Real Estate Photography

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Real Estate Photography: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Photography has been an important factor in the competitive landscape of real estate. The restrictions in movement these days limit us from personally visiting the property. We rely on photographs and videos online. These images open our doors to what to expect within the property. For real estate agents, it is critical to capture the interest of possible buyers through these images. Photographers are, therefore, more than storytellers. They are vital in closing the deal. If you are planning to pursue becoming a professional photographer in the future, here are some of the things you should know.

Invest in the right equipment

Just like a chef in the kitchen, it is not enough that you have the right ingredients.

real estate photography

real estate photography

You must equip yourself with the right kitchen tools to make your dish. The same goes with photography, you may have the skills to take great photos but having substandard equipment would limit other possibilities in creating an eye-catching composition. For a starter, these are some of the photography accessories and components you must have.

Of course, you will have to start with a high-quality camera. A good camera does not always have to be the most expensive. You just have to check the features and make sure that it is well within your budget. A large chunk of your financial investment goes out to the camera you will have to purchase. Your camera should allow you to manually set the ISO, aperture, and speed at the same time allows you to set it in automatic mode. Get something that can provide you a sharp photo even if you are using wide-lens. This camera usually has a sensor frame with a 1:1 ratio. Second, get some sturdy lenses for wide-angle shots and macro lenses for close-up images. For a beginner, a lens with at least a 16mm focal point is ideal. This will allow you to take images of an entire room. Using the right lens will prevent you from getting distorted images. If vertical lines look blurry and distorted, this could affect how your buyer perceives the property.

real estate photography

real estate photography

The third is a tripod. A good, lightweight tripod will help you avoid blurry photos due to a steady base. Tripods are also great in making sure your photos are sharp. There are several types of the tripod in the market. Make sure to get something good for both indoors and outdoors. Those with anti-slip rubber and with extendable heights will allow you to take photos at high or low angles. The fourth one is to get some lighting gears to help create photos using natural light. Ideally, natural light is preferred in photography but this is not always possible given the circumstances and the location of the shoot. You can use different light gears such as flashes, ring lights, light diffusers, and others to blend the light and make it look natural. Getting the right light is a skill. Some photographers prefer to switch off all indoor lights and work around the available natural light. Others, prefer to have indoor lights on and do the adjustment on lighting during the post process. These boil down to personal preference and the skills and time rendered when it comes to editing photos afterward.

Batteries and storage devices are also essential whenever you are shooting, especially in locations that are less accessible. Make sure you have extra batteries you can use and storage devices to save all your files.

Invest in yourself

real estate photography

real estate photography

Photography is a discipline that requires training and skill enhancement. Real estate photography is a competitive industry with new players joining the landscape due to its lucrative reward if done right. For you to stay on top of the game, you constantly need to enhance your skill and expand your network. Training programs, mentoring and practices will help you improve your photography skills.

Unlike other forms of photography, real estate photography is challenging as you are limited on your subject unlike human models where you can take a range of shots. With real estate as your subject, your skills in terms of composition, blending of light and editing can make you stand out from the crowd. As a beginner, you can take inspiration from professional photographers. But, if you want to make a name for yourself, you will have to develop your style. You will need to understand how to create an incredible composition from different angles.

As a beginner, it is also important to take time in learning the features and functions of your equipment. This will allow you to maximize the usage and save your time during the actual shooting. Knowing your gear works makes you look professional in front of your customer.

You should continuously learn so that selling your skills would not be too challenging. Your credibility will attract clients and you don’t have to be exerting a lot of effort on marketing yourself. Make sure you also have your website where your clients could leave feedback or reviews. This is one way of building your credibility. The website is also an excellent platform where you can showcase your portfolio. Since you are just starting in the business, you can direct your possible clients to your website to give them a better idea of what kinds of shots you can provide. You can also create a standard shot list page and walk your clients through it.

Build rapport with your client

real estate photography

real estate photography

Real estate photography is not just purely creative and art. The other side of it is the business side. If you are working with a real estate agent, a property developer or a homeowner take time to chat with them. Understand what is their expectation when it comes to your output and their preference in the execution. Different clients have different requirements. When it comes to real estate, you may be limited with a few shots of the property that could wow your client.

Chatting with them will also help you have a better perspective about the property, its history, and its connection to the person you are talking to. In addition, talking to your client for a few minutes helps you feel more relaxed and develop a rapport with him/her. Your interpersonal skills may also land you an introduction to another client.

Be clear about your service rate

real estate photography

real estate photography

Even if you are just starting, it is important to let people know that your output should be valued. Do not provide your service for free because you are spending your time doing the craft, your gears are being used as well as your skills. Stay open for negotiation when it comes to pricing but do not render service without any monetary compensation. If you are unsure how much to ask, check the standard price rate in the industry and discuss this with your client.

You also have to discuss the extent of service to be provided. Will you be doing a post-process across all the images for an extra charge or is the client happy with raw photos to be submitted? Cost coverage for things such as travel costs and food expenses should also be discussed. Clarify right away any question you have in mind to avoid confusion when it comes to the deliverables.

Clarify the deadlines

For a beginner, one thing that you want to avoid is missing out on your deadline. This will have a huge impact on your credibility and possible projects in the future. Some clients want a turnaround within two days while others could take up to a week. Make sure that you note when you are supposed to submit the photos.


Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour

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Hey there! Thank you for joining me again for another insane virtual tour! On today’s virtual tour we are going to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza. There is so much conspiracy on how this pyramid was built and that is because of its insane size and time period it was erected. It has been said that this pyramid is perhaps the most colossal single building ever erected on the planet.

The Great Pyramid of Giza stands at 481 feet tall and is 755 feet long on each side. It is made up on limestone and granite blocks that when you see you think, how the hell did people move these without machine power?

Great Pyramids of Giza Virtual Tour The Great Pyramid of Giza sits in a dry desert bed in Giza which is to the west of the Nile River. Right across the river is the city of Cairo. These places are bustling cities now but imagine back in the day when the only things here were these humongous pyramids.

Approximately 2.3 million blocks of stone were cut, transported, and assembled to create this 6.5-million-ton structure, which is a masterpiece of technical skill and engineering ability. The biggest feat to me being that they had no technical resources and no machine powered equipment to help them. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built my brute force and strategy.

As you can see the outside of the Great Pyramid has deteriorated a lot. It used to be covered in a white shiny limestone that would sparkle when the sunlight hit it. You can see the last of this limestone at the very top of the pyramid giving it a little shiny cap.

This virtual tour of the Great Pyramid will start at the main entrance, which is on the north side, about 60 feet above ground level. Once inside, you will find an original descending corridor that will come to a fork where you can either go straight, up, or down.

Meet me in there I can not wait to show you aGreat Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour!


The Grand Gallery

As we enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu, we go down a shallow ramp and come to a crossroads. We can either continue going down, to the Subterranean Chamber, or we can go up on an ascending passageway up towards the Queen’s Chamber, Grand Gallery, and eventually to the King’s Chamber.

Let us go up the ascending passageway right now. As we reach the top of this passageway we come to a grand opening. This is the Grand Gallery.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour When explorers first discovered the Grand Gallery, they stepped right where you are standing today, into a steeply slanted passage less than 7 feet wide but more than 153 feet long and 29 feet high! As you can see the walls are lined with massive granite blocks that came from the Aswan quarry. The Grand Gallery is completely empty, no artwork on the walls, no murals, no carvings, and no artifacts at all. It is just the most breathtaking space because of its massive size and structure.

Archaeologists and other scientists have tried to figure out what the use of the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid of Giza was for, but that is tough to figure out without any fellow Egyptians to ask. One theory is that the Grand Gallery served as an observation point for astronomers to use to map out the stars and constellations. This would only have been while the Great Pyramid was under construction and the roof was not complete yet. Historians came up with this theory because they Great Pyramid is directly aligned with the constellations.

The theory I have always heard is that the Grand Gallery was used to haul the massive granite stones up the Great Pyramid and to the King’s Chamber. This one just makes more sense to me because I believe the incredible size of the Grand Gallery had to have some functional use. It is also the hallway leading up to the King’s Chamber, which is our next stop. The Grand Gallery also just could be a grand entrance into the King’s Chamber because the King was such a prominent figure and they wanted to give him the most royal entrance they could. Although who knows the real purpose, all we can do now is speculate!

Next stop on the Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour is the King’s Chamber. Head up the steep staircase and I will meet you there!

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The King’s Chamber

Watch your head as you step into the King’s Chamber. This low entrance opens up into a large, gorgeous room. This room is entirely lined and roofed in granite. It is the only room in the Great Pyramid where granite is used instead of limestone. That tells us that whoever was buried in here had to be a King.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour

Right now, we are directly in the middle of the Great Pyramid. If you want to get freaked out just think about how much wait in rock is on top of us right now. I hope you are not claustrophobic! The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid measures 10.45 meters by 5.20 meters and is 5.80 meters tall.

Above the King’s Chamber are five compartments separated by massive horizontal granite slabs. No one knows the exact purpose of these granite slabs up there, but it has been assumed by scientists that the slabs were intended to shield the ceiling of the burial chamber by diverting the weight of the pyramid above it. It would explain how there could be a hollow room under all the force of the rock on top of it.

This being the room where the King was buried, it can be assumed that it used to be filled with extravagant items and gold. It is now bare after hundreds of years of robbers and looters. The mummified King even got removed from his own tomb! I don’t know about you but after all the movies I have seen, there is no way I am going anywhere near a mummy! All that is left is the sarcophagus where the King was laid to rest. If you are wondering what a sarcophagus is (like I was), it is pretty much an Egyptian coffin.

The sarcophagus is huge, it is estimated to be 3.75 tons. Compared to other features in the Great Pyramid of Giza, this tomb is not well finished. There are clear saw marks on the outside, and it appears they cut too deep on multiple occasions. The top of the sarcophagus is also missing which probably went away with the King’s mummy.

Also in the King’s Chamber are two air shafts that are tiny tunnels diverting upwards to the outside of the Great pyramid. It is unknown whether these are meant for air ventilation or have some other religious purpose.

Let’s head back out and down the Grand Gallery. Next stop on the Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour is the Queen’s Chamber!


The Queen’s Chamber

As we get to the bottom of the Grand Gallery, we need to make a U-turn and head back into the middle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Queen’s Chamber is right below the King’s Chamber. Although it sounds contradictory, this chamber was not meant to house any Queens. The King’s Queens would have gotten their own smaller burial pyramids outside or in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Queen’s Chamber was only named this by the first people who discovered it.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour We enter the Queen’s Chamber through this horizontal passageway from the lower end of the Grand Gallery. About five meters from the end of the passage there is a step before the path descends down some more until we reach the actual floor level of the Queen’s Chamber. There is some speculation about this step, some people think that the pink granite floor blocks originally started at the edge of the step and ran to join the floor of the chamber, so there would never be a step in this case. People suggest these blocks were stolen in antiquity. Others suggest that this feature is the result of a change in building plans.

The Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza is made entirely of beautifully crafted limestone rocks. It sits on the 25th level of the pyramid (think of each row of rock as one level). The walls in here are bare, again with no artwork, no murals, and no carvings except one niche in the east wall. People have speculated that this niche is all the remains of a statue that stood here of the King.

Historians have theorized that this room would have been sealed off and only used as a room for the King’s spiritual soul. The ancient Egyptians were very spiritual people, so this is the likely reason for the chamber to exist.

In 1872 an explorer found three strange objects in the Queen’s Chamber: a granite sphere, a wooden slat, and a copper hook. It has been since determined that these objects were used as tools of some sort.

That’s all for the Queen’s Chamber, head back to the entrance and we will go check out the basement of the Great Pyramid of Giza otherwise known as the Subterranean Chamber.

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The Subterranean Chamber

The Subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza is accessed from a descending passageway starting at the entrance of the pyramid. It is a very unfinished chamber compared to the other two chambers in the pyramid. This Subterranean Chamber lies 90 feet below the surface of the ground and is under the pressure of 2.3 million blocks of stone weighing about 6.5 million tons.

Original workers have chipped away at the limestone bedrock to build what was thought to be the original burial chamber for the King. Historians believe the chamber is so unfinished because the King suddenly decided he wanted his burial chamber to be higher in the Great Pyramid to where the King’s Chamber lies today.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour

This theory is hard for me to see because the other pyramids next to the Great Pyramid both have this unfinished subterranean chamber as well. No one actually know the real reason behind this chamber, everything is only speculation.

What do you think this subterranean chamber was meant for? Leave a comment below!



Thank you so much for coming along this Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour! I had a blast sharing my knowledge with you all and hoped you enjoyed your inside look at the Great Pyramid. I can not wait to see what virtual tour we are going to go on next. If you have any recommendations on where we should tour leave a comment below!

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Virtual Tour of New York City

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Virtual Tour of New York City

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs for this week. We are always here to post your favorite virtual tour content!

Last week, we did a Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour which is located in an iconic city in the United States– New York City! So I thought to myself, how about for this week, why don’t we do a general Virtual Tour of New York City?

New York City is personally my favorite city on this earth. I cannot even tell you the amount of times I have visited; but what I can tell you is there is so much to see that the opportunities are endless! Since I consider myself a New York City guru, I am going to give you my NYC itinerary but virtual tour style!

Alexa, play Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys; it is time to start our Virtual Tour of New York City! Should we walk or take the subway?


CitizenM Bowery Hotel

It is check in time! I know this is the city that never sleeps, but in reality, we need a place to sleep during our time in New York City. Now, I have stayed in many hotels here in New York City, but nothing can compare to CitizenM Bowery Hotel .

CitizenM is a Netherlands-based hotel chain. There are so many of them all around the United States! New York City was lucky enough to be blessed with two locations; one in Times Square and the other in, of course, Bowery. I stayed at both hotels, but I typically prefer the Bowery location since it is near SoHo and all of the amazing places to eat. The Bowery location takes the crown as the world’s tallest modular hotel.

The front of the CitizenM Bowery Hotel is really nice and modern. It gives you that red and black aesthetic with the red wall art on the side of the entrance, the red tables and chairs, and the black color exterior of the tall building.

Virtual Tour of New York City

Walking inside, you would think you are in a museum! On your right is the check in area and front desk. Then, on the left you will notice there is a lounge area to do your work, eat, or just chill out. It is huge! There are beautiful hanging lights from the ceiling and so much art on the wall that you could be looking at it all day. Another amazing thing about this lobby are the tables and chairs. There are places to sit at ground level, but there are also elevated seating areas along the wall. I know, it sounds confusing but it is a great concept!

Behind the check in area is a bar. Here, you can order food, have some amazing drinks, or can just simply chill out here! Of course you can still see some more modern art here.

There is also a unique spiral stairwell that leads you to the hotel rooms, but don’t panic, they have elevators.

Speaking of the elevator, let’s take that up to the hotel’s rooftop bar. Yes, you heard me right, a rooftop bar called CloudM. Here, you can enjoy the view of the city and vibe out. On the inside, there is an L shaped bar, colorful seats, high top tables and chairs, and beautiful modern lights that hang from the ceiling. Now, let’s go outside and look at this astonishing view! There are red tables and chairs (similar to the ones at the outside entrance), a greenery wall, and that nice view of the city; you can get some great pictures here!

Alright, now to the most important place inside the whole hotel, the hotel room! The cool thing about the CitizenM Bowery Hotel is you can either get a view of Manhattan or Brooklyn; whichever you choose, they are both breathtaking. I am not going to lie to you, the room feels like it is the size of a parking space, but once you are inside you will forget all about it. In this room, it is mostly all white with some red. You have your all white XL king sized bed along the wall with a huge window with your view, a flat screen tv hung up on the wall in front of the bed, a desk and chair, a small bathroom, and a sink directly outside the bathroom. The best feature about this room is that it is controlled by an iPad, literally everything! The lights to dim and change colors, the curtains/blinds, the TV, and so much more.

Virtual Tour of New York City

The CitizenM Bowery Hotel is for sure an interesting hotel. Now that we have secured a place to stay, it is time to branch out and continue this Virtual Tour of New York City!



Welcome to the Edge! This is New York City’s newest observation deck. If you are looking to do something fun in New York City, then I highly recommend visiting the Edge. The Edge is an Observation Deck located in Hudson Yards. You are able to see the city 1,100 feet in the sky with a 360 New York City view. This is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

Virtual Tour of New York City

When walking in, you scan your ticket for entry. On the other side is a gift shop to purchase souvenirs. Getting to the observation deck can take some time; depending on how crowded it is and just simply the way how it is set up.

As we make our way to the observation deck, we need to walk through these dark halls. The sides of the walls are playing videos and have an amazing surround sound.

Next, we need to take a 60 second elevator ride. During the elevator ride, it plays a video of a timeline of how New York City was constructed. You can feel your ears popping when going up!

We made it to the top! Here is the beautiful view we have been waiting for. You are getting a full 360 view of New York City. The cool thing about this is the glass along the sides; it is slanted out to give us that more realistic effect. It is like you can lean out and touch what you are looking at. There is one corner of the observation deck that takes you to the literal edge and it is amazing. There is also transparent glass on the ground to see what the city looks like below you. You can even stand on the stairs outside to get an even higher view.

Virtual Tour of New York City

There is also a bar located inside. Yes, you can take your drink outside to enjoy the views! It is pretty cool if you ask me.

There is another gift shop up here. You can find souvenirs for both the Edge and Hudson Yards.

As we take the elevator back down, it gives you a 60 second video of a tour of Hudson Yards; it feels like you are flying!

It is always a great time visiting the Edge. This is a once (or multiple) in a lifetime opportunity. The views you get at the Edge cannot compare to anywhere else. That was honestly amazing, but we are heading to the next stop on our Virtual Tour of New York City.



Hello from SoHo! Soho is an amazing neighborhood in New York City that is filled with amazing shopping stores, art, and unique buildings. SoHo gets its name from South of Houston Street.

One thing that is cool about SoHo is that a lot of the buildings are built out of cast iron which gives it that unique look to it. It is definitely a must see!

Virtual Tour of New York City

You can’t spell Shopping without SoHo! When you are on Broadway, or off streets like Prince Street and Mercer Street, you will notice many retail shops that you are familiar with such as:

  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Sephora
  • Bloomingdales
  • Forever 21
  • Aritzia
  • Luxury Brands like: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, and more!

A really cool thing about shopping in SoHo is the way the stores are lined up and down on the streets. It makes it very convenient and organized when shopping.

There are also some amazing places to grab a bite to eat in SoHo! Shopping can get tiring. You can find food places from a quick grab-and-go to a sit down and order. Your options are limited!

Art is a big deal in New York City in general; but you can find some amazing art in SoHo! You can check out the Yard-Nasse Gallery that provides a variety of art. There is also the famous museum of Ice Cream. This is a popular spot where people come to eat good ice cream and get some great photos, it is definitely worth checking out.

Virtual Tour of New York City

SoHo is a great place to spend your day and money! It is never a dull moment here in SoHo. I don’t want to leave, but we have one last stop on our Virtual Tour of New York City.


Nobu Downtown

So, who is hungry? Owned by famous actor Robert De Niro, Nobu is a very popular Japanese restaurant in New York City. Located in the Financial District, this is a sushi restaurant and bar. There are many Nobu restaurant chains internationally and is also a hotel company too!

When walking inside, you will notice how beautiful the aesthetic is. It has dim lighting to give it a relaxing look.

There is also a big sushi bar where there are chefs preparing the food. There are seats surrounding the sushi bar so the guest can watch while waiting for their order.


Virtual Tour of New York City

On the other side of the restaurant are tables to dine at that is away from the bar area.

The interior design is amazing! There are lots of red, orange, and black colors that make it pop out. The ceiling of Nobu has a 3D effect with the wood color panels making it have a unique look. There is also some stone along the wall too.

Virtual Tour of New York City

If you love sushi and cocktails, come to Nobu! I promise you will not be disappointed.


Final Words

Thank you so much for going on this Virtual Tour of New York City with me! Now, I could have been pretty basic by showing you the typical tourist spots like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc; but I wanted to give you a Virtual Tour of New York City with places that would not even come to your head when visiting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the tourist hot spots, but there is much to New York City than you think. I hope it gave you a good idea for your next visit there!

As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!

Virtual Staging

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Advantages of Virtual Staging

Trying to sell a property that people still live in can be tough. It makes it harder for prospective buyers to envision the place as their own. The same goes for empty homes on the market, people like to see substance in order to imagine themselves living in a home. Now, how can we make prospective buyers see a potential home as their own without it being filled with the previous owners belongings or without it being empty? We have an answer for you and it is called Virtual Staging.


What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is the process of staging a home virtually, pretty self explanatory! It is a cost effective alternative to traditional staging. Traditional staging is labor-intensive, time consuming, and typically very expensive. Virtual staging offers the same benefits for a fraction of the cost. Virtual staging allows graphic designers to use current furnishings and decor to create virtually staged photos of vacant homes, producing very realistic staged photos for prospective buyers.


What are the benefits of Virtual Staging?

#1 Increased home sales

Selling a home is time consuming and stressful, especially with how competitive the market is. Also, keep in mind that the longer a home is on the market, the more likely the selling price is to drop. “On average, a staged home sells 88% faster (and for 20% more) than a non-staged one,” When you look at those percentages, also keep in mind that 90% of buyers start their search online. Virtual staging ensures that your home is presented in the best way possible, making it sell faster.

#2 A preview of their potential home

Virtual Staging

It’s difficult to convince a buyer to purchase a home if they can’t envision themselves living in the space. As mentioned above, 90% of buyers start their search online, and with that being the case, as a photographer/realtor, you must do anything possible to get people excited about the home. The perfect way to do that is by virtually staging a home with the latest trends in home decor. This will help prospective buyers envision themselves and what their life could look like in that home.

#3 Saves you money

Traditional home staging can cost big bucks and is time consuming and if the house isn’t sold quickly, you could be looking at a hefty staging bill. With virtual staging all you need is an empty room. It is a one time cost per room/image. According to Hasten CEO Aleksandr Lanin, virtual staging is up to 90% cheaper than actual staging. Here at Momentum 360, we start at $25 per picture… yup it’s that cheap!

#4 Saves time and effort

Hiring a staging company takes up so much extra time, followed by the time it takes for the furniture to arrive and to be set up and photographed. At the same time if you choose the virtual staging route, you can have your whole home staged and photos delivered within 24-48 hours. Seems like a no brainer, am I right?

Virtual Staging

#5 Target specific markets Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

This technology provides a unique opportunity to reach various audiences. You can customize the space according to the style of your specific target audience. Are you working with wealthy individuals that are looking for a modern look? Or are you working with individuals who like a cozy rustic feel? Or maybe somewhere in between? The options are endless! By directly targeting the needs and wants of your market, it makes listings more appealing.

To conclude, we hope you enjoyed reading about Virtual staging and we hope you highly consider it! And when you do, we’re here! Schedule a demo call to get started and contact us if you have any questions!


Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs. Do you need some virtual tour content in your life? Well guess what, you came to the right place!

It has been a rough year and a half for everyone and has affected us in different ways. I am so happy things are starting to get back to normal again!

As much as I love taking you on a variety of virtual tours while places were shut down at the time, it is time to finally hop on that plane and start traveling again– but does this mean I will stop? Never.

Think about it… I mean, yes, the world is open again to go visit different locations; but this stuff does not come cheap. Traveling, hotels and spending money all adds up at the end of the day.

This is exactly why I am here! I take you on a virtual tour, give you a little taste of what it is like, then BOOM– you make a decision then and there if it is worth going or not. It is 2021 everyone, virtual tours save lives.

There’s a party on 5th Ave! Today we are going to be visiting the largest museum in the United States. Did I mention that it is located in my favorite city? Live from New York City, we are going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the “The Met” is an area size of 2 million square feet! This museum opened in the late 1880’s and has been going strong since. There are many art pieces that are over 5,000 years old. The type of art you can find here is European, Egyptian, American, modern, and so much more!

Look at the outside architecture, it is so beautiful! Not too vintage looking, but also not too modern either. Its square shape, giant pillars, and elegant shallow stairway to the entrance all makes up the beauty of it. We of course have to acknowledge its iconic two long red flags that hang above in the center, but you know they say, never ignore any red flags.

Alright, so who is ready? Let’s begin our Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour! Oh, and don’t worry about paying for your ticket admission– It’s on me. Meet me at the Met!


European Sculpture and Decorative Arts & Medieval Arts

For our first stop, we are going to be looking at two exhibits at the same time! As we walk inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in the center wing is the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts, and also the Medieval Arts. Both exhibits are insanely close together and the art is from the same region; so let’s knock out two birds with one stone.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the most comprehensive collections of Medieval art in the entire world. You can find a variety of artifacts in this exhibit. There are plates, statues, carpets, paintings, and much more.

We start by looking at these ancient artifacts along the walls behind a glass window. These pieces that are shown are from the 4th to the 16th century; books, stones, pictures, bowls, vases, etc.

Typically Medieval artifacts are not usually vibrant colors, just mostly dull; The dull lighting in the exhibit, arched entryways, and a giant choir screen definitely gives the Medieval kind of vibe.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour

Look at this giant carpet that is hanging along the wall. It gives it that Medieval attraction with the designs and the coloring. Also, many of the sculptures along the walls are very detailed. Most of the small figurines are protected transparent glass to prevent any damage.

Now, let’s go check out the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts exhibit! The lighting seems to be a bit brighter over here; but the light is reflecting more towards the objects in the exhibit.

We first start in a section where most of the artifacts are related to Chistanity; reason being since there was a big influence of Chistianty in European culture. Here you can find religious artifacts.

One section of the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts exhibit is a room that mainly focuses on the sculpture part. It is honestly amazing. I am talking about full size sculptures over here. There are a good amount of them and are all spaced out around the room– it is like they are socially distancing. Ugh, pandemic flashbacks at its worst. In here you are getting that European culture vibe with the dull white balcony above, off-white wall color, and border designs along the entryway and windows.

So we looked at the sculptures, now it is time to get a glance at the decorative arts. Here is a room with a color of red walls along with paintings of religious influencers on them. Most of the paintings are telling a story.

The remaining parts left of European Sculpture and Decorative Art exhibit are the Period Rooms. The Period Rooms consists of interior design, architecture, and furnishing of European Culture. They are made to mock historical rooms.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour

Sheesh! Both exhibits were very nice, but with the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts being the biggest exhibit in the building, we for sure had a lot to see. It is time to move on now, let’s conture our Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour.


Egyptian Art

In the left wing towards the front entrance is the Egyptian Art. This exhibit is made to represent the Egyptian culture. Let’s go see! The Egyptian Art exhibit seems very similar to one the the sections of an exhibit that we did a Smithsonian Virtual Tour,

There are a couple Temples here in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I was to show you this specific one. We will first look at the Temple of Dendur. What makes this look even more amazing is the giant windows letting the sunlight reflect on the Temple of Dendur There is a small body of water here to represent the Nile. You are able to go inside the Temple of Dendur and check out the hieroglyphics on the wall up close; but please, do not not touch anything!

Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour

There are also a lot of ancient artifacts protected by glass. You artifacts such as arrowheads, ancient jewelry, pottery, and so much more.

Here, you can find small figurines and some sculptures. You can definitely tell a huge difference from looking back at the sculpture we saw in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts exhibit to the ones we are seeing now in the Egyptian Art exhibit. Each culture might have their own way of doing things, but both are still beautiful and unique!

The next room in the exitibit I would like to show you is pretty interesting. It is a section of ancient artifacts of hieroglyphic writing. There is a cheat sheet for you to translate if you are curious!

Last but not least, a section of Egyptian coffins. These are to me the coolest part of the exhibit. Each coffin has its own backstory. The designs and details on each one are extremely unique. There are also sarcophagus on display as well.

There was lots of amazing stuff we saw here in the Egyptian Art exhibit! So much history and art in one place, it makes me overwhelmed. We have more to come, follow me to continue our Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour.


Modern Art

Welcome to the Modern Art exhibit. This is where the art is… modern! This exhibit is located in the left wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Another thing that makes this exhibit modern is the aesthetic. The walls are a neutral gray and white color with some dim lighting; but just enough for the art pieces.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour

Here, you can find some abstract art hanging on the walls, different shapes and statues. If you keep walking, you will see this big colorful wall mural by Thomas Hart Benton. Not only it has color but it also has a variety of people painted on too.

There are many more pictures to check out; they are just so interesting to look at!

Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour

That is for Modern Art! It was definitely art that I am not typically used to, but it was still interesting to view and understand.


Closing Time

Another day, another successful virtual tour! Thank you so much for coming along the ride with me on our Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. There is so much more to discover exhibits here at The Met. Some exhibits we did not touch base on are:

  • The Great Hall
  • Arts of Africa, Oceania, and Americas
  • Greek and Roman Art
  • Arms and Armor
  • Robert Lehman Collection
  • And More!

Of course, you cannot not forget after a long day of observing beautiful art to stop and grab a bite to eat! There are cafes and a cafeteria where you can purchase some delicious foods and drinks. Lastly, check out the Thomas J. Watson Library and The Met Store when you have time.

As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!


Google Campus Virtual Tour

July 14, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Virtual Tours

Google Campus Virtual Tour

Hey there! Welcome back to another Virtual Tour! I hope you are going to love this one because I know I did. This time I am going to take you on an exclusive virtual tour of the Google Headquarters, or Googleplex, in Mountainview, CA. If you have ever seen the movie “The Internship” then you already have a good amount of insight about the place. It was super hard to get you such insider access because the Google Headquarters have a ton of security. I’m sure they have a lot of secrets to keep safe in their buildings. Nonetheless I hope you are able to get a good feel for what the Googleplex is all about. Enjoy!



Googleplex has more of a meaning than just “Google” combined with “complex”. It also refers to the number googolplex, which is the large number 10 to the 10th power to the 100th power. That is gibberish to me, but it sounds like one of the biggest numbers in the world!


Google Campus Visitor’s Center

The Google campus starts at the Google Visitor’s Center. This is where visitors can check in. It is also equipped with a Google merchandise store. You may be thinking of the classic merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, and hats, but that’s not all. This store is fully equipped with Google products like cell phones, routers, Chromecast devices, Pixels, Nest products, and more!


Android Park

Google Campus Virtual Tour Outside of the Google Visitor’s Center we have to stop by Android Park, which is on our way to the main Google Campus. Android is one of Google’s biggest brands and there are statues of the Android robot in different forms all over Googleplex. Google’s Android Park has a statue for every version of Android that has been made by Google. There are also different variations of funny and even tasty Android robots. There is a Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Donut, and even a KitKat Android. To me it sounds like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!


Google Campus Facilities

The Google Campus gives you the vibe of a college campus but mixed with a playground. The architects wanted to make it feel young and jubilant to go along with Google’s philosophy of “creating the happiest and most productive workplace in the world”!

Google Campus Virtual Tour

The main campus is made up of four buildings, Google buildings 40-43. In the middle of these buildings is a courtyard with a lot of green space. There are picnic tables, lounge chairs, fields, and a volleyball court. There is also a sculpture of a t-rex to look after the place, which is most likely a tribute from the old company that worked on this campus. Before Google, the campus was owned by Silicon Graphics, who created all of the dinosaurs in the classic movie “Jurassic Park”.

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Transportation on Google Campus

Google Campus Virtual Tour The Google Campus is so big that they offer their own form of transportation to get from building to building. Google bikes, or G-Bikes can be found in many places around the campus and “Googlers” use them to get from building to building, or to and from the parking lot.


Inside a Google Building

Let’s see if we can get a sneak peek into one of the buildings. They are very strict about letting in visitors, so we have to find someone we know or get an invitation. Oh hey! There’s a girl I went to college with, lets see if she’ll let us in.

Google Campus Virtual TourContinuing our Google Campus Virtual Tour, let’s head into Building 43, the original Google office. As we walk into the lobby you can tell we are not in a typical office environment. Lava lamps all over the place give off some groovy vibes and I am all for it!

Google Campus Virtual Tour

Right as you walk in and look up there is a huge computer screen that displays Google search terms as they are searched in real time. Walking around the halls you can tell that this place is super unique and definitely unlike any other office. There are pianos in the middle of the halls just in case any worker wants to let out their inner Beethoven for the rest of the office to hear. There are other crazy decorations such as a replica of Space Ship One hanging from the ceiling.

Google Campus Virtual Tour

As you can imagine, you are not going to find the typical office cubicle setup in here. Google designed the office space to incorporate creative workstations all over the place where small groups of people can meet and collaborate. There are Native inspired wood pods that can fit about four people, for example.

The designer of the Google Campus designed the office space with all glass enclosures so the maximum amount of natural light could be let in. This also cuts down on the ambient noise, while keeping the open environment feel. You can find giant whiteboards all over the walls filled with things like creative ideas, intense calculations, or just a funny office joke.

You can take the stairs up to the second floor, but you most likely will not be taking them down. Remember when I said the Google Campus felt like a playground earlier? I was not just saying that. There are actual slides to get down from one floor to the other. Yes slides, like you would use at your elementary school playground.


Google Campus Cafés and Meals

Google employees enjoy many perks of working at the Google Campus. On the campus as a whole there are more than fifteen cafeterias and restaurants. Meals at the Google Campus are prepared by world renowned chefs that are the best in their field.

The main café, and also the biggest, is Charlie’s Place. Charlie’s Place is named after Google’s first head chef, Charlie Ayers. Charlie Ayers was the personal chef to the Grateful Dead before he came to Google. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Google Campus Virtual Tour

A lot of the food cooked and consumed on the Google Campus was actually grown over at one of the two food gardens. That way chefs can prepare nothing but the freshest meals possible.

Can you imagine being a gardener on the Google Campus? There are so many cool jobs that you would never even think to exist.

What job would you want to have on the Google Campus? Let me know in the comments!

Google Campus Virtual Tour The best thing about all these food options is that they are all free. Google serves its employees three meals a day FOR FREE! How awesome is that? That brings me back to the days on my college campus when I could eat as much as I could for a single “swipe”. That’s probable why I put on the famous “freshman 15”. And Google even has a term for that… it is the “Google 15”. This place is starting to feel more and more like college.

Another fun fact about the Google Campus is that you are NEVER more the 100 feet from some sort of food. Even though Google provides employees with three free meals a day, they still provide other food and snacks for free in Google micro-kitchens. Google micro-kitchens are places all around the campus specifically close to where Googler’s work. Google really understands that their hard workers get hungry even in between meals.

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Google Campus Perks

Employee perks do not just stop at free food. The Google Campus boasts a ton of amenities to keep their employees happy and healthy.

Google Campus Virtual Tour If you happen to get bored of work, you can run over to one of the few arcades on campus and play games like pool, foosball, or an old school arcade game. There are often team games that happen on the outdoor fields such as soccer, volleyball, or if you have seen “The Internship” then you know how much they love to play quidditch.

Googleplex has services like a barbershop and salon for employees to get their hair cut. It has a couple gyms on campus, both indoor and outdoor. The Google Campus also has two infinity pools, which are small pools that shoot a strong current of water at you so you can swim in place. Do not worry, lifeguards are on duty at all times.

Speaking of health and safety, Googleplex has a full service on site medical staff. Employees are provided an almost full coverage healthcare plan. If they feel ill or just need their annual checkup, an employee can schedule an appointment with a doctor right on the Googleplex campus.

In the same wing as the medical staff, Google provides its employees with a subsidized massage program. Employees can get a massage, for a small fee, from a licensed professional therapist. This is one of the only perks that is not exactly free.

The Google Campus also has its own laundry and dry-cleaning services. Employees can typically be found bringing in their dirty clothes on the weekend to avoid doing their own laundry. That is probably the perk I like the most so far!

What do you think your favorite Google perk would be? Leave a comment below!


On Our Way Out

Google Campus Virtual Tour

As we finish our Google Campus Virtual Tour, be sure to wave goodbye to the metallic Android hanging from Building 45! I know we did not get a chance to visit each building on the main campus, but by going into Building 43, you get the vibe for what the rest of the buildings are like.

There are more than 20 buildings on this one Mountainview, CA campus alone. These buildings encompass about 3.1 million square feet of office space throughout the campus! That is insane! That just goes to show how HUGE of a company Google is. They really are a tech GIANT!

Running a campus this big must take a lot of power. You can not see from here, but on the roof of eight different building you can find solar panels completely covering them. These solar panels alone can produce 1.6 megawatts of electricity. That can run a large portion of Google Campus’s total electricity consumption.

Do you think you could ever work at Google? Let me know in the comments!

As we head back to the parking lot, let us take a gBike for fun! It will be a nice way to cap off our tour and see the outside architecture of the buildings!

The Google Campus is such a cool place, I will definitely be coming back. Even though I am not an employee here, I feel like I am back in school AND at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Not many places can give you that same feeling! This place is like a children’s museum for adults. It is one of the most unique offices in the world and the brightest of people work there.

Thank you for tagging along on this Google Campus Virtual Tour! I had an awesome time showing you around Googleplex and cannot wait for our next adventure together!

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