Professional Photographer Near Me

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Professional Photographer Near Me

Weddings, birthdays, graduation, baptism, bridal shower, prenup, kiddie parties, business opening and other momentous events in your lives need to be captured. Photography has been one of our creative ways in capturing great moments in our lives. Some of these moments are so rare and are true once in a lifetime experiences which need to be seized. As they say, photos are captured moments and frozen time. As some of these opportunities are rare, it is equally important to get professional photographers to work with. Otherwise, you will end up with either blurred, out of focus and pixelated photos. Instead of you jumping off with joy seeing your moments frozen in time, you can end up disappointed and frustrated. This is what we do not want happening to you or anyone else.

If you are in search of a professional photographer or a team of photographers to work with me. Give us a call right now! We have worked with clients across a variety of industries and on different occasions. We are proud to say that we have a history of great working relationships with clients we have provided our service with. We all know the impact of capturing milestones and lifetime journeys through eye-catching, high-definition shots.

Professional Photographer Near Me

Professional Photographer Near Me

Image Source: Virtual Momentum Tours’s Website

Virtual Momentum Tours provide photography services not only for still images but for 360° high definition photography. Although we are known in the field of real estate photography, both residential and commercial. We also cater to other photography requirements such as weddings, parties, and meetings, car shows and other events. We do not only invest in upscaling our equipment but we are a firm believer of better capacitating our team to polish their skills. In terms of equipment, we have already invested in top of the line gadgets and equipment for HDR photography and HD 360° shots. We are also using the latest drone equipment for our aerial shots. We also recently bought some camera lenses to make sure that the lines and depth of field are captured in high definition. In terms of capacity-building, our team of photographers has been attending trainings in the area to further enhance their skill. Momentum Virtual Tour understands that in order for us to stay on top of our game, our photographers need to further improve their skills. Our company sees the importance of investing both on human resources and in the equipment to be used. We know that these occasions are special for our clients and we only want the best for them. You can check our portfolio to see the quality of work that we can deliver. It is also advisable to read our reviews or better yet give us a call to better discuss your requirements.

Now if you are still looking for other photographers near your area, you can always rely on a quick online research. There are plenty of websites out there which provide a comprehensive list of all the photographers in a certain location . The great thing about this site is that you can see the photographers portfolio, their location, the kind of photography service they provide and even their service fee (in some cases).

Here are some websites which provide you with a list of photographers you can choose from.

Professional Photographer Near Me

Professional Photographer Near Me

Image Source: Photodoto’s Website


This website is created for beginners and professional photographers. You can check out the list of photographers they have gathered. It also has a photo library tab and a selection of photography ebooks which you can purchase. You can also check their lightroom presets or read through the articles which details out key information related to photography such as understanding photography, learning about exposure, lighting, and compositions, what kinds of camera to purchase, the best post processing steps, tips and tricks, where to get photography inspirations and even how to capture great images using your iphone.

Professional Photographer Near Me

Professional Photographer Near Me

Image Source:’s Website


This website is another go to should you be looking for professional photographers for your events. To make sure that you can access all the information from their website, simply create an account by signing up. In the search bar, choose what type of photographer you are looking for and from what area. Getting a photographer requires three simple steps: Fill out the search bar; Connect with the photographer that you want either online or via call and third, hire his/her service. You can choose from different types of photographers such as aerial, editorial, child, travel, sports, pets, maternity, landscape and many more. You can also check for photographers via local, regional or international areas.

  1. Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Image Source: Professional Photographers of America’s Website


This website is a community of photographers pooled into this comprehensive photography site. Whether you are just new into photography or have years of experience in the industry, this website can provide you with guidance in terms of education, training and other photography-related resources. You can sign up and join this community to start building your network of passionate photographers. This is a non-profit organization and an excellent site for searching photographers either through their specialties, location and by photographer and studio’s name. You can also filter the search by choosing only those who are certified professional photographers, certified drone photographers or those photographers for images only. As for the specialities, there is a vast selection you can choose from. They have people for newborn, fine art, tween, equestrian, school portrait, photo restoration and many more.

Professional Photographer Near Me

Professional Photographer Near Me

Image Source: Flytographer’s Website


If you are looking for a photographer to hire from any point around the globe, visit this website and connect with these professionals. In the search bar, choose your travel destination. You will then be directed to a website which shows you a list of all the photographers in that location. You will get an idea of the starting price for the photography service in the chosen location. This may vary depending on the type of service you will be getting and the photography you will be working. You can choose the date and time you prefer. A selection of photographers will be provided. You can then review the feedback on these photographers and check out their portfolio. There is also some description about the photographer which you read on. This site offers convenience whenever you are travelling and would be changing locations. It removes the hassle of looking for local photographers in the area because you can simply read on the feedback/reviews of other clients. Once you have decided who to work with, you can now book their service and enjoy the rest of your travel days.

  1. Photography Directory Project
Professional Photographer Near Me

Professional Photographer Near Me

Image Source: Photography Directory Project


This is another excellent site to check out when you are searching for professional photographers near your area. Apart from being a photographer directory, this site is also rich in photography resources. From the directory you can choose the area or even the country. It will then bring you to a listing of all the photographers in that location. You can filter your research by using keywords or looking for the types of photographers you want. Using the Photography Directory Project site, you can also look for people who can do camera repairs, get help for studio rentals, camera stores and photographic suppliers, website building, photo restoration and a lot more.

  1. Snappr
Professional Photographer Near Me

Professional Photographer Near Me

Image Source: Snappr’s Website


Snappr allows you to book a photographer based on your requirements. The Snappr site will provide you with the recommendation which matches your needs then you will meet the photographer based on the scheduled time and date you have agreed on. In two days, you will then receive copies of the photographs which you can now share on your social media networks and other online accounts. It’s that easy. Snappr takes care of the insurance and photo backup. Apart from their easy booking service, their price rates are also very competitive. You can also check out their pool of photographers, the cameras they are using, their rating and location.

  1. The Hub
Professional Photographer Near Me

Professional Photographer Near Me

Image Source: The Hub’s Website


The Hub is another great site to look for photographers in your area. The site also has a photographer’s spotlight which features photographers making waves in the industry. The information includes their name, location, number of followers and styles. When you click their profile, you will then see their photography portfolio and when you are happy with their output, you can hire their service. You can also search by location and by style. When you are using The Hub website, you can sign up either as a creator or sign up to hire a creator/photographer. The site is pretty much straight forward and visually appealing. Their listings of photographers are especially curated to provide top quality output.


Real Estate Photographer Near You

August 26, 2021 in Blog, Real Estate

Find A Real Estate Photographer Near You

Real Estate Photographer Near You

Real Estate Photographer Near You


Finding a real estate photographer near you can be a real challenge. Between dealing with either one-person business or contracting out to a big name national company like Momentum 360. Knowing what you need and how you are going to use it, is always the first step. Sure, you can just blindly search “real estate photographer near me”, but that can churn up a whole array of results. And when you do find a real estate photographer, if they are good, you hold on with both hands. Loyalty to photographers can be fierce in this game, but who can blame the agent? With hundreds of dollars to photograph a residential or commercial listing, and with big commissions on the line- finding a real estate photographer can be a big risk.

Real Estate photographers, and how to find them. If you’ve decided against using a curated list of specialist photographers from a company like Momentum 360, then there are some solid and steadfast methods and examples you can employ to make sure you find the right real estate photographer. Keeping to these tips will be time consuming, but will ensure you get the best value you can. These six rules will help you get the most bang for your buck, come away with stunning photos of your listing, and empower you to say, “I found the right real estate photographer for me!”.

Rule #1: No Phones!

Yes, these wonderful smartphones do have very nice cameras. Some of them can even shoot from a wide angle. Which is impressive. But not the same as a “real” D/SLR camera, but why? On facebook, the MLS, or even right when taken, they might even look the same. So save yourself a few hundred and take your own photos, right? Especially in this 2021 housing market?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Starting with the fact that the image sensor in a DSLR or SLR, the digital part of the camera that is the “eye”, is vastly larger than in any phone. When you are finding a real estate photographer near you, don’t be afraid to ask what kind of gear they will be using! Fun fact, photographers usually love to talk about their gear. If someone gives you a shifty answer, or won’t simplify technical information, it’s time to find someone else.

Phones are versatile and easy to use. Most people don’t go further than ten feet from their phone without getting worried. Phones can also fit into cost effective photography accessories. From gimbals for smooth, smooth video, all the way over to ND filters and upgraded microphone. But nothing can change the fact that you rarely have ISO control (how sensitive the image sensor is to light), or that the image sensor has the diameter of a grain of rice. Compared to the full frame 35 millimeters that a professional real estate camera has, the quality just does not show under even faint scrutiny. A second tip, someone who uses a “full frame image sensor” versus a “cropped sensor”- go with the full frame. When it comes to image sensors, size matters.

Rule #2: Know What You Want From Your Real EState Photos.

Real Estate Photographer Near You

Real Estate Photographer Near You

You’re not a photographer, that’s why you’re hiring one to take pictures. But you still need to know what you want. Having a shot list, a breakdown of must-have photographs, is going to make your life a lot easier. If you don’t know, that’s ok as well! Just make sure you communicate openly with the photographer about what information or expectations you do have. It’s absolutely acceptable to say, “I trust your judgement”. But know then that you will have slightly less control on what comes out on the end product.

While you’re setting expectations, now is the time to show samples. Perhaps you or someone on your team used a photographer that had striking angles. Maybe you worked with someone in the past who just nails it every time. Photographers aren’t offended at the realization that you have done business with and hirted other photographers in the past. In fact, most will warmly welcome the guidance.

All good photographers will bend over backwards to make the life of the client easier. Anyone who scoffs or is closed to viewing others’ work, needs to hit the road. We need the best photographers, not the biggest egos.

This is where I’ll drop the obvious point of checking a portfolio before booking anyone. Not only do you need to know what you want when finding a photographer, you’ll need to know what they can offer. Some people simply do not know how to say “no” to a job they are not equipped to handle in either skill or equipment or both.

When finding photographers near you- know what you want, be assertive in what you want, and don’t take photos without knowing what you are looking at.

Rule #3: Etiquette Matters For Real Estate Photographers.

Real Estate Photographer Near You

Real Estate Photographer Near You

The photoshoot might only cost you a few hundred, but the house is for sale for a few hundred thousand. Even if the photographer shows up when the client is not home, presentation matters. Making sure a photographer is up to the standards of your brand is important. You never know when someone might be introduced, and you want to make sure you are seen as associating with high quality photographers. A clean and tidy presentation is the preferred look. We can leave the suites and ties at home, right next to the gym shorts and regular shirts

Someone who takes pride in their looks is going to take pride in their work, which means your listing will show better. It’s a small, telling piece of information that will help you instantly gauge the professionalism of a photographer.

Shoe covers? Proper PPE? Collard shirt? This is what you want showing up at your listings front door.

Another note on etiquette- response time matters. Good photographers are busy, but that’s no excuse for unreturned calls. And even after the fact, timely delivery should be something explained and laid out. One must be realistic, 24 hours or less is a rush, and if you’re getting that for free, fantastic. Anything between 48-72 hours is acceptable.

Rule #4: For Photographers, Banks Don’t Take Experience As Mortgage Payments.

Real Estate Photographer Near You

Real Estate Photographer Near You

When finding a photographer near you, the worst thing you can do to help your cause is to offer experience or exposure in exchange for work. Anyone who has even the faintest idea of what they are doing will run from the hills at the offer of exposure for work. Did you land a seven figure listing? Great! That does not mean your commission gets turned down to have less of an impact on the buyers and sellers- nor does it mean you can pay a photographer less than normal rate. Pro tip, there is a very high chance a good real estate photographer near you is going to shoot 1-2 seven figure listings a week.

When finding photographers near you, knowing and setting expectations for pricing can be important. You don’t know what their costs are, so asking “Will you do it for $X dollars?” can put the photographer in an awkward situation. Some photographers will show up with over $10,000 in equipment, ready to roll. Inquire about quotes, don’t make demands- and always remember that you’ll catch more with honey than vinegar.

Rule #5: Where To Begin Searching For Real Estate Photographers.

Real Estate Photographer Near You

Real Estate Photographer Near You

This can be a tricky question. Ask your local Facebook group, and you can get dozens of people tagged or commenting. You know, like seagulls. Conversely, if you live in a small town, there might not be any real estate photographers that even live near you. Travel costs are real and completely acceptable.

The next best place to find a real estate photographer would be a directory. One of the most popular is Google Trusted Photographer. An important distinction; these people do not work for or are contracted by Google. They have simply uploaded enough 360 panoramic images to Google Street View that have been verified to be considered legitimate. The directory is free to use, free to participate in, and those in it get to use badges and Google branding to show off their affiliation.

It should be noted that this is different from googling for a photographer. Just because they are a Google Trusted Photographer, does not mean they will rank anywhere in the first ten pages of your local search. Nor does it mean that they are endorsed by Google. It is a phenomenal headcount for one-person photography studios that can morph and come up with great solutions, especially those who do not engage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Anyone who is running a pay per click (PPC) campaign can easily rank as the first three choices on Google. So finding those gems can be finding the exact photographer you were looking for.

Another point, check the third, fourth, and fifth pages of google and beyond. There, we might find a sweet spot between experience and exposure, where cost effectiveness and value live in harmony.

Rule #6: It Is What It Is. 

So, you’ve done it. You did your homework, have a shot list, searched for “find a real estate photographer near me”, booked someone, and the big day is here. Here are some quick tips to help the photos look the best. Have the client put their toilet seats down, tidy up the best they can, and at best leave for the hour or so it will take to photograph. The agent being on site is a matter of choice. Once you are comfortable with a photographer, you might have no issues with trusting them near your client. But at first, you might want to tag along, and that’s just fine. Any photographer who isn’t ok with you being on site; that’s a reg flag. Conversely, stay out of the way. The time to make and present a shot list has come and gone. They are on site, the gear they have is what they have. Back seat photography (“driving”), is only going to make your photographer rush through the job, just to get you off their back.

Conclusion, The Last Word In Finding A Photographer Near You.

Simply put, finding a photographer near you is an important relationship to invest in. Starting with a simple search, “find real estate photographers near me”, is a solid and reasonable first step. But making sure you understand your photographer, and that they understand your needs and style from one listing to another, you will see the working relationship improve, as well as your images. Doing everything you can to help them do everything they can to make the listing look fantastic is an important step to listing a house, even in this market, and simply must not be overlooked.


Virtual House Tours

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Virtual House Tours

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs. You came to the right place where you can get your amazing virtual tour content.

I don’t know if you have been keeping up, but the University of Alabama has been the talk of the week everywhere. Why you may ask? The University of Alabama is known for their Greek life; which made #BamaRush a trending topic all over many social media platforms during their sorority rush.

As mentioned before in a previous blog, Virtual Tours Colleges, it was pointed out that the University of Alabama’s Greek life is famous for their luxurious fraternity and sorority houses. It is honestly shocking how huge each of these properties are.

I thought this would be a great time to give some Virtual House Tours! There are many houses for Greek life at the University of Alabama; so we will be looking at one sorority house and one fraternity house.

Are you ready to head to Tuscaloosa, Alabama? Then let’s get started on our Virtual House Tours!


Sorority House (Delta Zeta)

Welcome to the Delta Zeta house at the University of Alabama! This 40,000 square foot sorority house has so much beauty to it. On the outside, the house is made up of brick and has many windows. There are six giant pillars that give it a luxurious look along with black front doors at the entrance. Let’s head inside and see more!

Virtual House Tours

Starting in the foyer room, you are greeted with a center table with flowers. There is an amazing stairwell that leads you to the upstairs of the house; we will check that out soon! Also you will notice the high ceilings and the chandelier hanging from it.

Virtual House Tours

On the left side of the foyer room is the dining room. This is a huge room filled with tables and chairs for when the girls eat. On the side of the dining room are some booths too. The chandeliers in the dining room have some pink colors added to them which gives it a pop of color. There are some wall lamps hung up along the walls also.

Attached to the dining room is the kitchen. It has an all white aesthetic to it. Here you can find glass cabinets, drawers, and your typical kitchen appliances. There is also a buffet-style island that sits right in the center of the kitchen. Along the wall, there is a fountain soda machine built in; now that is pretty cool.

Up next, let’s look at the living rooms. There are two living rooms in one section– one on the left snf one on the right! The left side living room had some light pink floral wallpaper with a mirror hung up and a clean white couch in front of it. There are some chairs, lamps, some pillows, and a coffee table. It definitely gives you that at-home feel! The right side living room looks extremely similar to the left side.

Do you have a library in your house? Well guess what; these girls do! Here we are in the library of the Delta Zeta house. It has dull lighting to give it that cozy feel when doing school work or just simply relaxing. There are big windows, dark wood walls, sofa’s, tables, floor lamps, and a unique lamp that hangs from the ceiling. There is also a flat screen TV that is built into the wall; below that is a fireplace.

The last place we are going to check out in the Delta Zeta house is the back patio. This is a great place in the house to relax when it is nice outside. Here you can find tables and chairs, and patio sofas. There are also outside ceiling fans, and a flat screen TV hung up on the wall.

Well, that is it for the Delta Zeta house! There are many more rooms in this house; bedrooms, study rooms, lounge rooms, and many more. We still have another home to look at– so let’s continue the Virtual House Tours!


Fraternity House (Pi Kappa Alpha)

Welcome to this huge fraternity house of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Alabama! Similar to the Delta Zeta house, this one here is also made up of brick. They have giant white pillars in the front and many windows placed in two rows. Let’s go inside and see what all of the hype is about!

Virtual House Tours

Walking in the doors, you are now in the foyer room. You will notice their fraternity symbol is detailed into the floor. On the right side is a stairwell that is front in center and a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

Virtual House Tours

Up next is a living room area. It has glossy wooden flooring, two sofas on each side of the room, and white book shelves. There is a little center with a table, two chairs and a lamp; adjacent from that is a big window that brings in natural sunlight to the room.

We now move on to the lounge room. This spacious room has all white walls and glossy wooden floors. In here, the furniture that is included are four beige leather sofa chairs, a beige leather sofa couch, a black coffee table that sits in in the middle. There is also a flat screen TV hung up on the wall that faces out to the lounge room.

These boys have to eat, right? This room here is the dining room. There are beige colored walls and a few bright chandeliers hanging up above. You will see so many long, dark brown tables with a good amount of black chairs. There is light beige tile flooring. Lastly, more flat screen TV’s hung up on the wall!

Taking the elevator upstairs, there are many bedrooms for the boys, a meeting room for their chapter meetings, and so much more!

That is it for the Pi Kappa Alpha house at the University of Alabama! You know, I thought I would see some red solo cups laying around here, but it was actually pretty clean. What a great Virtual Tour.

Final Words

We have come to the conclusion of our Virtual House Tours! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. There are so many fraternity and sorority houses at the University of Alabama that are beyond huge and unique in their own way. That is the South for you!

As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!


Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

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Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Hey guys! Welcome back to another virtual tour adventure with Momentum 360. On today’s adventure we are going to get an exclusive virtual tour of one of the highest selling homes in the state of Colorado. That is right, we have ourselves a luxury mansion virtual tour! Put on your walking shoes because this home has a lot of ground to cover. I will meet you all there!



Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour So, starting outside, we approach this home on a long and winding driveway. Let’s stop in the grand motor court to take it all in before we head inside. Notice the big overhanging archway that leads from the front to the back. And of course, the massive four car garage. You are going to be hearing the word massive a lot today, it really is just the perfect word to describe everything about this luxury mansion.

Let’s enter through the front door. This is the biggest front door I have ever seen. It is one massive pane of glass that is on a swivel, so there are no hinges to open it. As you open it up and enter this great room with forty-foot-high ceilings and a perfect a frame, we have this direct, stunning view of Aspen Mountain. That is probably why the front door is glass, so you can pull right up in your car and immediately get this amazing view through the house of the mountain. It really is a treat.

There is more to see on our Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour!

Grand Living Room

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour Front and center in the great room is an oversized, double sided fireplace. It is really rare to see a fireplace this massive in a home like this. Directly across the great room from the fireplace, we have what they call a champagne onyx. That is just a really fancy term for a decked out, fully stocked, wet bar. This initial room is already the best place to entertain guests. Let’s see where we head to next.

On the other side of the double-sided fireplace, we have the dining room with a twelve-seat table and more stunning views of the mountains. I forgot to point out the floor to ceiling windows that are all over this luxury mansion. They really want to expose the gorgeous views of the mountains in the backyard.



From the grand dining room, we walk past the chef’s prep kitchen, and we enter the gourmet chef’s kitchen. Now take this all in for a second. This is massive for a kitchen! There is another long slab of marble that matches the initial wet bar to make up the grand breakfast island. Set behind that is the main chef’s island where most of the meal prep will take place. All utilities in here are top of the line, industrial grade. Off to the right we have not one, not two, but three refrigerators. How much food could they possibly have?Luxury Mansion Virtual TourOff of the kitchen we have the more informal dining room with a round knight’s table. This is a great area with again, a spectacular view out the window of the mountains. Set behind this table is another beautiful fireplace in the corner.


Home Theater

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour Now this next part of the luxury mansion virtual tour is pretty crazy to me. Adjacent to the gourmet kitchen and informal dining room, separated by sliding pocket doors, we have the movie theater. I really love this home theater because it is not separated from the rest of the home. Typically, you would find the home theater in the lower levels in the corner somewhere. Here, the home theater is connected to the rest of the home and promotes itself to be used by the guests. On the righthand wall there is even a door to get outside from the theater. You just don’t see this in other homes!

Continuing from the kitchen we run into the floating staircase that wraps around an industrial elevator. So, if your feet are tired take the elevator on up!

If you like this virtual tour, check out more here!


Guest Bedrooms

At the top go down the hall that runs above the garage and, on the right, we will check out just one of the eleven guest bedrooms. I’m not going to show all eleven guest bedrooms, but you get a good feel of what they are all like in this one. All guest bedrooms have fireplaces, an attached full bathroom, and this one does have a balcony. The ceiling height in here is easily twenty feet high! That is pretty grand for a guest bedroom.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Let’s meet back at the elevator and we will check out the other side of this floor. As we go down, we just see more guest bedrooms, we can breeze by these because there are just so many, and we have a lot of houses to see. Let’s just stop in this one right here to show you the outdoor space this has. This guest bedroom has a full-size balcony with a view off to the side of the house where a creek runs. The sound of that creek is just pure serenity if you ask me.

Now let’s take the elevator downstairs to the lower level.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we exit the elevator on the lower level, we are in the guest wing suite. This part of the house is essentially its own apartment. It has its own entry point where these guests could enter and exit as they please right into their suite.

Across the hall are two more guest bedrooms which we will skip over for now. Let’s head back to the elevator and continue on to the rest of this lower level.



As we walk down this hallway check out that room on the left. This room is an industrial grade laundry room. It is home to four washers and four dryers. Of course, it has a flat screen in there as well. This room also has something I have never seen in a home let alone a luxury mansion like this. There is a commercial grade steam press for your clothes. I guess that takes place of having to iron your clothes.

Back out in the hallway we walk and enter one of my favorite areas of this luxury mansion. Here is an awesome media room. A grand open area with a bunch of couches and sitting areas that would be a great place to hang out with friends. On the far wall is another full size, fully stocked bar. The marble that is used for these bars is so beautiful and just massively long. It truly is elegance in its finest.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

It is also a great place to hangout with friends because right behind us is the wine cellar. You have to go in and check it out. It is a fully glass room with a round knight’s table in the center and wine racks embedded in the glass in the entirety of two of the four walls. In the corner over here we have a fully stocked wet bar with a stainless-steel sink.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

From the media room we keep walking and enter the double height atrium that has a grand staircase back up to the initial great living room we entered upon. This is a beautiful, curved staircase that comes from that great room down into the lower level.

Let’s continue our Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour!

Workout Areas

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Right at the bottom of this staircase is a glass wall that leads to the fitness wing of the luxury manision. In here you find a gym and a patio off of the gym so you can work outside in the beautiful Colorado summers. Right off the gym there is a full-size bathroom stocked with a steam shower and a deep set jacuzzi. Anything you need for recovery is a small reach away.

There are even some things that you do not think you need, but they have anyway. Another room right off the gym is the hair salon. It is equipped with a hair washing station and industrial hair dryer. Talk about a full recovery!

Back outside this gym let’s head down the stairs to the lowest level. If one gym was not enough, here we find another full-size gym. This gym is equipped with literally any piece of workout equipment you could think of. This sub terrain layer is the perfect place to get a private workout in.

Now let’s head all the way back up the atrium steps to the main floor. This is right where we entered the home, we are in the great room right next to the fully decked out wet bar. We are going to go to our right into the owner’s wing of the home.

Make sure to check out more virtual tours like this one!


Owner’s Wing

As we go up these three steps notice the grand double doors that open to give us access to the owner’s suite. Right as we enter, we come into the sitting area by a fireplace. On the right we have a huge oversized executive desk made out of one solid plank of wood. From the desk you have another amazing view of the mountains through floor to ceiling glass windows that go along the entire front of the owner’s suite.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we keep going through the suite, we enter the owner’s bedroom. It is an absolutely massive bedroom, and the glass wall really accentuates the luxury these owners have. On the far corner, next to the fireplace we can enter the master bathroom and just wow! A full-length mirror goes the extent of the wall. It is marble everything, from the sink to the master jacuzzi tub, to the steam and mist shower. The tub is one of the biggest chunks of marble I think I have ever seen!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Further back in the master bathroom we go into a makeup vanity room that goes into one of the two walk in closets. You could literally get lost back here it is almost like a maze of hallways with different amenities. As we exit this walk-in closet, we take a left, go through the vanity hallway and enter the matching walk-in closet on our left. The two walk in closets are separated by a wall so each owner has some privacy.

We are going to now make our way out to the owner’s terrace. This terrace go the whole length of the wing with floating glass railings and just a spectacular view of the mountains through the backyard.



The yard of this luxury mansion is one of the main reasons someone would want this home. It sits on a 4.5-acre plot of land that are literally in the rolling hills of the Aspen mountains. The green grass rolls up onto a natural stone patio that is absolutely massive. The centerpiece of the home is the huge, natural looking pool which was designed to mimic a pond. There are actual boulders set in the pool to give it this look!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we keep going through the backyard, we pass the pool and come up upon a naturally occurring creek which I mentioned previously. The sound of the waterfall gives this home a natural vibe of the outdoors and the wilderness.

As we continue on, we stumble upon the guest home! On top of everything this home has to offer, it offers another home for even more guests.

This luxury mansion is one of the craziest places I have ever seen! I am so glad you got to come on this luxury mansion virtual tour with me. I know we didn’t get to see all 22,000 square feet of the luxury mansion, but we would’ve been here for a whole week showing you guys everything!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

This amazing luxury mansion was sold for $72.5 million dollars, breaking the record for the most expensive property sold in the state of Colorado.

If you liked this virtual tour, check out more like it here!

Graceland Virtual Tour

August 9, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Real Estate, Virtual Tours

Graceland Virtual Tour

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs. This is the place where you can get your amazing virtual tour content.

Today, we are going to take a trip to Memphis, Tennessee. There are so many great landmarks in this city, but a particular one is very iconic– Graceland!

If you are not familiar with Graceland; Graceland is a 13.8 acre estate that was previously owned by the legendary singer and actor, Elvis Presley. The estate was purchased by him in 1957. When Elvis Presley died 1977, his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley became the owner. Now, the public are allowed to visit the premises and take a full tour. Graceland is the most visited home in the United States.

Should we see what all of the hype is about? I sure do! I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to go visit the King of Rock n’ Roll’s house? Graceland may be a huge property, but I am going to show you the best and important spots throughout the whole property.

Are you ready? Let’s get started on our Graceland Virtual Tour!


Welcome to Graceland

Before we head inside, I want you to take a look at the beautiful outside exterior. Before the stairs, you are greeted with two white statues of lions. It also has four tall white pillars in front of the house. The center of the house is a white color and each side is made up with a tan-colored limestone. Alright, time to go in.

Starting off once we step inside is the foyer. The one thing that pops out the most in this area is the crystal diamond chandelier attached to the ceiling. It definitely brightens up the place! There is a white stairwell that leads you to the upstairs along with mirrored walls directly next to it, topping it off with a photograph of the king himself hung up.

 Graceland Virtual Tour


Living Room

Inside the Graceland estate, you are greeted with the living room. This room is a majority of a white color with some mirrors. There is some stained glass art of giant peacocks which brings out a pop of color to the living room along with some blue drapes. It is furnished with a long white sofa, two white chairs that are catty cornered and a mirrored coffee table. There is a marble fireplace that blends in well with the aesthetic.

When you pass the colorful stained glass art of the peacocks, you will notice that there is another section attached to the living room. This is the back room of the living room; where the Presley family would play music and watch television. It has great lighting in here with the sun shining through the windows. Continuing with the all white aesthetic, There is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a small white-leathered sofa with a coffee table in front of it, a white vintage television set, and topping it off with an all white piano.

Graceland Virtual Tour

With all of the white colors, It must be hard keeping it clean! Kudo’s to the Presley family for that. We are just getting started though let’s continue this Graceland Virtual Tour.


Dining Room

Off to the right of the foyer room is the dining room. Now, if you think the chandelier in the foyer room was great, nothing can beat the one in the dining room. This one is fairly huge and very elegant. Below the chandelier is a dark colored mirror dining room table . It already has plates, glasses, floral, and so much more still placed on top. Surrounding the dining room table are eight chairs that complete the whole set. Behind the table and chairs, placed along the wall is the China cabinet.

Graceland Virtual Tour

The flooring is white carpet, but right in the center where the dining room table and chair are is black marble tile flooring. There are a few giant windows finished off with blue colored drapes; the same ones from the living room. Here is a fun fact for you; each year around Christmas time, the blue drapes get changed to red drapes!



This kitchen may look like it needs to be updated, but think about it, it was designed in the 70’s. That is what makes it iconic. This is where all the family dinners were made and where some would hang out at.

The kitchen in Graceland has glossy wooden finish on the walls, the cabinets, drawers with a white kitchen countertop. There is red and green carpet flooring. Above are colorful kitchen lamps hanging that go very well with the floor.

Graceland Virtual Tour

It also has your typical kitchen appliances like a stove top, microwave, sink, refrigerator, and more! That is all for the kitchen; off to our next room on this Graceland Virtual Tour.



Welcome to the basement! This room here was made to be the ‘movie room’ of Graceland.

I honestly love the color contrast here. The basement has an asthenic of yellows, blacks, and some whites. The walls have a mix of all three colors. Along the wall are three vintage television sets that are built in with a movie player and records right besides it.

The basement is furnished with a gigantic black couch with a pattern of white and yellow pillows on top. It looks so comfy that I can totally see myself taking a nap there. There is also a coffee table placed front in the center of the couch, and two black ottoman chairs in front of that. Across, is a fireplace with their signature mirror walling. We cannot forget the amazing mirrored ceiling above!

Graceland Virtual Tour

Down the basement has a bar area in the corner too. It has a yellow/tan L-shaped island with five leather barstools. There are some objects behind the bar that belonged to Elvis Presley that are on display and also a sink.

There is also a room in the basement where they would play pool. Of course, there is a pool table present and some home decor. The cool thing about it is that there is fabric everywhere! From the walls to the furniture which matches perfectly. Elvis Presley did all of these decorations himself.

Graceland Virtual Tour

That was a lot for one area, on to the next room of the Graceland Virtual Tour.


Jungle Room

Way down in the jungle room! This is the iconic room where Elvis Presley would listen, play and record his own music.

The carpet is a green color as well as the ceiling. Yup, There was carpet on the ceiling as well! That is so 70’s. Along the wall is a water fountain with greenery on it giving the room a jungle vibe. The walls are a glossy wooden, just like the kitchen.

Graceland Virtual Tour

The jungle room is furnished with a 15 foot sofa and a ten foot coffee table. There are also green curtains that hang half way up the windows.


Gladys and Minnie Mae Presley’s Bedroom

These two women who had a bedroom in Graceland were Elvis Presley’s mother, Gladys, and his grandmother, Minnie Mae.

This bedroom is actually super adorable yet very elegant. It has an aesthetic of purple and white colors. The whole bed is the color dark-purple with just a few white pillows on top. The drapes are also dark-purple with white colored curtains that fall behind them. There is a beautiful chandelier that hangs above the bed, a white sofa chair, some white dresses and lamps.

Graceland Virtual Tour

Connected with the ladies bedroom, is a bathroom. In there, you will see your average bathroom set up with poodle wallpaper. You are probably thinking, why the poodle wallpaper? I know, me too. Gladys and Minnie Mae helped pick out the wall paper, and that is what they liked!

Adjacent from the bathroom is their walk-in closet. In here, you can see that both of their clothes are still hanging in the closet, along with their jewelry, perfumes, and much more that is also present. I think that is pretty cool.


Leaving Graceland

Unfortunately, the upstairs of the Graceland property is completely off limits to view. Trust me, I would have loved to see Elvis Presley’s bedroom. We did get to see some amazing rooms throughout the whole estate!

Besides the upstairs, there is so much more to check out when in Graceland. There is a museum dedicated to Elvis Presley’s life, His father– Vernon Presley’s office, and the backyard that includes a farm where horses currently are at.

That is it for this wonderful Graceland Virtual Tour! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!


Real Estate Video Tours

June 21, 2021 in Blog, Real Estate, Virtual Tours

Real Estate Video Tours

Real Estate Video Tours

The world of creative content is continually changing and improving for the better. Content is changing to become more adaptable to the customer. I personally believe that creative content is one of the top ways to boost customer satisfaction. Real estate video tours are the new way for potential real estate buyers to view properties and for realtors to sell homes. Photo galleries are so past their time. No one wants to sit there and swipe through a list of pictures, at least I know I hate doing that.

Real estate video tours put together a complete visual of the property, so viewers aren’t left trying to put the pieces of a property together. One of the most annoying things to me is clicking through a photo gallery and trying to piece the house together based on the pictures. Like, what goes where? How do you get there or where does that room lead in to? Real estate video tours are the best way to get rid of these questions. It is a creative way to flow through a property and see every angle of it. Video tours are the best way to keep customers feeling confident and happy with their property searching!

Real Estate Video Tours

What are Real Estate Video Tours?

So, what actually is a real estate video tour? To the customer, it is a video that looks like you are walking through a property and viewing every angle of it. It is a point of view video that looks like exactly what you would see if you were walking through the property in real life. Now don’t confuse a video tour with a photo slideshow with some background music. These are not the same thing. A real estate video tour is an immersive video that lets the customer virtually step into the home through a video.

To the seller, a real estate virtual tour is one of the most valuable and beneficial sources of content. Nowadays, almost all customers property searches begin online, so it is very important that a seller’s online content is extremely attractive and up to date with the latest trends to ensure the greatest level of customer engagement.

Real Estate Video Tours

Benefits of Real Estate Video Tours

I think real estate video tours are one of the most beneficial forms of content for realtors to use. I don’t think there is a more captivating way to check out a property right now. For seller’s, a real estate video tour will hold the viewers attention for a long time. Compared to swiping through a gallery of pictures, I usually swipe through pretty fast unless something cool catches my eye, but with video tours I find myself captivated the whole time and I rarely skip through it. If a realtor has a good video tour on their website, chances are viewers will stay on the site and check out more video tours.

Real Estate Video Tours Real estate video tours save time and effort for all parties involved. For customers, it is easy for them to view these tours from the comfort of their homes or offices. And these video tours piece the layout of the property together for them so viewers aren’t left trying to put it together themselves based off a list of pictures. Video tours are valuable to seller’s because they don’t have to waste time with potential customers who may not be that interested. As a seller, it is a way to weed out uninterested buyers before you invite them in for an open house!

Real estate video tours are very beneficial to use for rental properties as well. One video tour for the property and it will be used and viewed for years to come! The turnover rate in rental properties is greater than any other property so these video tours will get more views than regular properties and can still be viewed when the property is occupied.

The main benefit though, is that real estate video tours are just more entertaining!

Realtor Insights

From my point of view, I know that I prefer to view a video tour over any other type of real estate content! From a realtor’s point of view, a video tour can really boost their chances of selling the property. I believe it all boils down to customer satisfaction. If a realtor really takes a look at the trends and looks at what is popular, then they will be able to adhere to their customer and create content that gets viewed. Right now, video tours are what is popular in real estate!

Video tours take some burden away from realtors. These videos are so much more detailed than any other type of content so potential customers do not have to unload a list of questions onto the realtor. A lot of customer’s questions can be answered by a real estate video tour!

Real Estate Video Tours So, for a realtor to choose to use a video tour, they choose to put in an upfront cost to ease their burden down the road. Buying a house or property is difficult enough, so any advantage to make the process easier for the customer should be taken by the realtor. Ultimately this will make things easier for both parties!

Cost of Real Estate Video Tours

All prices vary, but the cost of real estate video tours is similar to any other price for content in real estate. The service will most likely start with a fixed base price and then add a percentage of the square footage of the property to get to a total cost. The cost is covered by the seller of course, buyers should be able to view any video tours for FREE! I do not think a seller would get very far by charging people to view their properties. Read more about costs here!

Why you should get a Real Estate Video Tour

As I have mentioned throughout this blog, real estate video tours make things easier for buyers and sellers. No one wants to look through a list of pictures of a property. They want something much more detailed. A video tour has the ability to show a home or property in way more detail than a bunch of pictures ever could. Some people (including me) could literally get caught up for hours just viewing videos of real estate properties.

If you really want to captivate your audience of potential buyers, real estate video tours are the way to go. By captivating people to view your video tours, they will be more inclined to reach out about the property and this will potentially lead to a quicker closing! No one can argue with that!

Closing Time

Real estate video tours are a trend right now, so you do not want to miss out. You never know how long this will last until another, even greater way to portray content comes out! These video tours really are an amazing way to show off your property in a way that customers really enjoy. At the end of the day, it really comes down to adhering to your customers and doing things that will respond to. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest trends on our website at Momentum 360!