Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour

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Hey there! Thank you for joining me again for another insane virtual tour! On today’s virtual tour we are going to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza. There is so much conspiracy on how this pyramid was built and that is because of its insane size and time period it was erected. It has been said that this pyramid is perhaps the most colossal single building ever erected on the planet.

The Great Pyramid of Giza stands at 481 feet tall and is 755 feet long on each side. It is made up on limestone and granite blocks that when you see you think, how the hell did people move these without machine power?

Great Pyramids of Giza Virtual Tour The Great Pyramid of Giza sits in a dry desert bed in Giza which is to the west of the Nile River. Right across the river is the city of Cairo. These places are bustling cities now but imagine back in the day when the only things here were these humongous pyramids.

Approximately 2.3 million blocks of stone were cut, transported, and assembled to create this 6.5-million-ton structure, which is a masterpiece of technical skill and engineering ability. The biggest feat to me being that they had no technical resources and no machine powered equipment to help them. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built my brute force and strategy.

As you can see the outside of the Great Pyramid has deteriorated a lot. It used to be covered in a white shiny limestone that would sparkle when the sunlight hit it. You can see the last of this limestone at the very top of the pyramid giving it a little shiny cap.

This virtual tour of the Great Pyramid will start at the main entrance, which is on the north side, about 60 feet above ground level. Once inside, you will find an original descending corridor that will come to a fork where you can either go straight, up, or down.

Meet me in there I can not wait to show you aGreat Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour!


The Grand Gallery

As we enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu, we go down a shallow ramp and come to a crossroads. We can either continue going down, to the Subterranean Chamber, or we can go up on an ascending passageway up towards the Queen’s Chamber, Grand Gallery, and eventually to the King’s Chamber.

Let us go up the ascending passageway right now. As we reach the top of this passageway we come to a grand opening. This is the Grand Gallery.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour When explorers first discovered the Grand Gallery, they stepped right where you are standing today, into a steeply slanted passage less than 7 feet wide but more than 153 feet long and 29 feet high! As you can see the walls are lined with massive granite blocks that came from the Aswan quarry. The Grand Gallery is completely empty, no artwork on the walls, no murals, no carvings, and no artifacts at all. It is just the most breathtaking space because of its massive size and structure.

Archaeologists and other scientists have tried to figure out what the use of the Grand Gallery in the Great Pyramid of Giza was for, but that is tough to figure out without any fellow Egyptians to ask. One theory is that the Grand Gallery served as an observation point for astronomers to use to map out the stars and constellations. This would only have been while the Great Pyramid was under construction and the roof was not complete yet. Historians came up with this theory because they Great Pyramid is directly aligned with the constellations.

The theory I have always heard is that the Grand Gallery was used to haul the massive granite stones up the Great Pyramid and to the King’s Chamber. This one just makes more sense to me because I believe the incredible size of the Grand Gallery had to have some functional use. It is also the hallway leading up to the King’s Chamber, which is our next stop. The Grand Gallery also just could be a grand entrance into the King’s Chamber because the King was such a prominent figure and they wanted to give him the most royal entrance they could. Although who knows the real purpose, all we can do now is speculate!

Next stop on the Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour is the King’s Chamber. Head up the steep staircase and I will meet you there!

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The King’s Chamber

Watch your head as you step into the King’s Chamber. This low entrance opens up into a large, gorgeous room. This room is entirely lined and roofed in granite. It is the only room in the Great Pyramid where granite is used instead of limestone. That tells us that whoever was buried in here had to be a King.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour

Right now, we are directly in the middle of the Great Pyramid. If you want to get freaked out just think about how much wait in rock is on top of us right now. I hope you are not claustrophobic! The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid measures 10.45 meters by 5.20 meters and is 5.80 meters tall.

Above the King’s Chamber are five compartments separated by massive horizontal granite slabs. No one knows the exact purpose of these granite slabs up there, but it has been assumed by scientists that the slabs were intended to shield the ceiling of the burial chamber by diverting the weight of the pyramid above it. It would explain how there could be a hollow room under all the force of the rock on top of it.

This being the room where the King was buried, it can be assumed that it used to be filled with extravagant items and gold. It is now bare after hundreds of years of robbers and looters. The mummified King even got removed from his own tomb! I don’t know about you but after all the movies I have seen, there is no way I am going anywhere near a mummy! All that is left is the sarcophagus where the King was laid to rest. If you are wondering what a sarcophagus is (like I was), it is pretty much an Egyptian coffin.

The sarcophagus is huge, it is estimated to be 3.75 tons. Compared to other features in the Great Pyramid of Giza, this tomb is not well finished. There are clear saw marks on the outside, and it appears they cut too deep on multiple occasions. The top of the sarcophagus is also missing which probably went away with the King’s mummy.

Also in the King’s Chamber are two air shafts that are tiny tunnels diverting upwards to the outside of the Great pyramid. It is unknown whether these are meant for air ventilation or have some other religious purpose.

Let’s head back out and down the Grand Gallery. Next stop on the Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour is the Queen’s Chamber!


The Queen’s Chamber

As we get to the bottom of the Grand Gallery, we need to make a U-turn and head back into the middle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Queen’s Chamber is right below the King’s Chamber. Although it sounds contradictory, this chamber was not meant to house any Queens. The King’s Queens would have gotten their own smaller burial pyramids outside or in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Queen’s Chamber was only named this by the first people who discovered it.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour We enter the Queen’s Chamber through this horizontal passageway from the lower end of the Grand Gallery. About five meters from the end of the passage there is a step before the path descends down some more until we reach the actual floor level of the Queen’s Chamber. There is some speculation about this step, some people think that the pink granite floor blocks originally started at the edge of the step and ran to join the floor of the chamber, so there would never be a step in this case. People suggest these blocks were stolen in antiquity. Others suggest that this feature is the result of a change in building plans.

The Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza is made entirely of beautifully crafted limestone rocks. It sits on the 25th level of the pyramid (think of each row of rock as one level). The walls in here are bare, again with no artwork, no murals, and no carvings except one niche in the east wall. People have speculated that this niche is all the remains of a statue that stood here of the King.

Historians have theorized that this room would have been sealed off and only used as a room for the King’s spiritual soul. The ancient Egyptians were very spiritual people, so this is the likely reason for the chamber to exist.

In 1872 an explorer found three strange objects in the Queen’s Chamber: a granite sphere, a wooden slat, and a copper hook. It has been since determined that these objects were used as tools of some sort.

That’s all for the Queen’s Chamber, head back to the entrance and we will go check out the basement of the Great Pyramid of Giza otherwise known as the Subterranean Chamber.

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The Subterranean Chamber

The Subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza is accessed from a descending passageway starting at the entrance of the pyramid. It is a very unfinished chamber compared to the other two chambers in the pyramid. This Subterranean Chamber lies 90 feet below the surface of the ground and is under the pressure of 2.3 million blocks of stone weighing about 6.5 million tons.

Original workers have chipped away at the limestone bedrock to build what was thought to be the original burial chamber for the King. Historians believe the chamber is so unfinished because the King suddenly decided he wanted his burial chamber to be higher in the Great Pyramid to where the King’s Chamber lies today.

Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour

This theory is hard for me to see because the other pyramids next to the Great Pyramid both have this unfinished subterranean chamber as well. No one actually know the real reason behind this chamber, everything is only speculation.

What do you think this subterranean chamber was meant for? Leave a comment below!



Thank you so much for coming along this Great Pyramid of Giza Virtual Tour! I had a blast sharing my knowledge with you all and hoped you enjoyed your inside look at the Great Pyramid. I can not wait to see what virtual tour we are going to go on next. If you have any recommendations on where we should tour leave a comment below!

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Virtual Tour of New York City

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Virtual Tour of New York City

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs for this week. We are always here to post your favorite virtual tour content!

Last week, we did a Metropolitan Museum of Art Virtual Tour which is located in an iconic city in the United States– New York City! So I thought to myself, how about for this week, why don’t we do a general Virtual Tour of New York City?

New York City is personally my favorite city on this earth. I cannot even tell you the amount of times I have visited; but what I can tell you is there is so much to see that the opportunities are endless! Since I consider myself a New York City guru, I am going to give you my NYC itinerary but virtual tour style!

Alexa, play Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys; it is time to start our Virtual Tour of New York City! Should we walk or take the subway?


CitizenM Bowery Hotel

It is check in time! I know this is the city that never sleeps, but in reality, we need a place to sleep during our time in New York City. Now, I have stayed in many hotels here in New York City, but nothing can compare to CitizenM Bowery Hotel .

CitizenM is a Netherlands-based hotel chain. There are so many of them all around the United States! New York City was lucky enough to be blessed with two locations; one in Times Square and the other in, of course, Bowery. I stayed at both hotels, but I typically prefer the Bowery location since it is near SoHo and all of the amazing places to eat. The Bowery location takes the crown as the world’s tallest modular hotel.

The front of the CitizenM Bowery Hotel is really nice and modern. It gives you that red and black aesthetic with the red wall art on the side of the entrance, the red tables and chairs, and the black color exterior of the tall building.

Virtual Tour of New York City

Walking inside, you would think you are in a museum! On your right is the check in area and front desk. Then, on the left you will notice there is a lounge area to do your work, eat, or just chill out. It is huge! There are beautiful hanging lights from the ceiling and so much art on the wall that you could be looking at it all day. Another amazing thing about this lobby are the tables and chairs. There are places to sit at ground level, but there are also elevated seating areas along the wall. I know, it sounds confusing but it is a great concept!

Behind the check in area is a bar. Here, you can order food, have some amazing drinks, or can just simply chill out here! Of course you can still see some more modern art here.

There is also a unique spiral stairwell that leads you to the hotel rooms, but don’t panic, they have elevators.

Speaking of the elevator, let’s take that up to the hotel’s rooftop bar. Yes, you heard me right, a rooftop bar called CloudM. Here, you can enjoy the view of the city and vibe out. On the inside, there is an L shaped bar, colorful seats, high top tables and chairs, and beautiful modern lights that hang from the ceiling. Now, let’s go outside and look at this astonishing view! There are red tables and chairs (similar to the ones at the outside entrance), a greenery wall, and that nice view of the city; you can get some great pictures here!

Alright, now to the most important place inside the whole hotel, the hotel room! The cool thing about the CitizenM Bowery Hotel is you can either get a view of Manhattan or Brooklyn; whichever you choose, they are both breathtaking. I am not going to lie to you, the room feels like it is the size of a parking space, but once you are inside you will forget all about it. In this room, it is mostly all white with some red. You have your all white XL king sized bed along the wall with a huge window with your view, a flat screen tv hung up on the wall in front of the bed, a desk and chair, a small bathroom, and a sink directly outside the bathroom. The best feature about this room is that it is controlled by an iPad, literally everything! The lights to dim and change colors, the curtains/blinds, the TV, and so much more.

Virtual Tour of New York City

The CitizenM Bowery Hotel is for sure an interesting hotel. Now that we have secured a place to stay, it is time to branch out and continue this Virtual Tour of New York City!



Welcome to the Edge! This is New York City’s newest observation deck. If you are looking to do something fun in New York City, then I highly recommend visiting the Edge. The Edge is an Observation Deck located in Hudson Yards. You are able to see the city 1,100 feet in the sky with a 360 New York City view. This is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere.

Virtual Tour of New York City

When walking in, you scan your ticket for entry. On the other side is a gift shop to purchase souvenirs. Getting to the observation deck can take some time; depending on how crowded it is and just simply the way how it is set up.

As we make our way to the observation deck, we need to walk through these dark halls. The sides of the walls are playing videos and have an amazing surround sound.

Next, we need to take a 60 second elevator ride. During the elevator ride, it plays a video of a timeline of how New York City was constructed. You can feel your ears popping when going up!

We made it to the top! Here is the beautiful view we have been waiting for. You are getting a full 360 view of New York City. The cool thing about this is the glass along the sides; it is slanted out to give us that more realistic effect. It is like you can lean out and touch what you are looking at. There is one corner of the observation deck that takes you to the literal edge and it is amazing. There is also transparent glass on the ground to see what the city looks like below you. You can even stand on the stairs outside to get an even higher view.

Virtual Tour of New York City

There is also a bar located inside. Yes, you can take your drink outside to enjoy the views! It is pretty cool if you ask me.

There is another gift shop up here. You can find souvenirs for both the Edge and Hudson Yards.

As we take the elevator back down, it gives you a 60 second video of a tour of Hudson Yards; it feels like you are flying!

It is always a great time visiting the Edge. This is a once (or multiple) in a lifetime opportunity. The views you get at the Edge cannot compare to anywhere else. That was honestly amazing, but we are heading to the next stop on our Virtual Tour of New York City.



Hello from SoHo! Soho is an amazing neighborhood in New York City that is filled with amazing shopping stores, art, and unique buildings. SoHo gets its name from South of Houston Street.

One thing that is cool about SoHo is that a lot of the buildings are built out of cast iron which gives it that unique look to it. It is definitely a must see!

Virtual Tour of New York City

You can’t spell Shopping without SoHo! When you are on Broadway, or off streets like Prince Street and Mercer Street, you will notice many retail shops that you are familiar with such as:

  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Sephora
  • Bloomingdales
  • Forever 21
  • Aritzia
  • Luxury Brands like: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, and more!

A really cool thing about shopping in SoHo is the way the stores are lined up and down on the streets. It makes it very convenient and organized when shopping.

There are also some amazing places to grab a bite to eat in SoHo! Shopping can get tiring. You can find food places from a quick grab-and-go to a sit down and order. Your options are limited!

Art is a big deal in New York City in general; but you can find some amazing art in SoHo! You can check out the Yard-Nasse Gallery that provides a variety of art. There is also the famous museum of Ice Cream. This is a popular spot where people come to eat good ice cream and get some great photos, it is definitely worth checking out.

Virtual Tour of New York City

SoHo is a great place to spend your day and money! It is never a dull moment here in SoHo. I don’t want to leave, but we have one last stop on our Virtual Tour of New York City.


Nobu Downtown

So, who is hungry? Owned by famous actor Robert De Niro, Nobu is a very popular Japanese restaurant in New York City. Located in the Financial District, this is a sushi restaurant and bar. There are many Nobu restaurant chains internationally and is also a hotel company too!

When walking inside, you will notice how beautiful the aesthetic is. It has dim lighting to give it a relaxing look.

There is also a big sushi bar where there are chefs preparing the food. There are seats surrounding the sushi bar so the guest can watch while waiting for their order.


Virtual Tour of New York City

On the other side of the restaurant are tables to dine at that is away from the bar area.

The interior design is amazing! There are lots of red, orange, and black colors that make it pop out. The ceiling of Nobu has a 3D effect with the wood color panels making it have a unique look. There is also some stone along the wall too.

Virtual Tour of New York City

If you love sushi and cocktails, come to Nobu! I promise you will not be disappointed.


Final Words

Thank you so much for going on this Virtual Tour of New York City with me! Now, I could have been pretty basic by showing you the typical tourist spots like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, etc; but I wanted to give you a Virtual Tour of New York City with places that would not even come to your head when visiting. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the tourist hot spots, but there is much to New York City than you think. I hope it gave you a good idea for your next visit there!

As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!

Momentum 360 in Denver

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Momentum 360 in Denver

Hello everyone! We are back at it with another weekly blog; where small businesses can get their virtual tour content.

We have been exploring different places each week by going on virtual tours, but I think it is time to kick it up a notch. Where should we visit next?

I got it! Today, we are heading to Denver, Colorado.

When you think of the city Denver, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the mountains; or maybe something else. Well, believe it or not, there is so much more to Denver and I am here to give you a virtual tour of it! Here at Momentum 360, we want you to have an amazing virtual tour experience; with that being said, welcome to Denver everyone!


Union Station

All Aboard! This first stop is 25.1 acres of beauty; the iconic Union Station. Located in the heart of Downtown Denver, this vintage looking building has one of the best exterior architectures in Denver. It has its famous Union Station Travel by Train sign in a red-orange color. If you scroll through Denver related content on Instagram, then most likely you will run into a picture of Union Station; it is for sure Instagram worthy!

Momentum 360 in Denver

As we walk inside the Union Station building, you will notice it is not your typical train station. Of course, it has benches to sit and wait for your train to arrive, but it also has so many shops along the walls.

There are food places like ice cream shops, a bar, restaurants, and so much more. There are a variety types of foods and even local beer that has been brewed all over Colorado!

When you are finished grabbing a bite to eat and drink, there are some retail shops to check out also. From high-end to basic souvenirs, there is a retail shop for everyone here.

If you are taking a train right into Denver and need a nearby hotel to stay at, no worries! The Crawford Hotel is located in Union Station. How convenient is that? It is a very unique hotel with their multiple different styles of rooms.

Going outside, here is the RTD Bus & Rail. If you are needing to go from Downtown Denver to the airport or vice versa, this is the most fast and environmentally friendly way to do so! It leaves every 15 minutes, so it is not a long wait. The RTD is for sure more affordable and convenient than calling an Uber or Lyft!

Momentum 360 in Denver

Last but not least, there is also an Amtrak line where you can go to different cities in the United States such as Chicago, Salt Lake City, Omaha, and more!

There are multiple things to do here in Union Station, even if you just want to simply walk around to enjoy the scenery. It is definitely a sight see, but we have so many more places to visit, let’s go!


Coors Field

Before you ask, no this is not a field full of beers. Welcome to Coors Field, where the famous MLB baseball team the Colorado Rockies play!

Located in Downtown Denver, this 76-acre field is flat out gorgeous. Starting with the outside, Coors Field has an architecture of brick which gives it a vintage look. Topping off the vintage look is the clock that sits between the wording of Coors Field above. Lastly, there is a statue of Branch Rickey outside too.

Momentum 360 in Denver

Going through the gates, we are officially in the stadium! Here, you can purchase your food, drinks, and Colorado Rockies apparel! There is Colorado Rockies’ pride along the walls and hanging up everywhere you look.

Now on to the best part, the playing field! Coors Field comes in at three of the biggest baseball stadiums in the United States. There are over 50,000 seats. Wow, that is a lot! There are about three levels of seating in the stadium. Enough about the seats, let’s talk about the actual field itself. It has bright green grass that has the Colorado Rockies iconic logo printed over it. We cannot forget the jumbotron facing the field too! Above the jumbotron, it has the Rockies logo and stadium lights.

Momentum 360 in Denver

You already know at this point, that when visiting a stadium, we have to check out the locker rooms. When walking in, You can see each player on the team has their own section with their name to put their stuff at. The locker room also has about five flat screen TV’s, couches, massage chairs, jacuzzi’s and so much more!

That concludes our visit at Coors Field! I would say that was definitely a homerun. There is more to come and more to see as Momentum 360 gives you this virtual tour of Denver.


Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

If you like music and nature, then you are going to love this spot. Welcome to the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater! The Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater is open to the public, so take advantage of the amazing views when it is free. This is a great place to exercise. Think about it, you are getting in shape while looking at a great view.

Momentum 360 in Denver

The only time when it is not free is when there is a concert occuring. Yes, you heard that right! There is a gigantic stage located at the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. Many well known music artists have performed here. At night, you get a stunning view while the show is going on. It is highly recommended to come see a show here when you are visiting Denver.

If you go to the top of the amphitheater, there is an entrance to a museum below the amphitheater. This is a museum that shows and tells you all about the history of Red Rocks, the famous musicians that performed live here. There is also a concession stand, a restaurant, and of course– a gift shop! You definitely want to grab a souvenir to remember your time at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater.

Momentum 360 in Denver

There are also hiking trails that lead all around the park. The trails open one hour before sunrise and close one hour after the sunset. You can choose which trail you would like to take, there is a variety of them!

Finally, there is the Trading Post. The Trading Post is near the Trading Post Trails where you can purchase gifts and souvenirs. You can learn a little bit more history about Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater here also.

I could literally stay here all day! Gotta love nature, am I right? That was an amazing time at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater! We have one last stop of Momentum 360 in Denver!


Larimer Square

Here in Larimer Square, it has an amazing atmosphere. You can discover restaurants, bars, and small shops.

Momentum 360 in Denver

The first thing you will notice about Larimer Square is its hanging lights above. It gives the neighbor an aesthetic; especially at night, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Larimer Square is very spacious to ride a bike, walk your dog or simply walk and/or run alone. When doing that, you get to enjoy nice scenery! There is so much to look at from the colorful flowers to the skyscrapers from downtown.

Momentum 360 in Denver

That is it for Larimer Square! I definitely give it a 10 out of 10.


Final Words

That concludes Momentum 360 in Denver! I wish I could show you more, but I hope this virtual tour gives you an idea of what Denver is actually like. I know for sure it is on my bucket list!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

July 1, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Travel, Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blog posts, where small businesses can get their virtual tour content.

In a previous blog post, we had recently taken a virtual tour of Houston. I am not going to lie, I really enjoyed that one! So I thought, where else could we go take a visit in the great state of Texas?

San Antonio? No. Austin? No, maybe another time. Dallas? Yes, Dallas it is!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the beautiful city Dallas is a good chunk of it. There is a population of 1.3 million residents, so I totally believe that Dallas is the place to be– but how would we know that? Of course by giving you an amazing Virtual Tour of Dallas.

I am going to take all of you to four of the best spots in Dallas! Trust me, if I could show you more of this gorgeous city, I totally would; but that would take days, maybe months. Why are we wasting time? Let’s get started!


Reunion Tower

Located in Downtown Dallas is Reunion Tower. This observation tower is one of the most iconic landmarks for the city of Dallas. It may not be the tallest building in Dallas, but 561 feet is tall enough!

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

If you are new to town, the Reunion Tower should definitely be on your itinerary for places to visit. You can actually go inside, believe it or not. Walking in the Reunion Tower, you are able to purchase your tickets and go up 450 feet to observe the whole city.

When going up the transparent elevator, it just gets better and better. It makes you feel so eager to see the final results. Once you arrive at the top, it is free-for-all at this point. There is so much you can do!

In the Reunion Tower, you are able to grab a bite to eat at Cloud 9 Cafe. Here, you can enjoy some casual dining with a breathtaking view. Eating with a nice view of Dallas? At that point, I would feel like I am winning at life.

For my 21 and up crowd, do not worry there is also a bar! You can enjoy some delicious drinks while enjoying the amazing scenery.

There is the option to observe the city inside or outside! It is all about what makes you feel comfortable. Telescopes and interactive touch screens are included for making your experience better. When looking out at the views, take advantage of this moment and see the beauty of Dallas!

As we go back down the elevator getting our last glimpse of the city, we are back at the ground level. Here you can also find a gift shop for souvenirs, you know, just typical tourist things.

Before we go, I want to show you what the Reunion Tower looks like at night from the outside. Once it gets dark out, the iconic sphere at the top shines so bring with beautiful colors. Depending on the day and time you visit, it might be a different color each time. For example, around Christmas time, it will light up colors of red and green. Also, if something tragically happened like the time when retired NBA professional basketball player Kobe Bryant passed away, the sphere on the Reunion Tower lit up purple to pay tribute. So it all depends on the day, time, or maybe even the mood of the person who decides the colors.

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

That was amazing! We are just getting started. Come with me to our next spot on this lovely Virtual Tour of Dallas.


AT&T Stadium

Well, well, well– when worlds collide. For those of you who are not aware, due to Momentum 360 being based in Philadelphia; we are absolutely huge and dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fans, also known as the rivals of the Dallas Cowboys. Oh yes, the tension in here is so thick that you can cut it with a knife– but you know what, I am willing to put the beef aside for now and show you the home of the Dallas Cowgirls- I mean boys.

Just right outside of Dallas, located in Arlington, Texas is the one of the largest professional football stadiums in the United States– the AT&T Stadium! I have to say though, the outside architecture of the stadium is very nice. The exterior of the AT&T Stadium is mostly transparent glass which gives it that modern look; and of course, they are one of the few stadiums that have a retractable roof. Instead of pillars, the stadium is held up with two arches on the outside, which results in that nice view when watching a game no matter where your seat is.

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

Walking inside of the lobby area, you can get your food, drinks, and Cowboy’s apparel; but I will just stick with the food and drinks. It is a very spacious area, but can get very crowded during game day. There are also elevators and escalators to take you to the floor level where your seat is.

Here is what we all have been waiting for, the iconic Dallas Cowboys football field! Looking around there are so many navy blue seats. This stadium can hold up to 80,000 people but with a maximum of 105,000 standing. On the field, there is beautiful green grass and the famous Cowboys logo on each end. We cannot forget about the insanely large jumbotron that hangs from the top.

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

How about we go check out the Dallas Cowboys locker room? Honestly, this looks way better than my own bedroom. It is huge! Each player has their own space with their name attached above. Also, they have flat screen TV’s in there!

Not only do the Football players have a locker room, but the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders also do too! They both look similar but in their own way. For each of the cheerleader’s, they have their own section with their name and picture above and a vanity mirror below.

Alright, that is it for the AT&T Stadium! As much as I enjoyed it, this is probably my first and last time that I will ever step foot in here because… go birds. Okay, on to the next stop of our Virtual Tour of Dallas!


Klyde Warren Park

As we head back to Downtown Dallas, I welcome you to Klyde Warren Park! The cool thing about this park is that it is basically surrounded by a highway. It might sound dangerous but trust me, it is not. The 5.2 acre public park is the place to be.

When arriving at Klyde Warren Park, there is a huge quad space here. Lots of events and activities are held in this section. Also, it is a relaxing spot to lay out on a blanket.

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

Another great thing about this park is that it is kid-friendly! There is a children’s park here too. You can find playground activities, a storytelling tree, and a caterpillar fountain here.

If you are a fan of the show Friends, then you will love this one. The world famous couch that was in the show, is here at the park! Go ahead now and get your pictures.

Lastly, if you are hungry there is a restaurant where you can eat and enjoy the views of Klyde Warren Park. You also have the opinion of a variety of food trucks that sers pizza, burgers, ice cream and more!

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

We are done at Klyde Warren Park! You are probably starving right now after knowing about the yummy food here. Hold tight for our final stop and I promise you will thank me later. So, let’s finish off strong with our final destination of this Virtual Tour of Dallas!


The Rustic (Dallas)

Right in Uptown Dallas is this iconic music venue AND eatery, The Rustic! The Rustic’s original home is in Dallas, but they had also expanded out San Antonio and Houston as well; but hey, nothing beats the original. Here you can have some good food, good drinks, and listen to good live music. This is for sure a hot spot for tourists and locals of Dallas.

The aesthetic of the establishment is amazing. It has a gray exterior and its iconic “The Rustic” big light up sign in the front.

Inside, it has a brown/wood aesthetic that resembles an open garage. Of course it has a bar and flat screen TV’s all around.

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

The outside seating is definitely where you want to be at The Rustic! It looks very similar to the indoor seating with the picnic benches and running light above. You are surrounded by great vibes and listening to some great music.

The main stage is also outside; but if you are sitting inside, don’t worry! You still can get a great view of the band indoors.

Virtual Tour Services in Dallas

The concept of The Rustic is overall amazing and unique. It is for sure something that I highly recommend putting on your bucket list!


Final Words

Thank you so much for coming on this Virtual Tour of Dallas! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Also, I hope it gives you a good taste of what Dallas is really like. Although we only visited four places in Dallas, there is so much more to explore in this wonderful city.

As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!


Virtual Tour of Miami

June 26, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Travel, Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour of Miami

Hi everyone! It is a new week, which means a new blog of a NEW virtual tour. As always, we post weekly virtual tour content for small businesses.

It is officially summertime, which means… time to start planning your next vacation! With businesses finally opening back up normally again, this is your time to travel! For my next adventure, I would like to travel somewhere that has two of my favorite places within miles from each other– a city and a beach. I automatically thought of Miami, Florida. In that case, virtual tour, anyone?

Miami is definitely the place to be. With a population of over 6.1 million proves it otherwise. We are going to visit some amazing hotspots in the 305. So let’s see what the hype is about and get started on our Virtual Tour of Miami!


Design District

If you are in love with the finer things like I am, then you would enjoy a visit to the Design District in Miami. The Design District is located in Miami where you can find art, restaurants and luxury fashion. You will notice in some spots how bright and vibrant the colors are. This is also a great place to take some amazing pictures for your Instagram! You have the tall palms trees in the background and the nice architecture businesses and more than 30 works of art.

Virtual Tour of Miami

The first thing we should check out here is the Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome. Whenever you see it, this is how you know you are in the Design District. It is a huge circular shape that to me looks like a pet’s chew toy! The Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome has a white color to it and transparent circular windows that have a 3D effect to it. This beautiful art piece sits in a pool of water that sits right in the middle. Did you know you could go inside the Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome? When walking in the dome, you have to go down a swirl set of stairs that leads you to the ground level.

There are so many chairs and tables where you are able to relax and enjoy the scenery. Also, If you would like to see a gorgeous view, across from the Buckminster Fuller’s Fly Eye Dome is an escalator; if you take it up, then you can see a nice view of the whole city of Miami. There is another cool art piece that is up on this level in a corner called the Le Corbusier. It is a big light blue statue of a man from the hip up, holding a pencil that looks like he is writing on the ground.

You can find so many bars and boutiques here. You can even find bars IN boutiques!

Why bother visiting the Design District, if you are not buying the design? Just kidding, I am a window shopper myself. There are a variety of stores to check out here in the Design District like Celline, Fendi, Dior, Givenchy and so much more. My favorite one has to be the Dior store; inside, there is a cafe called the Dior cafe. Lots of people come here for the aesthetic and the famous Dior espresso! The cafe is beautiful. It has some greenery and the word “DIOR” written in big gold letters on the wall.

Last thing to check out is this amazing art piece of a huge crushed up red solo cup. This is called the Jokester 2. This is a symbol and to remind people to recycle and not to litter. It is pretty amazing if you ask me!

It is alway a vibe when it comes to the Design District in Miami! We have tons more to see, follow me to our new stop in this Virtual Tour of Miami.


The Villa Casa Casuarina (The Former Versace Mansion)

Alright, here we are at the Villa Casa Casuarina; also known as the Versace mansion. This is now a hotel that used to be an estate previously owned by Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace. If you are wondering why Gianni Versace does not live there any more, then maybe you should Google it.

In the Villa Casa Casuarina there are:

  • Eight bedrooms
  • Ten bathrooms
  • Two kitchens
  • Three sitting rooms
  • Four living rooms
  • A bar
  • A library

In the lounge area, there is a beautiful fountain that sits in the middle, balconies above to look over the lounge area, black chairs, and a pattern tile flooring. It is outside since there is no roof. There are so many ancient artifacts from Italy that are placed here also.

Walking through this narrow hall, we head to the pool area. This is probably the most beautiful part of the whole place. It gives you that Italian vibe with the patterns in the walls, the shady green trees, and the bright blue pool water. The designs under the pool make it look ten times better! If you ever need a break from the pool, you are able to chill up on the patio and get a very nice view.

Virtual Tour of Miami


Last but not least, there is a restaurant also in the Villa Casa Casuarina! It is called Gianni’s and they serve Italian and Mediterranean food which is more fine dining. Inside the restaurant, the lights are dim and also has a black and gold aesthetic to it.

Overall, the Villa Casa Casuarina is so beautiful! It is very vintage and one-a-kind. The Italian aesthetic was gorgeous and it really hit home for me since I do have Italian roots. If you plan on staying here, then not only do you have good taste but also a lot of money too– because just for one night at the Villa Casa Casuarina, it ranges from $750-$850 a night. So yeah, you can catch me at the nearest Marriott. Actually, how about you catch me at our next stop on our Virtual Tour of Miami!


Wynwood Walls

Great! Everyone is still here. Welcome to Wynwood Walls! Yikes, try saying that tongue twister ten times. If you thought some of the art in the Design District was cool, wait till you get a look at all of this here. Wynwood Walls has art mainly everywhere. There are giant canvases on the walls created by street and graffiti artists that are so cool to look at. Also, there are over 70 galleries and museums.

I wish I could describe to you in detail what Wynwood Walls actually looks like; but it is one of those things where you have to see it to experience it.

So here you go:

Virtual Tour of Miami

Virtual Tour of Miami

Virtual Tour of Miami

Virtual Tour of Miami

Beautiful, right? Told you! The one interesting fact about Wynwood Walls is the wall murals are updated all the time by street and graffiti artists. So maybe when you come back, it will be new kinds of art! It is sad we have to go, but we have one last stop… or should I say two?


Miami Beach and South Beach

What is a Virtual Tour of Miami with going to the beach? Miami Beach and South Beach are the two most popular beaches in the area. Whether you prefer one over the other, either way, both beaches are most likely always going to be crowded. I will say though, they both have their own kind of vibe.

Virtual Tour of Miami

South Beach is a huge hot spot for tourists to attend. It has great scenery and amazing architecture. The iconic Ocean Drive is also located here in South Beach. Here you are able to admire the vibrant colors and the dozens of hotels. There is also a pathway and an exercise section where people enjoy working out! It gives you a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean while doing it. If you want more of a relaxing kind of vibe and somewhere that is more spacious, then you could. One more iconic thing about South Beach are the colorful lifeguard chairs; it is definitely Instagram worthy!

Miami Beach, well, it is not the actual beach. It is a part of South Beach. If that makes sense. You are able to find mainly everything here from food to fun. If you are a part of the younger crowd, then you would enjoy the nightclub scene here. High profiled celebrities often attend these iconic night clubs: LIV Miami, E11EVEN Miami, Club Space, STORY Nightclub, and many more.


Final Words

Another successful Virtual Tour down in the books! This Virtual Tour of Miami was a great one. I will say, Miami has some amazing art and vibrant colors all around, but not many buildings. Everything is pretty much open space and outdoors, nothing wrong with that though! I would love to take advantage of the fresh Miami air. I hope you enjoyed this week’s virtual tour as much as I did!

We post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!


Virtual Tour of Houston

June 17, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Travel, Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour of Houston

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. If you are new, then welcome, I am excited to have you! If not, then welcome back– you already know the deal; we post weekly virtual tour content for small businesses.

This past month, I visited one of the most amazing cities in the United States. I would tell you to take a guess of which city, but we would be sitting here all night; so I will just tell you. I went to Houston, Texas!

Houston is so big, that it can go miles and miles out. Not only is Houston extremely huge, but the options of things to do and places to go are endless. So I thought, why don’t I just prove it to you by giving a Virtual Tour of Houston and I can just reminisce along the way? It is a win-win for both of us!

Houston is a perfect place to do some virtual tours since most of the spaces are big. Momentum 360 recently partnered with Marriott Marquis Houston and did an amazing virtual tour! Like come on, I am so tempted to jump in their gigantic Texas shaped pool.

Now, that was just a sneak peak of what you are about to see; but I think it is time to begin our Virtual Tour of Houston. I am about to show you the hot spots and the must see’s of this beautiful city. Here we go!


The Galleria Mall

I hope you have money, because we are going shopping! Ranking #7 in the biggest mall in America is the Galleria!

Virtual Tour of Houston

There are over 300 stores inside. It has almost every store you can think of! Personally, my hometown mall is ranked #3 of the biggest malls in the United States; but when I go inside the Galleria, it feels like they have way more stores.

When entering the mall, you are greeted by the valet parkers. Fancy! Too bad we did not drive.

Walking in, is the entrance of the second floor of the mall. You will notice how wide and spacious it is along with the amazing high glass ceiling that has a slight curve in the center of the Galleria. There are different stores along each side of the mall. On this floor level, you can find the majority of the luxury stores like Gucci (my favorite), Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, YSL (another favorite) , and so much more!

Virtual Tour of Houston

Taking the escalator up to the third floor, there are even more stores! These ones are a little bit more affordable than the previous stores we have seen. Shopping establishments like Forever 21, Vans, Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works, PacSun, and many others are located on this floor. Another interesting part of the third level of the Galleria is that there is a small section of small business boutiques to shop at! I absolutely love the fact how the boutiques are isolated from the mainstream stores so they can have their own recognition and have more of a focus on them. There are only a handful of small boutiques, but it looks like there are vacant spaces to open up more!

Oh, and one more cool feature about the third floor; there is a hotel connected! Yes, the Westin Hotel is attached to the mall too. There is an elevator that takes you from the third floor right to your room. Along the side, you can see patio’s of each hotel; that is a perfect place for people to watch! I’m shocked that this is even a thing… anyone can be like, “Be right back, I’m going to run downstairs to the Gucci store!”. Actual goals.

Going back down two levels, you would think this is called the “First Level” or the “First Floor”, but no. We are now standing on the “Rink Level”. Why is this called the rink level, you may ask? Well, take a look! There is a huge ice skating rink right in the center of the mall! Also, there are some shoe stores for all you sneakerheads, a travel shop that sells souvenirs, and of course– the food court. What is a mall without a food court?

The Galleria comes along with many restaurants; some for example:

  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Grand Lux Cafe
  • Chili’s
  • Del Frisco’s
  • Many more!

That is really it with the Galleria! I definitely recommend having a field day here. I needed two of them due to the size of it. I say we head to our next stop on our Virtual Tour of Houston… agree? Let’s go!


The Toyota Center

In the fine words of Houston native Beyoncé… London speed it up, Houston rock it! I welcome you to the notorious Toyota Center! This is the home of the NBA basketball team, the Houston Rockets. Luckily, during my time in Houston, I was able to attend a game (which they lost); but overall it was an amazing time. I would say let go see one right now, but unfortunately the Houston Rockets did not make the playoffs. Maybe next year!

The outside exterior of the Toyota Center is gorgeous and sits beautiful right in Downtown Houston. The building has a narrow square-round shape, with a perfect circle that sits on top. Right where the entrance is where the iconic Toyota Center logo with four tall flag poles waving over it.

Virtual Tour of Houston

As we walk inside, it looks like your typically home stadium entry; except this one is showing their Rocket pride. There are concession stands, sports gear stores, former and current players jerseys along the walls, and escalators/elevators to access the levels of the stadium.

Alright, this is what we all have been waiting to see; the Houston Rockets basketball court! Standing in the middle of the court, we are surrounded by rocket red stadium seats. In the middle, hanging from the roof is the giant jumbotron. There is the glossy wood detailing on the court floors along with red colors. In the middle of the floor is the famous team logo and along the side of the court are in big letters “Houston Rockets”; but most importantly, the basketball hoops! If you look way up high above the seats, that is club box seating; but I prefer the courtside. Just kidding, in my dreams. Catch me in the nosebleeds!

Virtual Tour of Houston

Get ready, because our last area that we will be looking at in the stadium, no one but exclusive people can access in here. This is the locker room for the Houston Rockets basketball players! So yeah, you are probably stepping in some of the players’ sweat right now. It is gross if you think about it, but exciting to know. Walking in, the ceiling is a white dome shape. Along the walls, each player has their own dark chestnut colored section to hang up their jerseys and put their personal stuff away. Above each player’s section has a tv screen of their name, picture and stats. Looking down at the ground is all velvet black flooring with the large iconic Houston Rockets logo in red. Of course there are showers in here; but I think we are getting a little too personal just by being in here as it is.

Not only are basketball games held at the Toyota Stadium. Many musicians come here to perform live shows also. It is pretty amazing when you can transform a basketball court to a stage!

That was a great time checking out the Toyota Stadium, but the game is not over yet. Off to the next stop of our Virtual Tour of Houston.


Lakewood Church

During my visit in Houston, I was in an uber on my way to the Galleria; I passed by this huge building that had the words “Lakewood Church” in front of it. I searched up on Google more information about it, and little did I know, it was Pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch! Unfortunately, I did not attend any services when I was there since I noticed it was my last day in Houston; so I thought, how about we all go together now?

With a $95 million renovation cost of the entire megachurch, the outside architecture looks very modern and structured well, along with bright green grass in front of the building. Also, it has a perfect background of downtown Houston right behind.

Virtual Tour of Houston

Heading inside, we enter the lobby area. Right in front of us are huge and wide all white stairs. It can get very crowded inside– so maybe having stairs like these is worth it! Also, right beside the stairs are escalators; maybe I will take them up since I am feeling lazy.

On the upper level is the Lakewood Bookstore. It is an area of the church where attendees can check out some interesting books. It looks like your typical bookstore, with a variety of books around the room and a cashier stand in the front.

Alright, the moment of truth, the room where all the praising happens. This megachurch is enormous; but you know what they say– everything is bigger in Texas. The megachurch is an oval-shaped room that is newly renovated which can now hold over 16,000 seats.

Looking up at the ceiling are all the production lights that have blue squares designs covering them on top.

All the way in front of the megachurch is the main stage. This has to be the most beautiful part. There is an elevated surface in the back where the band plays, Joel Osteen’s preaching platform, and right in front are just a couple stairs that lead up to there. One each side has more seating that is placed in a curved way; and not to forget, the giant screens for the people who cannot see the main stage as well.

Virtual Tour of Houston

Alright, that was amazing! I don’t know about you, but I never see megachurches often. Actually, I never see them at all. That was a first for me! I think it is time for us to go to our last stop of our Virtual Tour of Houston. Can you think where we are going? Let’s just say… we can swim on over and find out.


Downtown Aquarium

Welcome to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston! The outside of the aquarium gives a beautiful blue and gray tropical theme with palm trees surrounding the building.

Virtual Tour of Houston

Walking inside the entrance you will see more palm trees, a box office along the wall, and an amazing fountain with two giant swordfish statues in the middle of it. Some of the walls of the aquarium are a red-orange color that has a rocky texture.

The exhibits that are included in the Downtown Aquarium are:

  • Texas Bayou– You can look at some bullfrogs, alligators, turtles, and more to see in this exhibit!
  • Rainforest– Here you can see dangerous fish like piranhas and stingrays. Also included are boa’s, frogs, and some birds.
  • Shipwreck– You can find living coral reefs, clownfish, tangs, groupers, and more here in this exitibit.
  • Discovery Zone– This exitibit, you can be more hands on. There are bearded dragons, snakes, and many more fish you can find here!
  • Sunken Temple– There are lionfish, tarantulas, pufferfish here. Also, including an electric eel and a Tiger Reticulated Python that is over 20 feet long.
  • Underwater Rig– Here you can find more interesting kinds of fish. There are snappers, redfish and much more!
  • Stingray Reef– Of course you are going to see some amazing stingrays here! What makes it even better is that you can touch and feed them–how awesome is that?
  • Tiger’s of the Maharaja’s Temple– You can see some amazing tigers here!

What an amazing aquarium. I cannot even choose which exhibit I like the best, they are all so great! This is a beautiful aquarium to go to. There is so much to check out, and if you feel a little hungry, you can go to one of the concession stands to grab a bite to eat.


Final Words

Wow, what a tour that was. Thank you so much for coming along this fascinating Virtual Tour of Houston! I hope that gave you a little insight of what Houston is like; but of course, there is so much more to experience when in this amazing city.

We post our blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!