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3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite: Important Things To Know

For photographers, real estate companies, hotel owners and companies wanting to invest in virtual tour software, consider getting yourself a 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite. This software is equipped with features that will increase the competitive advantage of your business against others. It enables the users to create interactive virtual tours by integrating different forms of media such as floor plans, videos, photos, and sounds such as voice overs. It does offer a free trial version but no free version can be found online. The company is headquartered in Spain.

3D Vista

3D Vista

Photo Source: 3D Vista Virtual Website

If you are after 360-degree virtual tours to enhance or introduce your business, 3D Vista Virtual Tour is one of the best options in the market right now. 360 virtual tours allow customers or potential buyers to have a preview of a piece of real estate or a product without actually going to the exact location physically. Thanks to the accurate and realistic perspective provided by software like this, users can have an immersive experience. This software is mostly recommended because of its hotspot feature. In addition, users can click an object and allow them to enjoy the walk of that specific pathway. Users can enjoy the virtual tours regardless of the kind of device they are using whether they are on their phones, desktops or laptops or regardless if they are iOS or Android users. It has a dedicated mobile app which is available for both platforms. This company, which was founded way back in 1999, has established its credibility being part of the virtual tour industry for almost two decades already.

Headquarter: Colonia San Sebastian 6, Granada, Andalusia, 18006, Spain

Phone Number: +34 958 083045

Website: www.3dvista.com

Employees: more than 25

Revenue: around $5 million

Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/3dvista

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/3dvista

Industry: Software Development & Design, Software

Tech Stack: YouTube, PHP, WordPress.org, Twitter Cards

3D Vista Tour Suite Price Overview

  • $199 for a one-time payment (per feature)
  • £499 for the Virtual Tour PRO
  • $700 for a branded app
  • $99 for Sticher 4
  • $99+ year for hosting
3D Vista

3D Vista

Photo Source: Photo Source: 3D Vista Virtual Website

Unlike other software in the market, 3D Vista Tour Suite does not have a Saas business model. Users will only have to make a single or one time purchase for them to enjoy the many features of this app. If you want convenience when it comes to hosting you can purchase the hosting as well, the plan starts at $99 per annum but the price depends on your requirement. If you are after a bigger space to be used for your website hosting, the price is higher. There are also some other features which can be added such as the sticher software wherein you can where photos can be customised for clients and listing tours.


  • Desktop – Mac
  • Desktop – Windows
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 versions
  • Mac OS X, version 10.11 and above
  • iOS version 10.0 and above
  • Android version 5.0 and above
3D Vista

3D Vista

Photo Source: Pexels

This software, being multi platform compatible, makes it convenient for users to view immersive virtual tours across different small or large screens. Tours are optimised even if you are using a small screen and can still view tours even if you are offline saving its users the bandwidth. What’s even better with 3D Vista is that when you are using your desktop or laptop to view a virtual tour, you won’t have to download any other plug-ins.


  • Google Maps
3D Vista

3D Vista

Photo Source: Pexels


  • Web-based

Business Adaptability

  • Across all business

Industry Suitability

  • Across all industries

Non Compatibility

  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Desktop – Linux
  • Desktop – Chromebook
  • On-Premise -Windows
  • On – Premise – Linux
  • Mobile – Android
  • Mobile – iPhone
  • Mobile – iPad

Key Features

  • Drag & Drop
  • Floor Plans & Maps
  • Link to social media accounts
  • Hotspots
  • Real Estate and Hospitality Industry
  • Panoramic features
  • Integration with elearning features
  • Customization of the tour
  • Can be used either offline or offline
  • Upgrade with new feature and functions
  • Built in e-learning environment
  • Faster editing and advanced features
  • 360-degree videos
  • Live panorama
  • Transition effects and animations
  • Adaptive HDR
  • Adaptive and Live Panorama
  • 360-Degree video editing and site streams
  • Password Protection
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • High compatibility on other devices
  • Preset Skins
  • Library of more than 300 elements
  • Tours can be run locally
  • Links can be shared
  • Ready-made buttons
  • Personalised logo integration
  • Quick exporting feature
3D Vista

3D Vista

Photo Source: 3D Vista Website

Alternatives to 3D Vista Tour Suite

  • Cupix
    • Great interface and elements for 3D virtual tour
    • Mobile app availability
  • SeakBeak
    • Drag and Drop Feature
    • Floor Plan and Maps
    • Hotspots
  • My360
    • Offers free trial version
    • Has API integration
    • Starting price for licence is at $40
  • Paneek
    • Little planet apps
    • Floor Plans and maps
    • Virtual reality
  • Kuula
    • Great option for 360 degree motion
    • Has social media integration
    • Voice over feature
    • Great for panorama
  • VirtualTour Easy
    • API integration availability
    • Hotspot
    • Conversion tracking
    • Great for real estate and hospitality industry
  • EAB
    • Good for Android and Web App
    • Suitable for small medium enterprise and star ups
    • Mobile app availability
  • Panotour
    • Hotspot availability similar to 3D Vista
    • Mobile app availability
    • API integration
  • Fusion Virtual Tour
    • No mobile app availability
    • Provider of an end-to end solution for web based virtual tour
  • Lapentor
    • User-friendly interface
    • 360-degree feature

Apart from the ones mentioned already, you can also check other alternatives such as Floorfy, ThingLink, Togotiki, Threesixty.tours, Concept3D, Pano2VR, Panoskin, iGUIDE, CloudPano, True3D, Fusion

Types of Projections being supported

  • Mercator
  • Panini
  • Lambert Azimuthal
  • Transverse Mercator


  • The interface takes a while to be understood by some users as it seems different from the standard interface commonly used. For a first time user, it would take a bit of time for them to play around it. But once they get a hang of it, navigating around it becomes easier.
  • Excellent and reliable customer service

3D Vista Virtual Tour PRO with Oculus

Download the app using your Oculus headset and enjoy the highly engaging virtual tours using your headset even if you are not connected to the internet. This software is designed for a single user and can be enjoyed whether you are in a sitting or standing position. This utility app, available in English language, is relatively new and was just released in September of last year. Supported platforms also include Quest and Quest 2 while supported controllers include Oculus Touch.

3D Vista

3D Vista

Photo Source: Pexels


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