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August 30, 2022 in Event Photography, Google, Photography


How to find a photographer near me? This is a question that most people will come across at some point in their life. From selling a home to booking a wedding, there are lots of instances or examples of when you’re going to want a professional photographer to capture your space. We’re going to talk about these aspects today.

You need to have an idea upfront. Use Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook for ideas. Make sure you have your thoughts and ideas organized and in a space where they can be easily shared. Any example will help them know what you want. Also, know your budget. You don’t want sticker shock. All from a miscommunication. Lastly, know where and when. Talking to photographers is fine, but you won’t get far without a firm date and time.

When you find a photographer, book right away. You might find work you love and availability. Only to find a week later they are booked. You can avoid this by being decisive. And being prepared will help you do that.


You Get What You Pay For

When you find a photographer, you’ll be happy. One of the biggest considerations is price. A budget will wildly affect the outcome. To start, most have minimums. Sure, you can get “just one picture taken”. But if the minimum is $250, that’s a $250 photo. Make sure you understand that photography is art. Haggling over art is tacky. Photographers have packages that will appeal to all budgets. Make sure you hear the photographer out on what they offer.

There are important considerations. If you are paying $20,000 for a wedding, it does not make sense to hunt for a photographer for $500. These are assets you want for a lifetime, and even to pass down. You only get one wedding day, one chance to sell your house, one communion, one bat mitzvah. The sweet taste of saving a few hundred will not outlast the bitter taste of poor quality.

Photographers have a number of safeguards for everyone. Any reputable, professional photographer will use a contract. Any one that does not? Do not do business with them. Contracts protect all parties. So a lack of contract is a red flag. Likewise, you might come across someone who can do fantastic work, but you might only be willing to buy two hours. Don’t be stuck with the realization that you should have just gone ahead and booked for the full event, ⅔ through it and the photographer has long since packed up and left.

Happy Together

Finding the right photographer is important to everyone.

Cell Phones – Put Them Away

Every year, cell phones seem to get better cameras. And this is largely true. A deeper dive reveals some issues. First, you won’t find a photographer who is professional and uses a cellphone to shoot. This is mainly due to the sheer lack of quality when you look at these pictures on anything larger than a cell phone or computer screen. Likewise, don’t

expect people at the event to get good pictures. They don’t have proper gear. Also, are likely not photographers- so getting even one good shot could be a stretch. Finally, you’re going to want them to relax and enjoy what is going on!

Consider having a no cell phone event. When you find a photographer, you don’t want their pictures to include lots of people with phones in front of their own faces. You’ve hired the professional, leave it up to them!

Skill takes time.

Find the right photographer near you.

What To Look For Online

When finding a photographer, look for these. First, a robust internet presence. This comes in a few ways. First, the website. Is it clean, modern, and shows the type of photography you like? How is the portfolio, is it well stocked, well presented? Overall, does the business show pride in itself? Next, the broader appeal. The Google My Business listing can hold lots of valuable information. From operating times- to something even more crucial. Online reviews.

Reviews are a solid peek into how others view them. You are going to want to go with someone who has plenty of reviews, and at least a 4.5 star rating. Don’t be afraid to give people with a smaller rating than that a chance. But really pay attention and read up on the one star reviews. Feel free to bring them up. Ask and find out what happened, and what was done to fix it.

The top down view

Know what you need, and what you want.

Where To Look Online

To find a photographer, you don’t need some magic directory. Google is a fantastic place to start. You’ll be able to locate photographers in your area, and can also sort by reviews and price.

Before you make calls, make sure you have all your prep work handy. Time to start looking at portfolios. Get an idea of who is who. Before you start sending emails and making calls, this is a great step in finding a photographer to help you narrow down what you want.
Search facebook for local photography companies. There can be a wealth of information there. Not only could you find a photographer, you will also run into people organizing and booking similar events. A great way to pick up and exchange ideas.

What Is Photography

This is a little basic, but worth mentioning. The first device that would later develop into a camera entered human history in 1717. Back then, it was impossible to find a photographer. It wasn’t until Around 1800, Thomas Wedgwood came up with the first camera model that would get the nod as the first camera.

Today, photography has gone digital. The first digital camera was invented in 1957. Luckily, technology has come a long way. Now, it is easy to find a photographer.

The core function of a camera is to take in light, and record it. It does this with a series of shaped glass lenses, and finally a light sensitive sensor, at the back of the camera. Powered by a battery, the information is stored on a removable storage device. Today, photos are not developed in a dark room. Rather, they are processed on a computer. Here, a wide variety of variables can be adjusted.

Old School Ways

Old school isn’t always the best

Types Of Photographers

There are several types of photographers available. Some can cover different specialties at the same time, and some are specialists. You can always quality your search with the speciality. Instead of searching for “find a photographer”, you might search “find a virtual tour photographer”. Small qualifications and deviations like this can help streamline the process.

You will also encounter a variety of experiences. This will largely be reflected in the price. Longer in the industry will not always mean better. Someone who has been a photographer for 30 year might be very old school, and shoot in a dated style. Likewise, someone with very little experience is inclined to make simple mistakes and miss key moments.

It’s important to have blunt and open conversations. Keeping in mind, you get what you pay for. You can find a photographer that is right for you.

Expectations Day Of The Shoot

Once you finally find a photographer, you’ll want to do your very best to get the results you want out of a shoot. Dress to impress. This is very important. While small and minor things can be edited out or added, 95% of the work should be done before the photographer takes the pictures. If you’re showing your home for sale, make sure it is insanely clean leading up to the appointment. Do not have contractors or cleaning people in the space. If you choose to start cleaning an hour beforehand or something else under your control pops up- its industry standard to be assessed a fee.

When you book a photographer, they will turn down other gigs to make sure they can be at yours. It’s unacceptable for appoints to run long without just compensation. The reverse is true. If the space is captured and it looks terrible- not much can be done about that unless it’s cleaned up and reshot with a new invoice, or deal with a large virtual stage bill.

A good photographer will help you understand expectations and the realities for the shoot you have booked. It’s always better to communicate as openly and honestly as you can.

Expectations For Post Production

Depending on your shoot, the size, and agreed upon terms- post production can vary in time length. When you find a photographer, an early question will be finding that out. Overall, do not expect a photographer to hand over RAW assets. Or, assets that have not been through the post production process. Photos are taken with the intent of editing later on. So at first glance, the pictures might not even look good. Never mind being in a file format you would know what to do with.

Post production can take a few days to a few weeks. The photographer is always the best source for that information. And remember, rush options might be available.

See through the lens

Find someone with the right gear

How to get the most out of your photos

There are several options. It all depends on what kind of shoot you had. For real estate, make sure you get the pictures on line as quickly as possible, and deploy the virtual tour to all relevant spaces. Pictures and virtual tours can be put in email signatures. Virtual tours can even be displayed as QR codes.

Wedding and event photography can take longer. You’re going to want to print out these precious moments. Make sure you save some budget to get prints. When you find a photographer, they can help make sure this process is as smooth and easy as possible.

How To Find A Photographer Conclusion

We covered a lot of ground in this blog. Now you can find a photographer. We talked about how to get ideas for your shoot. What websites and other resources you should use. Next we moved into budget considerations. Reviewing cost benefit analysis. Understanding quality of output. And how to qualify potential matches. We touched on cell phones, and their role in capturing your event. What role is and is not appropriate for them to portray.

We talked about what to look for online, and where to look for it. This is vital in ensuring you have exactly what you need and are looking for. We touched base on different cameras, from the origins of photography to digital cameras of today. We also touched on the types and experiences of photographers, as well as what to expect the day of the shoot, and lastly the days after.

Hopefully, this helps you find a photographer. You can always reach out to companies like Momentum 360. We are a full service virtual tour agency that can help with anything relating to property marketing. Don’t forget, you get what you pay for. So when it comes time to find a photographer, make sure you get the very best you can get.

Event Photography

July 11, 2022 in Blog, Event Photography

Event photography: Why it is important and how to hire an event photographer

Since the invention of the first “portable” cameras, people or professionals have been able to carry around the camera and capture moments. As they happen rather than posing for a set-up and sitting for it. While photography has always been used to capture all kinds of moments, event photography took off at that point.

Events have made up most of people’s paid photo assignments since they began their photography business. Various events are there, and a professional event photographer is required to capture the beautiful and essential moments in the event. In this post, you will look at elaborate details of event photography:

Event photography: Overview 

In essence, an event photographer focuses on taking photos of events. You are free to decide how to define an “event.” Some individuals would include sporting events, concerts, and weddings in their definition of event photography, and in a broad sense, they are correct.

However, market yourself as a sports or wedding photographer if that is what you specialize in. A self-described event photographer is typically connected to business events in the industry. The shots taken in the event have been used in the future.

Importance of Event Photography

The importance of event photography can be attributed to various factors. The major justifications for thinking about hiring an event photographer are listed below:

Collect and Preserve Memories

Memories who is the hater of this word? Mostly every human loves to collect and preserve memories in various possible ways. Many attendees at your event would dearly love to recall all the highlights. Remembering every detail can be difficult.

If a well-known speaker is speaking at your event, gorgeous, high-caliber photos are necessary. These memories can be documented during your event so people can reflect on them by hiring a professional photographer. Printouts of these recollections could be given as gifts to speakers or other notable attendees at your event.

Expert Product Images

If the purpose of your event is to launch a new product, you will want that product to look its best. It is usually a good idea to take high-quality photos professionally, especially if you are launching a new product.

You can gather different pictures of your goods, whether just one of them standing still or another showing it in action. When launching your new product, these photos are ideal for sharing on social media.

Gather images for upcoming marketing materials

The significance of digital marketing to organizations nowadays cannot be overstated. You must have high-quality photographs of your products or business to submit to the many image-sharing websites and applications to promote your product. Visual images are processed far more quickly by viewers than text is. It enables them to retain the information for a lot longer.

Receiving photos from your event will help you with future marketing plans and can also help you advertise your company. You can share high-quality photographs from professional event photography on your website and social media.

What use do the pictures serve?

The client will decide the final usage of the images. But normally, the photographs will be included in the documentation for other events, internal communications, and justification reports. However, the photos will be used for much more, and expert photographs can be customized for a wide range of uses. Few uses for event photos from clients are here.

  • Press reports
  • upcoming marketing materials
  • blogs and other online materials
  • Social media usage
  • reports of justifications
  • client opinions where some clients love seeing themselves in candid photographs

Things to consider before hiring an event photographer 

The importance of event photography listed above is fulfilled only when hiring the right event photographer. There are a few things to consider for hiring the best one, and here are the lists of them:

Your budget 

It is common knowledge that talented photographers aren’t cheap. They have worked hard to acquire all the abilities required to record events in all their splendor. In addition to their time at the event, you are also paying for their expertise, experience, and the time they will spend processing your images. With this in mind, having a set budget is still acceptable.

Make sure you have enough cash to compensate the photographer fairly without detracting from other aspects of your event. While some photographers have prices listed on their websites, you must contact most of them for precise pricing.

Keep in mind the style you prefer

Photography is a creative medium. Even the best photographers cannot successfully adapt to a style that is not their own. Make sure the photographer you select embodies the aesthetic of the photos you envision.

Search online for ideas if you are hesitant. Once you choose a particular aesthetic you enjoy, start hunting for photographers who share that vision. Hire the photographer only when their style matches your mindset and your preference.


Experience matters a lot when it comes to some artwork. You must select a photographer who has experience shooting events like yours. They will be better able to navigate the area and understand where to go and when to take the greatest pictures.

Your day’s documentarian will be a skilled event photographer. For example, if you want to promote the service on a website, ask for the names and websites of previous clients to get a sense of what to expect. Also, ask for previous work and portfolios displaying work in related sectors.

Successful portfolio or past projects

Mostly reliable photographers will maintain a great portfolio. Look at the photographer’s past work and ask to see their portfolio whether they have a strong portfolio or a successful track record. Inquire whether they have any references or client or customer testimonials available.

Check the internet for any online comments and reviews. These days, most seasoned professionals have a website as their online portfolio, so that is always a smart place to start.


Nowadays, everyone searches quickly for a brand or individual they wish to collaborate with on Google. It has become a lot simpler thanks to the internet. But how can you locate the top candidates while ensuring that what they say online is accurate? There is a good chance that other people in your network may also require the services of an event photographer.

Try to get recommendations for photographers with years of experience and a solid reputation through various networks. Learn from others’ experiences who to hire and avoid and their motivations for doing business with the same contractor again.

Mandatory skills for a successful event photographer 

It is a competitive world skills speak more than any other thing. Successful event photographers must require some mandatory skills and try to hire the photographer with those skills.

A Sharp Eye

An excellent photograph does not just appear. A successful photographer must assess a situation and determine what will result in an interesting shot. Additionally, they need to decide how best to frame each scene. Would a close-up of the subject or viewing them interacting with their environment be more effective? What should the shot’s shutter speed, angle, and depth be?

Does it need lighting on the front, sides, or back? There are plenty of books and websites that go over the fundamentals. A skilled photographer practices until following the guidelines comes naturally. Some candid pictures bring great attention to the clients.

Incredible customer service

Visitors frequently approach photographers carrying cameras and request that they snap their pictures. Since they are the ones who are trusted to handle all sorts of cameras, they are the experts in this area.

As a result, the event photographer must provide these visitors with competent assistance. The event’s success will be greatly aided by having guest-focused event photographs in the local area.


Once the photographers have mastered those mentioned above fundamental technical abilities, it is time to examine some of the creative skills that excellent photographers possess. A basic awareness of composition, attention to detail, and a knack for narrative are also necessary for photography.

In addition, they have to understand how aperture, shutter speed, and exposure interact to form an image. Showing creativeness will promote the photographer’s level.

Adaptability and patience 

A photographer frequently deals with many clienteles. So it is the photographer’s responsibility to adapt to and comprehend their needs to keep them satisfied and maintain business. According to an expert, you should be able to deal with many types of people from various backgrounds.

The photographer should also be able to handle any circumstance to the best of his ability. A photographer, for instance, must be especially adaptable and patient whether photographing a child’s party, a pet show, or a baby photo shoot. Whatever the circumstance, they ought to be able to maintain their composure.

Top tips to take the best event photography 

Even though it can be enjoyable, event photography is not simple. The best moments frequently don’t happen twice, things move quickly, and there is a lot of energy in the air. Here are some of the top tips to take the best event photography:


Preparing for event photography is crucial so that you are not caught off guard on the big day. You can scout the location to get a better sense of the area. So you may create a strategy for dealing with the moving objects, physical impediments, and constrained areas you are likely to experience during the day. It is a good idea for you to be aware of all of this in advance.

Ask them questions to find out the precise shots the customer has in mind. Create a mental image of the photos you want to take, or even better, make a list of them. When it comes to event photography for beginners, it is also crucial to know how to use your equipment before your shoot.

Arrange the shot

Being in the right place at the right time is very important in event photography. Since years in the business organically enhance your sixth sense for special moments, experienced photographers have a remarkable sense of situational awareness.

Beginner photographers frequently put their cameras down, missing the brief moment of amusement. To avoid this, try anticipating memorable occasions. Wait for the magic to happen after setting up the photo.

Fill the frame 

Get your people in the frame, emphasize that expression, and cut out any extraneous detail that detracts from the scene. Strong facial expressions are typically what you want to capture when talking about expressing emotion in photos.

Complex photos that capture people, backdrops, or numerous events occurring simultaneously are amazing to produce. Of course, you should attempt to capture those moments, but move in and focus on what matters most when a significant moment occurs. But its framing is just as crucial as getting the shot’s timing right.

Take a range of candid pictures

How many of you love candid pictures more than posed photos? It always looks fun, crazier, and great. Any event’s most memorable moments are the unguarded ones. As you wait for the right opportunity, scan the room and see how individuals interact.

To avoid letting people know they are about to be photographed, which frequently destroys the moment, photographers always find it helpful to pretend you are looking around the room while focusing on a nice shot. Once they are in place, they will point their camera and take the photo as soon as the appropriate opportunity arises.

Capture posed pictures

Although candid pictures are wonderful, you shouldn’t only take them. Posing photographs will appeal to clients and visitors. Even strangers might approach you and request that you snap their picture, among others. Throughout the event, be ready to switch between taking candid photos and posed ones. Don’t be hesitant to instruct your subjects when taking staged pictures.

To create a more candid-looking posed shot, instruct pals to hug. Find interesting settings to photograph your subjects against as well. According to some general advice, people should tilt their bodies to face the camera when posing for pictures. Usually, this is a more attractive position. Give them something to do with their hands when your subjects are posing.

Wrapping it up: 

Regardless of the event, you intend to host, you need to hire a photographer. Incredible benefits are there for you when you hire the right event photographer. The best qualities of the photos and professional handling are some of the benefits.

Hopefully, you have just seen all the information you require about event photography. The answer to questions like acquiring the finest outcomes and choosing the ideal photographer for you and your company are mentioned earlier. Utilize it and make your event more memorable with photography.