. However, virtual reality could enable travelers to come closer to faraway destinations, and in doing so encourage them to adopt more sustainable practices wherever they may visit (or not visit) in the future.

Emirates and Hawaiian Airlines

The trend has been embraced by airlines. You can pretend you’re at the onboard bar by sipping a real cocktail while watching a virtual tour of Emirates’ Airbus A380 planes. Hawaii Airlines launched a series of video tutorials that teach Hawaiian languages and how to make poke bowls like those at the Koko Head Café in Honolulu.

Google Arts & Culture

Virtual reality became a gateway to the world as travelers stayed at home due to the pandemic. You can find photos and 360-degree videos of more than 2,500 landmarks at Google Arts & Culture, including the Louvre, the Tate Modern, and Mount St. Helens in the U.S. The company added new virtual tours this spring after rushing to add virtual tours before global lockdowns. YouTube concerts and walking tours relating to Mahler’s New York were made available on Google’s YouTube channel in April, for example.

Ancient Egypt

Now even bucket-list experiences can be viewed live online, such as a virtual tour of Ramses VI’s tomb and the northern lights from Manitoba’s Churchill Northern Studies Center. Virtual tours will be a great equalizer when it comes to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, which can’t be compared to a real-life visit. You have a wide variety of escape options when all you need is Wi-Fi to see the world.


Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

As a result, Airbnb in a short period of time transitioned into the digital world with its popular guided trips that users host, called Airbnb Experiences. Catherine Powell, Airbnb’s global head of hosting, says, “We wanted to make sure we could deliver the magic of connection and authenticity with an online experience.” Activities include preparing tacos with a Mexican chef, sightseeing across Buenos Aires, or drinking sangria with drag queens in Lisbon.


The Future

Despite its limitations, virtual reality still offers intriguing possibilities, even if it will never replace traditional travel. This form of escape might appeal to the more environmentally conscious (especially those who are sensitive to flight-shaming) if the technology becomes sophisticated enough. People who cannot physically visit certain landmarks can experience parts of the world via virtual reality. In addition, it can make otherwise inaccessible places more accessible.



Virtual Tour Services in Spain

November 22, 2021 in Photography, Virtual Tours

9 Awesome Virtual Tours in Spain

With all the health protocols (social distancing, wearing face masks, self isolations) numerous things seem to be out of our reach. But traveling should not be one of them. There will be no reason for us to stop wandering around in our favorite historical places, museums, monuments, parks, and many more. Though it would be too challenging to make it happen, with the continuous development and popularity of virtual traveling, nothing is impossible.

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Photo Source: Pixabay

Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Paella, Tapas, Conquistadors, Jamón Ibérico, Sangria, football, bullfighting, and many more are just some of the few things which makes you jump on a plane and take a trip to Spain.

Spain is one of the must-visit places where we all can experience walking on its cobbled streets, tap our feet with the Spanish Flamenco, travel back in time, and admire the meaningful artworks of the most celebrated artists in history. Imagine being able to feel and see it without going outdoors and risking your health. Fall in love with this wonderful country and let us travel all together at the comfort of our home. This is made possible these days through virtual tours and augmented reality. The closest thing we can get our hands onto traveling is through technology and with the development of metaverse who knows how this landscape will change in the coming months. For now, you can sit back, relax, grab a glass of wine and enjoy your 360° virtual tour in Spain.

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Photo Source: Klapty

1. Basilica of La Sagrada Familia

Address: Carrer Mallorca, 401 Basilica 08013 (Espanya)

It is an exceptional temple that continuously undergoes a series of developments and improvements. From its jaw-dropping facades, the crypt, the construction of the Pinnacle, and the western sacristy, no wonder it became a popular landmark. Their website offers a 360-degree virtual tour around the famous creations of Antoni Gaudi. It can be a little tricky to navigate but it gives you access and an in-depth tour around. If you want to check more details feel free to leave an email at [email protected] or contact them at (+34) 932 080 414.

2. Prado Museum (Museo del Prado)

Address: Calle Ruiz de Alarcon 23, 28014 Madrid

Museo del Prado recently celebrated its bicentennial anniversary which commemorates its founding on November 19, 1819. Since then it has been preserving fascinating works of art. It houses different collections of drawings, engravings, paintings, and many more. If you visit you’ll get the chance to immerse yourself in the different cultural history and the astonishing artworks. You can leave a message at.

3. City of Arts and Sciences

Address: Av. Professor Lopez Piñero (Historiador de la Medicina), 7 46013- Valencia

If you are looking for a place that will teach you both artistic artworks and sciences, the City of Arts and Sciences might be the one you are looking for. This is best for students, educators, and even researchers to check on. It has a wide range of collections for artistic and scientific catalogs and informative brochures that you are free to discover and study. Visiting gives you access to its collections and with their 360-degree virtual tour, where you can freely navigate, learn and wander around the museum. You can contact Tel: 96 197 44 00 or Fax: 96 197 44 71 if you’d like to hear from them.

4. Alcazar of Segovia

Address: Pl. Reina Victoria Eugenia, S/N 40003 Segovia, Spain

“The Fortress of Segovia” this palace is widely famous for its history, legends, and fantasy. It is a symbol of the ancient city of Segovia and has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Check out and try the 360-degree experience of visiting it virtually. It gives you access to every historical building around together with its brief history. You can wander around and the experience is a whole new one.

5. The Altamira National Museum and Research Center

Address: Marcelino Sanz de Sautola Street, 39330 Santillana del Mar, Spain

Are you interested in prehistoric times and want to visit cave arts? Altamira National Museum is waiting for you. You can learn and gather in-depth knowledge about the Neocave, the arts, and cultures in the Palaeolithic and the cave of Altamira. By visiting you can read more about the prehistory or you can download their app on google play store or apple app store to have access to their virtual tour around. If you have questions, feel free to reach out via (+34) 942-818-005.

6. Reina Sofia National Art Center

Address: Calle Santa Isabel, 52 28012 Madrid

Reina Sofia is a home for numerous works of art, be it contemporary art, research projects, archives, and many more. You can check out the different collections here at which are grouped into different categories in each episode. Accessing it gives you the chance to have an online tour around the meaningful artworks, there are several videos and photographs which can help you to further understand each artwork. Need further information? Email them at [email protected] and if you have any complaints and suggestions just leave a message at [email protected] or you can contact them using the Telephone no. (+34) 91 774 1000

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Photo Source: Pixabay

7. Catedral de Burgos (Burgos Cathedral)

Address: Plaza Santa Maria, S/N 09003 Burgos

Burgos Cathedral is the first cathedral in the Peninsula of Spain. Due to its fascinating architecture and the amazing collection of arts, it has made it a must-visit spot for tourists. Thankfully on their website they made it possible for many people to visit it online. They have posted several videos and photographs that each have captions and stories to tell that help us to gain knowledge about its history and its impacts on society. Wondering how to contact them? Telephone: 947 204 712 or you can email at [email protected]

8. Casa Battló

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 43 08007 Barcelona

With their passion in wanting people to not miss the chance of feeding their hunger for their endless curiosity, they opened Gaudi’s doors for Virtual tours that will surely satisfy each virtual visitor. They will experience the amazing 360-degree adventure of seeking and discovering the secret spots of the modernist building. It will give you access to the virtual reality of Guardian concepts, a unique way of presenting the unending call for Mother Nature and the discovery of mysteries surrounding its online visitors. Try checking it out at and don’t miss the life-changing experience. For more information just email them at [email protected] or contact them at 0034932160306.

9. City of Salamanca

Address: Plaza Mayor, No. 19 (Casa de Postas) 37002, Salamanca

The city of Salamanca doesn’t want you to miss how beautiful their place is. That’s why they took the major step in promoting tourism in the City and started the most game-changing Online Tour around them. You have the freedom to visit it in broad daylight or during the nighttime. Also have several choices to wander around such as the Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Corrillo, Plaza de San Benito, and many more. They surely want you to have a meaningful tour, though it is only virtual, the experience is so lit that you’ll feel that you’re present in the city right at the moment. Check it out here on and if you want to know more about the city you can send an email to their municipal tourist office [email protected] or call them at +34 902 30 20 02 / + 34 923 27 24 08.

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Virtual Tour Services in Spain

Photo Source: Pixabay

There are plenty of other places you can visit virtually in Spain. You might miss the excitement of watching an actual bullfight or taste their mouth-watering paellas and jamons but you can do all of this once travel restrictions are removed. The great thing about touring virtually is that it gives you a sense of the place. The next time you get to travel to Spain in person, you already know which places to check out and which ones you will be avoiding. The virtual tour also is a great way for you to make recommendations to your friends wanting to travel online.


Virtual Tour Services in Canada

November 18, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

10 Best Virtual Tours in Canada

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

Have you been to Canada? It is one of the most developed countries located in the Northern part of the United States. Canada is famous for a number of things which of course includes maple syrup and gorgeous landscapes. The world famous Niagara Falls is located in this country. If you are also chasing the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, no need to go to Iceland. You can take the next trip to Canada and make this dream of yours come true. And yes, Canada is famous for anything related to ice. Ice hockey games are such a big hit for Canadians and tourists. Plenty of tourists also visit this place during winter for their adrenaline-pumping ski resorts.

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

If you have not visited Canada yet, do not sulk. We might still be in the middle of this pandemic and we are still asked to stay at home by our government but we can still enjoy Canada’s tourist spots, landmarks, museums and parks through virtual reality and virtual tours. All you just need to do is to sit back, relax and learn together with your loved ones as you travel virtually to Canada. Below are just some of the great places you can visit together.

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Photo by lilartsy from Pexels

  1. Royal Ontario Museum

Address: 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6

This museum is considered as one of the largest tourist spots in North America and is the largest museum in Canada. It features art, natural history, and world culture displays. The museum has online archives for about 45,000 collections of dinosaurs, meteorites, and minerals. It also has a large collection of fossils. You could also check out the design and fine arts (clothing, interior, and product design) display if you are into these kinds of stuff. Recently they have opened the museum to the public but if you prefer to tour around while at home just visit to check their online archives. If you have any questions feel free to contact them at [email protected]

  1. Vancouver Aquarium

Address: 845 Arison Way, Vancouver, BC, VC6 3E2

Take a quick tour around the Vancouver Aquarium without going outdoors. It is a shelter for thousands of amazing ocean species and aquatic life. Since 1956, it has already connected more than 40 million people across the globe. With the current situation, they make sure that we are still able to enjoy and play together with our favorite ocean friends. They have different live cameras showing different aquatic animals as if we are there. To make sure that we will still have an amazing ocean experience, they set up two cameras, one for the above view and the other one is for the underwater experience. You can visit their website and you can reach out using their Facebook account “Vancouver Aquarium” or contact 778-655-9554.

  1. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Address: 85 Israel Asper Way, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 0L5

If you are more into hearing stories and digging up history, this is a must-visit place for you. This museum features a collection of contemporary and human rights stories from Canada and around the world. Stories have been categorized so you can choose which topic you would like to hear from such as stories about: Human rights violations, Economic and social rights, Civil and political rights, Collective rights, Human rights promotions.

Stories are also accompanied by different images and videos to help you understand deeper and be engaged more with what you read. Feel free to check

If you have any concerns and questions, you can leave an email at [email protected] or you can contact them:

Phone: 204-289-2000

Toll-free: 1-877-877-6037

TTY: 204-289-2050

  1. Museum of Anthropology

Address: 6393 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1V2

It gives you access to their collections of ethnographic objects from around the world. Since the pandemic started they have stuck with their belief of promoting awareness and deeper understanding of cultural diversity by learning innovative programs and partnerships with local and global communities. They have started a campaign of #MOAFromHome which aims to encourage everyone to continuously learn about art, culture, and heritage upon using their resources which allows you to read and watch videos about the artifacts and even gives you a 360-degrees virtual tour that allows you to navigate freely and tour around the museum as if you are present physically at the moment. Check out for their interesting collections.

You may contact them at:

email: [email protected]

Phone: 604-822-5087

  1. Town of Banff

Address: 110 Bear Street, Box 1260, Banff, Alberta, Canada T1L 1A1

Tour around the most awe-striking town in Canada. The town recently launched a virtual tour option on their website to let tourists and visitors experience it in the comfort of their homes. They can either download the Walking Through Banff’s History (PDF) or they can try their interactive tour around Downtown Cemetery, Cemetery Circuit, Culture Cruise, Whyte Wander, and Further Forays. It features integrated images, topographical maps, and aerial imagery of heritage sites.

Check it out on

Reach them by 403-762-1215

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels

  1. Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History

100 Laurier Street, Gatineau, QC K1A 0M8

Give a chance for the people to have an incredible experience in discovering things, personalities, and historical events that shaped the Canada we know today. With the current situation, the museum came up with the idea of enabling us to have a 360-degree virtual tour: Take a virtual tour of the Canadian History Hall, which allows us to navigate and check the different human stories, historical treasures, and designs collected to help us see the true beauty in the diversity of Canadian Experience.

Contact No:

Local: 819-776-7000

Toll-Free: 1-800-555-5621

TTY for people w/hearing disabilities: 819-776-7003

  1. The Rooms

Address: 9 Bonaventure Avenue, St. John’s, NL, Canada A1C 3Z1

The Rooms provides you with collections and preserved objects, historical artworks, and archives that are relevant from the past to the future of Newfoundland and Labrador. It offers you an exciting experience where you can navigate and tour yourself around exhibits including displays on the Titanic and the Great war by using only your gadgets and without the need of going outside.

Connect with them by:

email: [email protected]

Phone: 709-757-8000

FAX: 709-757-8017

  1. Farm Tours

Address: 660 Speedvale Avenue, W, Unit 302, Guelph, ON N1K 1E5

Farm Tours Offers an exclusive 360-degree virtual tour of the Canadian Food Farms. It gives you a lot of options to choose which one you would like to tour (apple orchard, beef farm, chicken farm, pig farm, turkey farm, and many more). After you choose, each farm has sub-categories that let you select which one you would like to see first the same way as what you usually do when touring physically.

For further details, you can email them at [email protected] or contact them at 519-837-1326.

  1. Bata Shoe Museum

Address: 327 Bloor St. W, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1W7

Wondering if you can visit The Bata Shoe Museum’s online exhibitions even if you are not in Canada or are still hesitant about going out, no need to worry because they made it possible for everyone to visit the museum wherever you are. You will be able to learn and check out stories and artifacts of footwear traditions in the aboriginal groups and multicultural communities in Canada. This is also to raise awareness of the cultural diversity of Canada using 500 images where the 200 are in 3D made possible by the AVT technology.

If you have questions just leave a message at [email protected] and you can contact them at 416.979.7799.

  1. Bytown Museum

Address: 1 Canal Ln, Ottawa, Canada, ON K1P 5P6,

With the recent partnership with Point3D Commercial Imaging Ottawa, the museum was able to successfully launch the virtual tour of the Bytown Museum which makes it easier and more accessible for everyone. You’ll be able to navigate and get around it, exploring and discovering artifacts and be able to let the history unfold at the convenience of your home.

If you want to have further details and questions feel free to reach out at:

Fax: 613-234-4846

Phone: 613-234-4570

email: [email protected]

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Virtual Tour Services in Canada

Photo by Sahil from Pexels

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

November 17, 2021 in Blog

10 Best Virtual Tours in Los Angeles: Keeping You Entertained

Now that traveling at these times is not only limited but challenging plus the fact that this situation will last longer than what we are all expecting, virtual traveling is really getting all the hype. The wanderlust in us and the people who just love to move places every so often now deeply appreciate virtual travelling. Virtual tours are becoming a true game changer for those with travel bugs especially when restrictions are placed.

Imagine yourself being a travel blogger/vlogger who usually moves in between airports almost every day and when COVID hit, everything went on a standstill. It’s as if the world stopped moving and for a person who was always on the go, time seemed to move super slow. You became a traveler no more. The travel industry was one of the most affected sectors when the virus came. With all of the travel restrictions, entry barriers, and long requirements, it was a huge challenge to fly or commute. Majority of the world’s airports, port and bus terminals had to reduce their manpower and cut down on the number of schedules. People were asked to stay at home as a precautionary measure. Everyone hopes for things to go back to normal.

As we all wait for our lives to slowly return to normal, more people are looking for ways of entertaining themselves while on lockdowns and quarantines. Since a lot of us are wanting to visit other places aside from our home, that’s when virtual traveling stepped up. It offers a simulation of a certain place via sequence of images and videos. You also have the freedom in navigating the location on your own. Though traveling virtually is not as good as what the real one offers, this is the next best thing we can have. Most of us want to protect ourselves and our families from the virus so travelling virtually became a safe method to travel and see the world from our homes.

If you are someone who has not been in Los Angeles (LA) or you are probably just missing the place and it has been ages since your last visit, check out these tourist attractions to keep yourself entertained.

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo by Areous Ahmad from Pexels

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from Art + Practice Website

Art + Practice is at 3401 43rd Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90008 which offers a virtual tour with the current exhibitions that celebrates women artists of color, Collective Constellation: Selections from The Eileen Harris Norton Collection. They also made the education materials for grades K-12 available online to make it accessible for students and can be downloaded. It includes the Teacher Resource Guide which consists of contexts about the exhibitions together with the collector and the curator, also the instructions in assisting the students with the exercises. It also includes the Student Handbook that helps in deepening the students’ understanding with the different themes and artistic techniques. Most of the themes in the exhibitions revolve about the need of imagination and perseverance, apt for current circumstances. If you would like to visit their Virtual tour for the museum just visit or you can visit their website for more details or you can email them at [email protected] to leave a message.

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from Aquarium of the Pacific Website

The Aquarium of the Pacific currently offers the Aquarium Online Academy which allows students to have paid field trips. It helps in bringing educational programming and entertaining activities which looks for on-demand learning videos and activities for all ages. It also gives you access to the schedules of interactive programs with the educators with grade-specific virtual classroom lectures and also gives an exclusive exploration with live animal webcams and dynamic media. It is also a way for your family to just sit back and relax without going out and get a good look with the aquarium inhabitants. It is located at 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802 schedules depend on the availability. It is open:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

8:00 am-9:00 am and 11:00 am-12:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday:

8:00 am-12:30 pm.

Per program it will cost you around $100-$200 and as for the individual fees:

Adult: $36.95

Child (3-11): $26.95

Senior (62+): $33.95

For further details just visit or you can contact them 562-590-3100 and via their Live chat on the site.

  1. Battleship IOWA Museum
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from Battle IOWA Museum Website

Battleship IOWA located at 250 S. Harbor Blvd, San Pedro, CA 90731 and is now open for outdoor tours but if you want to stay at home and have a safer tour, you can view the ship pier side for free. You can explore with full 360-degree imagery with videos. You will also have an experience with interacting on the different parts all throughout the historical ship. You can visit or contact them with 877-446-9261 and 310-971-4462. For only $15 per year, you will have access with the most comprehensive interactive virtual Naval ship tour.

  1. California Science Center
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from California Science Center Website

Located at 700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles CA, 90037 offers Stuck at Home Science, which helps your child to continue learning with easy activities. This is a family-friendly activity that eases your boredom especially in these trying times. This is designed to allow you explore, investigate and learn all at once without risking your health outside. Just check out their website for further details and to connect with them

  1. Discovery Cube Los Angeles
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from Discovery Cube Website

Located at 11800 Foothill Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 91342. You can now enjoy it at home via Discovery Cube Connect and you will have access to high-quality programs and activities that you can enjoy virtually. You have the freedom to choose whichever program you would like, just visit or you can contact them directly with their Facebook and Instagram account.

  1. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from LA Arboretum & Botanic Garden Website

Can be found at 301 N Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA 91007. Though the garden is now open to see in person, the garden is still accessible to be visited virtually. Through the “From our garden to your home” you will have access to browse The Arboretum ebook, and art exhibits. You can enjoy engaging with enjoyable and fun activities with lots of videos to explore the beauty of Arboretum’s Garden. You can visit and contact them through their website

  1. Japanese American National Museum
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from Janm Website

JANM’s collection has been made online featuring chosen highlights from over 60,000 permanent collections of unique artifacts, documents and photographs. One of them is the Home Movie Collection that features rare footage showing the lives of the Japanese Americans from the 1920’s until 1960. It also includes footage from America’s World War II concentration camps. The film has been well digitized, preserved and published with the assistance from the National Film Preservation Foundation with collaboration of the Japanese Legacy Project, Denshō. If you would like to see and hear more from them don’t hesitate to visit their website You can also send a direct message on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

  1. Google Arts and Culture
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from Google Arts & Culture Website

About 1200 museums around the globe have partnered with Google institute to create a website and an app. This is featuring different LA cultural institutions giving you access with 360-degrees tours virtually to the photo archives and online exhibits. To see more about it feel free to download the Google Arts and Culture app or just visit

  1. Automobile Driving Museum
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from Automobile Driving Museum Website

This can be found at 610 Lairport St., El Segundo, CA 90245. This place has been one of the most enjoyable and fun for family bonding but since with the current situation we are in, the Automobile Museum has opened to the public its virtual tour inside. This features a 360-degree Virtual experience for you. It will actually take you around and let you feel as if you are present physically. You have the freedom to navigate whichever part you would like to visit. All you just have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the virtual experience. If you want to have it, feel free to visit or if you have questions you can directly reach them by phone 310-909-0950.

  1. La Brea Tar Pits and Museum
Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Virtual Tour Services in Los Angeles

Photo from La Brea Tar Pits and MuseumWebsite

Located at 5801 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. It’s such a good thing that the museum is now accepting tourists virtually. Let’s be thankful with the help of NHMLAC Connects Program because now we could still get the chance to experience discovering artifacts and see life by physically distancing ourselves from the different kinds of dinosaurs. In this way we will have the chance to interact and see what our scientists are doing as if we are physically present with them. Learn with your family with the different and lots of images and videos featuring the life of the dinosaurs. Just visit and feel free to contact them at 213-763-3499


Tips for Finding Your Perfect New Home

November 15, 2021 in Blog, Photography

word image
Image via Unsplash

Tips for Finding Your Perfect New Home

Whether you’re downsizing, moving for a job, or just looking for a change of pace or scenery, moving to a new home in Philadelphia is a major life event. Creating a checklist of things to consider is a good move toward being satisfied with your new home. Momentum Virtual Tours presents a few tips that you should consider when assembling your checklist.

Finding the Right Location

Location is a primary consideration in finding a new place to settle. Do you want a friendly, quiet, suburban family neighborhood or an urban setting with lots of nightlife, restaurants, coffee shops, and gyms? Do you prefer nature or the concrete jungle? Do you need to be close to your job, or would you rather commute using public transportation? Your ideal location will give you the lifestyle you enjoy while providing easy access to your most preferred amenities.

Deciding Whether To Rent or Buy

While buying a home may be the American dream, sometimes renting is more realistic for your lifestyle and finances. Some of the reasons you may choose to rent are

  • No repair expenses. Most rentals included maintenance if something should break. Whether you don’t have the income to cover these costs, or you’re retired and don’t want to cover it yourself, rental provides a reprieve from these unforeseen expenses.
  • No yard maintenance. In an apartment or condo complex, yard maintenance is generally included. This prevents your having to own and maintain yard care equipment and eliminates all the mowing, trimming, pest care, and fertilizing chores.
  • Lower monthly payments. If you move into an area with high real estate prices, renting can be cheaper than buying. Pay attention to local home prices to see which makes the most sense for your budget.
  • Temporary housing while job or house hunting. Having a place to live while scoping out the job market or looking for a suitable home to buy keeps you from rushing into something that may not suit you.

Finding the Right Size Home

The average home sold in 2020 was 2,261 square feet. Your first decision as to size is how many bedrooms and baths you want or need. If you’re a single person, you may be more comfortable in something smaller, such as a 400-square-foot studio apartment or an 800-square-foot small home with a yard. If you have a family or enjoy entertaining and having overnight guests, a larger home with a yard and garage is likely a priority.

Considering Your Pet’s Needs

If you have pets, you must find a place that is pet friendly, which may determine where you can live and include extra expenses such as pet deposits and pet rents. Some apartment complexes and many cities now provide dog parks for their residents. For large dogs, a house with a yard and a safe place to walk and play with your dog is an important consideration.

Relocating Remotely Online

When researching online, try to find companies that provide virtual tours of their properties, especially if you’re doing a long-distance move. This allows you to see the inside and outside of a property so you can choose the ones worth viewing when you travel to your chosen location.

Check out Momentum Virtual Tours for more information about virtual tours that can help you showcase your home for buyers.