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September 30, 2022 in Blog, Storage Asset Management

Learn more about storage asset management 

In the current world, being a businessman, you need to think about various things and take necessary actions for the benefit of your business. One earning asset requires more effort and right now storing it requires even more effort.

Companies are conscious of the necessity for suitable storage facilities for inventory when it is not in use. To ensure that their assets are stored effectively, some of them aren’t, nonetheless, putting the necessary procedures in place. You may waste time trying to find, maintain, and replace the assets when you need them if you don’t figure out a smart storage solution.

How many of you know about storage asset management? Most people don’t get aware of this effective solution for their storage issues. In this post, you will learn various things about storage asset management:

Storage asset management: Overview

Storage space, commonly referred to as “storage units,” is rented out to tenants by the self-storage sector, typically for a brief period. Both companies and individuals rent self-storage space. A firm with a focus on self-storage service is called Storage Managementfirm. They are professionals in self-storage and have education and background in sales, building maintenance, and marketing.

SAM is one of the best companies. It has a fantastic team of personnel working at every level, including district managers, marketing experts, accountants, store managers, and assistant managers. Being the best third-party self-storage management, they have provided numerous benefits to the companies/ businesses that hire them.

Benefits of self-storage management

Revenue management

Comparing prices with rival businesses and matching their rates and discounts is a lot simpler concept than revenue management. You must have a plan in place to raise prices while lowering move-outs.

Storage Asset Management

A management firm can assist you in managing and maximizing revenue, even if this might be difficult work for an independent proprietor. Just make sure you comprehend the revenue-management philosophies of the organizations you are evaluating and look over their quantitative outcomes.

Volume saving

You can take advantage of the company’s scale, which is one of the key benefits of working with a storage asset management firm. This firm assists you in cutting costs by spreading costs over several facilities.

The cost reductions will change based on the company’s size and the number of facilities it oversees. The more locations it operates the more money it may save on things like facility upkeep, marketing campaigns, Internet marketing, and property insurance.


Having your belongings in a handy, safe, and secure location is only one of the numerous benefits of using storage asset management. Storage Modern security is provided for renters of one unit. Even some of their locations have security cameras to make sure your unit is observed round-the-clock.

Human resources

It can be difficult and expensive to hire and retain personnel. A management business will frequently handle all recruiting, firing, reference checks, and training. Many larger management organizations provide facilities like call centers that you as an independent operator could not.


You won’t need to replace your signs or other branded goods because the majority of management businesses will let you keep your current brand. On the other hand, you can miss out on online chances like free listings on popular search engines.

Storage Asset Management

Additionally, most owners have major hassles as a result of minor technical issues with their computers, software, phones, or Internet access, which costs them time and opportunities. IT support services are frequently offered to all of the properties under their control by third parties at significant cost savings.

Some essential ways to maximize the value of a self-storage facility

Focusing on on-site audits, rate management, collections, staff training, and marketing is crucial when considering operation and how it affects a facility’s value. A successful self-storage business is built on the foundation of each of these elements. You will be able to preserve and even increase the value of your assets if you put the finest practices in each area into practice.

Site audit

The person in charge of a property’s daily management will have a significant impact on how a site audit is carried out. Owners of self-managed locations might think about engaging an industry specialist to inspect the facility once a year. To ensure the facility is maintained to high quality, those that hire property managers should design a site-audit program.

Ask to see the findings of the quarterly audits if you are utilizing a third-party management provider. A thorough site audit should include a look at the number of rental units, facility maintenance standards, and financial information among other things. Most of the time, skipping the audit process leads to subpar operational procedures and diminished facility value. Set site audits as a top priority.

Painting vs replacing

It would be like brushing dirt under the rug to apply new paint on ancient doors. For a while, it might appear brand-new and dazzling. But it won’t hide the dings and dents that will inevitably appear on metal roll-up doors and corridors. Additionally, that paint will deteriorate over time and start to flake or chip, leaving you with the same issue in a few years.

Storage Asset Management

Additionally, painting adds weight, which can make it more difficult for tenants to access a storage unit door already difficult to open. It is far better to replace self-storage doors and cover them permanently rather than simply temporarily.

Staff Training 

A property manager who is committed and well-trained is priceless. He represents the company and frequently determines whether it will succeed or fail. Spend time and money on training your personnel so they can become excellent ambassadors for your business and yourself.

Setting benchmarks to gauge the effectiveness of the training program once it is over is always a smart idea. Establish measurable objectives so you can gauge the success of your investment. Your management team will benefit from the time and money you put into them, helping to keep occupancy levels high and the bottom line healthy.

Use Additional Space

Do the areas around your facility have any open spaces? Setting up a few extra storage boxes to make the most of that space can be simpler than you think. It is no secret that it might be difficult to create an additional section of self-storage units without first having to navigate the local government’s red tape.

Since portable storage units are considered equipment, they may be swiftly added without causing any issues with building rules or ordinances and, in most situations, do not need permission. Due to recent changes to the tax rules, these portable storage units typically qualify for a 100% tax credit after just one year and can match your current storage facility both cosmetically and functionally.

Increase the area you can rent out

Take a look at your building. You probably have empty spots. Why not fill them with mobile revenue-generating units? Fence lines, easements, and big parking lots can all generate revenue for your site. Mobile self-storage containers require little to no site preparation and no foundation.

Self-storage business owners can also profit from the law. Equipment includes mobile items. Therefore, you can deduct the entire cost in the year that you buy them. Therefore, adding relocatable increases revenue.

Curb Appeal

Before most individuals will even consider renting, they must determine whether a storage facility passes the “sight test.” A little extra planting, fresh pavement, or outdoor lighting will go a long way even though new self-storage doors will undoubtedly provide a significant amount of curb appeal to your business.

You might be shocked to hear that the majority of these upgrades also come with significant tax advantages, however, experts cover that in a moment.

Storage Asset Management

Rate Control

If you don’t raise your prices to keep up with the rising cost of conducting a company, your profit will decline year over year. Introduce a scheme that raises each tenant’s rate during the first nine months of their lease and then keeps raising it every year after that.

To keep up with the 3% annual growth in business expenses, aim to raise the rent for all tenants by between 5% and 8% yearly.

Lists of excellent self-storage marketing ideas 

Increase Website Efficiency

Do you have a website? To attract customers, the majority of the business people have advanced past Yellow Pages listings. However, is it optimized? The main goals of SEO, or search engine optimization, are to increase website visibility and Google ranking. Utilizing tools, SEO entails determining the keywords that members of your target market are using.

Next, you must include them on every page of your website. There are many other strategies, including making headers and subheaders, Meta descriptions, optimized pictures, linking, and more. If you have the money, it is a good idea to buy some inbound traffic using pay-per-click (PPC) ads in addition to employing SEO to assist visitors to find your website organically.

Finding online reviews

90% of customers check internet evaluations these days before going to a store, and 88% of people believe them as much as personal recommendations. To persuade people that you provide the greatest self-storage services, it is crucial to amass positive reviews. Online reviews may appear on your website or sites operated by third parties.

Naturally, you need to provide a wonderful customer experience if you want to receive positive evaluations, every time you impress a consumer, your marketing benefits. In a follow-up email, you may offer incentives for reviews or merely request them. If your service is satisfactory, most people won’t mind taking a moment to leave one.

Storage Asset Management

Referral Bonuses

Incentives for referrals fuel word-of-mouth marketing. You will see that inbound calls and online inquiries skyrocket if you, for instance, offer a free month to anyone who introduces a customer. Just be cautious when creating your rewards. However, you don’t want your incentives to be so advantageous to the referrer that you lose out on revenue.

Instead, you want them to encourage a lot of new inquiries. Organic referrals will also be received. When someone needs storage space, your customers will refer you to their friends, family, and coworkers if you provide a wonderful customer experience.

Examine billboard advertising

A tried-and-true marketing strategy for self-storage is the outdoor billboard. It is a quick and reasonably priced approach to reach a sizable local audience with your marketing message. You should look for billboards that are close to where you are, in busy areas, and priced within your budget.

Maintain simplicity once you have made an investment in one, Business name, “self-storage” ensure that this is the most noticeable component, directions if they are basic enough, and possibly one or two unique selling qualities.

Wrapping it up: 

Once you hire the storage asset management company for the self-storage service, you can be worry-free. Carefully consider each benefit given above and other details. Only a professional management company can provide the right self-storage service and SAM is the best option for you. Store your assets and documents with full safety by hiring the storage asset management company.


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