How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

April 20, 2022 in Blog, Matterport

How to link 2 matterport tours together:

It may be impossible to scan a complex property in one space for various reasons. However, Mattertags and Deep Links can be used to connect two or more Matterport areas, allowing a tour to continue from one to the next. The two dollhouses will not be combined in this procedure, but you will be able to share the tour with only one showcase link. You can demonstrate the relationship between the two regions to viewers. The next best thing to visiting your community in person is taking a Matterport 3D tour and experiencing virtual reality. Matterport imaging technology captures 360 imagery to generate 3D models and virtual tours of your amenities, recreating every precise detail in an online experience geared to promote your complex to potential residents. Visitors can explore your neighborhood online by taking a virtual tour in dollhouse mode or walking through floor plans using any desktop, mobile, or virtual reality device. So here are some lists of details about how to link 2 matterport tours together.

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

The fundamental concept behind this:

Use a Mattertag with a Deep Link to take the viewer to the other model, then a second Mattertag to take the viewer back to the first.

The subsequent are a few examples of how this method is commonly worn:

  • The main residence with a separate garage, Workshop, or outbuilding
  • Because of outer regions, a duplex with two entrances cannot be scanned jointly.
  • A multi-story office building with only elevators as a means of communication
  • Large expanses that can’t be scanned in a single model owing to Capture app crashes or memory constraints

Why matterport is an excellent option:

Master Restoration employs Matterport to boost productivity and efficiency in the loss-handling workflow. The advantages of using Matterport for this application are numerous, with immediate benefits in terms of lowering overhead, reducing time-in-process, increasing customer happiness, and improving employee work experience.

With the outlook in mind, this design has been shaped. Instead of forcing users to buy new technology regularly, Matterport allows for system updates. Matterport users will be able to cut long-term expenses and boost the R.O.I. for both the producer and the consumer by combining this with a tangible product that is simplistically created and made to last.

Matterport has developed its artificial intelligence, which is used to automate manual operations such as blurring faces, selecting the finest photographs, and making short video clips, among other things. These data are simple to transfer among parties, making it a useful tool for insurance carriers, adjusters, realtors, and construction firms alike. It lets you swipe through a home on mobile devices and tablets, and it is compatible with virtual reality headsets. You may simply wander around the entire house.

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

Advantages of Matterport Tours:

For most customers, the advantages of Matterport significantly outweigh the cost when it comes to 3D tours. After this kind of contact, 95% of predictions are more liable to call for an in-person viewing. Let’s take a look at some of Matterport’s advantages:

  • Increase Participation:

According to studies, 3D virtual tours produce three times more interaction than traditional 2D photographs. Adding a 3D tour to a listing is a terrific method to increase listing interaction in the highly competitive rental business.

  • Professionalism:

A landlord must portray a consistent and professional image to potential tenants. This shows that you are concerned about your rental property business.

  • Save time and generate more leads:

One of the most useful features of Matterport is the ability to take a virtual tour of a home via an online listing. As a result, this helps to attract leads and helps to sort out those who aren’t actually interested. As a result, the leasing agent saves time by avoiding showings to people who have no intention of renting.

How to combine 2 matterport tours together:

Deep Link Collection & Editing:

  • The organization is essential since these deep relationships are difficult to distinguish. To keep things structured, we recommend utilizing a text editing program. TextEdit or Notes are possibilities. It keeps track of them in case you need them later. You can also use a URL parameter to transition from one place to the next seamlessly.
  • Go to the scan point you want to be the viewer’s landing point in your second space. Drag the view around to choose the viewpoint facing.
  • A deep link is what it is called. To access the ‘Link to location’ window, press the u key on your keyboard. Although you won’t see anything, the Link has been copied to your clipboard. To put away the copied deep Link to your clipboard, hit it off the Copy to Clipboard key.
  • Please copy the link and paste it into your text editing program. Make a note of the Link’s destination.
  • Open your first space and navigate to the scan point where you want the viewer to be if they want to return. Keep in brains that the outlook must be rotated.
  • To access the Link to Location box, press the ‘u’ key again. Get on the Copy to Clipboard switch once more, as you did previous to.
  • Copy and paste the link into your text document so you can keep track of it.
  • You can add the URL parameter to enable the next space to fade up instead of rotating and flying in for a very smooth transition when traveling from space to space.
  • This is the Quickstart option, which ensures a smooth transition.
  • In your text editor, append the parameter to both of the links.
How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

Inserting the first Deep Link Mattertag:

To allow the deep links to be pasted in, mattertags will be added to the two spaces. Go away to the place where you wish for your viewers to see the Mattertag and release the first space. Depending on your use box, this force is on a way out door or a stairwell. Click the Mattertag tool while in Edit Mode. Then, to generate the Mattertag, get on the + button:

  • The Mattertag can then be placed in the space, and its position can be changed by clicking.
  • Please give it a title that describes its performance in the popup box that appears. See the upper story or Travel to the Workshop.
  • Click to travel to the next space is a phrase you can enter in the Description box.
  • Two additional fields will appear in the Add link box. The Text field displays the words to which the Link should be associated, and they will be underlined after you are completed.
  • Paste the first Link from your text editor document into the Link to section, and then click Apply
  • The window will offer you a preview of the text’s appearance. If it appears to a spectator to be clear, it is. Done is selected.
  • The final presentation appears when you hover your cursor over the Mattertag’s circular icon.
  • If you decide, you might now experiment the Link.
  • If you don’t like the result, find the Mattertag in the list of Mattertags and select edit from the three dots.
  • The first Mattertag with Deep Link comes to a close at this point. You can directly give the spectator a choice to return to the main house if you wish.

The Top Issues and solutions with Matterport:

It is a terrific platform for virtual tour experiences that you believe are unmatched in terms of quality, accuracy, usability, and application variety. That is not to imply that Matterport is flawless with flaws like any other technology. Scene3D wants each potential customer to know everything there is to know about Matterport virtual tours before determining if it’s the right tool for you and your property or business. Recognizing with the aim of Matterport virtual tours turn out to be more popular all through the world, a rising amount of property and business owners are involved in via this technology. This report will see some of the most common Matterport issues you have ever seen and what you can do to avoid them.

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

Solar Radiation:

A Matterport camera send out an infrared light to bounces off surrounding surfaces and back to the camera’s feeler to proof data about the size and form of a position. Infrared light from the light can interrupt the camera’s ability to detect depth data. Even on foggy days, this is possible. Scanning in or near sunlight can result in alignment problems. This happens when the software can’t figure out where the 3D scan should go in relation to the space. It also suggests that there may be problems with 3D geometry, which can lead to maritime issues and, ultimately, a subpar final product.

  • Solution:

This guide advocate using the 360o views option for outdoor areas where getting out of direct sunlight is nearly impossible. These are behind that additional to the dollhouse and approach into view as icons on tours that can be right to use by clicking on them. The Matterport device is used to capture 360o views, however, in this case, the camera simply takes a high-resolution panoramic image without any 3D information. Direct sunlight does not affect the quality of the 360 views because they don’t record any 3D data.

Information That Is Sensitive or Personal:

With Matterport virtual tours, high definition quality, private and sensitive information that may be visible is a crucial consideration to consider when recording different spaces. From legal documents to family photographs, everything in a home, business, or other occupied space has the potential to be on display. Any company or homeowner should be concerned about this. Because most Matterport virtual tours attract a large number of visitors, hundreds or even thousands of people may have access to information they should not.

  • Solution:

Fortunately, there are a few fundamental strategies for addressing this critical issue:

  1. Ensure that the space is presentable and that any sensitive data is hidden before any Matterport Service Provider arrives on-site.
  2. Matterport has recently released a new tool that may be used to blur any images or sensitive data that were not captured during the 3D scanning session.
  3. Before the virtual tour is released, this guide recommends allowing the client to examine it.
  4. They can then sign off on the final result, confirming that no personal or sensitive information is visible.

Hosting fees of matterport:

After the 3D Virtual Tour has been scanned and cut, it is uploaded to the Matterport servers to be processed. Matterport accomplishes things this way so that each virtual tour may be easily shared and embedded on websites. The trip can only be hosted on Matterport servers, which comes with a cost. Some Matterport service providers prefer to bill this on an annual basis, while others prefer to bill it every month.

  • Solution:

Unfortunately, there is currently no remedy to this problem without attempting to showcase your area differently. However, we believe that the advantages of Matterport’s well-proven platform much exceed the disadvantages. Matterport tours are easy to share, offer incredible functionality, are highly accurate, and can be simply incorporated into websites without causing any noticeable lag.

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

How To Link 2 Matterport Tours Together

Scan Limits:

The camera has to get together enormous volumes of in cooperation photographic and 3D data to give high-class, precise 3D virtual tours only practicable with a Matterport formation. Regrettably, if a space is too full-size, the utmost number of 3D scans that might be done before the project becomes uncontrollable may be partial.

  • Solution:

Breaking the space into distinct 3D models is the most effective way to effectively 3D scan, particularly in huge spaces. These lesser 3D models will be easier to administer and can be connected via data tags. For instance, if you have an office area with 800 scans spread out over 6 stories, have created two models such as one for floors Ground to 3 and another for floors 3 to 6, all linked by data tags.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, you learned about the benefits of Matterport and how to link two Matterport tours together in the preceding essay. As a result, the insurance and corporation industry’s direction is shifting. You may precisely illustrate to the viewers how the two spaces are connected with this specific information.


How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

April 20, 2022 in Blog, Matterport

How much to charge for a matterport scan?

What is the main variation you have noticed between few decades back and now? Of course, digital changes are the major thing that improved the standard of the current world. Once, technology was used for only a few essential things, but now it is impossible to complete a day without using technology. Many sectors need virtual tours for their business, such as architects, real estate, photographers, etc. They all attain the help of a matterport scan. It always seems to be a better option when you explain something with visuals because the understanding level will be more with visuals. You will learn about the matterport scan and how much it costs in this post:

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

Matterport: Overview 

Matterport is a 3D camera and software system that creates any home or building’s digital space or digital twin. It is exclusive in that it agreed you to make, plan, and control the online world which has been produced rather than plainly screening a virtual image of a space. The software allows photographers, architects, real estate agents, and other professionals to spend less time creating virtual tours that may contain inaccuracies. The program is simple to use and understand, resulting in a quick and efficient process with the highest precision and accuracy. In addition to its ease of use and distribution, the tool effectively allows clients to explore a space before investing.

How does it work?

The surety for a better digital world will be guaranteed when there is a matterport system. This 3D Matterport structure makes use of algorithms to transmit a physical space into a system-based site. It is possible to attain accurate visual and spatial information by using the matterport as it uses infrared scanning technology. The property will upload into the system once it gets scanned, and the complete information will be analyzed and processed, which has been taken from the camera. The software then automates the distribution of the new digital realm.

The software-generated content can be utilized without help or in combination with other platforms to best display the space. Matterport content isn’t just for real estate. Retailers are beginning to incorporate Matterport virtual tours into their websites in order to offer a virtual scan of the space to increase and prolong customer activity. In commercial spaces, the software is used to help with scanning, building, and development of the property. Matterport’s accuracy makes it useful for remote inspection as well.

List of cost package of Matterport


Free Starter Pro & Business Enterprise
$0/ forever

You get

1 Active Space

2 Users

Get Started Free and works with iOS, Android devices and supported 360 cameras.

Top Features

  • Privately viewed in Cloud
  • Photos and videos can be downloaded
  • Take measurements


$9.99 / month

Room to grow

5  Active Spaces

2 Users

Works with iOS, Android devices and all supported 360 cameras and Capture Services.

Top Features

  • Contain entire features in Free Plan
  • Schematic floor plans from $19.99
  • Share and embed anywhere
  • Distribute to Google Street View free for a particular time
  • Basic Space traffic analytics
  • Publish to
$69 / month

Starting at

25  Active Spaces

5 Users

Works with iOS, Android devices and all supported cameras and Capture Services.

Top Features

  • Contain entire features in Starter plan
  • Matterport technical files from $39
  • Schematic floor plans from $12.99
  • Team collaboration
  • Export Space traffic analytics reports
  • Automatic face blurring
  • Express schematic floors plans delivered within 6 hours from $34.99
  • BIM Files, add-on pricing varies by size specially for Pro2 and BLK devices
Contact them for a quote

Tailored solutions that scale Active Spaces and Users as needed

contact them

Works with iOS, Android devices and all supported cameras and Capture Services.

Top Features

  • Contain entire features in Pro & Business Plan
  • Volume discount pricing for Matterport technical files
  • Volume discount pricing for Schematic floor plans
  • Centralized account administration
  • Enterprise-level technical support
  • Powerful, fully scalable enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Access to a customer success manager
  • Access to Single Sign-On / SAML
  • Access to robust API’s & SDK’s for enterprise-scale automation and integrations
  • Access to Capture Services for Enterprise


How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?


Features of Matterport 

Before starting to use the matterport scan, it is essential to know about its main features, and here are the lists of features of matterport:

  • AI-Based Data Synthesis Measurements
  • Capturing Space Data
  • Digital Twins in 3D
  • Media Resources
  • Customization of Digital Twins
  • Annotations
  • Digital tags
  • Virtual Reality
  • Various Space Perspectives
  • Sharing and Publication
  • SDK for Matterport

Advantages of Matterport 

The most important advantages of Matterport are that it allows you to provide immersive experiences to prospects, customers, and other stakeholders by generating 3D digital spaces. It streamlines important processes associated with your business or profession and allows easy collaboration in physical spaces. Apart from this, various other benefits are listed below for you:

Matterport is a high-quality 3D imaging system

Matterport was developed to provide an accurate layout of space and portray a home in the highest possible quality. The 3D Matterport camera is lightweight and portable, allowing you to position it wherever you want on the property. The system ensures that a Matterport service provider can add benefits such as virtual staging later in the process. The virtual performance of these locations highlights the worth and comfort of the space. It provides a legitimate view of space and an inexpensive method of putting a design into action.

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

It blocks personal information

The artificial intelligence software known as Cortex is another significant advantage. Cortex removes all traces of personal information from images. For example, suppose you have a photo of your children on the fridge that you don’t want random people to see. In that case, Cortex automatically blocks out the faces so that no one sees these images or anyone in your home while the Matterport photos are being taken. The faces are blurred by Cortex. Furthermore, it has no idea what documents are important or private, so they must be removed from areas where the 4k imaging camera can read them.


One more advantage is that matterport also provides customization options, including adding, modifying, trimming, setting different starting points, and generating various output formats such as JPG, OBJ, and PDF files. Another intriguing option is Mattertag, which allows you to annotate the 3D image with explanatory text, videos, or links. Matterport features are also exposed through various APIs and SDKs, allowing businesses to build customized 3D capabilities on top of the base features.

Dollhouse in 3D with multiple perspectives

Thanks to the various view options, you can be confident that your property is accurately depicted. The Dollhouse View lets you zoom out and get a bird’s-eye view of your property. The Inside View feature allows you to take a virtual property tour. The Floorplan view provides a top-down view of the property’s layout.

Boost the buyers and their satisfaction

Companies can use Matterport to expand their reach beyond a local demographic. Matterport allows a real estate professional to examine space for a larger group of people. It will increase the online and in-person viewing of space. Any use of further technologies, such as virtual staging, virtual tours, and so on, adds an additional level of professionalism and appeal to a property.

Easy collaboration 

Matterport makes it simple for you and your coworkers or other stakeholders to collaborate. You can send links to team members to view 3D digital twins of spaces and media assets. The team members can access and view the digital twins and media assets at any time and on any device. They will be able to remotely inspect and evaluate properties, buildings, or spaces without physically visiting them. You can also invite collaborators to a cloud-based workspace where they can upload, access, and edit 3D digital twins.

Ways to scan

Capturing device, tripod, quick-release clamp, and supported iOS device are the essential equipment you need to scan.

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

Connect the camera with WiFi 

The scanning through your camera is not possible with your internet connection, and you need to connect it with WiFi. Until completing the entire scanning process, the WiFi connection has to stay active. You can achieve the clear pictorial representation of the particular property.

Scanning positions 

Scan the property in the direction you want the viewer to go. To get the best space scan, keep a direct line of sight between your scan points. It will ensure a smooth transition from one area to the next. Place the camera 5-8 feet away from the previous scan to create a continuous flow throughout the property. You should also keep it between 18-and 24 inches away from any walls or objects.

Making features and highlighting the top one

By marking mirrors or different reflective exteriors and windows, the Matterport Capture app pays no attention to the reflected images in the mirror or visible through the window. Mark these features as soon as you capture them for the best results. You can also take additional scans of any area you want to emphasize or where you want viewers to focus their attention. Having too many scans is always preferable to having too few. If you don’t have enough scans, you will have to return to the property and make more.

Alignment errors are being recovered

During scanning, you may encounter an error message stating it could not align and there is insufficient 3D data. Move your camera closer to your previous scan position and scan again to correct this. You could also add this scan as a 360° View instead. Additionally, you need to adjust the light. Consistent, adequate lighting throughout the space will give your scans a seamless feel and flow.

Scans of stairs 

You must go behind the path visitors are likely to take when visiting the property, just as you did with the other scans. As a result, when scanning multiple floors, it is recommended that you begin at the bottom and work your way up. Move the tripod up periodic steps at a time, ensuring it is secure and stable when you are ready to scan. Then, stay consistent with the doors, either keeping the doors open or closed before starting the scanning. Don’t cross the 45° angle when you decide to keep the door open.

Examining patios, porches, and gardens outdoors

Scanning in direct sunlight can be challenging. Consider creating 360-degree scans of these areas. Instead of developing a 3D scan of the area, 360° scans collect 2D visual data. The best times to scan the outside pathways around the property are dusk or dawn. It will produce the best outside scans possible, as direct sunlight will not interfere with the camera’s sensors.

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

Indoor and outdoor scans are combined

The 3D scan modes for indoors and outdoors modify the camera settings to capture the best scan possible under specific conditions. Switching between the two may cause alignment issues. It is recommended that you complete all indoor scans before proceeding to outdoor scans.

Taking test scans 

To check the optimization of the scan condition, you can go for the testing scan. Try one or two test scans or test models, and surely, you will get a clear idea about your scanning condition. The testing scan contains small data, and the result will be processed soon once you upload them to Cloud. Don’t scan the entire property without a test scan train because it is a waste of time for you when you find some issues such as adjusting light and other things. Find out the adjustment needs in the test scan and correct them before scanning the entire property. If you make changes like adding a new scan and deleting an irrelevant one, you might need a duplicate scan and take that.

Final thoughts: 

Matterport simplifies the process of obtaining a more precise and perfect vision. These Matterport scans are useful for real estate, travel, hospitality, architecture, engineering, construction, insurance, homeowners, etc. So, by considering the details listed earlier, use the Matterport to provide the virtual display for your property. It will helps to attract many new customers for your business.


How to Save a Matterport Virtual Tour

April 19, 2022 in Blog, Matterport

How to Save A Matterport Virtual Tour

How to Save A Matterport Virtual Tour

In this one, we’ll be covering how to strategically save a Matterport virtual tour on your account. We all know that one of the most annoying things about Matterport is the expensive hosting fees and the lack of spaces that you get with each plan.

What if I told you that you were able to save so many more spaces each month, and that your clients would become even more excited to do business with you with these tactics? Pretty amazing right? Right. Let’s get started.

How to Save A Matterport Virtual Tour

  1. Create Your Client Their Own FREE Matterport Account
    1. Tour MUST be shot on a Matterport Pro 2
    2. Tour must be condensed to only one model
    3. Lots of opportunity to upsell
  2. Create a Matterport BIM file
    1. Under Tour settings, order BIM file
    2. Can Upload to multiple platforms
    3. You can archive model and still use BIM file that’s downloaded
  3. Use Third Party Softwares such as Metareal to Replicate Matterport
    1. Tour will still have a dollhouse feature, will be even cleaner to be honest
    2. Tour will be 1/10 cheaper than Matterport, prices start at $4 USD per pano
    3. Tour will be completed in roughly 2-3 business days

Use these 3 steps to provide better value for your clients. They will significantly trust you more, and will continue to use you in the future as their main Matterport provider.

How to Save A Matterport Virtual Tour

Momentum 360 is a virtual tour company HQ’d in Philadelphia that provides virtual tours, photography, videography, virtual staging and 3d rendering services to small businesses and real estate companies across the entire United States. If you’re a small business owner or virtual tour company looking to grow and build your presence online, give us a call at 215-607-6482 or email us at [email protected] to learn more.


Photoshoot Near Me

April 12, 2022 in Blog, Cameras, Matterport

Photoshoots: The Changing Landscape of PreNup

After an exhausting day, I’ve decided to have a quick stroll around my place when I’ve come across a couple who’s busy with their pre-nuptial photoshoot. I’m in awe upon seeing how unique and pure the theme they have. Usually you’ll see lovers being sweet and clingy, however this one chose to do something enjoyable and fun. The two are just simply drinking their favorite beer while being hilarious with each other. That’s probably one of the most genuine acts I’ve ever encountered. I realized that a perfect way to ace a prenup is by showing your real behavior and personality. This is also to remove any awkwardness in the scene and to avoid it emerging as something scripted or planned.

Photoshoot Near Me

Photo Source: Pexels

Over the years, it has become a trend for soon to be married to do prenup. Some are adventurous while the others prefer to be laidback and just chill. There are even times that they will go for an extra mile and do it in their favorite destinations abroad. But, is it really a must for couples to have it?

As we continuously live in the digital age where almost everything on the internet gets trendy, social media is the most powerful of them all. We are all excited in announcing our engagement with our partner, we tend to share such memorable events to our friends and family. No doubt, it will definitely receive lots of reactions and congratulatory messages. But, that simple way of flaunting online is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Prenup photos are changing the game of publicizing marriage invitations. Imagine the excitement of those viewing you and your partner’s photos at a memorable place or an ig worthy location, all dressed up while showing affection and passion with one another. Prenup photos and videos are also an awesome surprise gift for the wedding guests as it adds fun and entertainment during your party.

Photoshoot Near Me

Photo Source: Pexels

Staying Confident During Prenup Photoshoots

Since these photoshoots ideally happen months before the wedding, this is an advantage for both the couple and wedding photographers. It gives you the chance to practice in front of the camera and know what your good angles are. Whether you’re camera shy or not, your prenup organizers and photographers will surely help you work around that. At first it may be awkward for you, but you’ll get more comfortable as you progress. Experiencing it first hand will help you stay calm especially on your wedding day (there’ll surely be more than 2 cameras sitting in front of you). Who knows, maybe you’ll discover the most flattering angle of you that you could ever imagine.

Being relax during Photoshoots

Another great thing with prenup is you get to bond and enjoy such sweet moments with your partner before your big day comes. It’s an exquisite way to practice showing affection for your wedding shots to avoid ending up being uneasy and uncomfortable. But don’t worry, Photographers are working their best in making sure that the couple is cozy during the shoot.

Photoshoot Near Me

Photo Source: Pexels

Things to check before the photoshoot

As simple and effortless it may seem, pre-wedding shoots are not that easy. Though you have your organizers with you to arrange everything, you still have few things to consider and pay attention to before the shoot takes place. It is important that you have enough knowledge of what you are planning to do. There’s no harm in trying to look for the upcoming photoshoot such as the location, wardrobe, and the main concept. Make sure of the theme that you would like to have and determine it depending on your ideals and preferences. Try asking yourself if you are capable of doing such concepts and if it’s easily attainable.

Photoshoot Near Me

Photo Source: Pexels

Furthermore, there are still other factors you have to check on. Choosing the right time for your prenup shoot is not that easy. You still have a lot of things to consider. It’s a bit similar in arranging and preparing for your own wedding event. It is important that you will have a very flexible shooting date. Though there’s no perfect time to conduct it, still it would be better to do it at least 3 months before the wedding day to allow the photographers to edit every picture and video you have. Try picking up dates that are not within the wedding peak seasons mostly since almost all wedding suppliers are busy.

Check the weather forecast before the shoot

If you’re thinking of something that could ruin everything, that is the WEATHER. Since this is very unpredictable, it is important that the shoot won’t fall during the rainy season. If it can’t be avoided, you can try asking the supplier about the “force majeure” or an act where in any case you had to move the date, there’ll be no additional charges. It’s better to know everything first hand to be prepared. It’s also a good thing if you’ll have a plan B in mind just in case an emergency will happen.

Be mindful of your prenup budget

After booking everything like your suppliers and photographers, always be sure that you still have extra budget to cover up any additional and unexpected expenses during the photoshoot such as extra hours in the venue, additional costs for staff meals, transportation issues and or any unforeseen situations. Every penny counts, it’s better to be safe than sorry as everyone says.

Still, there is no right date for a photoshoot. As long as all of the participants are good to go, then go along with it. As long as it is not too near nor far from your big day. In fact, prenups are usually being used as the“save the date” so it’s just better to have it earlier so in any case an emergency happens, you can easily adapt with it without ruining the ideal outcome you are waiting for.

Photoshoot Near Me

Photo Source: Pexels

In the end, prenup photoshoots do not need to be that extravagant and expensive. It’s enough that we get the chance to relive the most special moments we have with our partner. You really just have to do it your way. It’s not a prerequisite for a happy marriage, no one is requiring you to do it. If you have decided to do it, make it your own story. Make it last for a lifetime, just be genuinely you.


Matterport Scanning Services

April 11, 2022 in Blog, Matterport

What are the benefits of Matterport and how it works?

As your sector changes, everyone notices the rising technology and its far-reaching benefits for your company. Master Restoration remains on the cutting edge of technology, leveraging Matterport’s cutting-edge picture capture capabilities. It enables the creation of a 3D virtual environment of a home or business, both inside and outside. Master Restoration uses Matterport Scanning services on various projects because the benefits it offers to the stakeholders are simply incredible. Measurements with 99 percent accuracy, the capacity to guide someone through a home without being physically present, the ability to communicate with carriers and homeowners to improve communication, and increased process and business efficiencies are all possible with the Matterport technology.

Matterport Scanning Services

Matterport Scanning Services


Matterport is a camera device that allows you to generate 3D virtual worlds and schematic floor plans for any physical location. It can work for both the inside and outside your home or company. It’s a 4K camera that lets you take a virtual tour of any home or company. Floor layouts, virtual tours, and dollhouse views are all possible with Matterport. Given the quantity of space that can be covered and the various view possibilities it will generate, the procedure is incredibly efficient. Most houses can be completed in less than 45 minutes. However, according to their website, the team takes roughly fifteen minutes every 1000 square feet.

Benefits of Matterport

Matterport makes it simple to generate a virtual reality of an area that aids in understanding it. Matterport’s software, algorithm, and people consider what is genuinely important in a property.


Matterport was intended to provide a precise place structure and portray the property in the best possible way. Because the 3D Matterport camera is lightweight and portable, you may place it anywhere on the property. The system has certain benefits, such as virtual staging that can be introduced later in the process by a Matterport scanning service provider. The virtual staging of these venues emphasises their importance and comfort. This provides a legitimate image of a place and a low-cost method of putting a design into action.

Precise and Time-Saving

Little but powerful cameras are fantastic at capturing a property’s details. They are not only rapid, but they are also spatially and dimensionally correct, as the visible and actual property are same. The cameras are in varied stages of repair, but each project can scan at a speed of up to 10,000 feet per second.

Matterport Scanning Services

Matterport Scanning Services

Adaptable technology

Matterport is a high-end 3D technology that makes it compatible with a wide range of 3D cameras, 360 cameras, and even iPhones. It allows you to create virtual tours that satisfy your needs in terms of convenience, size, scale, and complexity. You can scan nearly any location, regardless of its size. Apart from that, it’s being utilized to create virtual worlds by a wide range of companies. Matterport is an exceptionally versatile and user-friendly technology.

Increase the number of buyers and their satisfaction.

Companies can utilize Matterport to reach out to people who aren’t in their nearby surroundings. A real estate expert can use Matterport to look at a room for a larger group of individuals. Any usage of new technologies such as virtual tours, virtual staging, and so on adds to a property’s professionalism and appeal.

Increase your listing and expand your potential buyers.

Nowadays, online buyers expect to see a virtual tour with real estate listings on real estate websites. Compared to property listings that solely feature images, the website has discovered that including virtual tours increases views by 87 percent. The more views a listing receives, the more potential clients schedule a reservation, leading to finalized deals. Virtual tours and panoramic photos are highly engaging, entertaining, and convenient for visitors and potential consumers. And by addressing those requirements and expectations, you will be able to expand your pool of future purchasers.

Matterport Scanning Services

Matterport Scanning Services

Tips for the best Matterport Scans 

Lighting is important

For Matterport Scans and any other photos or movies you are taking, lighting is crucial. What is the significance of light? It does all to allow a property to be viewed. Good lighting can draw attention to fixtures and finishes. It can also help you create the perfect environment for your real estate to appeal to your target market. An ultra-modern condo with more pooled light and colder undertones might appear more elegant and high-end? Warmer, softer lighting may make a cosy space feel more welcoming and comfortable.

Concentrate on one-of-a-kind items and spaces

When buyers are looking for a home, properties often blend together. If you want your Matterport Scan services to stand out, they should highlight the aspects that set your property apart. Let’s say you have a reading nook in your home. Do not ignore it or dismiss it! Instead, make the most of this one-of-a-kind area to make your home stand out and your Matterport Scan flawless.

Don’t forget about the great outdoors.

When it comes to Matterport Scanning services, many individuals only consider the inside of their homes. However, outdoor areas can be a key selling point, especially for residences!

Why would you not highlight the outdoor areas in light of this? Consider everything that defines a property or might appeal to the property’s target audience.

Decorate the space but only in moderation

When a place is free of furnishings, it is difficult for potential buyers to see themselves living there. Furthermore, in Matterport Scans of unoccupied rooms, it cannot be easy to see the scale. It is critical to stage rooms given this. However, avoid over-styling at all costs. You don’t want the staging to take over the area and turn off purchasers who prefer a different style. If the house is currently occupied, attempt to remove personal things such as family photos or artwork that may again personalize the space and put off potential buyers who may suddenly find it difficult to envision themselves in the room.

Add your Matterport scans

One of the best features of Matterport Scans is the ability to embed URLs. What exactly does that imply? You can add a link to the floor to highlight the flooring in a house. Then, while taking a virtual tour of the room, potential purchasers can click on the link to open a new window with information about the flooring. The links can also contain various packages for appliances, counters, and more which is a great tool for builders and developers.

Check your Matterport scans twice and three times.

Every aspect of your Matterport scans must function well, that there are no continuity mistakes, and that all of the scans’ links function properly and contain accurate data. As a result, your support walks through your Matterport scanning services and has others test them for any errors. Of course, if you cooperate with them, they will make certain that your Matterport Scans are flawless!

Show your Matterport Scan

You can take 360-degree photos from your Matterport Scan and upload them to social media sites once it’s finished. It won’t be a full Matterport scan but rather a scan of a select area, which is good because it allows you to direct the viewer’s attention to the parts you want to focus on. These scans also serve as wonderful examples of your work, which you can display in your website’s portfolio or gallery section. Professional organization wills know how to use the various features.

Matterport Scanning Services

Matterport Scanning Services

Why work with Master scanning service providers

Full-Time Photographer

You make a living as a professional real estate photographer, which means you pay for your years of experience and knowledge. Do you think you can save money by photographing your brand-new listing using your iPhone’s incredible camera? Reconsider your position. When capturing interior and exterior real estate photography, the expression it’s all about the light couldn’t be truer. You can combine ambient lighting with on-camera and off-camera flash to generate a final image by combining up to 10 shots in Photoshop. Furthermore, the perceived worth of hiring a professional vs. shooting shots with your phone camera will speak words to your property owners. Please take advantage of this and tell them that investing in professional photography will pay off in a speedier sale and higher pricing on average.

Professional Experience

It is just as crucial to choose the right professional as to hire one. There are two categories of professionals. The first is a company that takes your money but not your time. It’s good for them, but it’s harmful to you. You’ve seen these photos before. Their brightness will cast harsh, white shadows, and blown-out windows obscure the outer scene. A professional who uses additional professional lighting to emphasize a space is the second type of professional. The magic happens in post-production during the blending phase. You will rarely see a shadow cast by an on-camera flash in one of my photographs. That is the best opinion, the first thing that draws your attention and detracts from the pleasure of imagining yourself in a space.

Matterport Photography Technology 

Consider hiring someone who has experience with 3D Walkthrough technology and floor plans. For the past few years, many persons have been photographing using a Matterport camera. Professionals have dozens and dozens of property scans to share as samples as one of the first photographers to adopt this technology. This technology will astound your clients with its immersive 3D technology, which is the future of virtual tours in real estate. Allow consumers to visually tour your listing to attract purchasers from all around the world.

Shooting the right angles  

When it comes to effectively displaying a new listing property, great lighting composition is essential. A smart photographer will know how to draw attention to the most crucial aspects of a scene. Due to adequate camera height and precise angles to fill the frame, a qualified real estate photographer will examine the correct horizontal and vertical lines that will draw the viewer’s attention to the image. When you look at real estate photography, one of the first things that irritate you is the camera height of the photographs. When you see photographs of kitchens that are lower than the countertops and emphasis the cabinet doors, then you will cringe. You always shoot from a perspective that gives the spectator the impression of peering down into a scene.

Matterport Scanning Services

Matterport Scanning Services


Proper post-production needs patience as well as a thorough understanding of photo editing. Real estate photography entails merely turning up, putting a flash on a camera, and providing photographs. If your photographer isn’t altering their photos in a tool to properly enhance the images, you might be hiring the incorrect person. You have a professional connection that involves retouching process. For a slightly greater charge, you also provide expert retouching services.

How Does Matterport Work?

For accurate visual and spatial information, Matterport uses infrared scanning technology. After the property has been scanned, the information from the camera is transferred to a system that analyses and processes it. These talents’ precision will aid in the creation of a digital environment that is reflected in physical space.

Algorithms are used by the 3D Matterport technology to convert a physical environment into a computer-based site. The software then develops a painless digital realm distribution mechanism. Matterport produces content that isn’t simply for real estate photography. Retailers are starting to use Matterport virtual tours on their websites to deliver a virtual scan of a location in order to improve and extend customer contact. The software is used in commercial areas to aid in the scanning, construction, and development of a property. Because of its accuracy, Matterport can also be used for remote inspection.

Why use Matterport?

Matterport is used by Master Restoration to increase productivity and efficiency in the loss-handling process. The advantages of using Matterport for this application are numerous, with immediate benefits in terms of lowering overhead, reducing time-in-process, improving customer happiness, and enhancing your employees’ work experience. Rather than forcing customers to buy new technology regularly, Matterport allows for system updates. Matterport users will be able to reduce long-term expenses and boost the R.O.I. for both the producer and the consumer by combining this with a physical product that is simplistically created and made to last. Matterport has its artificial intelligence, which is used to automate manual operations such as blurring faces, selecting the finest photographs, and making short video clips, among other things. These data are easily shared among parties, making it a useful tool for insurance companies, adjusters, realtors, and construction firms. It allows you to swipe through a home on mobile devices and tablets, and it’s even compatible with virtual reality headsets. You may walk around the house! The industry has evolved due to technology, and everyone has benefited.

Bottom line

Finally, if you want to scan or view your property for interior and exterior, you can use the Matterport scan to make it extraordinary.


What is Matterport Discover?

March 24, 2022 in Blog, Matterport, Museums, Virtual Tours

Matterport Discover

Matterport, the leader in 3D virtual capture technology has released a new feature to the ecosystem, Matterport Discover. Today, we’re going to talk about this new feature. We’re also going to talk about its impact. This could be a game changer for photographers.

Matterport Discover can lead value propositions. It can help possible clients imagine their space. Importantly, Matterport Discover is a proof of concept. We’ll be looking at how the models made by our company, featured on Matterport Discover, have impacted us.

We’re going to look at Bronzeville Children’s Museum. We’ll also explore Girard College Founder’s Hall. Next we will explore McLaren Philadelphia. Followed by Cherry Street Pier. Lastly, we will visit the Fitler Club, in Philadelphia. Matterport Discover has helped give reach to new clients.

This new and exciting tool can help you go to where you want to be with your Matterport business. So come take a page from Momentum 360. Learn how you can scale your business below!

Happy customers make for a happy business

Happy customers make for a happy business. Help yourself with Matteport Discovery

Why Matterport Discover?

Matterport Discover was created for one simple reason. Photographers needed examples. Most smart photographers have joined various facebook groups. You will find, daily, people inquiring about examples of different tours, in different verticals.

Maybe someone has their first car dealership on the line. It’s possible someone is getting their big break in the local real estate market. Most people have the competency to scale- if given the chance. Matterport Discover gives people that chance by showing what work can be done.

One downside about the Matterport Discover feature, is it does not indicate what camera each tour was shot on. While there is a separate filter in the search for Pro2 only, this can be a disadvantage for people shooting on any other camera supported by Matterport. Which is unfortunate, but a feature I’m sure they are able to switch on if desired.

There are several advantages. Just by observing tracking alone, we are able to see that our tours have a wide variety of reach. They are being seen by more and more people. Some photographers might ask, “isn’t this bad?”. And that’s a fair question. It’s only bad if you fully and honestly intend to be the sole matterport photographer for the whole world.

It’s important to accept a few key facts in this industry. First, more people are becoming aware of virtual tours. Second, it is getting cheaper and cheaper to enter the industry. Third, the examples already exist. This is just the best example so far at organizing them by matterport themselves.

Matterport seems to be making moves so they are the center of the virtual tour universe. From new cellphone automatic panoramic heads to Matterport Discover. They seem intent on getting back their long lost title of only viable option. Matterport failed to take into consideration the human element. Not just asking for examples of tours and getting a quick answer. But advice on how to capture that king of space.

A perfect dollhouse

Same Matterport tours, now on Matterport Discovery


A Children’s Virtual Tour

This fine example is one of many. The Bronzeville Children’s Museum, featured on Matterport Discover. This callout by matterport has helped both Momentum 360 and them. Why do customers even get tours? Exposure is the simple answer. So any venture that increases exposure is good for everyone.

Bronzeville Children’s Museum, situated on the site of the first Black Metropolis, teaches kids the value of hands-on play. Sounds familiar? Hand on, engaging content is what digital twins are all about. Getting kids excited, and letting them explore, is important. Virtual tours like this can help develop a child’s skills and increase education potential. Virtual tours are inherently hands-on.

Like all Matterport Discover tours, you can view them on any smart device. Even kid friendly tablets. This can be a new and exciting way to get kids started for any trip. In keeping up with Bronzeville Children’s Museum mission to educate, inform, and play- Matterport answers the call with interactive and fun loving assets that will serve them for years.

Matterport Discovery for all

Matterport Discovery is opening new possibilities


A Cut Above The Rest

Noble Founders Hall, at Girard College, is a classic example. This five day boarding school is one of the best in the nation. Having a virtual tour on hand can be a phenomenal way to show off a school. They are able to show off their space at any time. This can be very good. It’s important to show the best you are able. Having a 24/7 open house can really drive the value of an institution.

Matterport Discover makes it easy for someone to find them. It puts them in front of more people. It is a valuable tool. Again, just looking at numbers alone. We can clearly see the value of being featured. There are thousands of private schools in the USA. Standing out above other is vital to making sure they hit their own numbers.

Virtual tours can be even further valuable. With the ability to add tracking, it’s invaluable. Being able to have deep insights is always valuable. It’s important to remember that doing what your competition isn’t is a way to succeed.

Capturing this space was simple, completed in under an hour. While it would be nice to display that, sadly this is not a metric measured by Matterport. But it is easy to sell this function. You will find many people who believe they take several days to capture, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

College tours, and school tours overall, are staples of the education system. Offering comprehensive examples online will obviously multiply your digital footprint by a massive factor.

High Value Tours For High Value Assets

Want to expand your business fast? Are you interested in high value assets? McLaren in Philadelphia sure did. That’s why they went for a virtual tour. Being able to show off and highlight these rare and high value cars is an absolute crowd pleaser. Clearly, these cars sell themselves. No one needs an ad to know if they want to buy a supercar or not. So why even bother with the tour at all?

Pulling limited customers. It’s fairly uncommon to find someone who can afford a supercar. Compared to most people who can one way or another figure out how to afford some type of car. Pulling customers to your showroom is the key. The cars are nearly custom made. Picking which city you will fly to, to do the shopping is the key.

And this highlights two key aspects of our examples here today. First, Matterport Discover really does expand exposure. Secondly, the tour in and of itself is a runaway exposure. When deployed correctly, of course. Everyone knows you can embed in your website. Did you know you can put them on a business card? Using a free QR code generator can go a long way.

Tours like this have another possibility. They can go viral. These spaces are places most people won’t go. So giving people an inside look can add value and prestige to your brand. It’s possible to implement widely. And this is where Matterport Discover comes in. By its inherent goal, they distribute tours. This is a free feature. So it’s worthwhile to get as many in, as possible.

Understand potential clients better

Knowing your people is like knowing your business, invaluable to scale and growth. Matterport Discovery helps.

History Revitalized With Matterport Discovery

Did you know Cherry Street Pier is where the Banana was first imported to the United States? Now you do! But looking at the tour, you would have no idea. That is because they have been revitalized. Just looking over this tour, the space has a different vibe. From art studios to unique stores, this space has it all. It is no surprise they have been featured on Matterport Discover.

This larger tour took some time to capture indeed. It took about six hours to capture. This inside and outside tour is a key example of the possibilities of this platform. And the possibilities of the space. They are now able to offer tours to rent the space out, with minimal impacts on day to day operations. This is an important feature of digital twins. The ability to show off the space, empty (and staged if needed), with anyone at any time.

Sometimes, customers want limited access to the tours. This can be done by password protecting. Customers can also use a paywall. Either way, there are viable options to monetize. With an appropriate and pin point strategy, it is quite effective. This is where Matterport Discovery may be a downside. Sometimes customers will want complete control. It’s important to remember that the customer can have it. For absolute control, have the customer set up their own account.

Luxury Onboarding, Reimagined

In the post pandemic era- things have changed. People are incredibly picky about where they go. And equally important, how they spend their time. That’s why luxury locations like the Fitler Club regularly update their virtual tour. They rely on theirs to showcase and not intrude. This is a really great example of luxury onboarding, reimagined.

Matterport Discovery is helping the Fitler Club. By continuing to show off the space, Matterport Discovery enables more people to come across the Fitler Club and fall in love with it. As a co-working space, there is a massive amount of competition. From work from home to closed business, it can get difficult for institutions like the Fitler Club. But for them it is not. They have invested in forward thinking marketing assets to help drive the value of their space.

Institutions like the Fitler Club will utilize the court admissible aspect of the tours, in order to safeguard their own assets on site. They are reassured knowing they have the best possible documentation of their space. This means the tour has two highly valuable applications. Considering the cost effectiveness of these tours, this drives value for the clients who choose to utilize them.

Learning and implementing new tools

Developing the use of Matterport Discovery

A Conclusion On Matterport Discovery

Think of Matterport Discovery as free advertising. Because functionally speaking, that’s exactly what it is. Not only are your tours shown off. But your customers get increased exposure. The numbers and the tracking don’t lie. This is the latest and greatest way to show off your work. And it’s always important to call out your examples. Not all tours get pulled into Matterport Discovery.

It’s very important for the best work to be put forward, making sure you utilize every tool and asset possible. Matterport only wants good models. Interesting, engaging, and notably impressive. In conclusion, this is an exciting new tool. Because ultimately it will help you get more clients. With phenomenal examples at hand, you can now approach a wide range of potential customers not before possible. This is going to help scale and grow your business. While this is an important advancement, its is important to know it is not the end. You still need to go do the footwork to get customers. But with Matterport Discovery at your disposal, you can open up a whole new (virtual) world.