How to Make Instagram Reels

June 8, 2022 in Blog, Social Media

How to Create Instagram Reels

From the beginning, humans tended to love all varieties of entertainment, so they created arts like singing, dancing, making skits, etc. It makes them feel relaxed, happy, and emotional. They also used these arts to educate people. But over time, people introduced various applications to create short and interesting videos. There are so many interesting applications that are capable of providing you with great entertainment. One of the finest apps is available with fun and enjoyable features to create short videos.

On the other hand, people are expressing their creativity and great talents in many ways using these applications. So, half of the people are content creators in Reels, and the other half use it for their entertainment purpose. Hence the complete information about the amazing Reel app is given below:

How to Make Instagram Reels

Overview of the Reels app      

Instagram introduces reels for entertaining purposes. You can use all those jaw-dropping features, to expose your creativity to the whole world and make your business familiar worldwide. People create videos with trending topics, they collaborate with the public videos, and discover new ideas to give you content. With enormous creative tools such as AR effects, music, and text overlays, youcan create amazing videos with cool contents.


Reels offers you to create fun videos to share with friends or everyone on Instagram. You can record and edit your videos in just 15-seconds. There are options for multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. Reels offers anyone ton have the chance to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences on a worldwide.

How to create Reels on Instagram

To create the Reels, you must follow some steps, with this step you can make creative contents and show your talent to the world:

The Audio selection: Search for a song or music from the music library. You can also use your original audio and record your video with the audio. When you share a reel with original audio, your audio will be credited, and if you have a public account, people can create reels with your audio by selecting “Use Audio” from your Reel.

The AR Effects application: Select one of the many effects in the effect options, which is used by Instagram and creators worldwide, to record multiple clips with different effects.

How to Make Instagram Reels

Set Countdown: Set the timer to record any of your clips without using your hands for pressing the start button. Once you press record, you’ll see a reverse countdown before recording begins for the amount of time you selected.

Align the clips: Then you can re arrange the recorded clips from your previous videos before recording your next. It allows you create continuous transitions for moments like outfit changes or adding new friends to the Reel.

Select the Speed: After all these, step you can choose to speed up or slow down part of your selected video or audio. Reels can be recorded in a series of clips which means one at a time, all at once, or you can also use the video recorded previously from your gallery. Stop recording to pause the record and create new clip.

How to share these reels

You can share your reels in two different modalities, in public or in private, they are explained in detail:


Public account– You can share your Reel to a loyal space in exploring section, where it has the chance to be seen and discovered by the massive Instagram public. You can also share your Reel with the people you choose by posting it on your Feed. When you share reels highlighting certain songs, hashtags, or effects, your Reel may appear on pages related to your videos. when someone selects the song, hashtag, or impact they can create their Reels with the audio or effects that you used

Private Account: Reels enables your privacy settings on Instagram, with this option you can share to the feed so that it will be visible on your profile. People will not be able to use the original audio from your reels, and also, they cannot share your reels with others who don’t follow you.

How to Make Instagram Reels

Whether you have a public or private account, you can share your Reel to your story with close friends or in a direct message. If you do so, your Reel will disappear like a regular story and it will not be shared to Reels in explore, and it will also not appear on your profile.

People can find the reels, you’ve shared which will appear on the explore section.Once it is ready, you can move to the share screen, where you can save a draft of the Reel, then change the cover, add caption and hashtags, and you can also tag your friends. After this you can share your Reel, it will appear on your main profile grid, though you can remove it if you want.


Reasons to watch the Reels


If your Reel is featured in Explore, you’ll receive a notification. Featured reels are a selection of public reels chosen by Instagram to help you discover some of the original content to entertain and inspire you. Reels give people new ways to express themselves, you can create what they love on Instagram.It can help everyone with the ambition of becoming a creator and take the spot-light.

Instagram Reels are short portrait videos that can be created up to 60 seconds long, or 30 sec or even 15 seconds. The users can record their video and edit together with photo clips. Then set to the music and post them to your Feed, Stories, and the Reels explore page. The popular video feature is accessible in the United States and round 50 other countries. Instagram Reels is an astonishing way for businesses to flex their creativity via visual experience outside a grid post.

Efficient ways to increase Instagram followers

Increased your Engagement-The Instagram algorithm will do everything it can to promote its new feature. Since Instagram wants more people using Reels to compete with TikTok, it will boost your content to more of your audience. The result for you is increased engagement, resulting in more potential customers.

How to Make Instagram Reels


Creativity is key-If you have a smaller following, about less than 300,000, it is important to use hashtags to reach your niche. When you use a hashtag on a reel, it is more likely to be featured as the first post in a hashtag search.This is the same reason mentioned earlier, Instagram is currently trying to sponsor reels to its users. This way, everybody might be enthused to create or watch reels.


Time Duration-Reels are abrilliant opportunity to show your business and the making methods. Nevertheless, Reels need an unbiassed content, stories are meant to be chaotic and also should cover at the moment trending topics.” So that, your Reelshas tocapture the audience immediately and add worth to the period of the 3-30 second clip.


Fascinatethe Audience– Specific Brands use social media efficiently to advertise their products. They record a voice that reverberates with their target audience. This voice should reflect your targeted audience’s current state, goals, and aspirations. With all those features on reels, it is laid-back to be unique.

Make it ConvenienceReels is almost like its own app thatit has everything you need to film and edit infinite number of quality content. Though, you can create your Reel right in the Instagram app. You can share it instantly or save it in the draft for later use. You can save it on your mobile and use it in other editing apps too.

Repurpose it on other medias-The greatness about Reels is they have given the option to share them with your grid in private or even in public. Moreover, you can add an Instagram Reel to your Story in all the social medias after downloading it.


Trend yourself-Trending Reels provides the opportunity to go viral, which can exponentially increase the number your audience. Trends can vary by songs, edits, etc.So, pay attention to what is popular in current situation and create your version.

How to Make Instagram Reels


Huge benefits of Reels for content creators

Spread consciousness of your brand in anattractive way.


Social media has created a custom of gaining information in bite-sizes. With the average attention span which is about eight seconds long, this video content is perfect for keeping the courtesy of targeted audiences. It could be entrepreneur mindset tips, a new product you want to highlight as an advertisement, or even the science behind making decisions. All the things you would usually go to a blog or YouTube video to watch are promptly accessible. The features of music and gif and stickers can make it even more entertaining.


Explore page popularity.


Like any Instagram feed post, Reels also get pushed to the Explore page,if you get enough interaction the comment, like, and share it. Then Instagram will take you to the Discover tab where followers and other users can possibly see your content. This leads to more awareness of your business feature in the video. If done correctly, you could also push people to your link in your bio to make a purchase and sign-up desired action for your business.

Increased engagement from your followers.


The Instagram algorithm is a tricky aspect of the platform to deal with, but with the new Reels feature coming to play, Instagram will do all it can to promote its new feature among its users. So, if you upload a Reel to your account, it will most likely be pushed to the Explore page of your followers and the Reels tab. This will increase your engagement as it reaches more audiences than an inactive Instagram feed post would.


Time efficient contents.


When you create an Instagram feed post, unless it’s a selfie or photograph you have to design a unique content, then transfer the file to your Reels page and upload it. While using Reels, you make the video on the platform and add your text. It’s fewer steps to creating content if you are used to creating graphics.As easy as it may sound, just as you would with other social media posts, you want to make time to plan out your Reel content the same.


Cabinets your brand


Reels is your one-way ticket to success in this situation. You can choose from Humor, Emotion, and Sharing Tips which can spot you as an expert. There are great topics to incorporate into your Reels to showcase your personality and business.When you create Reels, nine times out of ten, you will probably be showing your face or a face in it.

This will allow you to glass caseyour brand personality and improve the it all around. Nowadays, consumers want to be treated like human beings, not another sale to increase their profit. So businesses must work on creating relationships and communities in the digital space to meet this demand.


Multi-purpose videos.


You don’t even have to leave your content on Instagram, and you can save the video and post it on your TikTok account or stories across other platforms. If it makes sense, add it to your website or portfolio.

Reels are the same as any other content you create because you can repurpose it. The best marketers are those who know how to repurpose! You can re-share it in your Story any time you feel like an old reel you made is relevant or share it with someone who can relate to it at the time.

If you want to grow your brand and are looking for an easy opportunity, then Instagram Reels will be your best platform.

Winding it up:

People are very creative in expressing themselves nowadays. They prove to achieve the unimaginable things in reality. You will be really amazed to see the talents of the people that are exposed in such a short period videos. Every morning when you open the reels you will see great artists, dancers, singers, or inspiring people and their achievements, etc. There is no boundary for the skills of these people as they will keep you well entertained throughout your day. So, if you are one among them don’t wait in line to shine.


Luxury Real Estate Marketing Company

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Luxury Real Estate Marketing Company

Important marketing ideas for a luxury real estate marketing company

You may be aware that digital marketing changes every year, and the methods and techniques for promoting companies also change. So, it is important to adapt to these changes and use new strategy in order to stay competitive. It is important to look for a luxury real estate marketing company to market a different strategy. Luxury and premium category projects in the real estate industry demand certain unique techniques to distinguish. Because the real estate industry is largely managed, you can easily increase your brand’s reach and exposure by adding effective and current marketing methods into your strategy. The ideas will help you in learning about some amazing luxury real estate marketing ideas and strategies that will help you take your business to the next level. Here are some of the most effective luxury real estate marketing ideas to use in your campaign:

Identify and understand your target market

There are numerous factors to consider when analyzing your target market, ranging from which media channel they prefer, what magazines they read, what marketing messages they respond to, and their expectations of your product. The few things you need to watch out for are:

  • Younger buyers have considerably different demands and expectations than older affluent consumers.
  • Buyers from other countries are not the same as those from the current one. First-time purchasers may have different perspectives than seasoned buyers. Thus, cultural and language concerns must be considered and catered to.
  • From one group to the next, decision-makers will change. Some buyers work closely with their lawyer or accountant, while others go it alone.

Building your understanding of your target market is a continuous process that should begin far before your sales launch and continue to be adjusted as you progress through the sales cycle.

Create a website

In the recent trend, most people use the internet to search for products and services before purchasing. Creating a website for your real estate business can demonstrate what you have to offer to potential clients. You can also include listings on your website and update it regularly to keep visitors returning while searching for real estate. In addition, you can also add a few unique things to your website to make it stand out. Consider this mortgage calculator and other simple value additions for visitors.

Luxury Blog

Blogs are more information-based and can provide an overview of the current market situation. You can also write about individual houses you are selling, which gives a more casual view of luxury homes and is more genuine, making it more approachable to a wider audience.

You can take advantage of blogs. Luxury blogs can be used to increase the number of clicks on your website and increase the visibility of your real estate brand. You will attract more clients who can relate to you and respect what you are doing if you have a blog that reflects your personality. You can utilize blogs to boost your audience’s reliability and keep them light while exhibiting your personality and points of view.

Whitepapers and E-Books

Whitepapers and e-books can help you take your content to the next level by providing something unique to your audience. Whitepapers can help customers make accurate decisions. It is a way for you to send customers relevant information while generating leads. E-books can also help in the buying process.

Potential purchasers can use both mediums to help make decisions and evaluate their purchasing process. Because knowledgeable individuals in your field will edit whitepapers and e-books, they can boost your credibility.

Send personalized postcards for the season

Postcards are a great way to stay in touch with customers throughout the holidays. In contrast to internet marketing, direct mail is a more physical form of communication. Customers are more likely to take action if they see a postcard around the house more frequently. As a result, postcard marketing is twice as effective as digital marketing, with a conversion rate of 5.7 per cent. Direct mail is another low-cost real estate marketing technique. A luxury real estate marketing company will issue personalized holiday postcards.

Business Cards

You can try a well-made business card with a unique design because it will help your company stand out from the competitors. The business card should look professional and modern, reflecting the brand’s values and innovation because it represents both the agent and the company. This is also a good straightway to boost your business.

If you want to maintain consistency, use the same logo, font style, and theme colours. It would be excellent if these statistics could be linked to the marketing materials. When potential buyers see the brand and its colours, they are more likely to feel confident. They will remember your company and a certain real estate agent.

Share property video tours

Real estate marketers should include video content in their marketing strategies, as it is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. According to current statistics and expert predictions, video consumption has shifted dramatically over the years and will continue to use it in the future. Because of the popular usage of video by internet users, real estate marketers have a great opportunity to provide a full property tour video.

The property tour video should cover everything from the unit’s interior to the views and location. You can also highlight how the project’s luxurious and necessary facilities would improve the client’s lifestyle.

Use email marketing campaigns

You may build a way to collect email addresses and promote to those individuals by using a popular email marketing system and installing Lead Pages. Lead Pages allows you to create compelling landing pages so that you may collect email addresses to promote to afterwards.

Although it may appear confusing at first, email marketing is definitely the most profitable. Money is certainly on the list, but it must be done correctly, and the right people must first be attracted. Use your email marketing to add a lot of value over time consistently, and you will see how quickly the results rise.

Approach local radio and television stations

The real estate market is constantly covered by local radio and television media. Why not contact them and express your thoughts on the air? This does not require the use of a high-priced marketing firm. Using the internet, you may easily find nearby radio and television stations.

Send a letter or an email to the stations you frequently listen to. You may send them a video of yourself talking about real estate and presenting them with your ideas. It may be straightforward, but if you can get the attention of the proper reporters, it will be well worth it. Using a system, you can also identify yourself as a source in the real world.

Methods of marketing a luxury property

Luxury homes are not advertised in the same manner that ordinary homes are. Put it another way that you won’t just put a photo of your house on your realtor’s website and in the local real estate journal. Your home must be advertised to a very specific audience.

A seasoned luxury real estate marketing company will know where to promote your listing so that the correct people notice it. They can also employ marketing strategies not generally used to sell a standard home. They can create a professional video showing all your home’s features inside and outside. This video will highlight all of your home’s excellent features. It will be more appealing to potential customers as a result of this.

Event Hosting 

You can go the additional mile and host an event to achieve success and specific targets in your marketing strategy and gain extra popularity for your luxury projects. Although the approach of hosting an event is not new to the real estate industry, just a few marketers use it.

You can host an event with a theme, such as an art show, and a social reason, such as helping underprivileged people. You could get genuine consumers and bookings for your project at this event. You should use this excellent method while marketing your luxury real estate property.

Hire a professional copywriter

Why would not you employ a professional copywriter with experience in real estate or luxury house marketing? You hire a professional photographer, videographer, and stager, so why wouldn’t you hire a professional copywriter with experience in real estate or luxury home marketing? Copywriters are trained to write in a way that stimulates the proper emotion and provides soothing explanations, understanding the psychology of decision-making. They also have a broad and deep understanding of English, allowing them to turn even the most boring listing into an exciting story about the ideal property. A professional copywriter would write to your target customer as if they were talking with them directly.

Leverage traditional advertising media

While the real estate industry has not been exempt from the digital transition, some old-school marketing methods can still be useful in a real estate marketing strategy. For example, print advertisements and billboards can substantially boost real estate agent’s marketing efforts.

Partner with local businesses

Use your local connections to advertise listings and invite them to an open house event by partnering with clothing boutiques, home decor showrooms, and coffee cafes. Set up pop-up stores in different parts of the house as a novel method to encourage people to come to your open house. This enables potential buyers to look around each space, and you may work with local companies to determine what kind of discounts you can provide.

Property listing is a must

Property has become a vital marketing technique and an effective approach to attract potential clients in the real estate business. It is important to list your property on various reputable real estate platforms to ensure you do not lose out on any genuine and interested buyers.

Because people prefer more content and specifics when searching for real estate, including high-quality photographs, videos, and a lengthy description in a listing can result in more enquiries and leads.

Newspaper Listing

Although a lot of advertising is going digital, newspapers is still a great way to advertise your luxury real estate listings. You might be surprised to learn that some people still prefer to have their newspapers brought to their homes and read them while drinking coffee.

If you consider placing an ad in the newspaper, a full-page double spread is eye-catching and will attract readers’ attention. Coloured photos are preferred, but if you must use black and white photos, make sure they are of the best quality, clear, and crisp.

Create eye-catching infographics

Most of the people love visuals, which is why infographics have become so popular. Infographics are an excellent method to present essential data and statistics in a visually appealing style that people like browsing and sharing on social media.

Infographics like three primary reasons why real estate agents are better than for sale by owner illustrate why individuals should hire a real estate agent instead of trying to sell their homes independently. You can use infographics for your luxury real estate marketing company in your own blog posts.

Build a System for Referrals

Creating a referral system is one approach to boosting your online real estate marketing efforts. You could incorporate this into your email signature to make it more passive rather than active, but it does not hurt to just ask for a referral at first. After a few successful transactions, network with your consumers and ask them to suggest you to their friends.

You may also consider offering something in exchange for referrals. It may be a gift card, a home depot gift card, and something completely different. Whatever it is, you can come up with a unique method to pitch it to your customers and then make sure you treat everyone equally.

Final Thoughts

All of the above luxury real estate marketing ideas have been proven to help you promote your real estate business. Also, many successful real estate marketers have followed similar methods and adapted to market change and trends. Knowing about marketing campaigns, digital platforms, and tools is useful, but employing a real estate marketing company to handle all of your digital marketing needs is much better.

Commercial Real Estate Matterport

June 3, 2022 in Blog, Commercial Real Estate, Virtual Tours

How Matterport for Commercial Real Estate Works? 

Welcome back to another Momentum 360 weekly blog! We say this every week, but we want to greet every one of our readers that supports this piece of content. If this is your first time with us, we’re excited to educate you on the topic of virtual tours and photography. In this one, we’ll be covering commercial real estate and why getting a Matterport virtual tour is one of the best ways to market it. Matterport for commercial real estate has been one of the best virtual tour software since it is a simple software to work with.  We’ve covered Matterport extensively on this blog. However, we haven’t done so about commercial real estate. This blog will talk all about it. The class is in session! So get cozy, get a snack and drink, and get ready to learn.

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Marketing

It’s 2020, and you own or work with a large commercial real estate building in a large city. The worst part about it? It’s only 35% occupied, and you’re losing money out of the wazoo. This was the reality for many brokers and real estate investors during COVID. People lost a lot of money as a deadly virus raged through the world with no end. It’s hard to fathom losing that much money in one time…as even real estate tycoons like Grant Cardone were once at the billionaire status before COVID, and after they were back down to a mid-9-figure net worth…still not a bad position at all.

Brokers and owners were looking for a product or service to market their building so they could get tenants without constantly having to do active marketing and always spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to market this building.  In 2022, commercial real estate has almost bounced back to what it was before 2020, but there’s still a long way to go. For us investors, property managers, etc. and it’s imperative to have a passive marketing strategy that allows you to focus on the stuff that matters most, not just maintaining but getting ahead.

commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Matterport Examples

Any non-residential property used for business profit-making activities is considered commercial real estate. Stores, malls, office buildings, and industrial parks are examples of commercial real estate. For example, A baker wishes to build a shop in a mall owned by a commercial real estate firm. Instead of incurring the large upfront expenditures of purchasing the building, the baker will rent the floor space from the corporation for a monthly fee. Most of a commercial real estate company’s revenue comes from collecting rent and other payments from its tenants. For any building, you can use the Matterport to view the place. The Matterport will showcase goes much beyond the typical 360-degree tour. It is the most original and engaging method to see a property online, making viewers feel as if they are there in person.

Why Matterport for Commercial Real Estate Works 

In recent years, industrial and financial factors have impacted many commercial real estate agents and brokers. As a result of increased competition and decreasing consumer demand, agents and brokers must invest in sales strategies and cutting-edge technology that improve potential buyers’ speed, comfort, and convenience. Commercial real estate websites that use technology like Matterport will allow prospective buyers to inspect properties at any time and location, allowing them to make the best leasing and purchasing decisions possible.

Provide breathtaking visuals to potential customers.

To make a purchasing decision, potential clients need more than just typical property photographs, but they also need the right visuals. Matterport cameras use infrared scanners to create a dimensionally correct version of the property. You can even measure whatever you capture with a scan. The images are in 4K resolution. Additionally, the high accuracy of visuals provides your clients with a real-time experience of the property which helps them decide on final property rates.

commercial real estate

Accelerate Visits and research 

Despite the increased number of properties on the market, many potential buyers may not have the time or resources to see them in person. Some people may take weeks or months to organize a visit, and most buyers do not have enough time to make an informed and favorable same-day selection decision. However, agents and buyers can overcome these time-consuming obstacles by utilizing a few widely available, user-friendly tools designed to engage and educate prospective purchasers via proper digital channels.

Visitors can take immersive 3D Matterport tours to see the property in real-time before organizing a visit. This way, when customers see the property in person, they will be better informed and ready to make an informed decision on the spot.

Showcase many properties at once

Brokers and agents save time throughout the day by using virtual tours on their websites to schedule visits, research listings, contact potential customers, and provide resources for purchasers to examine the home. Overall, as a commercial realtor or broker, immersive 3D Matterport tours are the most efficient way to save time and display multiple properties at once.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Location and reputation are important in the commercial real estate industry, but so is technology. As a result, real estate agents who use cutting-edge technology like 3D Matterport to simplify the buying process, save time for prospects, and provide more precise information on a home are more likely to win listings and stand out among competitors.

commercial real estate

Process of Matterport

Matterport uses infrared scanning technology to deliver accurate visual and spatial information. After the property has been scanned, the data from the camera is transferred to a system that analyses and processes it. These talents’ precision will aid in creating a digital environment reflected in physical space. The 3D Matterport technology uses algorithms to turn a physical environment into a computer-based location. The software then creates an easy-to-use digital realm distribution system. The software’s content can be utilized on its own or with other platforms to best display the space.

Matterport creates content for purposes other than real estate photography. Retailers are beginning to use Matterport virtual tours on their websites to provide a virtual scan of a location to boost and prolong client interaction. The software is used in commercial areas to aid in a property’s scanning, construction, and development. Matterport can also be used for remote inspection due to its accuracy.

Matterport Pricing for Commercial Real Estate

Contact us for price

Use Cases for Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours

Virtual reality is being used by businesses to produce 360 virtual tours, which is significantly increasing consumer engagement. When it comes to mobile apps, the user experience is crucial. People will convert if the online experience is improved. The VR experience combined with technology can provide clients with a tailored experience that was previously unimaginable.

Virtual Tours

Virtually visiting home can make all the difference, especially when the customer is far away. Even if you stay in another city, checking out a long-distance property might be convenient, especially if the house is in another town and has virtual tours in 360-video format. So, what exactly is a virtual tour, and how does it work? Guided and interactive visits are the two forms of 3D virtual tours that are most commonly used. Traditional commercial videos resonate with guided visits. Typically, they are completely virtual or 360-degree videos. Because the videos are often for existing properties, they are simple to create. You will need a panoramic camera to capture the property in a video format that requires no scripting. To enhance the immersive experience, clients can use a basic device such as Google Cardboard. On the other hand, Customers can select to tour the property by clicking on specially curated hotspots during interactive visits. Though more complicated the interactive virtual tours are more effective in showcasing properties.

commercial real estate deal

Virtual Staging

Let’s take a little detour to use an analogy from retail research that found that having mannequins in the store increased purchase intent. The findings were based on studies with surveys and eye-tracking data as dependent measures. Similarly, in real estate, the availability of furniture or stylish decor may enhance the chance of units being sold. Real estate agents work with interior designers to improve residences, a practice is known as staging. Virtual staging reduces the time it takes to sell a home by 80 percent and is not too expensive.

Engineering Visualization

Many clients are adept at seeing a potential community or a troubled property, even if it hasn’t been developed yet. However, when it comes to engineering visualization, people demand an immersive experience. To demonstrate the property, specialists will create three-dimensional models, and full-scale models of yet-to-be-built properties allow viewers to gaze both outside and inside.

Virtual Instructions for Tenants

Landlords and real estate brokers must engage with their tenants regularly for the same reasons. When you rapidly fix a client issue, it is natural to expect higher satisfaction, boosting the brand’s image. Landlords can use virtual reality technology to engage with their tenants more effectively. As a result of the virtual instructions, tenants may easily understand how utility services work, resulting in faster resolutions and a comfortable stay.

Virtual Commerce

Virtual reality is all about business. The advantages of 3D home tours and staging are already being realised by clients. Consider this scenario: a client wants to change the interiors of a house during their tour, and it would be simple to make the modifications according to their preferences during the 3D tours. Clients can plan on purchasing curtains, other decor, and furnishings by visiting a virtual store during the virtual time.

Future for Commercial Real Estate and Matterport 

The landscape of commercial real estate has been gradually shifting in recent years as technology and innovation have advanced. The current outbreak of COVID-19 has only amplified these market trends. The pandemic will impact commercial real estate long-term, pushing owners to adjust and reconsider their business strategies.

commercial real estate

Although the workplace will likely undergo permanent changes, it will not become extinct. Many individuals are still working remotely more than a year and a half after the outbreak began, so many businesses will have to consider if the expenditures of maintaining their office facilities are justified. Last year, many top companies stated that their staff would be able to work from home permanently, even after the pandemic is over. According to the survey, 42 percent of businesses offered a hybrid work environment before the pandemic, while 61 percent did so during the pandemic. Employers may be enticed by the cost savings of eliminating the office atmosphere, but maintaining a collaborative workspace has numerous advantages. Many young adults crave the social interaction that a virtual workplace lacks, and companies have been able to identify decreases in productivity in the work-from-home environment, recognizing the importance of maintaining a physical office space.

Owners of commercial properties should think about renovating their workplace premises. Many organizations have embraced an open-air office atmosphere and lowered square footage per employee in recent years, but this has proven difficult for an industry rebuilding from the pandemic. Many businesses are now attempting to expand their workforce by including more divided workstations or adding additional barriers. It is feasible that, as long as there is a threat of other pandemic, open-plan offices will become outdated.

The retail industry may be one of the most hard-hit sectors in commercial real estate. Brick-and-mortar retail establishments have been suffering a loss in sales since the introduction of e-commerce roughly twenty years ago. Some retail shops are struggling to stay afloat due to the enormous growth in online buying since the start of the pandemic. It was typical to wander through once-bustling shopping malls and see vacant flats scattered everywhere. Owners of this type of real estate have been considering transforming outdated shopping malls and strip malls into fitness facilities, schools, grocery stores, or residences to adapt to this trend.

As the popularity of online shopping grows, so does the demand for warehousing in the e-commerce supply chain. As a result of the pandemic, there has been an increase in online grocery shopping, which has resulted in a higher need for cold storage in particular. Because of the ease online grocery shopping provides, it is likely to be a popular service for many years. Commercial real estate will always be needed in this ever-changing environment. To succeed, property owners will need to pay attention to trends and identify ways to adapt their properties.

Hiring us for Commercial Real Estate Matterport Tours

Measuring the success of your actions is an important part of a commercial real estate marketing strategy. Create a real-estate marketing report and use data to make data-driven decisions on how to improve your efforts. A Matterport strategy can help you define the campaign objectives and crucial indicators and implement them for an effective commercial real estate marketing plan. You can hire us for the effective process for commercial real estate Matterport tours.

Hotel Photography

June 2, 2022 in Blog

Ways to shoot incredible hotel photography 

Are you establishing or running a hotel in your city? If yes, then you must require some knowledge about Hotel photography. Apart from usual photos that display the available rooms and infrastructure, hotel photography is something different. Photographers that specialize in hotel photography understand how crucial it is to be able to picture both the interiors and exteriors of a building.

Beginners may believe that it is a simple, well-paid career that allows them to stay in nice hotels worldwide. However, it won’t be easy to notice if you don’t have an excellent portfolio in this profession. It is a good idea to invest in the hotel photography, and here are the amazing ways to shoot incredible hotel photography for your hotel:

Choose an appropriate photographer

An important first step is to choose a photographer. Not only does the right photographer for the job capture excellent images, but they also understand how hotels should market themselves visually. The photographer should be able to blend technical skills with an artist’s eye to capture your brand in gorgeous images that provoke strong emotional responses from potential attendees.

Choose a photographer who is right for you, and if you are interested in a photoshoot, follow the upcoming points and ways and take the best pictures. Once you have chosen a photographer, you should have a thorough briefing. A clear shoot purpose, brand values, target market, comprehensive shot list, time, and probable models’ use should all be covered.

Spend on a good photography device

Professional equipment, as with other sorts of photography, is required. Even if you are an influencer who prefers to picture with a smartphone, experts recommend investing in a nice camera for your hotel photography. A robust tripod is also required. You will want to avoid camera shake because you will be using a slower shutter speed. Use a wide-angle lens to capture the full scene.

A lens with a focal length of 16-35mm would suffice and allow you to fit more into the frame. You want to include as many features as possible in the room. Invest in high-quality photography equipment, which is highly beneficial for you. If you are going to take a photo that covers a vast area, you may need the assistance of a drone.

Utilize natural or motivated lighting 

In both architectural and hotel photography, lighting is fundamental. When possible, use natural light. Close the blinds and shutters. Stay away from utilizing a flash or unnecessary artificial lighting, as they can give the wrong impression.

You want to attract visitors but don’t want to let them down. You use artificial sources to mimic natural light. In the film industry, it is frequently used. This effect can be achieved by placing artificial light near a natural light source. Bring into play strobes and fix them close to the window. You have to manage the lighting away from frame.

Involve the human presence 

Your photographs may be stunning, but they may appear extremely rigid without the incidence of humans. Guests might be expecting pleasant people to greet them at check-in at the end of the day. When selecting from the menu, they want to engage with a waiter. Employees should be incorporated into your photography to bring faith among the people.

They are a primary part of the organization and guarantee that visitors receive the best possible service. Everything looks more appealing with a smile on your face. You can also incorporate real individuals or models that use the facilities if you have the opportunity. Your photographs will have more strength as a result of this. Have some people get to relax on the couch.

Fix perfect angles 

Angles play a crucial role in shooting incredible hotel photography. Shooting at eye level is tiring, and the perspective does not produce intriguing photographs. To achieve a better view, go lower than eye level, which may help reduce furniture distortion. Shoot from above eye level to capture a beautiful hallway or architectural design.

Select the best angles. Adjust your camera’s location such that the entire scene fills the frame. In smaller rooms, shoot from the corners. It allows you to embellish the frame with more embellishments. Take a few test pictures if you are unclear about the angle you want to employ. Consider which solutions are the best fit for the situation.

Demonstrate the Hotel’s Character

The person responsible for hotel photography must ensure that their photos reflect the hotel’s personality. The logo is regularly seen all the way through a capability. It comprises elements of the brand, such as the logo and name. It may be on pencils, pillows, and the front desk. Be it modest, but make sure to contain it in your photos.

The environment and vibes structure the rest of the establishment’s characteristics. A breakfast in bed has a different, more distant, and graceful vibe than a luxury hotel. Photographers must be able to represent this uniqueness through their pictures. Make sure that you match your hotel and guests properly.

Emphasize extraordinary amenities 

Not all hotels must have extraordinary amenities; if you have, then emphasize it in your photography. Emphasize any portions that make the place suitable for gatherings such as conferences or weddings. Showcase the bar’s extraordinary set of choices for drink in your work if it is a famous hangout spot for business folks.

Make certain to include them in your shots. Those could be the last pushes a guest desires to book a specific hotel. Photos without special amenities might not attract many clients who expect extraordinary things.

Play with interior and exterior too 

Both exterior and interior are essential for hotel photography. The first thing visitors notice is the building’s exterior. The facility’s exterior and surroundings expose a great deal about it. Assemble it in the greatest possible light. Include your surroundings in your photography if you work for a resort. Outside, take photos shortly after sunrise or during golden hour.

Due to the light-diffusing softness, these periods provide the ideal illumination. It is beneficial to have an eye for interior design. Decorate the welcome area and the lobby with flowers. Include bowls of fresh fruit or pastries in your dining room photographs. Show off the bottle of champagne the hotel provides for honeymooners in your photos.

Focus on composition 

In hotel photography, composition is the major key. Even though the interior is important, don’t just photograph the interior only. Think it an empty canvas on which you can communicate yourself. Look for attractive facts as you move around minor objects.

If the room has first-class design elements, build them stand out. Display how the hotel varies from the other potentials. The ideal lodging feels like home yet acts like a castle, with the guest as the monarch. This dreamy sensation should be conveyed through the photographs. Create photos that appear to be complete, with the only thing missing being the guest.

Keep everything clean 

The final way to shoot incredible hotel photography is to keep everything clean around your shoot. Make sure everything is in order. The cleanliness and orderliness of a hotel room must be maintained. Make every attempt to make life easier for yourself. Close the toilet lid and smooth the wrinkles out of bed. Correction of these flaws in post-production takes considerable time.

A comfortable swimming robe is every guest’s dream, but it doesn’t always seem beautiful in images. Teach your clients how to get ready for the shoot. They may be completely oblivious to anything that your photographer considers obvious. If a cable is always in the way or the curtains are out of place, come up with creative remedies. At all times, sticky tape comes in helpful.

Importance of Hotel photography 

An image is value a numerous words when describing your hotel. Professional photos and multiple images of room types and public areas in the hotel can be used to supplement your web marketing strategy. The virtual tour of your hotel displayed on the internet is the first tour guests will take.

Guests like to imagine themselves entering through the opulent and welcome lobby, unwinding in warm and inviting guest rooms, mingling in the tastefully designed common areas, swimming in the enormous, clear blue pool, and seeking amusement at surrounding local attractions.

Ensure your hotel photography is appealing to travelers and does not distract them with outdated styles, bad lighting, or blurry photographs. To further strengthen your web marketing efforts, make a professional picture session as a part of the hotel’s budget.

Winding it up: 

A person’s first impression of a hotel or resort is formed by looking at photos of the establishment. Furthermore, photographs show people what to expect. The façade of the hotel or resort, as well as the guest rooms, lobby, and other amenities, should all be seen. The potential guest must be assured that their hard-earned money will provide exactly what they want.

When someone visits a website to research a hotel or resort, they want to feel like they are there. In an era of fierce competition, the hotel with the finest photos attracts the most visitors and, as a result, the most income. So follow the given ways to shoot the incredible hotel photography for your hotel and promote your business.


Hotel Photography Ideas

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List of best Hotel photography ideas 

Today, running a hotel in this competitive world is not an easy task for many people. You have to spend a lot to bring more highlights to your hotel. Additionally, you need to make efforts and spend money on hotel photography. One of the most critical elements in developing a successful sales plan is to have hotel photography. The most active component of your brand identity is a good photoshoot.

A well-defined collection of images is one of your most powerful weapons for attracting potential clients’ interest and increasing booking requests through your official website or the numerous OTA & Review websites. Instead of talking, display a few photos, which will have the capacity to attract more customers. A list of great Hotel photography ideas is here:

Hotel Photography Ideas

Do the research and pick a qualified hotel photographer 

The basic step when dealing with hotel photography is hiring a qualified hotel photographer. Select a Hotel Photographer based on the type of content you want to create and the end effect you want to accomplish. Trust a hotel photographer with a varied and extensive portfolio. The deep knowledge of various hotel photography ideas is their major strength.

Examine the photographer’s portfolio thoroughly. Make sure you have enough examples of not only architectural images but also experiential photos. Many photographers are unable to capture both genres equally, so make sure the artist you choose is capable of handling both. Like a hotel, you will undoubtedly require a significant quantity of photographs.

This price scheme is widely used in the hotel photography sector and offers the best value. As a result, consider a photographer who charges by the day rather than by the photo. To get an accurate estimate of the final cost, ask the photographer to factor in any additional expenses that may arise during the shoot. Models, stylists, and helpers are among the most common.

Focus on architecture and ground

One of the best ideas for capturing the best hotel photography is focusing on the property, including the exterior architecture and grounds. First impressions matter a lot with customers when running a hotel. You have to focus more on the architecture and ground of the hotel to create the best hotel photos. One of the first things a potential consumer will notice is the exterior of your building.

Hotel Photography Ideas

What distinguishes your structures from those of other resorts and hotels? What angles and lighting produce the most dramatic composition? A skilled photographer will make your property’s architecture and exterior stand out from the crowd. The appeal and individuality of a resort are enhanced by its grounds.

Do old and big oak trees surround your hotel? Is it possible for a guest to view the sea line on the horizon? Perhaps your house has lush grounds with well-kept paths, or maybe it has a gleaming stone fountain. A professional hotel photographer highlights the greatest aspects of the landscape and grounds and the property’s most attractive features.

Pay attention to signs and surroundings 

You will need a captivating photograph of the hotel or resort signage for your marketing effort. Every sign is unique, with some signs featuring detailed elements and styles and others opting for a more basic approach. A professional photographer will employ lighting and angles to create a unique image, regardless of your signage design.

A skilled photographer will note any surrounding attractions when photographing your resort’s site. Lush parks, remarkable monuments, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and anything else within easy walking distance of your property could add to its appeal. Many people get attracted because of these surroundings pictures and start their bookings.

Select and use the best models 

You can also add the best models to your hotel photography ideas. It is not a good idea to only show standard male and female model photographs. Choose models that are more ‘down-to-earth,’ emulating the ‘human’ appearance of most of your visitors. Make sure to shoot at least a couple of shots of each man and lady separately.

Give your hotel a loose ‘couple’ orientation rather than a rigid ‘couple’ orientation. The sight of a chubby girl enjoying your hotel’s amenities can dramatically boost engagement. Focus on specialized markets and provide targeted content for key audiences such as families, the elderly, and gay couples.

Hotel Photography Ideas

Think about your targeted audience and select the model accordingly. If your hotel allows pets, ensure to include photos of cute animals in the hands of the best models. Pet owners will adore your hotel, and nevertheless, make sure that the photographs emphasize the fact that pets will not disturb the other guests.

Make the creativeness in Rooms and lobby

The rooms and lobby play a vital role in hotel photos. The interior rooms of a hotel are the main attraction for many tourists. What is the room’s ambiance like? Is it tidy, comfy, and stylish? A trained hotel photographer will reveal your room’s charming, unique details.

A peek into the foyer of your resort or hotel can demonstrate your flair and attention to detail. Is the design old and opulent, or does it have a more modern, steampunk feel? A professional photographer may transform the lobby into a magnificent and appealing greeting to your hotel by playing with angles and composition.

Include the pool and dining 

Do you have a dreamy hot tub or a beautiful rooftop infinity pool? Perhaps your hotel has a spa next to the pool, where guests can relax and unwind throughout their stay. Any water elements on your resort will be photographed with extra care by an experienced luxury hotel photographer.

A good photographer will capture your property’s refreshing and appealing water elements during a hotel photoshoot. Some hotels have full-service restaurants for the convenience of customers. Professionals will know how to highlight the space’s attractiveness, not just the cuisine.

Aside from these sections, the common areas of your hotel are also important to document. What is the atmosphere like in the lounges? A professional conference room, an attractive washroom, or a fully-equipped fitness center at the facility is an excellent detail to cover in your camera. A hotel photographer can photograph any common area to capture the mood.

Hotel pool photography

Don’t ignore the staff 

Including your staff’s services and professionalism are also considered the best hotel photography ideas. An expert hotel photographer will look for action shots of the team. They will frame a photo of a valet expertly handling a guest’s car or a concierge assisting a couple with dinner reservations.

A good photographer will underline the excellent quality of their service regardless of whether the staff member works at the front desk or in cleaning. Lovely hotel staff gives the finest service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

A good photographer will convince potential visitors that they will be in the best of hands during their stay by highlighting the professionalism of the personnel through compositions such as tidy uniforms, efficient work, and warm smiles.

Use the tool and maintain high resolution

The final idea to make the hotel photos best is using the right tool and maintaining the images in a high resolution. Many picture editing applications for desktop and mobile devices are available on the Internet that can be used to improve photos that you may believe are unsalvageable.

You won’t have to spend a lot of money to access these programs, and in fact, many of them are free. Using these applications, you may sharpen blurred photographs, alter colors, lighting, crop, and more.

Keep the filters and effects to a minimum, which is ideal for keeping images as natural-looking as possible. A blurry photo that requires the user to squint to pick out the details does nothing to improve the image of your property. It may be harming it. As a result, ensure your listings, website, social media, and other marketing channels exclusively employ high-resolution photographs.

Sunset view Hotel

Reasons to focus on Hotel photography 

Everyone is not ready to invest in hotel photography, and they should not consider any hotel photography ideas. But as a hotel owner, you should invest in it, and various reasons are there to tell. Here are those reasons to focus on hotel photography:

  • Impress more guests – Make sure there are some great images of the gym, pool, hot tub, spa, or parking. It will add to the character of your hotel and encourage more people to stay there. At the same time, if you offer a conference area, you may attract more guests who would like to rent a room at your hotel since they are on a business trip.
  • Beat the competition – You will need professional images for your hotel business if you want to stay ahead of the competition. The importance of good hotel photos in online bookings cannot be overstated. If you overlook this section, the guest will most likely book with one of your competitors.
  • Decision-making – Photography is highly important in the decision-making process of the guest. If your photographs seem amazing, you will obtain more bookings. Regarding hotels and places, a traveler will always spend more time looking at images than reading about them.

Parting words: 

The points mentioned above are excellent ideas to make your hotel photography best. The photography signifies the business would influence a potential client’s decision to make a hotel reservation. As a hotel, many of your annual visits will be new consumers who have found your website or social media pages by chance and made their selection based mostly on your online visual presentation. So invest in hotel photography and attain the best result for your business.



Hotel Digital Marketing Agency

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What are the things to consider while choosing a Hotel Digital Marketing Agency? 

Nowadays, selecting a hotel digital marketing agency to collaborate with can be a difficult and intimidating undertaking. There are a lot of agencies out there with different specializations, and picking the correct one might mean the difference between blowing up your marketing budget and taking your company to the next level.

Hotel Digital Marketing

With the digital world expanding exponentially, there is no end to the number of rapidly growing digital marketing businesses in your area. Choosing a digital marketing agency can be tricky, with new ones popping up daily and each claiming to be the best at their job. Let’s discuss the things to consider while choosing a hotel digital marketing agency:


A sales pitch may be tempting, but it will leave out crucial information you need to know before hiring a hotel digital marketing agency. Looking through the agency’s portfolio, asking for references, and speaking with the marketing agency’s clients are the greatest ways to figure out who you are working with.

They can tell you if the agency is responsive, easy to work with, and capable of consistently delivering the outcomes they claim. Get references from reliable persons and pin the agency which was referred by many people commonly.

Background & Age

Because Hotel Digital Marketing Agencies are constantly springing up, many will still be considered “new.” The age of the agency, as well as the backgrounds of its staff, are critical factors to examine. But many hotel owners forget to consider this factor and face the consequences later.

If this is the case, you should carefully analyze the background and experience of their key senior staff members, as well as how they may apply that knowledge to help your company reach its goals. If you find any bad background for their employees, avoid that agency and move to the next.

Hotel Digital Marketing Agency


As you will have to meet face to face at some time, you will need to think about the route. Although most things can be done over email or phone, there are instances when a face-to-face encounter is required. If you are headquartered in one place, and the agency is in a faraway place, someone will have to travel a great deal to make this partnership work.

That isn’t to suggest it won’t work, and it just could be more difficult than if the agency were 30 minutes away. To manage the digital marketing for your hotel, you should hire the agencies nearby and avoid the agencies out of the city.

Working culture 

It is a personal question for many, but it must be addressed. You would be assigned to the agency for a specific amount of time. Your working style and vibes must be compatible. You should research the agency’s working culture.

Your hotel range will grow better with them. Because you need to see if they support extracurricular activities, if meetings are formal and serious, and what the management style is like, among other things. These factors will influence how the team functions. You can expect good results from them if there is solid teamwork.


Do you check the price of the Hotel Digital Marketing Agencies? How much of your marketing budget have you set aside? What is the maximum amount you can spend on marketing consultants? Never be careless with this factor, and as a hotel owner, you should spend time considering it.

Specialists suggest contacting an only some different digital marketing businesses to see which one best matches your budget. Request a quote or look at their published prices. However, keep in mind that cheap does not always imply quality. Low-cost agencies may lack the experience or abilities needed to get the desired results.

Hotel Digital Marketing Agency

Lists of services

Since each company’s objectives are different, what worked for your competition might not work for you? Hotel owners and business people must first establish which digital services they will require to fulfill your objectives. Make sure that they are skilled enough and can serve your requirements.

Choosing the best digital marketing services agency will also save time because you won’t have to go to another agency for future digital and tech demands. Check to see if the firm you are considering can design you the greatest website and is also on top of their SEO, paid marketing game, and social media.


A possible digital marketing agency must spend time learning about your hotel and its marketing requirements. They must offer you with a admiring consultation to assess your powers and shortcomings.

Additionally, they will provide you with their recommendations and costs from here. It is a critical phase in the procedure. Remember that just because a firm offers you a free consultation doesn’t mean you have to hire them. Consider the other factors properly and make the final decision.

Marketing Audit

Request an audit of your current marketing activity from the hotel marketing agency you are considering. This in-depth examination of your online presence and placement on all major search engines will give you a clear picture of your digital footprint.

The audit will give you a starting point to compare future marketing efforts to, and a reputable agency will present you with a list of adjustments they would make, allowing you to gauge their readiness to fulfill your marketing needs.

Hotel Digital Marketing Agency


No agency will be completely transparent about their techniques because they don’t want to reveal their trade secrets but a good agency should be willing to share a few of their techniques related to the work they’re proposing for your company.

If a company offers you 300 article links, 1000 blog comments, and 500 directory submissions in exchange for link building, they might not be the right fit. And this is where you must concentrate. Are the methods they are describing applicable? Check that also.

Online presence 

Examining an agency’s social media profiles, blogs, and other online presences is one of the finest methods to determine how good they are at what they do. The quality of an agency’s internal work can indicate the level of service it can deliver.

Online presence is one of the best proofs for the hotel digital marketing agencies as the best one. You can bet that if they don’t have enough online power over their firm, they won’t have any over yours. As a result, consider how good they are compared to their competition.


A good hotel marketing agency will provide detailed monthly reporting, showing you where you are in terms of online traffic, marketing effort, and ROI. Examine the reporting tools that the marketing agency advises utilizing.

The top hotel digital marketing agencies will use industry-standard tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools instead of their proprietary reports, which may leave out essential attributes.

How do the hotel’s digital marketing agencies help you? 

You might ask why you should spend this much time and consider various things to appoint them. Because once you hire them, they will help you in multiple ways, and they are assured of the growth of your hotel. Here are the lists of benefits of having digital marketing agencies for your hotel:

  • Flexible and scalable solutions – Clients can use digital marketing agencies’ flexible resources. Depending on the client’s demands, they can scale the crew up or down. It enables a flexible team structure that can adapt to changing situations quickly and effectively.
  • Take Advantage of Expert Advice – The fact that it is their area of expertise is perhaps the most compelling argument to seek assistance from a hotel marketing company. It means they are not only marketing experts, but they have also applied their knowledge to the hotel sector.

Hotel Digital Marketing

  • Deadlines must be met on time – It is important to realize that achieving your business goals will be simple once you have a sound marketing strategy in place. It’s important to remember that a competent digital marketing agency can assist you with the development and planning stages of reaching out to the media.
  • Your concentration is always on progress – Having a digital agency as a partner allows you to concentrate on the most critical areas of your company’s growth. Sure, it involves incredible digital marketing, but you can reduce a lot of the burden when you have a team of trustworthy, accountable experts taking care of the details.
  • Taking Advantage of Content Marketing – High-quality content marketing is another area where hotel marketing agencies may shine and provide genuine value. Everything from email marketing campaigns to social media management to influencer marketing, video marketing, blogging, and copywriting falls under this category.

Wrapping it up:

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea of how to choose the hotel’s digital marketing agency by considering the given factors. Working with a company dedicated to your brand’s success is critical. When looking for the right digital marketing agency, it is a good idea to ask you a few questions.

However, you also want to know that you are working with someone who can offer exactly what you desire. Before putting together a bespoke solution proposal, the top agencies should take the time to learn about you, your organization, and your goals.