How to Setup Google Analytics With Your Virtual Tours

February 4, 2023 in Blog, Google, Google Analytics

How to Setup Google Analytics With Your Virtual Tours

Welcome back to another Momentum 360 blog! In this one, we’ll go over how to sync Google Analytics with your virtual tour. If you have a virtual tour for your business and it’s not synced with Google Analytics, you’re missing out on a lot of data that you could use to drive more conversions, which ultimately will result in more revenue for your business!

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Alright, let’s get started on showing you how to sync your virtual tour with Google Analytics.

  1. Find Which Tour You Want to Sync

The first step in setting up your virtual tour with google analytics is to determine which virtual tour you want to use! If you’re a business that has multiple locations, you want to choose the virtual tour that represents your business the best. This means the best quality, best tags, best location, etc… as the saying goes, “put your best foot forward”, and that applies here now more than ever. What’s the point of setting up to track data to a crappy virtual tour? Make it easy on yourself!

  1. Go to Your Company Google Analytics Page

From here, you want to go to this website, where it’ll prompt you to login to Google Analytics. If your company doesn’t have a GA account yet, let’s set that up now. It’s a very easy process and will help your business grow, and it’s free!

  1. Create a New Property

Once you’re logged into your GA account, you want to create an account (if you already have an account, skip this and create a property instead). You’ll be prompted to name the account/property, as well as customize the time zone and currency in the particular area you work in. For example, I have a business in Philadelphia, so the time zone will be Eastern Standard Time, and the currency is the United States Dollar.

  1. Copy Tracking ID

Once you’re all setup with your new property, you’ll see a tracking ID which starts with UA or G, you want to copy that and hold it on for later. Make sure that all of the business information is correct, as you want to make sure your data is as accurate as possible.

  1. Post Tracking ID to Virtual Tour

From here, go back to your virtual tour, go into the settings of the software and where it says “Google Analytics” you want to post the tracking ID right there. This now means that this single virtual tour is now synced to Google Analytics!

  1. Sync Website Google Analytics Code

To finalize syncing your website up with Google Analytics, you need to take the URL of the page on your site you’d like to track, throw it into the ‘Data Tracking” tab, and then take the Google Analytics code it gives you and post the code in the backend of the page.

  1. You’re All Set Up!

That’s it, you’re all setup! From here, you’ll be able to see views, clicks, conversions, all at your fingertips. Give the platform roughly 24-48 hours to fully sync, but once it’s synced your dashboard will look something like this.

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