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Welcome to another weekly Momentum 360 blog! In this one, we’ll go over capture 3D technology and how it’s going to impact your business for the better. If this is your first time with Momentum 360, welcome! We aim to write weekly blog posts to give you as much value as possible, so you can get more revenue and grow your business as time goes on. We want nothing in return, but for you to share this information so it can help more people.

Capture 3D

Capture 3D

Momentum 360 creates high definition and comprehensive 3D virtual tours for businesses across the entire nation.

So, capture 3D technology has been around for a long time now, but how does it exactly help your business? Well, in this blog, we’ll simply share everything that you need to know to get more clicks and calls for your business. First, we’ll be sharing one of the best capture 3D technologies in the world called Matterport, and then we’ll simply go over the different niches and why using capture 3D services is a great way to get more leads.

So, let’s get started and teach you how to get more leads using capture 3D technology!


Matterport is simply one of the best 3D capture systems in the entire world. Founded in 2011, this software allows you to create 3D captures of all types of real estate and businesses. Using lidar technology, this technology allows you to capture 3D models based on the mass of an interior space. Simply put, the Matterport system will capture literally everything in a scan, pending there’s no discrepancies in the space. The nice thing about Matterport is that it’s also a great marketing tool for many businesses alike all over the world.

Inside of their dashboard, you have a lot of goodies that we’ll talk about soon where you can post to Google, MLS, other real estate sites, as well as order many different files that will benefit from a construction perspective.

In future sections of this blog, we’ll actually go over the benefits of using Matterport for many different types of niches. Matterport has been around for so long that many virtual tours out there are shot with the Matterport system, which is roughly over 10,000,000+ virtual tours, which is incredible!

Real Estate

One of the biggest marketing niches for Matterport is real estate. Realtors/owners/tenants/property management companies all over the world, have taken a Matterport camera and shot Matterport tours to post online for a sales perspective.

Here are some stats that back up this claim:

According to Visitors to their website spend 3x – 6x more time engaging with property listings that offer a Matterport immersive 3D experience. Properties with Matterport tours receive 49% more qualified leads.

According to Redfin: Homes sell an average of 10 days faster and for $50,100 more than comparable homes thanks to Matterport 3D walkthroughs, advanced presentation technology, and great customer service.

According to REA Group: Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call an agent a property they’ve seen on that includes a Matterport 3D Showcase.

Agents using Matterport are seeing real results: 90% stated that Matterport helps them build a stronger brand in the marketplace. 83% are more competitive because of Matterport. 74% win more listings because of Matterport.


One of the other biggest niches in Matterport Capture 3D is entertainment, here are some of the best stats for entertainment as well:

Millennial buyers now comprise 35% of all new homebuyers on the market, which means higher demand for more engaging, interactive and mobile-ready content from real estate professionals.1 In the next two years, 80% of Millennials will seek to purchase a home, according to Trulia.

That’s almost 67 million prospective buyers.2 89% of buyers across demographics increasingly look to web and mobile tools to narrow down their list of properties to consider.3 In 2015, 39% of digital marketers believed that more of their budget should be reallocated towards creating compelling visual assets.

Real estate listings with more visual content (like video) receive 403% more inquiries compared to those without video.5 41% of home buyers found interactive maps very useful, while 40% felt the same about virtual tours.

Capture 3D

Capture 3D

Cost & Post-Production

Capture 3D tours really depend on the size of the location, or the square footage. For instance, a 100,000 square foot space will be indefinitely more than a 1,000 square foot space. For us, we charge roughly $0.1/square foot, so if a place is 100,000 square feet, you’re looking at roughly $10,000, which might be a lot, but remember, you’re paying for a tangible marketing asset that will set you apart from the competition. You’re paying for exclusivity, not for everyone to fit in, because they simply will not.

The post production process is very straightforward. To capture 3D spaces, Matterport will simply render by itself, and then we can cut and edit out some of the miscellaneous data on the backend, so this way you have a clean processed dollhouse that will set you up for success in the future. We will also be able to add in tags called “Matter Tags”, where we can embed:

  • Website Links
  • Music
  • CTAs
  • Lead Forms
  • Any Link/File

This way, you’re able to illustrate a place better with the virtual tour to get more leads.

​​More immersive 3D tours have been scanned with Matterport than any other solution.

Since 2011, we have focused on honing the immersive 3D experience for everyone from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, located in more than 150 countries. Matterport has helped hundreds of thousands of customers – and the thousands of their customers – process billions of images to create millions of models. Matterport is truly the best way to capture a space in 3D.

Capture 3D

Capture 3D

Unparalleled 3D capture quality

We set the standard for 3D space capture. Nobody comes close to the precision and detail of Matterport 3D models.

Some of the best engineering talent in Silicon Valley has been working on perfecting Matterport’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The quality of our models sets us apart by delivering the most realistic experiences you can have in a digital environment. Dozens of patents owned by Matterport ensure your 3D models are the best possible.

Anyone can create professional-caliber 3D tours

Impressive 3D tours can be created by anyone, regardless of experience level and skillset.

Whether you choose to do the scan yourself or hire a 3D Pro, Matterport’s automated processing takes your scans, sharpens the images, and melds them into an immersive digital twin of your physical space. All you need is the Matterport capture app and a Matterport account – both available for free – and you are ready to scan, edit, and share.

Capture methods for every job

Matterport gives customers the flexibility to use the camera or capture method of their choice to ensure optimal results for the task at hand.

Different capture methods are better suited for some applications than others. Whether scanning spaces with a 3D camera, a 360° spherical camera, or iPhone, Matterport helps you create a high quality, immersive 3D model. You may even prefer to hire a 3D Pro.

Flexible model portfolio management

Matterport provides a secure dashboard to manage your 3D models.

Models can be kept private, shared publicly, or shared with a select group of collaborators. To streamline collaboration, invite friends to join the model, or transfer ownership of a Matterport model to another account. Best of all, our models can be exported into the most commonly used formats.

All-in-one 3D capture solution

Automated features eliminate the manual tasks and complexity of creating 3D models.

Matterport processes customer scans quickly to create feature-packed 3D models. The dimensional accuracy of our models enables correct measurements for planning and estimating purposes. Tags can be embedded in the model to highlight noteworthy elements throughout the model. For the ultimate freedom, you can even edit your 3D model from your iPad, iPhone, or desktop computer.

Capture 3D

Capture 3D


Momentum 360 is a Premiere Small Business and Real Estate marketing company in Philadelphia and tri-state area. Our main service offerings are 3D Virtual Tours powered by Matterport, as well as photography and videography. We are both a Matterport Service Provider and Google Trusted Photography agency. While 3D Virtual Tours started in real estate, they are versatile and applicable across every industry.

Momentum 360 specializes in virtual tours for real estate, small businesses, restaurants, retail, healthcare, professional services, and much more. These virtual tours help our clients showcase their business online, while also allowing them to rank higher on Google with SEO, and get more followers on social media. Call for a quote