How to Increase Local SEO in 2024

February 3, 2024 in Blog, Local SEO

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024


Welcome back to another Momentum 360 weekly blog! In this one, we’ll go over how to increase Local SEO in 2024! So many business owners in 2024 simply don’t know the power of Local SEO, much less know how to actually improve it to get more leads.

In this blog, we’ll go over exactly how to get more leads, so you and your business can thrive this year. Remember, if your business is not growing, you’re dying. We’re in crazy times here in the United States in 2024, so you want to learn exactly how to increase your digital presence from a local perspective to get more leads this year, and to grow, while other businesses go to die. Which side do you want to be on?

Before we start, I want to introduce ourselves if you don’t know who they are! Momentum is a digital and content marketing company HQ’d in Philadelphia, where we provide a variety of marketing services to small, medium and large businesses across the United States. We make weekly content like this so we’re able to give you valuable help and knowledge in the industry to get you more business. Sounds good?

Let’s get started.

Google Business Profile

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024

If you don’t know what a Google Business Profile is in 2024, you need to get up to speed as soon as possible, as this is the most important thing to know about improving your local search engine optimization in 2024. Think of it as Google’s social media profile, the more reviews you get, more times you post, overall the more activity, you’ll get more clicks and calls to get more revenue for your business.

One of the biggest things to do to grow your Google Business Profile is to get reviews for your profile. Normally, you can get clients to get you reviews, but you can also get your friends and family to leave reviews as well to support your business! This is what a lot of people miss, but you need to rely on your friends and family to get more reviews for your business, it’s how we’ve been able to grow so fast in such a short amount of time.

One of the other best practices to grow your Google Business Profile is to regularly post updates and photos of your business on a weekly basis, to showcase that your business is current and active. Another great tactic is to leave questions and answers to your business with the exact keywords you’re looking to rank for. For instance, if your business is a photography service, you would ask questions such as “Do you provide photography services in (the area you service), and then you’d respond with an answer saying something like “Yes, we provide photography services in (the area you service).

It’s very important to build out your profile and make sure you optimize all of the features that are given to you. You can allow people to reserve your services, message your business, call, go to your website, etc. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to contact you, so you can get as many calls as possible.

Lastly, one of the most important things you can do to improve your Google Business Profile, is to make sure your NAP is correct. If you’re wondering what the NAP is, it’s the “Name, Address and Phone Number” of your business, and you need to make sure it’s as correct as possible, as the tiniest slip up will mess up your consistency with Google. Google wants to see that your information is consistent across the internet, which will simply bump you higher. In the next section, we’ll talk about how to maximize your exposure with having a consistent NAP.


This is one of the most important ways on how you can increase your local domain authority. Domain authority is simply the strength of your domain of your website. For example, Google has a DA of 100, if you’re a small business, you might have a domain authority of 10-20, if you know what you’re doing.

What I would recommend you do, is simply google “best local citations for (service you provide in the area), where you’ll find Yelp, Superpages, Yellowpages, etc. The more citations that you create that are consistent with your NAP, the better. This is how you steamroll your competition to make a dramatic difference.

360 Virtual Tour

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024

Coming to popularity in 2020 during COVID, the 360 virtual tour has taken the world by storm, by simply creating an interior 360 view of the business. This allows for people to review a business from the inside to make more informed consumer decisions. Using many different softwares such as Matterport, Cloudpano, 3D Vista, Kuula, etc.

We can actually put keywords inside of the virtual tour, just like a blog post, so we can start to locally rank the virtual tour the same way we can with a website page. The awesome thing about virtual tours is that we can post directly to the Google Business Profile from the Google Street View integration.

These 360 virtual tours have the ability to also generate leads through lead forms we can embed in the tour software as well, which is a really nice feature that just came to fruition this past year in 2023. If you haven’t gotten a 360 virtual tour yet, you’re in luck. Momentum 360 creates some of the best 360 virtual tours in the entire planet, which allows you to get as many features and leads as humanly possible.

Social Media & Local Content

You probably knew this was coming, but yet a lot of people don’t do anything about it, it’s social media! So many people are afraid of making content and creating a brand on social media, and even more people simply don’t have the time to do so. I’m telling you, you’re able to make solid social media content in less than 10 hours a month, where you’re able to create a brand.

I have a free guide here on how you’re able to do all of that, so simply review that guide and you’ll be able to make content that gets you more followers, likes, comments and calls, ultimately to get more revenue for your business.

The way to increase Local SEO in 2024 is simple, just follow these steps, and you’ll grow from here!

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024


Momentum 360 is a Premiere Small Business and Real Estate marketing company in Philadelphia and tri-state area. Our main service offerings are 3D Virtual Tours powered by Matterport, as well as photography and videography. We are both a Matterport Service Provider and Google Trusted Photography agency. While 3D Virtual Tours started in real estate, they are versatile and applicable across every industry.

Momentum 360 specializes in virtual tours for real estate, small businesses, restaurants, retail, healthcare, professional services, and much more. These virtual tours help our clients showcase their business online, while also allowing them to rank higher on Google with SEO, and get more followers on social media. Call for a quote!

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024

How to Increase Local SEO in 2024


Engagement Photography

October 29, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO

Why Bother With an Engagement Photoshoot in 2022?

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about engagement sessions, or as they’re sometimes called, e-sessions. When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a lot to do (and it’s expensive!). Why take engagement photos when your schedule is already jam-packed? Engagement photography gives you the chance to capture the joy and excitement before you marry your loved one once in a lifetime. In addition, these sessions are an opportunity for you to get to know your photographer, and for you to become comfortable in front of the camera before the big day arrives. An engagement session is an investment you won’t regret, even if it can seem like just another wedding expense.

From Couples’ Perspective

You’re going to be married soon! You should take advantage of the opportunity to document your engagement with a photo session. It is an exciting time in your life. Do not let preconceived notions that engagement photos are cheesy or unnecessary deter you, because every couple deserves to have a collection of professional photographs they can cherish forever. One day, you may not realize it right now, but one day, you’ll be looking back on your engagement pictures and commenting on your youthful looks.

Use the Photos on Wedding

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

As you saw this, this is probably what instantly came to mind, and it’s an important reason! Wedding invitations, thank you cards, a wedding website, guest books; beautiful engagement photography will enhance every aspect of your wedding planning! Weddings are a grueling marathon, but engagement sessions are a lot more relaxed than that. It’s a lot easier to set up poses on the engagement day than it is on the wedding day.

Consider how useful a new set of photos are from a logistical standpoint when thinking about why you should take engagement photos. Engagement photos are great for so many reasons, but don’t forget how sentimental they are as well. Your wedding website, save-the-dates, guest book, bridal shower photos, and social media updates with images of you and your partner will likely be created during the planning process. You won’t be able to elevate your printed and digital wedding materials if you use low-quality snapshots from your phone. Investing in quality images will greatly enhance your wedding materials.

Overcome Your Camera Shyness

The majority of couples are uncomfortable in front of the camera, unless they happen to be professional models. Posing and smiling with a camera in close proximity can be awkward at first, especially when you don’t know what to do. As a result, you can think of your engagement session as a practice run for your wedding day, during which you will be the subject of hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs. As well as allowing you to become comfortable in front of the camera without the added pressure of wedding day butterflies, engagement photos allow you to loosen up in front of the camera in your everyday clothes.

It’s Definitely Worth It

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

When you’re newly engaged, you might be wondering whether the importance of engagement photos should be on your mind. In my opinion, you should definitely take engagement photos and value them. It’s so much more than a lens and a click of the shutter for your wedding photographer! A wedding photographer witnessing and documenting one of the most meaningful and emotional days in the life of a couple will be with you for HOUR after hour on the big day. The chances of things going wrong are quite high if you don’t get along with your photographer. A photo shoot gives you the chance to talk to your photographer productively. Take the time to get to know him or her.


Try to Understand the Photographer’s Perspective

During the wedding day, you’ll probably spend the majority of your time with your photographer. Establishing a relationship with them before the big day is especially important since they’ll likely accompany you during the getting-ready process, first look, ceremony, family portraits, and cake cutting, among other things. Your engagement session will be an opportunity to exchange stories, have a laugh, and get to know each other closer, which will help your wedding run more smoothly.

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

A camera pointed in their direction makes so many people feel threatened! Don’t be afraid if you’re one of those people who looks stiff and awkward before a camera. The more you relax into the process and get used to being photographed, the more natural and comfortable you’ll feel! Before your wedding day, you will have an opportunity to develop that comfort during an engagement shoot. A wedding photographer is an expensive investment, and you’ll never see the final product before the big day. Yikes! Many couples can’t imagine their OWN photos even after seeing the photographer’s prior work and galleries. This is why creating engagement portraits is such a great idea. Having seen your gorgeous portraits, you’ll have a better idea what type of images your photographer is capable of creating for you, so you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ll also love your wedding photos.


Be Expressive

Engagement photos: why bother? Although you will undoubtedly cherish your wedding photos, many couples feel their engagement photos capture their true selves better. Engagement photos are informal photographs that capture you in a more casual setting, in a natural element, spending time with your loved one. Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose whatever location, attire, and overall style best represents your relationship. You’ll be able to create a collection of memories that are meaningful to you, whether they’re taken in your favorite city or at home on your sofa.

A couple is in a transitional period as they move from dating to marriage when they are engaged. This is such an exciting and joyful time, but it won’t last forever. It can be a wonderful idea to capture your engagement pictures so that you can have a way to remember this brief period in the future. Taking engagement photos is the ideal way to capture beautiful, flattering shots of you two just being who you are. You have the opportunity to capture your sense of connection and express yourself through this project.


Have Fun

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

When you’re not distracted by screens, crowds, or errands, it can be difficult to find time just for the two of you. The two of you will work together during your engagement shoot, and you’ll focus on one another. If you focus on the love and connection between you while having your photos taken, your photos will be so much better. Photographs of the two of you in more everyday clothing give you additional images that you can use in so many different ways in addition to your wedding portraits. Obviously, wedding photos are very tightly tied to the wedding, but engagement photos are more flexible than wedding photos!


Tips for Photographers, From a Professional Engagement Photographer

It is crucial to build trust and rapport for the wedding day by creating engagement photo poses that suit your couple. As a result, you get the chance to show your skills and impress the couple by capturing images that will serve as a precursor for their wedding photographs. Meanwhile, you get to know the couple better, which, on the wedding day, will only benefit you. Let’s look through our 10 tips for better engagement photo poses.

Can’t Go Wrong With Basic Poses

When posing for an engagement photo shoot, keep it simple – KISS. Basic wedding photographer poses help to take the best shots and flow smoothly throughout the session. Pose the future bride and groom in a way that is flattering and comfortable for both of them. Just in case you find yourself in a bind, it can be helpful to have some “go-to” poses.

Be Selective About the Gear

When choosing camera equipment for an engagement shoot, it’s important to keep it simple. Your entire wedding equipment doesn’t need to be brought along. There is a lot of movement involved in an engagement shoot (which can tire you out because you have to carry so much gear). A single camera body (and a backup in the car!) and two or three lenses should be sufficient.

Be Clear

You should be extra clear with instructions regarding posing and engage in light-hearted banter since it is usually the first time you are working with the couple. Engagement shoots are great practice sessions ahead of the big day. It’s a good way for you to learn more about the couple. Establishing trust in advance is also an advantage.

Keep Changing Angles

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

Although the shooting angle doesn’t have to be simple, the posing may be. Get your “safe shot” in a pose, then switch the couple to a different angle. Take very close-up shots and far away shots for variety. By shooting from a variety of angles, you can create a diverse portfolio that will help you attract ideal clients when sharing the images.

Include the Surroundings

Make use of your surroundings by shooting through objects. Think about posing the couple in tall grasses and then including out-of-focus greenery in the foreground if you find yourself in a field with wildflowers. In addition to adding visual interest, it can help establish your location.

Focusing on the natural landscape will dramatically help you when you’re learning how to take engagement photos. Incorporating the environment into engagement poses creates a unique dynamic between the location and the couple. Use the sand and ocean in your engagement photos, for example, so that the setting is part of the pictures.

Make Some Effort for the Light

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

If possible, schedule engagement sessions during the “golden hour” – the time after sunrise or before sunset when the light is best. During the engagement session, you can book during your ideal shooting time, since you may not have control over timing or lighting on your wedding day.

Practicing new lighting techniques is a great way to remedy an engagement session that cannot be scheduled during your ideal shooting time. You can capture the perfect light during the engagement shoot in any situation, whether you’re working with harsh lighting or shooting at night.

Adjust to the Weather

In case of inclement weather, do not cancel immediately. The sky can be overcast or there could even be a slight drizzle. It can also be fun to tuck the couple under the eaves with umbrellas or a hood.

Do Make an Album

Printing an engagement session and displaying it at the wedding as a guest book is one popular way to showcase the session. Look for angles or details that will enhance a layout during the session. A wedding album is something that your couple can keep and show friends and family members, and you will stay in their minds in case they need a wedding photographer in the future.

Many professional photographers forget to offer their clients an album when taking engagement pictures. The final images, which range from completely posed to natural and candid, will look wonderful because you’d have shot so many different poses. Making the wedding guests sign a signing book on the wedding day is a great idea. Use engagement pictures in the book.

Prefer Natural Poses

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography

During an engagement shoot, kissing, hugging, and holding hands make for great moments because you are showing two people in love. Try to stay away from anything that their future grandchildren would not want to see.

Make the Shoot Fun

The best way to preserve beautiful portraits of people is to capture them during engagement sessions. You are building rapport with the couple by having fun with them, even if nothing comes out of it. And that will pay off when the wedding day rolls around!


Professional Photographer

October 27, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Virtual Tours

Why Hiring A Professional Photographer is Worth Every Penny in 2022! 

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

It is easier than ever to get into photography. With advances in technology, especially mobile phone cameras, almost anyone can create works of art that were previously out of reach. There are still some situations, however, where a professional photographer is the best choice. If you want the job done right, call a pro even if you have a garage full of tools and experience under your belt. To prevent giving the wrong impression, let me first make sure I’m not offending anyone. In most cases, you won’t need a professional photographer to take good photos. However, there are some situations where you and your gear can’t quite meet the challenge.

Photography is an Art

There are times when even people who shoot photos for a living need the help of a professional! There are plenty of reasons why you should let a professional handle your photos instead of using your own camera. There’s a good chance you’ve spoken to a family member or friend about how they’re managing a fledgling photography business, or what it’s like to be a photographer. It is likely that they have offered to take your pictures for free to build their portfolio. Does it make sense to take your pictures for free? Photographs are art, just like paintings and sculptures. Expertise is needed in order to produce good photos. You don’t want an amateur to create your brand’s image when it comes to photos. People will appreciate your brand if it is translated into a visual language they can appreciate.

Experience Combined With Expertise

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

You will benefit from the years of training that a professional photographer has received at university or from an apprenticeship. These experts have experience in lighting, set design, cameras, production and visual communications. You can depend on them to make the best use of every setting on your camera. An experienced professional can adjust as they go, so they don’t miss a single shot when unexpected changes occur on set. There’s a good chance you won’t get the images you want from someone who has a professional camera but doesn’t know how to operate it.

The Cooking Analogy

Cooking is a good analogy to use here. Cookbooks are widely available, ingredients are easy to find, and nearly anyone can make a meal pretty easily. In the hands of a professional chef, the same ingredients can be transformed into culinary creations that will delight your taste buds and challenge the ways in which you consume food. You don’t need a cookbook or a YouTube video to figure out how to use the ingredients. You just have to know just how to use them. Just as in cooking, experience counts in photography as well.

The Face of Your Brand

Many people use generic stock photography to represent their brands, but is that effective? Therefore, you may have a lot of cheap photographs that mislead your customers and leave them with a bad impression. The worst part is that you are not utilizing your own talented employees.

You can showcase your products, services, employees, and happy customers in pictures by hiring a professional photographer. An experienced photographer can create images that showcase your personality and produce the best photo shoot. It is much easier to be productive and enjoy the moment when you don’t have the responsibility of producing photographs. As a result, you will have a library of content that promotes you year after year. Although today’s cameras can produce excellent photos, great photos aren’t just about the camera. This is why professional photographers don’t post about what cameras they own or what accessories they use on their websites or social media pages. Using concepts such as lighting, locations, and editing, a professional photographer will produce images that stand head and shoulders above what most people will be able to create.

Post Production Editing

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

While anyone can send over a few photos, professional photographers do a lot of work after your photo session to polish the pictures. They can edit your photos and create images to power your business into the future with software, calibrated equipment, and experienced staff. Having someone who is still figuring out Photoshop or Lightroom slide controls edit your valuable pictures is not a good idea. To create a masterpiece that seamlessly blends with your brand image, you need a professional eye for art.

The Aesthetic Factor

You probably take pictures all the time on your phone, as we all have cameras. Isn’t it amazing to have the ability to capture every moment in our lives through technology? Professional photography is the only way to create images that engage your audience and inspire them to take action. Having hero images that become icons of your brand is just as important as capturing the everyday moments. Years later, people can look back on these photos and be proud of what they have been a part of – a part that can bring them joy.

The Professionalism

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

Someone who offers to take photos for a friend or family member usually wants to practice or build a portfolio. An experienced professional, on the other hand, truly cares about your satisfaction. For them, this is not a side hustle – it’s their full-time job. Lighting, shooting, and editing are skills they’ve honed over the years. Because they understand the importance of your deadlines, how hard you work for your business, and how important it is to make your clients happy, they do whatever it takes to meet your expectations. Professional photographers know how important it is to work as a team and ensure everyone is happy with their final product.

Taking Guidance From Them

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

The fact that you have to get your photo taken, no matter how many times you do it, still makes you nervous, especially if your boss is involved. When a professional shoots, it eases everyone’s stress and makes the atmosphere more relaxed. Also, a professional will know all the tricks to make everyone in the studio look their best. By guiding you through the poses, they can help you relax so you look confident and natural.

They Always Have the Right Gear

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

Despite having a professional camera, your friend does not have all the equipment that a professional photographer does. Prepare for a crew of assistants to roll in lights, cameras, backdrops, lighting gear, and a mobile editing station. In order to take the best possible pictures, they have invested a small fortune in their photographic equipment. Professional photographers will have all their equipment and backups on hand to accommodate any changes in layout, extra shots, weather changes, and anything else on the fly, so you won’t miss a moment.

The best camera is the one you have with you: that’s a popular saying in photography. That’s true to some extent, but if you’re looking for a specific kind of photo, you’ll need certain cameras, lenses, flashes, and other equipment. The difference between images that are adequate and awesome can be determined by the quality of these effects.

The 70-200 f/2.8 Example

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

The 70-200 f/2.8 lens is a good choice. Those who take casual pictures with their phones find these expensive, heavy, and impractical. The cost of one of these lenses is equivalent to a few months’ rent or car payment, but a professional might be worth a fraction of what you spend.

Professional photographers research the right gear for their job and this lens is just one example out of many. This is similar to a basic toolkit at home that most people have. Professional mechanics have an arsenal of special sockets, drivers, impact wrenches, and other tools based on the job they are doing. While some people can probably perform a basic oil change on their driveway, serious work requires more knowledge and a more sophisticated tool set. A similar principle applies to photography. Sometimes expensive, high-end gear is needed to take photos that make you and your loved ones look their best. The right gear for the job is provided by professional photographers.

Much More Than Just Some Pics!

They provide much more than just a picture for the wall or to post to social media: they create fun, engaging, exciting events. My friends, who are professional photographers, have been working with the same clients over the past decade because they believe in creating more than images, but also lasting memories. A professional photographer creates lasting memories that a client will cherish for a lifetime. Almost as much as the photos, people talk about the photographer during a photo shoot, wedding, or other important event! Photographers are cited for making their kids laugh, treating people with respect, listening to their requests, and making them feel as though they were the most important people in the world. People come back to professional photographers for these kinds of experiences. Furthermore, it’s an experience that a mobile phone on a selfie stick can’t duplicate. People will often share a bad experience with others even more than a positive experience when they have one. This is why professional photographers pay great attention to their clients, create memorable photographs, and keep them coming back for years to come.

Scene From Office Space

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

It’s not just about the photos. Photographers will relate to this line in the 1999 movie Office Space. The exchange takes place during a conversation between Stan, the manager of a restaurant called Tchotchkes, and one of his servers. “You can get cheeseburgers anywhere,” he says. “Nevertheless, they come to Tchotchkes for the atmosphere and attitude.” The scene is meant to be satirical, but Stan’s words ring true for photography as well. A camera can be pointed at a subject, a shutter pressed, and some good pictures will result. Sometimes great pictures will result. But if you hire a professional photographer, you will not only get photos, but a complete experience as well.

The Profound Experience

Time and time again, I have seen the same thing happen. The majority of people do not think about lighting or composition, nor are they aware of technical settings such as aperture size and shutter speed. These factors can add layers of complexity to the simple act of taking a picture as professionals are keenly aware of them. To get the best results, they know how to deal with them, plan accordingly, and improvise as needed. The purchase of a camera doesn’t always engender this type of thought process. The ability to get things right requires years of experience, as well as learning from mistakes and failures. Learning these skills is achievable by most people, but it takes commitment and time. It may be worth it, however, to hire a professional photographer if you’re just looking for great photos.

A Great Value for Money

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer

It may seem like professional photography is not worth the investment for some people. They are confused about what to do with their images, or they think it would be a waste of money and time. The only thing that truly holds onto memories is photos. Many of the things you swore you’d remember will slip your mind as you grow older. Your family’s growth, your children’s first years, and the beginning of your marriage can all be documented through photography. Your kids deserve to have photos of you after you pass away, so that they will remember the special moments in your life. Photographs allow us to preserve memories for years and decades to come, and everyone deserves to be remembered.

Take-Home Thoughts

People are often hesitant to pay for a professional photography session, and I fully understand their reluctance. You may think that spending anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars on a professional photographer is impractical or downright silly. A lot of cameras could be purchased with that money, and you could even take some courses to learn how to use them. But you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how much value you get for your money if you choose to pay that kind of money for professional photos.


Google Virtual Tour

October 6, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Virtual Tours

Google Virtual Tour, Things You Should Know About

google virtual tour

google virtual tour

Around 2007 when Google introduced their new venture – virtual tours. Fast forward, virtual tours have radically changed the business and marketing landscapes over the years. Google Virtual Tour, also known as Google Street View, is a platform which allows customers to virtually view places such as storefronts, national parks, museums, streets, universities and many more. This feature is an addition to Google Maps which is highly recommended that you use whenever you are travelling to unfamiliar places. Google was at the prime of virtual tours for several years until new players started showing up. Google makes it convenient for us to virtually see and experience things from the safety of our homes. It continuously revolutionizes a lot of industries especially now that we are in extraordinary times. There are studies which state that virtual tours won’t go away even if the pandemic is over. Rather, it will continue to go bigger and better. Most industry players will emerge and more businesses will invest largely on virtual tours.

This is why it is recommended that as early as now, entrepreneurs should look for ways on how to leverage the power of virtual tours and exploit the advantages of Google virtual tour. This will allow them to gain more positive traction for this business. This is also important in order to get a good headstart from the rest of the competition. Whether you run a business or you are a customer checking around, one can’t deny the benefits and convenience that virtual tours have been providing us these days.

Benefits of Google Virtual Tour

google virtual tour

google virtual tour

There are plenty of reasons why you should be using Google Virtual Tours whether you are a customer or a business owner. For most entrepreneurs, adding Google Virtual Tours on their website as a feature helps them attract more customers and the latter makes it easier to look for their business online. It increases your shop’s visibility and presents the products to a wider audience. Let’s say you are looking for a shop to get a white sneaker. You finally found one but it’s located a mile from your place, in an area you are not really familiar with. Using Google’s Virtual Tour you can check what the store looks like from the outside. You can check the landmarks nearby and the type of neighbourhood around the place. Now, you can finally drive your way to that shop. With the help of the virtual tour, it helps you save time and allows you to plan ahead. In addition, it minimizes the possibility of you getting lost and wasting your time, money and energy.

Another great thing about having a Google Virtual Tour of your shop or restaurant or any type of business is that you can virtually showcase to your customers the products you are selling, the products you offer and the facilities you have. This gives your customers an idea of what to expect from your shop or how the place looks like before actually getting their feet inside your store. Seeing things virtually and them liking what they saw online increases the probability that this audience will take time to personally visit your store. These visits could possibly equate to purchases and increase in product demand. If you are trying to sell your property, having a Google Virtual tour drives more traffic into your site and increases your chance of getting that property be purchased. If you are a restaurant owner, you would want to have a Google Virtual tour embedded on your site to increase the booking reservation of your place. In order to track virtual tours, either Google Analytics or Google My Business are used. This helps you see how many views are generated from each tour.

Embedding a virtual tour on your website also gives you that competitive edge and helps improve your ranking on search engines. This is the reason why most successful business owners have already invested in adding Google Virtual tour feature on their online social media networks and websites. With this feature added, you as a business owner, increase your engagement with your customers. According to there are studies which show that customers take a longer time on a website with virtual tours as compared to sites with still photos only. In a separate study conducted by Planet Home, real estates with virtual tours are at 40%higher in engagement as compared to images. Virtual tours have been a key element in making decisions when it comes to house purchases. A Planet Home study showed that 75% of future buyers prefer to check on virtual tours to help them come up with a decision. In addition, Redfin’s study echoed the power of virtual tours. According to them, people are making purchases even without seeing the property in person. Their study showed that out of 1,900 buyers, 63% of them made an offer just by relying on video/virtual tours.

Virtual tours open up a lot of opportunities to further expand your business. Higher engagement with your customers helps establish trust and increases your brands reputation, dependability and trustworthiness. Positive review could possibly turn into referral and free word-of-mouth marketing from your loyal customers turned into your brand ambassadors.

How does Google Virtual Tour work?

google virtual tour

google virtual tour

Depending on the size of the location, it usually takes about 2-3 hours for the shooting of the area. After Which you are given a preview of what the finished product is. You will then have to agree on certain keywords or phrases which you would want to rank on. This is vital as virtual tours improve your local ranking and increase your visibility. If you are in need of additional help in ranking our mother company, Momentum Digital, is fully equipped to assist. With a headquarter based in Philadelphia, Momentum Digital, a full-service marketing firm, will take your SEO ranking to the top.

Google Photography

google virtual tour

google virtual tour

Apart from the virtual tours, you can also get Google photography if you are in need of high definition photos or 360 panoramic shots. Momentum Virtual Tours also offers different kinds of photography services across a number of business lines. The team is composed of skilled individuals who can produce aerial shots, panoramic images, and other high definition photography requirements.

Virtual Tour Providers

google virtual tour

google virtual tour

Apart from Google there are several players in the industry which have built some outstanding reputations over the years, one of which is Matterport. For those who are unfamiliar with Matterport, this is a platform which provides you a 3D perspective of an area. It has been a great partner of Momentum Virtual Tours for several years now. Matterport helps transform spaces into a highly immersive digital area such as architectural structures, floor plans, aerial view and many more. Virtual tours services are selling like hotcakes these days. One should still be cautious of dealing with others. You are free to work with virtual tour providers of your choice just make sure that you have made the necessary checks when it comes to their reputation and quality of work. This is important if you are after value for your money and you do not want your time being wasted. Take time to read the customer feedback or review section just to have an idea of the working dynamics and customer service they provide.

Google Arts & Culture

Are you a lover of the art world? Do you dream of seeing the Monalisa, a Van Gogh or Gauguin painting? Or walk through London museums? Perhaps you have always been curious about the Statue of Liberty and how was it constructed? If you wish to take a peak at a museum for the day, simply visit and select from the choices the museum you want to explore. You can virtually visit the Van Gogh Museum located at Amsterdam, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Tokyo National Museum located in Japan or The Australian Museum in Sydney. You could also opt for a private virtual tour of the Versailles, former home of French royalties.

There are plenty of tours you can take and you can jump from one country to another, one continent to the next. In fact, you cannot visit everything all in a single day as there are plenty. This site is a great way of enriching your knowledge on culture and arts. It is not limited to virtual tours only, it also has interactive games, interesting videos, coloring books and a huge collection of photos and articles you can read on.

How to get a virtual tour?

Look no further as Momentum Virtual Tours are experts when it comes to virtual tours. If you need Google Virtual Tours to be embedded into your website, call us right now and we’ll discuss how to move things forward. You can also visit our website to know more about the other services we offer. We provide a FREE quote so do not hesitate to give us a ring! You can never go wrong investing in 3D features for your business.


Virtual House Tours

August 17, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Real Estate, Virtual Tours

Virtual House Tours

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs. You came to the right place where you can get your amazing virtual tour content.

I don’t know if you have been keeping up, but the University of Alabama has been the talk of the week everywhere. Why you may ask? The University of Alabama is known for their Greek life; which made #BamaRush a trending topic all over many social media platforms during their sorority rush.

As mentioned before in a previous blog, Virtual Tours Colleges, it was pointed out that the University of Alabama’s Greek life is famous for their luxurious fraternity and sorority houses. It is honestly shocking how huge each of these properties are.

I thought this would be a great time to give some Virtual House Tours! There are many houses for Greek life at the University of Alabama; so we will be looking at one sorority house and one fraternity house.

Are you ready to head to Tuscaloosa, Alabama? Then let’s get started on our Virtual House Tours!


Sorority House (Delta Zeta)

Welcome to the Delta Zeta house at the University of Alabama! This 40,000 square foot sorority house has so much beauty to it. On the outside, the house is made up of brick and has many windows. There are six giant pillars that give it a luxurious look along with black front doors at the entrance. Let’s head inside and see more!

Virtual House Tours

Starting in the foyer room, you are greeted with a center table with flowers. There is an amazing stairwell that leads you to the upstairs of the house; we will check that out soon! Also you will notice the high ceilings and the chandelier hanging from it.

Virtual House Tours

On the left side of the foyer room is the dining room. This is a huge room filled with tables and chairs for when the girls eat. On the side of the dining room are some booths too. The chandeliers in the dining room have some pink colors added to them which gives it a pop of color. There are some wall lamps hung up along the walls also.

Attached to the dining room is the kitchen. It has an all white aesthetic to it. Here you can find glass cabinets, drawers, and your typical kitchen appliances. There is also a buffet-style island that sits right in the center of the kitchen. Along the wall, there is a fountain soda machine built in; now that is pretty cool.

Up next, let’s look at the living rooms. There are two living rooms in one section– one on the left snf one on the right! The left side living room had some light pink floral wallpaper with a mirror hung up and a clean white couch in front of it. There are some chairs, lamps, some pillows, and a coffee table. It definitely gives you that at-home feel! The right side living room looks extremely similar to the left side.

Do you have a library in your house? Well guess what; these girls do! Here we are in the library of the Delta Zeta house. It has dull lighting to give it that cozy feel when doing school work or just simply relaxing. There are big windows, dark wood walls, sofa’s, tables, floor lamps, and a unique lamp that hangs from the ceiling. There is also a flat screen TV that is built into the wall; below that is a fireplace.

The last place we are going to check out in the Delta Zeta house is the back patio. This is a great place in the house to relax when it is nice outside. Here you can find tables and chairs, and patio sofas. There are also outside ceiling fans, and a flat screen TV hung up on the wall.

Well, that is it for the Delta Zeta house! There are many more rooms in this house; bedrooms, study rooms, lounge rooms, and many more. We still have another home to look at– so let’s continue the Virtual House Tours!


Fraternity House (Pi Kappa Alpha)

Welcome to this huge fraternity house of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Alabama! Similar to the Delta Zeta house, this one here is also made up of brick. They have giant white pillars in the front and many windows placed in two rows. Let’s go inside and see what all of the hype is about!

Virtual House Tours

Walking in the doors, you are now in the foyer room. You will notice their fraternity symbol is detailed into the floor. On the right side is a stairwell that is front in center and a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

Virtual House Tours

Up next is a living room area. It has glossy wooden flooring, two sofas on each side of the room, and white book shelves. There is a little center with a table, two chairs and a lamp; adjacent from that is a big window that brings in natural sunlight to the room.

We now move on to the lounge room. This spacious room has all white walls and glossy wooden floors. In here, the furniture that is included are four beige leather sofa chairs, a beige leather sofa couch, a black coffee table that sits in in the middle. There is also a flat screen TV hung up on the wall that faces out to the lounge room.

These boys have to eat, right? This room here is the dining room. There are beige colored walls and a few bright chandeliers hanging up above. You will see so many long, dark brown tables with a good amount of black chairs. There is light beige tile flooring. Lastly, more flat screen TV’s hung up on the wall!

Taking the elevator upstairs, there are many bedrooms for the boys, a meeting room for their chapter meetings, and so much more!

That is it for the Pi Kappa Alpha house at the University of Alabama! You know, I thought I would see some red solo cups laying around here, but it was actually pretty clean. What a great Virtual Tour.

Final Words

We have come to the conclusion of our Virtual House Tours! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. There are so many fraternity and sorority houses at the University of Alabama that are beyond huge and unique in their own way. That is the South for you!

As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!


Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

August 10, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Real Estate, Virtual Tours

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Hey guys! Welcome back to another virtual tour adventure with Momentum 360. On today’s adventure we are going to get an exclusive virtual tour of one of the highest selling homes in the state of Colorado. That is right, we have ourselves a luxury mansion virtual tour! Put on your walking shoes because this home has a lot of ground to cover. I will meet you all there!



Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour So, starting outside, we approach this home on a long and winding driveway. Let’s stop in the grand motor court to take it all in before we head inside. Notice the big overhanging archway that leads from the front to the back. And of course, the massive four car garage. You are going to be hearing the word massive a lot today, it really is just the perfect word to describe everything about this luxury mansion.

Let’s enter through the front door. This is the biggest front door I have ever seen. It is one massive pane of glass that is on a swivel, so there are no hinges to open it. As you open it up and enter this great room with forty-foot-high ceilings and a perfect a frame, we have this direct, stunning view of Aspen Mountain. That is probably why the front door is glass, so you can pull right up in your car and immediately get this amazing view through the house of the mountain. It really is a treat.

There is more to see on our Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour!

Grand Living Room

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour Front and center in the great room is an oversized, double sided fireplace. It is really rare to see a fireplace this massive in a home like this. Directly across the great room from the fireplace, we have what they call a champagne onyx. That is just a really fancy term for a decked out, fully stocked, wet bar. This initial room is already the best place to entertain guests. Let’s see where we head to next.

On the other side of the double-sided fireplace, we have the dining room with a twelve-seat table and more stunning views of the mountains. I forgot to point out the floor to ceiling windows that are all over this luxury mansion. They really want to expose the gorgeous views of the mountains in the backyard.



From the grand dining room, we walk past the chef’s prep kitchen, and we enter the gourmet chef’s kitchen. Now take this all in for a second. This is massive for a kitchen! There is another long slab of marble that matches the initial wet bar to make up the grand breakfast island. Set behind that is the main chef’s island where most of the meal prep will take place. All utilities in here are top of the line, industrial grade. Off to the right we have not one, not two, but three refrigerators. How much food could they possibly have?Luxury Mansion Virtual TourOff of the kitchen we have the more informal dining room with a round knight’s table. This is a great area with again, a spectacular view out the window of the mountains. Set behind this table is another beautiful fireplace in the corner.


Home Theater

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour Now this next part of the luxury mansion virtual tour is pretty crazy to me. Adjacent to the gourmet kitchen and informal dining room, separated by sliding pocket doors, we have the movie theater. I really love this home theater because it is not separated from the rest of the home. Typically, you would find the home theater in the lower levels in the corner somewhere. Here, the home theater is connected to the rest of the home and promotes itself to be used by the guests. On the righthand wall there is even a door to get outside from the theater. You just don’t see this in other homes!

Continuing from the kitchen we run into the floating staircase that wraps around an industrial elevator. So, if your feet are tired take the elevator on up!

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Guest Bedrooms

At the top go down the hall that runs above the garage and, on the right, we will check out just one of the eleven guest bedrooms. I’m not going to show all eleven guest bedrooms, but you get a good feel of what they are all like in this one. All guest bedrooms have fireplaces, an attached full bathroom, and this one does have a balcony. The ceiling height in here is easily twenty feet high! That is pretty grand for a guest bedroom.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Let’s meet back at the elevator and we will check out the other side of this floor. As we go down, we just see more guest bedrooms, we can breeze by these because there are just so many, and we have a lot of houses to see. Let’s just stop in this one right here to show you the outdoor space this has. This guest bedroom has a full-size balcony with a view off to the side of the house where a creek runs. The sound of that creek is just pure serenity if you ask me.

Now let’s take the elevator downstairs to the lower level.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we exit the elevator on the lower level, we are in the guest wing suite. This part of the house is essentially its own apartment. It has its own entry point where these guests could enter and exit as they please right into their suite.

Across the hall are two more guest bedrooms which we will skip over for now. Let’s head back to the elevator and continue on to the rest of this lower level.



As we walk down this hallway check out that room on the left. This room is an industrial grade laundry room. It is home to four washers and four dryers. Of course, it has a flat screen in there as well. This room also has something I have never seen in a home let alone a luxury mansion like this. There is a commercial grade steam press for your clothes. I guess that takes place of having to iron your clothes.

Back out in the hallway we walk and enter one of my favorite areas of this luxury mansion. Here is an awesome media room. A grand open area with a bunch of couches and sitting areas that would be a great place to hang out with friends. On the far wall is another full size, fully stocked bar. The marble that is used for these bars is so beautiful and just massively long. It truly is elegance in its finest.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

It is also a great place to hangout with friends because right behind us is the wine cellar. You have to go in and check it out. It is a fully glass room with a round knight’s table in the center and wine racks embedded in the glass in the entirety of two of the four walls. In the corner over here we have a fully stocked wet bar with a stainless-steel sink.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

From the media room we keep walking and enter the double height atrium that has a grand staircase back up to the initial great living room we entered upon. This is a beautiful, curved staircase that comes from that great room down into the lower level.

Let’s continue our Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour!

Workout Areas

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Right at the bottom of this staircase is a glass wall that leads to the fitness wing of the luxury manision. In here you find a gym and a patio off of the gym so you can work outside in the beautiful Colorado summers. Right off the gym there is a full-size bathroom stocked with a steam shower and a deep set jacuzzi. Anything you need for recovery is a small reach away.

There are even some things that you do not think you need, but they have anyway. Another room right off the gym is the hair salon. It is equipped with a hair washing station and industrial hair dryer. Talk about a full recovery!

Back outside this gym let’s head down the stairs to the lowest level. If one gym was not enough, here we find another full-size gym. This gym is equipped with literally any piece of workout equipment you could think of. This sub terrain layer is the perfect place to get a private workout in.

Now let’s head all the way back up the atrium steps to the main floor. This is right where we entered the home, we are in the great room right next to the fully decked out wet bar. We are going to go to our right into the owner’s wing of the home.

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Owner’s Wing

As we go up these three steps notice the grand double doors that open to give us access to the owner’s suite. Right as we enter, we come into the sitting area by a fireplace. On the right we have a huge oversized executive desk made out of one solid plank of wood. From the desk you have another amazing view of the mountains through floor to ceiling glass windows that go along the entire front of the owner’s suite.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we keep going through the suite, we enter the owner’s bedroom. It is an absolutely massive bedroom, and the glass wall really accentuates the luxury these owners have. On the far corner, next to the fireplace we can enter the master bathroom and just wow! A full-length mirror goes the extent of the wall. It is marble everything, from the sink to the master jacuzzi tub, to the steam and mist shower. The tub is one of the biggest chunks of marble I think I have ever seen!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Further back in the master bathroom we go into a makeup vanity room that goes into one of the two walk in closets. You could literally get lost back here it is almost like a maze of hallways with different amenities. As we exit this walk-in closet, we take a left, go through the vanity hallway and enter the matching walk-in closet on our left. The two walk in closets are separated by a wall so each owner has some privacy.

We are going to now make our way out to the owner’s terrace. This terrace go the whole length of the wing with floating glass railings and just a spectacular view of the mountains through the backyard.



The yard of this luxury mansion is one of the main reasons someone would want this home. It sits on a 4.5-acre plot of land that are literally in the rolling hills of the Aspen mountains. The green grass rolls up onto a natural stone patio that is absolutely massive. The centerpiece of the home is the huge, natural looking pool which was designed to mimic a pond. There are actual boulders set in the pool to give it this look!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we keep going through the backyard, we pass the pool and come up upon a naturally occurring creek which I mentioned previously. The sound of the waterfall gives this home a natural vibe of the outdoors and the wilderness.

As we continue on, we stumble upon the guest home! On top of everything this home has to offer, it offers another home for even more guests.

This luxury mansion is one of the craziest places I have ever seen! I am so glad you got to come on this luxury mansion virtual tour with me. I know we didn’t get to see all 22,000 square feet of the luxury mansion, but we would’ve been here for a whole week showing you guys everything!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

This amazing luxury mansion was sold for $72.5 million dollars, breaking the record for the most expensive property sold in the state of Colorado.

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