Benefits of Aerial Images

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Elevate Your Business with Drone Footage: Unlocking the Power of Aerial Imagery

In today’s digitally-driven world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of their target audience and stand out from the competition. One such powerful tool that has revolutionized the way businesses market themselves is drone footage. Offering a unique perspective from above, drone footage has become increasingly popular across various industries, providing numerous benefits that can significantly enhance a business’s visibility, engagement, and overall success. Let’s delve into the myriad advantages of incorporating drone footage into your business strategy.

Benefits of Aerial Images

Benefits of Aerial Images

Enhancing Google Business Profile:

Your Google Business Profile is often the first point of contact between potential customers and your business. By integrating high-quality drone footage into your profile, you can instantly captivate visitors and leave a lasting impression. Aerial views of your business premises, surrounding area, and even product demonstrations can showcase your offerings in a visually stunning manner, enticing customers to explore further. This immersive experience not only boosts your profile’s appeal but also improves your chances of appearing prominently in local search results, driving more traffic to your physical location.

Engaging Social Media Content:

In the realm of social media, where attention spans are fleeting and competition is fierce, compelling visual content reigns supreme. Drone footage provides a fresh and dynamic perspective that is inherently captivating, making it perfect for grabbing the attention of your audience on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Whether it’s showcasing your latest products, capturing behind-the-scenes footage, or highlighting scenic views relevant to your brand, aerial imagery adds a touch of excitement and allure to your social media presence, increasing engagement and driving brand awareness.

Benefits of Aerial Images

Benefits of Aerial Images

Elevating Website Appeal:

Your website serves as your digital storefront, and its design and content play a crucial role in shaping visitors’ perceptions of your brand. Integrating drone footage into your website not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also reinforces your brand identity and value proposition. Whether you operate in real estate, tourism, construction, or any other industry, aerial footage can provide valuable context, showcase your offerings in a visually compelling manner, and instill confidence in potential customers. Furthermore, incorporating drone videos on key landing pages can increase dwell time, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately improve conversion rates.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

In today’s competitive landscape, providing an exceptional customer experience is paramount to retaining customers and fostering loyalty. Drone footage can play a key role in enhancing the overall customer experience by offering a unique and immersive perspective that traditional photography or videography cannot match. Whether it’s offering virtual tours of your facilities, providing aerial views of event venues, or showcasing the natural beauty of your surroundings, aerial imagery creates memorable experiences that resonate with customers long after their initial interaction with your brand.

Digital Landscape Ownership:

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence is essential for staying relevant and competitive. By leveraging drone footage to create unique and compelling content, you can assert ownership over digital platforms and carve out a distinct identity for your brand. Whether it’s creating captivating video ads, producing informative tutorials, or sharing breathtaking aerial panoramas, incorporating drone footage into your digital strategy enables you to differentiate yourself from competitors, build brand authority, and establish a loyal following.

Benefits of Aerial Images

Benefits of Aerial Images

SEO Benefits:

In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), content is king, and multimedia content, such as drone footage, can significantly enhance your website’s visibility and ranking. Search engines like Google prioritize high-quality, engaging content that keeps users on your site longer, reducing bounce rates and signaling relevance and authority. By embedding drone videos strategically throughout your website, optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords, and earning backlinks from reputable sources, you can improve your website’s SEO performance and increase organic traffic over time.

Additional Benefits:

Beyond the aforementioned advantages, hiring drone footage for your business offers a plethora of additional benefits:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: While aerial photography and videography were once prohibitively expensive, advancements in drone technology have made them more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: Drones can capture footage from virtually any angle or location, allowing you to tailor your content to suit specific marketing objectives, target demographics, or promotional campaigns.
  • Scalability: Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, drone footage can scale with your business, providing scalable solutions for marketing, advertising, and branding initiatives.
  • Competitive Advantage: In industries where differentiation is key, leveraging drone footage can give you a competitive edge, positioning your brand as innovative, forward-thinking, and visually captivating.
  • Compliance and Safety: By hiring professional drone operators, you can ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards, mitigating potential risks and liabilities associated with drone operations.

Incorporating drone footage into your business strategy offers a multitude of benefits across various facets of your operations, from enhancing your online presence and customer experience to boosting engagement, visibility, and SEO performance. By harnessing the power of aerial imagery, you can elevate your brand, captivate your audience, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success in today’s digital landscape.


Philadelphia Luxury Apartment Virtual Tours

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In the world of housing, something interesting is happening—luxury apartment virtual tours are reshaping how we experience and envision our living spaces. As technology keeps growing, people looking for homes want more immersive and user-friendly methods of exploring potential spaces. In this exploration, we’ll look into the world of luxury apartment virtual tours and focus on four Philadelphia luxury apartment buildings that have wholeheartedly embraced this innovative approach and are redefining the entire apartment-hunting experience.

The Change in How We Explore Homes Virtual Tours Taking Over

In recent times, checking out houses or apartments has gotten a major upgrade—virtual tours are a great tool for both home buyers and renters alike. Instead of just scrolling through endless pictures and basic descriptions, now you can virtually walk through places, look at details, and imagine yourself living there. This isn’t just a time-saver; it helps you make better decisions about where you want to live. 

One of the most valuable factors of virtual tours – and what makes them most appealing – lies in their unique ability to offer a level of engagement and detail that goes a step beyond traditional marketing methods. Prospective tenants can now virtually peer into every corner of a property, get a feel for the room layouts, examine crown molding or wood finishes, and envision their future within the space. This advanced level of interaction not only serves as a time-saver but also enhances the decision-making process.

Momentum 360 luxury apartment virtual tours

Let’s Check Out Some Awesome Places in Philly

     1. 1500 Locust

Our first stop is 1500 Locust, right in the heart of Center City Philly. This luxury apartment complex redefines the standard of city life by offering a range of amenities that elevate the day-to-day experience. Among its standout features, residents of 1500 Locust are welcomed by a heated indoor pool, providing a perfect retreat for relaxation or fitness, and a rooftop terrace that offers breathtaking views of the city skyline. The inclusion of a fitness center adds another layer to the wellness-focused lifestyle that the apartment building promotes.

What sets 1500 Locust apart is not just its prime location, but also the diversity of living spaces it provides. The complex offers a variety of layouts and interior designs, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you’re seeking the cozy intimacy of a studio or the spacious comfort of a three-bedroom apartment, 1500 Locust has the perfect space for you. Each unit is equipped with modern conveniences, including washers and dryers, ensuring that residents have everything they need for a seamless and comfortable living experience.

It’s not merely a residence; it’s a lifestyle specifically designed to meet the diverse preferences of its residents. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing swim, taking in the panoramic views from the rooftop terrace, or maintaining your fitness routine in the state-of-the-art fitness center, 1500 Locust is designed to enhance and complement your daily life. It’s a haven that seamlessly combines convenience, luxury, and style, offering a living experience that reflects the best of what Philadelphia has to offer. With their virtual tour, you can see the spacious rooms, high-end finishes, and amazing views of the surrounding city. It’s not just a home; it’s a lifestyle.

     2. The Crane: Mixing Modern and Culture in Chinatown

Next, let’s head to Chinatown and check out The Crane. It’s a mix of modern design and community living. The Crane is centrally located close to unique and bustling neighborhoods like Northern Liberties and Midtown Village. This luxury apartment building also provides convenient accessibility to high-traffic places like the Reading Terminal Market and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. It’s like having the best of the city right at your doorstep!

And let’s talk about the apartments at The Crane – they’re amazing! Whether you’re into minimalistic studios or need more space with one- or two-bedroom apartments, they’ve got it all. Take a virtual tour, and you’ll see how stylish everything is. The interiors are designed with fancy finishes and modern appliances that make your place look sleek. Plus, large floor-to-ceiling windows give you incredible views of the city skyline.

But wait, there’s more. The Crane isn’t just about the apartments; it’s a whole lifestyle. They’ve got a fitness center where you can work out, and the rooftop lounge has views that will blow you away. And get this – there’s even a bilingual childcare center. So, it’s not just a home; it’s a community where you can live your best life!

If you’re into the idea of a luxurious life in the middle of all the action, The Crane is the place to be. It’s like having a front-row seat to the awesome vibe of Philly while enjoying a comfy and stylish home. Living here is like being part of something really special.

     3. The Piazza: Artsy Living in Northern Liberties

Now, let’s explore the eclectic neighborhood of Northern Liberties and find The Piazza.

Picture this – living in the lively Northern Liberties neighborhood in Philadelphia, where everything cool and trendy is at your doorstep. That’s what The Piazza is all about – not just an apartment complex, but a whole lifestyle in one of the hippest parts of the city.

The Piazza has four unique buildings – Alta, Navona, Montesino, and Liberties Walk. Each building has its own vibe, giving you a bunch of choices.

Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff – incredible amenities. The Piazza isn’t just about places to live; it’s about creating a community where you can have a blast. Imagine a rooftop lounge with amazing views, a gym that’s like stepping into the future, and cool public spaces where you can hang out. It’s not just about where you live; it’s about how you live.

But here’s the best part – The Piazza isn’t just for the people who live there. Nope! With walkways connecting the neighborhood.

And the style? Oh, it’s on another level. The apartments at The Piazza aren’t just places to crash; the units are detailed homes that exude modern city living. If you’re into style, and community connection, and want your home to be more than just a space, The Piazza is where it’s at.

     4. Arrive: Modern Living in University City

Our last stop is Arrive in University City. It’s all about modern living and innovation.

Arrive University City is a modern oasis, a personalized space that feels like home from the moment you step in.

What makes Arrive University City stand out is its commitment to providing more than just a living space. It’s about curating an entire lifestyle. Need a quiet spot to work or study? Arrive’s got private working spaces just for you. Feeling the need to break a sweat and stay fit? The state-of-the-art fitness center is waiting for you, offering not just exercise but a breathtaking view of the Philly skyline.

And let’s talk about location – Arrive University City puts you right in the center of the action. Whether it’s classes, shopping, dining, or hitting the nightlife scene, everything is within arm’s reach. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, giving you the best of both worlds.

Now, imagine embracing a high-rise community experience where each day brings new opportunities and discoveries. That’s Arrive University City for you – a place where your urban adventure begins, and every moment is a chance to savor the unique charm of city living. Welcome to a lifestyle that’s not just lived; it’s celebrated at Arrive University City!

Why Virtual Tours Are a Big Deal

Making Decisions Easier for You

If you’re thinking about moving, luxury apartment virtual tours offer a complete and interactive experience that makes it way easier to decide between options. You can virtually walk through places as many times as you want, getting to know every angle. This means you’re more likely to make a decision you’re confident about, and it reduces the need for several in-person visits to the property.

Helping Property Managers Too

For the people who manage these places, luxury apartment virtual tours streamline the leasing process in innovative ways. They attract more people because anyone can check out the place online, such as individuals who live out of state or people with hectic schedules.  Additionally, virtual tours cut down on the time and resources that are usually spent on physical showings, allowing property managers to focus on providing a personalized, efficient, and enjoyable leasing experience.

The Future of Checking Out Apartments

Embracing Innovation for a Better Experience

Virtual tours will not be the end all be all of apartment and house hunting. Technology will continue to change and evolve, as it always does, and those who embrace and adapt will continue to be at an advantage. Virtual tours are no longer considered a novelty but a necessity, offering a fun and engaging platform for both property managers and potential tenants to connect and explore homes without leaving their screens.

Paving the Way for Modern Living

The four luxury apartment buildings we’ve discussed – 1500 Locust, The Crane, The Piazza, and Arrive – are not pioneers of modern living in Philadelphia, but they are pioneers of modern leasing experiences. They’re not just adapting to the changes; they’re setting a new standard for showing off the cool unique features that make each property not just a house, but a home.

The Seamless Integration of Technology

Virtual tours don’t just replace in-person visits; they make them more exciting. You can explore the place a bunch of times before going, which means when you do visit, you already know so much about it. These virtual tours offer more than just a glimpse of the physical spaces; they provide a journey into the lifestyle, amenities, and ambiance that define each luxury apartment building, creating a seamless blend of technology and human experience.

One of the undeniable benefits of luxury apartment virtual tours is the ability to expand the reach of a property to a wider pool of people. With international audiences seeking prime real estate, virtual tours become a shared connection for property and potential tenants that goes beyond physical boundaries. Prospective tenants from around the world can explore and envision themselves living in luxury, all while making informed decisions from the comfort of their current location.

Enhancing Pre-Visit Engagement

Virtual tours not only simplify the leasing process but also increase and amp up pre-visit engagement. Potential tenants can dive into the virtual tour multiple times, becoming familiar with the twists and turns of each property. This increased pre-visit engagement not only reduces the number of in-person visits to the location but also ensures that those who do visit are genuinely interested and familiar with the property.

Building Confidence in Decisions

Choosing a place to live is a big deal. Virtual tours help build confidence in your decision by providing a totally immersive view of each luxury apartment. As a result, virtual tours help to reduce any hesitancy and empower tenants to make decisions with every assurance.

Matterport Vs. CloudPano vs. Drone

Matterport, a cutting-edge technology, introduces sophisticated 3D scanning that leverages state-of-the-art cameras to capture minute details within properties. This technology is well known for its ability to create immersive virtual tours, allowing potential tenants to easily explore every space as if they were physically present. Matterport is often chosen by professionals in real estate and various businesses, from art galleries to fitness centers. Matterport’s scans are significant for enhancing the visual appeal of properties depicted in virtual environments. However, it’s worth mentioning that the use of Matterport tends to be more focused on indoor spaces, though it can also be utilized in outdoor spaces as well. 

On the flip side, CloudPano presents an alternative and user-friendly approach to virtual tours. Serving as an online platform, CloudPano empowers users to create 360-degree tours without the necessity of specialized 3D cameras. This flexibility and affordability position CloudPano as an enticing option for potential tenants, extending its applicability beyond real estate to showcase diverse environments in a visually engaging manner. Nevertheless, the clarity of the images may be contingent on the quality of the camera used, and there might be a slight learning curve for users new to the platform.

For those seeking a more panoramic experience, drone virtual tours offer a completely different perspective by incorporating aerial views captured with flying cameras. Drones equipped with high-quality cameras provide breathtaking panoramic views of extensive areas, offering unique insights into properties, landscapes, and events. This approach is particularly advantageous for potential tenants looking to explore the surroundings of a property, gain insights into the local area, and make informed decisions. However, it’s crucial to note that drone operations are weather-dependent, and compliance with aviation regulations is paramount.

The choice between Matterport, CloudPano, and drone virtual tours ultimately depends on the specific needs, preferences, and budget considerations of potential tenants. Some forward-thinking users opt for a hybrid approach, seamlessly combining Matterport scans for indoor spaces and captivating drone footage for outdoor areas. This strategic fusion ensures a comprehensive virtual tour experience, providing potential tenants with an in-depth exploration of both indoor and outdoor spaces. As these technologies continue to evolve, improvements in image clarity, user-friendly interfaces, and cost-effectiveness contribute to the growing popularity of virtual tours across diverse industries, transforming the way potential tenants explore and envision their future living spaces.

Making Apartment Hunting Fun

In the end, virtual tours are changing how we explore and experience real estate. Momentum 360 is making this change awesome by creating virtual tours that capture the heart of luxury living.

Explore the art of luxury apartment living through virtual tours—something that’s more than just seeing pictures. Let’s embrace this cool change and redefine how we imagine and choose our homes in the lively city of Philadelphia.

virtual tours of luxury apartments are changing how we check out and feel about real estate. Momentum 360 is all about making these experiences easy to use and informative, matching up with what the real estate world needs right now. Looking ahead, virtual tours are definitely going to be a big deal in the future of finding your next home.

Come and see the artistic side of living through these luxury apartment virtual tours. It’s not just about looking at pictures – it’s an experience that captures the vibe of each home. Let’s redefine how we think about and choose our homes in the vibrant city of Philadelphia.


Virtual Tours: The Secret Sauce of Home Staging Companies

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Many experts agree that home staging is vital for today’s sellers since it helps potential buyers see themselves living in the space. Plus, we’ve seen that staged houses sell more quickly and for a higher price than non-staged properties.

But, just like any other strategy, home staging can always be done better, and the top home staging companies have discovered how virtual tours can help them do just that. You can do it too. Just read on.


Virtual Tour Explained

A video tour shows you a place from every angle. The person using it can feel like they’re in a space and then direct how they move in that space. They can see everything around them, including the floor below and the ceiling above. One more thing users can do is zoom in and out, which lets them focus on certain places. Most virtual tours are made up of several photos that have been “stitched” together.

Virtual Tour & Businesses

One of the most well-known uses of 360-degree tours is by real estate agents. Since price is the most important thing, these tours are usually small and simple to use.

For any business that cares about quality, superior virtual tours with high-definition and cutting-edge cameras are the best choice. A hotel chain will use them to show guests how nice the rooms are. Museums, car companies, colleges, and real estate developers are some other possible customers. All of these groups can benefit from showcasing their place in the best way possible.

Why Use Virtual Tours for Home Staging?

Home staging companies are quickly becoming more and more interested in virtual staging. Digital imagery is used to virtually arrange and arrange empty or unused homes so that potential buyers can get a better sense of how the room might look when it is properly designed and furnished.

Overall, home staging companies use virtual touring because it can:

Capture the Imagination of BUyers

Sometimes it feels like looking at a blank page when you walk into an empty house. Buyers may have a hard time picturing how the room can be turned into a home without any furniture or decorations. They might have trouble picturing how their things would fit or understanding how big the room is. This is where virtual staging becomes handy. It gives buyers a clear, interesting look at what an empty room could be, which makes it easier for them to picture themselves living there.

Virtual staging is like a narrator because it tells the story of the space. By putting furniture and decorations in a smart way, it tells the viewer about the room’s size, purpose, and mood. Virtual staging creates an image that potential buyers can relate to, whether it’s a large living space that’s great for family meetings or a cozy study that’s fantastic for getting some alone time.

Makes it Easy to Sell

Everyone knows that the housing market moves quickly. There are times when buyers need to decide right away, and there are times when sellers want to list their homes as soon as they can. Now, more and more people who want to speed up their time-to-market are choosing virtual staging.

Using digital tools, virtual staging “stages” a house for sale online. It makes it possible to make actual pictures of the property to illustrate how it might look once it is set up and decorated. To put your homes on the market easily and swiftly, you don’t have to actively decorate them with furniture or accessories. You can put the properties up for sale faster because you don’t have to wait for any items to arrive. This saves you time and money.

Saves Them Money

There’s no doubt that classic staging can really make a house stand out. However, it has some problems, the main one being the cost. It can quickly become expensive to rent furniture, have it moved, and hire experts to set things up. There is also the time and work that goes into moving things in and out of a home. The bills keep coming, which makes it pricey for many homeowners.

As opposed to the old-fashioned way of staging, virtual staging doesn’t have any of those expenses. Because you don’t have to buy furniture or set up anything in real life, virtual staging is a cheap option. You’ll have a place that looks great and is just as interesting to look at as a normally staged home but for a lot less money.

Gives them A lot of Flexibility in Staging

The great thing about virtual staging is that it can be used in so many ways. If you want to present the space in a minimalist manner today and in a different aesthetic tomorrow, you may easily do it. It only takes a few clicks. Because of this, every corner can be shown in a variety of styles, making the house appealing to a large group of potential buyers, each with their own personal style.

Virtual staging can be changed at any time. In its place, it is very adaptive. People’s tastes change over time, potential buyers give feedback, or the market changes, homes can be quickly and easily changed. Updating an ad over and over makes sure that it stays up-to-date with the market and keeps potential buyers interested.

Takes Away a Lot of Manual Labor

You can change the way a house looks with virtual staging while doing minimal work. People can make big changes without spending a lot of money or putting in a lot of time and effort into improvements.

When it comes to the exterior of a property, you have access to a wide variety of design alternatives, from small-scale fixes like fresh paint and new outdoor lighting to major overhauls like new driveways, patios, and other hardscaping features.


How to Get the Most Out of Virtual Tours for Home Staging

Now that you understand the benefits of using virtual tours for staging, there are a few things you need to do before you can start the whole process. Make Sure to keep these in mind when running a home staging project:

Prepare the Space

First, do what you normally do when you’re staging a home. This will help you get a space ready for a tour. Clean the space well and get rid of all the stuff that’s in it. Make the room feel warm and welcoming by adding lights, plants, and furniture. Let the staging bring out the best features of the home so that buyers can picture themselves living there. Create a cozy and warm space without making it too personal. Make a space seem larger and brighter by letting in natural light and using mirrors.

Analyze the Space

Next, you’ll need to look at your home to figure out what parts must be more prominent in the process. Architecture, views, special features, or anything else that could make your home more valuable are all examples of this. Take some good pictures of the property now. It’s important to capture the house in its finest possible light and from the optimal vantage point. It’s important to edit the images after they’ve been shot to remove distractions and boost the overall quality.

Think Like the Buyer

When getting ready for a virtual staging tour, think like a potential buyer. This might be the single most important thing. You should try to guess what they’ll want to see, what they’ll ask, and even how they’ll act if they were actually touring the house.

The virtual tour can help you find a buyer. As you walk through the house, tell a story about each room and point out its most important features. You should usually have a screenplay in mind, or at least some detailed notes, to guarantee that your audience receives the information they came for. Don’t be afraid to improvise, though. If you come off as excessively scripted, the virtual tour will lack the human connection that is necessary to overcome the inherent impersonality of the platform.

Partner With a Virtual Tour Expert Team

When home staging companies wish to make their homes look great for viewings and online ads, they can use virtual tours. But this only works if you do it right.

If you don’t have experience with virtual staging, there can be too many moving parts for you to handle. This is where a virtual tour provider can help.

Best Photographers in Philadelphia

How to Find the Right Virtual Tours Team?

Because there are so many virtual tour software companies out there, it can be hard to pick the right one for the job. When choosing a virtual tour software company, here are some things to think about:

Define What You Want

To start, you should know exactly what you want and need. Think about things like the number and types of properties you want to show off, how interactive you want the place to be, and how much money you have to spend. Make it clear whether you just want an average 360-degree tour or specialized options like virtual decoration or layout integration.

Do Some Research

You should do a lot of study to find virtual tour producers that meet your needs. You should look for companies that offer virtual tours of real estate and have a history of producing good work. Read reviews, look at their galleries, and compare how much different companies charge and what features they offer.

Consider Versatility

Find out how much each virtual tour maker lets you change things. You should find ones that allow you to add video clips, photos, or music, as well as the ability to change the style and add your own logos. This will let you make tours that fit your brand and show off your sites in a unique way.

Technology is Vital

Adding interactive features to virtual tours is a great way to keep people interested. Try to find interactive elements such as hotspots that let visitors go to other locations or see more information. Check to see if the virtual tour provider lets you add things like VR or 3D features.

Compatibility is a Must

Make sure that the final result easily integrates with a number of different systems and devices. People with computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones should be able to view your tours. To reach a lot of people, it’s important that your app works with web platforms and major operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Check Out their Outlets

Think about where and how the virtual tours will be published. Check to see if the company that made the virtual tours offers a way to keep them or if you need to add them to your website or property ads. Check out the different ways they can share, like integrating social media or linking to other sites. It’d help a lot to find a provider that has a high ranking in Google’s search results. It’d be even better if they had extensive experience with the marketing aspect of your project as well.

Look for Transparent Stats

Finding out how people behave can help you improve your marketing tactics. Look for virtual tour makers that let you see statistics like how many times your tours are viewed, how engaged users are, and how long they stay on each tour. This information can help you figure out how well your tours are doing and make smart choices.

Evaluate Customer Support

Check out how helpful the virtual tour maker is with responding to questions and giving training. Check to see if they offer documents, instructions, or direct support to help you when you have any questions or problems. Quick and efficient customer service can save you time and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Finally, the Cost

Lastly, think about how much the virtual tour maker costs and how much it can grow. Think about how much it costs compared to the benefits and capabilities that it offers. As your business grows, think about whether the tool can meet your goals.


Bottom Line

Virtual staging is a good way to get the attention of people who are looking to buy your home online and sell it faster. Take advantage of the steps and advice in this post for simple virtual staging and show off your home. Keep in mind that investing in virtual staging is a smart move that can net you a higher selling price.

What’s even better is that you don’t need to look very far for a partner because we at Momentum Virtual Tours have a long track record of helping homeowners, home staging companies and real estate agents promote their properties and sell them for an excellent price. Just contact us and let’s get started.


Wholesale Real Estate in Philadelphia PA

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Wholesale real estate

Wholesale Real Estate in Philadelphia PA

In the modern-day real estate industry, many ways exist to sell a house successfully. Everyone knows the traditional way to sell a property: listing the home on the market with a licensed realtor. Another method is to sell your house to a real estate investor, but locating a qualified house buyer may be difficult, and that’s when the services of a real estate wholesaler can be beneficial to a seller.

What is a Real Estate Wholesaler?

A wholesaler in the real estate field is an individual who connects the property seller and house buyer. A wholesaler is an individual who gets into a contract with a seller; the wholesaler then reassigns the contract to a buyer for a flat fee, similar to the services provided by a realtor. The only difference between a wholesaler and a real estate agent is the time it will take to finalize the transaction. There are many pros and cons to using a real estate wholesaler to sell a home in today’s market; Sell My Home Fast Philadelphia details the benefits below.

How Do You Sell a House With a Wholesaler?

Selling a house using a real estate wholesaler is very simple. The seller and wholesaler agree upon a sales price that a seller will receive at closing. The wholesaler will take the signed agreement to their buyer’s list of qualified investors to lock a buyer in place for a flat wholesale fee, typically 5% of the sales value. If a seller works with a reputable wholesaler, the transaction will be completed within twenty-one days of the agreement date. Choosing the wrong wholesaler can cost a seller valuable time and money.

Difference Between House Flipper and Wholesaler

The real estate industry is a broad career path with multiple jobs. Some real estate professionals participate in various forms of real estate investing, but overall, there is a difference between a house flipper and a wholesaler. Neither a wholesaler nor a flipper maintains ownership of the property; at some point, both individuals flip the property or contract for a profit. Someone who participates in fixing and flipping, purchases these distressed properties, makes necessary repairs and sells the house for profit. While wholesalers never take ownership of the property and usually reassign the contract within a couple of days of signing the agreement with the seller.

Pros of Using a Wholesaler

There are many positive aspects of using a wholesaler to sell your property. Some of the most appropriate times to use a wholesaler are if you need a quick real estate sale, selling a house as-is, or looking to avoid real estate fees or home inspections. Here are a few advantages of selling a house with a real estate wholesaler:

Quick House Sale: Wholesalers offer the ability to close quickly, usually within a week or two. Most wholesalers have an established network of home investors with the funds to close on properties rapidly, regardless of the home’s overall condition.
Sell Property As-Is: When utilizing a real estate agent, the sale will require costly repairs and other renovations; when selling with a wholesaler, there is no need for house repairs. Wholesalers work with qualified buyers with a long history of buying houses in any condition and situation.
No Financial Contingencies and Inspections: When a seller agrees on a sales price with the wholesaler, that will be the exact value received at closing. No contingencies exist with an as-is real estate transaction, so the sale doesn’t require any inspections, which may ruin a standard real estate sale.
No Hidden Fees or Commissions: The amount agreed upon on the contract is the amount received by the seller at closing, besides money owed on the property, such as an existing mortgage, liens, or other judgments. No real estate agent commissions or related fees are associated with using a real estate wholesaler.

Cons of Selling Your Home With a Wholesaler

Although there are many positive reasons to sell a house with a wholesaler, there are also a couple of disadvantages of using a wholesaler to finalize the sale of your property. These negative aspects can cost the seller time and money, so choosing a qualified wholesaler is vital to ensure a proper real estate sale. Some disadvantages of selecting the wrong wholesaler are:

Not Receiving Top Dollar: Using a wholesaler to sell a home usually guarantees a quick property sale that requires no repairs. Generally, these aspects are reflected in the sales price, and the seller may not receive the most profit on the home sale. Sometimes, sellers need to weigh out the options of completing the costly repairs to receive a higher return on investment.
Not Every State Requires Wholesalers to be Licensed: In some states, wholesalers are not required to be licensed or insured. So, these wholesalers are often held to different standards than real estate agents. Wholesalers are not legally bound to have the seller’s best interest at heart, so it’s essential to research who you’re working with before signing a contract.
Risk of Deal Falling Through. Similar to any other real estate contract, the deal may fall through. Usually, the wholesaler is protected from legal recourse if they cannot get a buyer in place within wholesale contracts. If the wholesaler has yet to find a buyer, the seller will be forced to start the process from the beginning.


Weigh Out Your Home Selling Options

As with any significant decision, weighing your options is essential to determine the best decision. Using a real estate wholesaler has many benefits, especially if the property seller needs a fast sale or a sale that does not require house repairs. Using a reputable wholesaler is similar to using an agent since the seller pays the agent and wholesaler a flat fee to get their property sold. Just know not every wholesaler is alike, just like some agents can produce better results than others. Research the individual or company before signing an agreement of sale. Sometimes, wholesalers receive a terrible reputation, but the hidden secret is that a qualified wholesaler can provide excellent results.

Top 360 Live Streaming Cameras

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Top 360 Live Streaming Cameras

Live streaming has exploded in popularity as a way to stream events, shows, and other stuff to viewers all over the globe.

Whatever kind of streamer you are—professional, blogger, or just someone who likes streaming live videos—you need a reliable, top-notch camera to put on an excellent display for your viewers.

To begin your search, you can take a look at these top-rated streaming cameras that provide great video quality, are simple to use, and have all the tools you need to improve your live streaming.

360 live streaming cameras

Why is 360 Live Streaming Hot Now?

Individuals and businesses can use 360 live streaming because it’s a unique, immersive approach to sharing content with an audience. There are a lot of different ways to use this sort of technology. Here are some examples:

  • It lets people who hold the event share it live with people who couldn’t be there in person. This spreads the word about the company and gets more people to attend future events.
  • This is a precious opportunity for couples to share their wedding day with loved ones who couldn’t make the trip.
  • Live streaming is a great way to watch events like football matches, concerts, and other shows, whether you want to watch them for free or pay.

On top of that, you are confident that the experience comes with:

  • Superb image quality (now streaming at up to 4K definition).
  • Any device (PC, mobile, tablet, VR, smart TV) is compatible with the video content.
  • Anyone may be a viewer.
  • You can play it on all popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc and get tons of views. 

Top 360 Cameras For Your Virtual Tours

So, now that you understand the importance of 360 live streaming, the next step is to see how you can join the trend. To do that, you need the right kit. We’ve listed ten of them here in no particular order because the right option depends on your budget and specific project.  

Insta360 X3

Insta360 X3 has one of the greatest stabilization technologies out there, in addition to providing a superior 5.7K resolution. Using the Steady Cam setting will allow you to take normal recordings. It will only use a single lens to take pictures, rather than covering all 360 degrees. The hyperlapse and ultra slow-mo video capabilities are just icing on the artistic cake.

The built-in video editor is yet another useful feature. You can record from any angle and choose the best shots while you’re editing. The app’s AI features are as effective as they are easy to use, and it’s excellent to access them from anywhere, not just from a desktop device.

The camera itself is compact and sturdy, in the shape of a rectangle. You also don’t need to worry about water damage from 10 meters or less, which means you may use it while scuba diving.

Top features:

  • Superb image-stabilization technology
  • AI-based app
  • Waterproof
  • 4x mic to capture the ambient sound
  • Built-in selfie stick


When you choose ALLi for your 360-degree recording requirements, you can simply relax and have peace of mind. With this modern technology, users can instantly upload their creations to platforms like Twitter and YouTube, as well as save them in the cloud. To enhance the mobile viewing experience, ALLie can be readily linked with smartphones and has the ability to offer 360-degree videos rich in color.

Top features:

  • It has cutting-edge 8MP sensors that allow for 4K quality while filming in a full 360 degrees.
  • Users can watch breathtaking 360-degree VR pictures with no blind spots. The result is a fantastic digital adventure.
  • You can easily do live streaming on YouTube or upload the feed on social media.

GoPro Max 

The GoPro Max is a competitor to the Insta360 One X2 for shooting immersive pictures of athletic activities and outdoor experiences. No case is needed to keep it waterproof up to five metres, and editing is quick and easy. One of the best things about 360 cameras is that you can use the OverCapture tool to convert 360-degree footage into a standard 2D film, provided you don’t mind the end product being in Full HD.

In comparison to GoPro’s Hero action cameras, the stabilization and TimeWarp capabilities on this camera are far more advanced. The Max isn’t quite the ultimate GoPro because of its somewhat poor 2D video recording. But it’s a great choice for those who want to capture action from all angles without having to plan where to position their camera, and then edit the footage together rapidly.

Top features:

  • Crisp and clean editing
  • Guaranteed 5-meter waterproofing
  • Rechargeable batteries make things easier and save money.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app

Ricoh Theta S

One of the most well-known 360-degree cameras now available is the Ricoh Theta S. It’s capable of recording high-definition 360-degree video and live streaming to YouTube. Connecting the Ricoh Theta S to a computer, either a laptop or desktop, is the only thing you need for live streaming.

You can live broadcast 360-degree video to platforms like YouTube and Periscope after you’ve downloaded the necessary software. You can also turn it into a webcam and use it to broadcast live video to services like Skype.

Compared to other 360 cameras, the Ricoh Theta S’s live streaming 1980 x 1080 resolution is not much. However, you shouldn’t forget the fact that it’s one of the cheapest options on the market.

Top features:

  • Affordable
  • Simple interface
  • Can work as a webcam
360 live streaming cameras

Kandao QooCam 8K

When compared to other consumer 360 cameras, an 8K resolution is a game-changer. With two 20MP CMOS sensors working in harmony, this camera can record 8K video at 30 frames per second and 4K video at up to 200 frames per second, making it the highest-resolution option on the market.

It is the first consumer model that supports cropping 360 pictures to 16:9 format without a significant loss in resolution, allowing it to produce VR-quality video immediately. It has a large 2.4-inch OLED touchscreen, the largest in its class, with remarkable SuperSteady picture stabilization.

Top features:

  • Cutting-edge 8K quality
  • 64GB internal storage
  • OLED touchscreen

Samsung Gear 360 (2017 edition)

Samsung’s updated camera has the one feature its predecessor lacked: live streaming. The 2017 Gear 360 can record in 4K and broadcast in 2K for livestreams. The odd-looking camera quickly and easily syncs with your phone, after which you can jump right into a livestream on YouTube.

The Gear 360 is versatile enough to function both on a tripod and in handheld mode. This camera’s main benefit is the outstanding footage quality because it comes with precise stitching.

Top features:

  • 2K livestream and 4K recording quality
  • Wireless
  • Affordable

Insta360 One R

The Insta360 One R looks similar to the previous cameras on our list in many respects. In fact, at first sight, the features and specifications are quite similar to the first camera, Insta360 X3.

It has extremely simple controls in its software, superb footage quality (5.7K for 360-degree recording), and FlowState Stabilization. The One R stands out from the crowd since it is a modular camera. Because of its interchangeable lenses, it may be used as a standard camera as well as a 360-degree model.

There are also HDR pictures, instant playback, AI-based tracking, and many other features that you won’t easily find in other cameras. Just like the X3, you won’t have to worry about water damage with the One R either.

Top Features:

  • Customized flexible design
  • 5.7K Resolution
  • Waterproof
  • Perfect interface for vlogging and live streaming

Vecnos Iqui

This 360-degree camera is perfect for capturing spontaneous moments. The camera powers up in a flash and begins taking pictures almost instantly. Its compact pen-like design also makes it convenient to take anywhere.

When you upload a picture to the Iqui app, it turns into a short film that you can put on any platform. Even if the Iqui’s picture quality isn’t as good as that of the Insta360, its simplicity can make it popular among social media influencers.

Top features:

  • Superior design
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy to use

Giroptic iO

When linked to your smartphone, the Giroptic iO transforms it into a 360-degree camera. This little gadget (about the size of a box of matches) is surprisingly powerful. The Giroptic iO is capable of shooting 4K 360 pictures and using the app to wirelessly stream to both iOS and Android devices.

It simply takes just a moment to get started with the livestream and you only need the app and nothing else. It’s only possible to livestream in 1980 x 1080, which isn’t great for 360 footage, but it’s a super easy tool for recording and broadcasting.

Top features:

  • User-friendly
  • Wireless
  • Small and portable
  • Easy-to-use app

Orah 4i

The Orah 4i is a popular 360-degree camera that has high-quality live-streaming capabilities. Super high quality, 30 frames per second, and 360-degree focus mean you can easily capture stunning pictures. Magically, this camera rig can auto-stitch high-end VR material in real-time, ensuring that the footage is always available for live streaming.

The Orah 4i is easy to set up, which is one of its best features. This unit is great for people who are new to 360 video. The camera setup is done immediately when the computer starts up, so you don’t have to use third-party tools like Hugin.

It’s great that the camera options aren’t too complicated, but it feels like the designers took away some of the more complex choices to keep things simple.

Top features:

  • The lens has a fisheye design with four 8-elements that are multicoated for maximum light transmission.
  • White balance and auto-exposure are both easier to adjust with the Orah 4i.
  • An app for your smartphone gives you complete command over its features.


What Makes a Good 360° Camera for Live Streaming?

These ten cameras are the best options you can find on the market. But, which one is right for you? The right 360-degree camera for you will depend on your specific needs. Make your decision based on these factors:

Picture Quality

There’s no doubt that better video quality will help you get sharp, clean recordings. Nowadays, a 360 camera’s resolution should be at least 4K, and ideally much higher than that. But sharpness isn’t the only thing that affects picture quality. To get a better idea of the quality, you should also look at things like frame rate.


Is a small, versatile action camera something you’re interested in? Do you really need something small, or would a bigger one do? You should choose a 360-degree camera whose form factor is optimal for your specific application.


Battery life is an important factor for any gadget, but most of these small 360 devices score pretty average in this area. To be sure, battery life depends on the device, so it’s important to do some research based on your specific needs.


360-degree cameras have many potential applications, from recording sporting events to creating realistic VR environments. Your goal will determine which features are most appealing. Timelapse, high dynamic range, AI editing, and other functions are available in some 360 cameras.

Besides 360 degrees, you should also think about whether you want standard recording with a single lens or not. Not all of them have this feature, but having it makes your device more versatile.


Just like any other purchase, you need to consider the pricing because it shows the value you get for your money. Best 360 cameras might cost several hundred dollars or more. In this case, your budget will clearly play a role.

Top 360 Live Streaming Cameras

Bottom Line

People can see your world in a new way with 360 cams. A 360 camera can help people relate to what you’re showing, whether it’s extreme skateboarding tricks, fishing with your family on holiday, a property listing, live music, or anything else. They are pretty cheap these days, so getting one and getting creative is certainly worth it.

Besides these use cases, 360 live-streaming cameras are perfect for setting up virtual tours and showcasing your business to potential customers. We know that because we have a long track record of putting businesses on the map by offering cutting-edge virtual tour solutions. We can do the same for you as well. Just get in touch.

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Why Use Virtual Tour Software to Explore New Horizons?

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From the medical field to education, numerous organizations understand that they must showcase their facilities to attract and keep customers and students. They’ve done this in every way you can think of. Many of them have built their own solutions and made their own videos because they had to.
But, in recent years, many others have started using virtual tour software instead of an in-house solution. Why? What can virtual tours do? And why do you need a virtual tour software program for it?

Why You Need Virtual Tour Software

Virtual tours are a great way for professionals, companies, commercial marketers, and real estate agents to get their websites, properties, and digital ads in front of potential customers. According to statistics, virtual tours drive a 16% organic search growth and a 12% boost in Map listing engagement.

A Virtual Tour will let you give countless local customers specific facts about your business through an interactive and unique medium. One great thing about virtual tours is that they work far better and take far less money than standard ads. Since a Virtual Tour is online all the time, your business is creating an ongoing show that shows up on any computer or mobile device. Essentially, you need virtual tours because:

  • A good virtual tour will keep people on the site longer, which is important if you want to get new clients while retaining old ones. According to a study, 73% of users found the virtual event satisfactory.
  • By converting more casual browsers into paying consumers, a virtual tour may significantly boost your bottom line. 
  • Visitors who are interested in scheduling an appointment or placing an order may do so right from the 360 Virtual Tour by sending you an email, paging you, or giving you a call.
  • Virtual tours allow customers to see what they’re getting into before they commit, saving everyone time.
  • Those who are interested could easily access the video walk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from their home or office computer.

Is it the Same as a Video Tour?

Virtual tours and video tours are not the same thing, even though they look a lot alike. People who take video tours are limited to one point of view at a given moment. They also can’t look at the space however they want. They have to have a look at the place as it’s in the video.

People who use a virtual tour can see the panoramic picture from every angle or even zoom in to get a better look at a certain spot. The user has a bird’s-eye view of the whole area and can freely move their focus. They are totally in charge of where they look.

Where Do Virtual Tours Come in Handy?

It’s not hard to see why virtual tours are so popular these days—they give visitors a completely brimming experience! Here are some of the best ways that video tours are used in real life.

Real Estate

A lot of people use video tours to look at real estate. Virtual tours allow people who want to buy or rent a place to look at it from their very own homes, without having to go there in person. Buyers or tenants who live a long distance away could enjoy this feature. There are also more homes for sale thanks to it. Virtual tours can also give people a more complete picture of a home by letting them see any space and angle, which isn’t always possible with regular photos.


The tourism business also uses virtual tours to give people who want to visit famous tourist spots a sneak peek. People can see well-known sites and sights without leaving their houses. It’s great for those who want to get the most out of their vacation or who can’t go away from home for whatever reason (such as health or financial reasons). Hotels, spas, and other places to stay can show off their rooms and give possible visitors a feel of staying at their resorts.



College virtual tours have surged by 258%. Schools are also using virtual tours to help kids learn better, which is another use case. Kids can go to galleries, historic spots, and other places they might not be able to see in person. Students may get a deeper understanding of advanced ideas and have a more holistic classroom experience. For instance, a video tour of a laboratory can help students learn more about how science works by letting them see tests being done in real-time.

Since technology is getting better, virtual tours are being used more and more in schools to help students learn. 


People come to museums to see the fine art, so extra information about the shows is usually welcome. museums are constantly offering free virtual tours of certain exhibits while promoting paid virtual tours of other exhibits.

People who visit museums online can use 360-degree video tours to see the greatest exhibits and the gallery as a whole. When they click on the points that are related to the essential opening texts, they can see a clear picture of the item.

Museums may dramatically increase their income by allowing visitors to access the virtual tour, and this is possible with a number of different virtual tour software platforms. It’s a brilliant strategy since it opens the museum to visitors from all over the world who don’t have to physically be in the same location.

Auto Industry

Some cars may look the same on the outside, but the inside may have a different style and layout. By looking at the complete picture, you can get an idea of how the car looks, and you can compare features like the cabin trim, sound system, and more. You can make an informed decision about what kind of car you want to buy by using the virtual tour of the car. A great deal of car companies and trade shows have used it for their own purposes.


When going to a bar or restaurant, people usually look around to see if it’s a good place to spend time or relax. If it’s not, they won’t go back. To attract customers who look for a comfortable place to relax or dine, a virtual tour of the place can go a long way.

People will always want to visit a place after seeing a well-made video tour of it, and if they enjoy their first time there, they will probably come back. This is a great way for a business to get more customers and make more money.

Top Benefits of Using Virtual Tour Software

Now that you understand the applications of virtual tours in different sectors, you need to explore the role of software in this equation. In other words, how can virtual tour software help make the virtual tour better? There are several reasons.

An Immersive Experience

The point of a video tour is to give people an online visit that is similar to visiting your buildings in person. With the right software and method, you can do just that by immersing yourself more fully in the place.

Are pictures or videos of that place more convincing to your audience than an authentic virtual tour? Would they gain more from a simple website with a bunch of static images, or from images that naturally get better as you look at them?

You can get the second part of both questions with virtual tour software. It lets your audience feel like they are really in the room.

Informative Icons

Virtual tour software is particularly useful since it allows users to include informative icons that visitors can tap on for more info. Any part of your virtual tours is a good place to add these icons. They give you more details about any object or spot.

The text underneath can be anything useful, like a URL or contact information. It could even have a voice file that tells you how to get to a certain place. On the other hand, the informative icon could be a sticker with a graphic or text. You may modify it by moving your mouse over it. This makes it easier to see and use.

Interactive Mapping

The live map is one of the best parts of virtual tour software. For interactive tours of places using AR or VR, this kind of map is a must. Maps can show where a building or art exhibit is located.

It’s also possible to add zoom, tilt, and pan features that let people see more of a spot. For instance, a museum just opened a new show about the culture of ancient Egypt. It has items that researchers have found in Egyptian tombs over the last 100 years.

People can scan the QR codes on their phones that are placed next to every item or tomb. This can create an AR experience for them to see how the object looks in real life.

360° View

You may create 360° videos and photos with virtual tour software as well. Put the clips and images in your online portfolio. You’re free to spread these images wherever you’d like.

This kind of dynamic material is more interesting and draws you in. Users have a much better time with them than with regular movies and pictures. People who might want to buy can view these 360° clips and photos on laptops, desktop PCs, and mobile devices.


Multi-Platform Compatibility

Users have come to demand compatibility across devices when looking for an engaging digital experience. That isn’t always easy or possible with self-made virtual tours that don’t change based on screen size. This can make it hard to scroll and move around.

In contrast, using virtual tour software gives you more fluidity and adaptability. With dynamic optimization, it works better on any device, from small smartphones to big desktop computers, giving your viewers a more uniform experience.

Excellent Support

Don’t forget that virtual tour platforms have a live chat tool that lets you talk to guests right away. They can ask you questions about the area, and you can answer them. If you want to grow your business, you can use robots to handle more questions.

As you grow, keep a mix of the two because live chat is a great way to get to know your people. It can help people believe in you by showing them that real people are answering their questions. So, real-time chat can turn people who are just looking for information into real buyers.

Social Media Sharing

Don’t forget that social media is an excellent strategy to get more people to see the virtual tour. When people talk about their experiences on social media, they allow you to reach new people who may turn into buyers. In the same way, when people share their stories with their loved ones, it makes them more interested in your brand. 

Sharing material on social media and promoting it also increases the chances of a sale. When users give feedback on products they’ve already bought and are using, they tend to be more honest. You can also use this to make your online marketing work better.

Competitive Edge

As a company owner, you know how important it is to keep ahead of the curve. By using 360 tour software, you can give your company a competitive edge and set yourself apart from others. You can make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression on viewers by giving your guests a more interesting experience.

Saving Money

In the long run, it can be a pretty cheap way to market your business. Virtual tours aren’t as expensive to make as other types of marketing and publicity, and they can give you a good ROI. By letting people look at your place online, you’re building a virtual market for your business that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can help you make more sales and improvements over time.



When it comes to digitally attracting customers, having specialist virtual tour software could have a huge impact. Of course, given the time, money, and expertise required to create such virtual tour software, it’s much better to use a third-party service than build one in-house.

It’s also important to know that you can only get all of these perks if you choose a virtual tour provider that has the proper services, support, and experience in your specific sector.

We can help with that. Our virtual tour service is something we’re proud of because it helps businesses of all sizes and in many fields successfully connect with their audience. You can get in touch with us and experience the Momentum virtual tour software firsthand.


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