What is Matterport Discover?

March 24, 2022 in Blog, Matterport, Museums, Virtual Tours

Matterport Discover

Matterport, the leader in 3D virtual capture technology has released a new feature to the ecosystem, Matterport Discover. Today, we’re going to talk about this new feature. We’re also going to talk about its impact. This could be a game changer for photographers.

Matterport Discover can lead value propositions. It can help possible clients imagine their space. Importantly, Matterport Discover is a proof of concept. We’ll be looking at how the models made by our company, featured on Matterport Discover, have impacted us.

We’re going to look at Bronzeville Children’s Museum. We’ll also explore Girard College Founder’s Hall. Next we will explore McLaren Philadelphia. Followed by Cherry Street Pier. Lastly, we will visit the Fitler Club, in Philadelphia. Matterport Discover has helped give reach to new clients.

This new and exciting tool can help you go to where you want to be with your Matterport business. So come take a page from Momentum 360. Learn how you can scale your business below!

Happy customers make for a happy business

Happy customers make for a happy business. Help yourself with Matteport Discovery

Why Matterport Discover?

Matterport Discover was created for one simple reason. Photographers needed examples. Most smart photographers have joined various facebook groups. You will find, daily, people inquiring about examples of different tours, in different verticals.

Maybe someone has their first car dealership on the line. It’s possible someone is getting their big break in the local real estate market. Most people have the competency to scale- if given the chance. Matterport Discover gives people that chance by showing what work can be done.

One downside about the Matterport Discover feature, is it does not indicate what camera each tour was shot on. While there is a separate filter in the search for Pro2 only, this can be a disadvantage for people shooting on any other camera supported by Matterport. Which is unfortunate, but a feature I’m sure they are able to switch on if desired.

There are several advantages. Just by observing tracking alone, we are able to see that our tours have a wide variety of reach. They are being seen by more and more people. Some photographers might ask, “isn’t this bad?”. And that’s a fair question. It’s only bad if you fully and honestly intend to be the sole matterport photographer for the whole world.

It’s important to accept a few key facts in this industry. First, more people are becoming aware of virtual tours. Second, it is getting cheaper and cheaper to enter the industry. Third, the examples already exist. This is just the best example so far at organizing them by matterport themselves.

Matterport seems to be making moves so they are the center of the virtual tour universe. From new cellphone automatic panoramic heads to Matterport Discover. They seem intent on getting back their long lost title of only viable option. Matterport failed to take into consideration the human element. Not just asking for examples of tours and getting a quick answer. But advice on how to capture that king of space.

A perfect dollhouse

Same Matterport tours, now on Matterport Discovery


A Children’s Virtual Tour

This fine example is one of many. The Bronzeville Children’s Museum, featured on Matterport Discover. This callout by matterport has helped both Momentum 360 and them. Why do customers even get tours? Exposure is the simple answer. So any venture that increases exposure is good for everyone.

Bronzeville Children’s Museum, situated on the site of the first Black Metropolis, teaches kids the value of hands-on play. Sounds familiar? Hand on, engaging content is what digital twins are all about. Getting kids excited, and letting them explore, is important. Virtual tours like this can help develop a child’s skills and increase education potential. Virtual tours are inherently hands-on.

Like all Matterport Discover tours, you can view them on any smart device. Even kid friendly tablets. This can be a new and exciting way to get kids started for any trip. In keeping up with Bronzeville Children’s Museum mission to educate, inform, and play- Matterport answers the call with interactive and fun loving assets that will serve them for years.

Matterport Discovery for all

Matterport Discovery is opening new possibilities


A Cut Above The Rest

Noble Founders Hall, at Girard College, is a classic example. This five day boarding school is one of the best in the nation. Having a virtual tour on hand can be a phenomenal way to show off a school. They are able to show off their space at any time. This can be very good. It’s important to show the best you are able. Having a 24/7 open house can really drive the value of an institution.

Matterport Discover makes it easy for someone to find them. It puts them in front of more people. It is a valuable tool. Again, just looking at numbers alone. We can clearly see the value of being featured. There are thousands of private schools in the USA. Standing out above other is vital to making sure they hit their own numbers.

Virtual tours can be even further valuable. With the ability to add tracking, it’s invaluable. Being able to have deep insights is always valuable. It’s important to remember that doing what your competition isn’t is a way to succeed.

Capturing this space was simple, completed in under an hour. While it would be nice to display that, sadly this is not a metric measured by Matterport. But it is easy to sell this function. You will find many people who believe they take several days to capture, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

College tours, and school tours overall, are staples of the education system. Offering comprehensive examples online will obviously multiply your digital footprint by a massive factor.

High Value Tours For High Value Assets

Want to expand your business fast? Are you interested in high value assets? McLaren in Philadelphia sure did. That’s why they went for a virtual tour. Being able to show off and highlight these rare and high value cars is an absolute crowd pleaser. Clearly, these cars sell themselves. No one needs an ad to know if they want to buy a supercar or not. So why even bother with the tour at all?

Pulling limited customers. It’s fairly uncommon to find someone who can afford a supercar. Compared to most people who can one way or another figure out how to afford some type of car. Pulling customers to your showroom is the key. The cars are nearly custom made. Picking which city you will fly to, to do the shopping is the key.

And this highlights two key aspects of our examples here today. First, Matterport Discover really does expand exposure. Secondly, the tour in and of itself is a runaway exposure. When deployed correctly, of course. Everyone knows you can embed in your website. Did you know you can put them on a business card? Using a free QR code generator can go a long way.

Tours like this have another possibility. They can go viral. These spaces are places most people won’t go. So giving people an inside look can add value and prestige to your brand. It’s possible to implement widely. And this is where Matterport Discover comes in. By its inherent goal, they distribute tours. This is a free feature. So it’s worthwhile to get as many in, as possible.

Understand potential clients better

Knowing your people is like knowing your business, invaluable to scale and growth. Matterport Discovery helps.

History Revitalized With Matterport Discovery

Did you know Cherry Street Pier is where the Banana was first imported to the United States? Now you do! But looking at the tour, you would have no idea. That is because they have been revitalized. Just looking over this tour, the space has a different vibe. From art studios to unique stores, this space has it all. It is no surprise they have been featured on Matterport Discover.

This larger tour took some time to capture indeed. It took about six hours to capture. This inside and outside tour is a key example of the possibilities of this platform. And the possibilities of the space. They are now able to offer tours to rent the space out, with minimal impacts on day to day operations. This is an important feature of digital twins. The ability to show off the space, empty (and staged if needed), with anyone at any time.

Sometimes, customers want limited access to the tours. This can be done by password protecting. Customers can also use a paywall. Either way, there are viable options to monetize. With an appropriate and pin point strategy, it is quite effective. This is where Matterport Discovery may be a downside. Sometimes customers will want complete control. It’s important to remember that the customer can have it. For absolute control, have the customer set up their own account.

Luxury Onboarding, Reimagined

In the post pandemic era- things have changed. People are incredibly picky about where they go. And equally important, how they spend their time. That’s why luxury locations like the Fitler Club regularly update their virtual tour. They rely on theirs to showcase and not intrude. This is a really great example of luxury onboarding, reimagined.

Matterport Discovery is helping the Fitler Club. By continuing to show off the space, Matterport Discovery enables more people to come across the Fitler Club and fall in love with it. As a co-working space, there is a massive amount of competition. From work from home to closed business, it can get difficult for institutions like the Fitler Club. But for them it is not. They have invested in forward thinking marketing assets to help drive the value of their space.

Institutions like the Fitler Club will utilize the court admissible aspect of the tours, in order to safeguard their own assets on site. They are reassured knowing they have the best possible documentation of their space. This means the tour has two highly valuable applications. Considering the cost effectiveness of these tours, this drives value for the clients who choose to utilize them.

Learning and implementing new tools

Developing the use of Matterport Discovery

A Conclusion On Matterport Discovery

Think of Matterport Discovery as free advertising. Because functionally speaking, that’s exactly what it is. Not only are your tours shown off. But your customers get increased exposure. The numbers and the tracking don’t lie. This is the latest and greatest way to show off your work. And it’s always important to call out your examples. Not all tours get pulled into Matterport Discovery.

It’s very important for the best work to be put forward, making sure you utilize every tool and asset possible. Matterport only wants good models. Interesting, engaging, and notably impressive. In conclusion, this is an exciting new tool. Because ultimately it will help you get more clients. With phenomenal examples at hand, you can now approach a wide range of potential customers not before possible. This is going to help scale and grow your business. While this is an important advancement, its is important to know it is not the end. You still need to go do the footwork to get customers. But with Matterport Discovery at your disposal, you can open up a whole new (virtual) world.