Wedding Videography

May 25, 2022 in Blog, Videography, Wedding

By Sean Boyle


We’re back ladies and gentlemen! In this one, we’ll be discussing wedding videography and why it’s better than plain old wedding photos. If this is your first time reading a Momentum 360 blog, welcome! We post weekly blogs and videos in order to help you grow as a photographer and virtual tour provider in today’s day and age.

Our goal is to provide you with as much valuable information as possible to help you succeed. We’re not here to sell you anything, we’re here to help you sell more as a photographer, or get more helpful information if you’re in the market for wedding videography, while also considering hiring Momentum 360, so we might be selling you a little ha!

To date Momentum 360 has worked with couples all across the country to shoot their big day, we have a pretty good understanding of what works when it comes to wedding content.

So it’s your big day and you’re wondering whether or not to hire a photographer or videographer or both. Why go with one over the other? In the next section, we’ll talk all about this at length to make sure you make the right decision for you and your special person.

Differences Between Wedding Photos and Videos

To someone who doesn’t do photography for a living, they probably can’t appreciate the way content is created for a wedding. There are subtle differences and reasons that people pick a video over photos, or vice versa. For photography, you do this to capture a moment in time. For a wedding you want to capture the ceremony, kissing the bride, the first dance, as well as a handful of other special moments.

Wedding Videography

Now for a video, it’s a lot more complex. With this, you’re looking to capture several moments all in one. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, while a video is worth a million. For a wedding, you want to capture the bride walking down the aisle, throwing the bouquet, amongst many other events that can’t be captured or limited with a photo. For a wedding, we obviously recommend getting both services done, as both pieces of content will serve a special purpose for your day, but we believe that it’s the video that you’ll be able to take more away from and sincerely enjoy more.

Contrary to popular belief, videography isn’t actually that much more expensive than photos. Modern technology has actually made shooting video at weddings a lot easier than before, thus the value for you as the happy couple will be so much more. The best part about this is you’ll have more money for the honeymoon as you won’t be paying that much for the wedding videography as before!

Why Hire A Wedding Videographer?

We already have covered this for the most part, but this section will be dedicated to going much more in-depth about videography. For us at Momentum 360, we’re known for working with many different wedding types and styles, so it’s imperative to use different cameras that can do different things!

Why hire a wedding videographer? Simple! We’ll create moments for you with our comprehensive list of cameras that your old school videography company can’t! Here are a few camera options that we’ve seen to perform extremely well:

Fujifilm X-T4

This vintage style camera has been used for a long time, however it still has some of the best style around! The Fuji will be your cheapest option by far, while still providing value. We’d recommend using this if you’re just starting off in videography.

Whereas, if you’ve been around the game a little longer, you’d be better off to just search for a more expensive camera like the ones below that have more features.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Behold, the most comprehensive videography camera on the planet, not just for weddings either. This camera is good for real estate photography, wedding photography, event photography, anything in regards to content, obviously including video content!

Sony A7 III

To create wedding movies, rather than just videos, this will be your best camera for that. Since Sony has a lot of interests in video games, they obviously want to have their cameras perform good solid videos, rather than a focus on photos, although it can do that too. This is another solid option for wedding and events for that matter, the price is really solid and you’re able to add a lot of unique lenses and other gadgets for this too. We’d highly recommend this.

Nikon D810

Pound for pound, this camera is the best DSLR for strictly wedding videography, which if you’re still searching for a camera to use for your big day, look no further. This is the camera you will and should be using.

This is also imperative too because some millennial and Gen Z people will start requesting 360 panos for their wedding, similar to doing those 360 booths.

Sony a7R IV

If you’re looking for another cheap option, this is the best mirrorless option for you. The features will be able to simply capture amazing video content without having to worry about mirrors.

Wedding Videos Last Longer Than Photos

Wedding Videography

You go on your favorite social media, Instagram, Snapchat, especially TikTok. What gets your attention the most? Videos of course! But why is that? Several reasons, but let’s start with the most obvious. They’re more compelling, there’s more substance to them. They’re the most like our real life, since they’re in video format, just like how our life is to an extent.

We can add music to videos, and so many other features that photos can’t do. This is why we love video so much more, and why in the future video will control a good majority of our lives, instead of just regular still photos.

This isn’t just including weddings, but other niches like real estate, small businesses and so on. You can see from a lot of our portfolio that this is one of the truest things in the digital world today.

The Future of Wedding Videography

The future of wedding content is simple. Video will begin to take over more and more as millennials and Gen Z start getting married, while the older generations who prefer photography will cancel out and video will be primarily the main form of content being preferred for these weddings.

Next, there will be some other form of content I’m sure that doesn’t even exist yet that will take hold over video, it’s just the natural order of things. The only thing that’s certain is that things will change. Accept it now, so you can continue to innovate and learn from the people before us to invent newer and better technologies that can impact people better.

How to Hire Momentum 360 for Wedding Videography

Looking to hire one of our professional videographers for your big day? Awesome! We’d love to help you. To ensure that we deliver exactly what you’re looking for with the vast array of tools that we have, here is our step-by-step process to hiring us:

  1. Schedule a Quick 10 Minute Call with Our Owner Sean Boyle
  2. Created Quote Based on Call (Pricing, Expectations, Camera + Equipment, Final Deliverables, Date, Etc)
  3. Get Quote Accepted + Get Deposit Submitted
  4. Schedule Shoot Date + Review + Confirm Shot List
  5. Shoot on Your Big Day and Send Final Assets 48-72 Hours After

Our Philosophy for Wedding Content

Wedding Videography

Our process is very simple. We want to make sure that all of the big moments from your big day are captured, and captured well! To ensure that this happens, we need to set extremely clear expectations with each other. If this is done properly, then we’ll have a perfect day! If this isn’t done, or not done well…then we’re in trouble.

If we don’t communicate properly then it’s a lost cause.


Video Production Services Near Me

May 17, 2022 in Blog, Videography

Step-by-step instructions: the top video production services in 2022

Video has long been heralded as the future of marketing, but the future has arrived. Video has long been celebrated as the future of marketing, but the future has arrived. You will be left behind if you don’t incorporate video into your marketing approach. There is no requirement to be concerned about obtaining started. Even if you can’t afford to hire an in-house video production team, some highly qualified organizations can help you with your video production needs. For clients in various industries, a video production firm develops high-quality, in-depth motion material. But what will that entail, and what do video production businesses actually do? If you have ever wondered what a video production firm does and what happens daily, this guide will explain the many stages of the production process to assist you.

What is the definition of a video production company?

Companies specializing in video production can now work in a wide range of fields. A video production company is a bunch of experts specializing in creating sophisticated video products. To produce high-quality material for any business, you can also search for reputable video production services near me that offer a whole range of services, from creative development to concept development to ready-made video solutions. The fundamental distinction between videographers and video producers is seen in these fields. Make sure you grasp the major differences in models before making a marketing selection for your company.

Video Marketing can reach more people:

Video production is often regarded as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Video production is no longer limited to the film industry. Business owners widely recognize the relevance of employing videos in marketing initiatives. While material and articles can efficiently reach the target audience, videos aimed at the same audience are difficult to compare.

Videos may elicit enthusiasm and emotions in viewers, increasing their interest in your product or service. In the end, videos tend to reach a larger audience than written content and articles. Videos are also useful for increasing awareness and recognition. It can aid in growing your website’s traffic and search engine position.

Video Production Services Near Me

Good video production can help you boost your marketing efforts:

It is possible to attract your target consumers to your product or service by using special elements in your video production. Positive feedback and testimonials from customers who have purchased the product or service are included in a good video. This comprises unique qualities that are critical in persuading your target market to buy your high-quality goods or service. Your video will not only entertain but also inform and interest your audience, thanks to some magic.

What is the role of a video-producing company?

A video production company creates films and edits movies for other businesses and organizations in its broadest definition. Activities are actually a lot more complicated than you might believe daily. Here is a quick breakdown of what a VPC might perform in a day:

  • Client meetings and collaboration
  • Conduct market and product research.
  • Make a storyboard
  • Make scripts
  • Identify potential filming locations.
  • Actor auditions, prop sourcing, and costume creation
  • Make videos and audio recordings.
  • By stitching together footage, you can make videos.
  • Combine audio and music files.
  • Make animations, motion graphics, and sound effects.
  • Send videos to TV stations for broadcasting and post them online.

Let’s go through some of those terms in more detail.

  • Conduct market and product research:

Pre-production is a stage of preparation. Every project begins with research and the pursuit of a deeper understanding of the business and its target audience. As part of the creative team, the producer develops the project’s concept, timing, and budget based on the purpose, audience, and context.

  • Combine audio and music files.

The text must be rewritten from the ground up. Before deciding on the final cut, prepare voiceovers. The right track selection for a video will make everyone’s life easier. If you compose your own music, inform the customer of the composer’s track, select a reference based on style and atmosphere, etc.

Video Production Services Near Me

  • Make animations, motion graphics, and special effects:

Special effects, graphics, and other elements are used in some video productions. Even storyboards are an excellent method to get started, help your video production, optimize the process, and create higher-quality content. You will need fantastic experienced motion designers for this section of the job. Surprisingly, the post-production stage should be planned from pre-production to ensure that the best experts remain on board until the end.

  • Editing:

To make a cohesive video, editors cut, splice, and merge segments of material. Editors and designers will add on-screen graphics, subtitles, animations, and other visual elements. Clients are given a set number of adjustments to the final edited work, depending on what was agreed upon during the initial planning stages. Additional modifications are available for an additional charge.

  • Mixing of sounds:

To complete a fantastic video, great audio is required. Layering audio on top of a video, altering volume levels, dynamics, and more are part of the sound mixing process. This stage entails adding sound effects and foley work, layering voiceovers, and ensuring that the video sounds as good as it looks.

  • Pre-Production:

Every VPC begins with a pre-production phase that includes things like research, planning, and storyboarding. A good pre-production process is critical to the success of any project since it helps to avoid blockages throughout the filming and editing stages.

  • Post-Production:

The post-production phase entails going over the footage and putting it together into the final product. They then distribute videos to the public via social media, your website, or television.

  • Choosing Cast Members and Props:

Most video production companies will manage the casting procedure if a project requires actors. Casting calls can take place in person or digitally via video chat. If specific props or clothing pieces are necessary, a VPC will either use what it already has or purchase the required equipment. Clients will ultimately decide who appears in a video and what set pieces are employed.

The Advantages of employing an expert Video Production Company include the following:

You want your films to be professional and only post the greatest content when exposing your business to potential clients. As a result, employing a professional video production company is the best option. Their expert services are advantageous to you and your company. Here are a few of the advantages of utilizing their services.

Video Production Services Near Me

  • Excellent collaboration:

A video production business can assist you in managing your directors, actors, and other team members so that they can work together successfully. They can assist you in achieving outstanding collaboration and bringing out the best in all of your team members for things to run smoothly.

  • Obtain Customer Participation:

Video production companies surpass in telling story and supporting businesses in linking with their patrons. They can also assist you produce best content ideas. If you already know what you want, you can discover the top video production services near me to help you boost your video explanation, social media content, and more. This will also affect your target audience, increasing their engagement.

  • The shooting of Higher Quality:

A video production business can shoot a high-quality video, even though anyone can make one these days. They have a nice camera and know how to shoot each scene from several angles to generate an ideal video for potential buyers. A video production business can also provide good lighting and other resources to create an adorable video.

  • Make Your Brand Visible:

Businesses frequently struggle to hire a video production company due to financial constraints. You can earn a lot by collaborating with a video production firm if you consider what you can obtain in return. Great production businesses are dedicated to their tasks. They will assist you in raising brand awareness so you can stand out from the crowd.

  • Video Production with fewer Hassles:

You could make the video yourself, but it would be less stressful if you left it to the professionals. Video production businesses can help your company create the greatest content possible. Rather than getting involved in the video production process yourself, you may simply share your thoughts and ideas with the video production firm, and they will handle the rest.

  • Superior Editing Skills:

To make the video more interesting, video production companies have exceptional editing skills and the competence to delete any unnecessary video elements. They can use professional editing tools to edit each footage and generate a faultless video. Production companies can also add special effects to your video and collaborate with you to realize your vision.

Video Production Services Near Me

How to Pick the Right Video Production services:

With all of the advice on choosing the best production business out there, the following must-haves for hiring have emerged as the most popular. After all, businesses have plenty to worry about, especially when it comes to figuring out how to sell themselves to a larger audience.

  • First impressions are crucial:

You should consider a few key points right from the start. Such as:

The quality of their previous video productions has videos that fall short of your expectations might be discouraging. So, if you do not like what you see in their portfolio, you will have to conclude that this is not the right team for you. You can be secure that the quality is good if other clients continue to use them for jobs.

  • Business compatibility:

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a difficult company. You want compatibility and the ability to flow with the person you’re interacting with in any connection. Making a video should be a unique, enjoyable experience that is never stressful. However, no amount of fun can compensate for missed deadlines or sloppy communication. This should also be true when deciding on a video production firm to collaborate with.

  • Enquire about Case Studies:

When selecting a production business, request a few case studies from previous projects. Consider the specifics and see if the production firm can offer the amazing footage you envision for your video. Take the time to study the videos they supply and analyze the main aesthetic components of each film to determine their level of skill. You can tell how much care they give to understanding the concept and the client’s final requirements by looking at the degree of information in the example videos they share.

  • Cost-effective:

Although video creation can be expensive, more and more brands need video content to engage their customers. It is excellent to stick to a budget, but keep in mind that a lot goes into video production, so going with the cheapest option is not necessarily the greatest option. One of the biggest deal-breakers is finding a budget that works for everyone, but it does not have to be.

Video Production Services Near Me

  • Interaction:

A crucial step toward success is to ask the right questions. Is this work in line with your vision? Do they go above and beyond the basics of shooting and producing? Is it simple to work with them? All of these are important inquiries. If you answer yes to these questions, your firm will be on the correct track. Other important elements to evaluate are the techniques used in the company’s vast range of services. How are vocal pros cast in animation videos? In business videos, do people appear real, even alive? It is critical to establish trust and set clear expectations, so create a checklist and go over it with yourself to discover the appropriate match.

What is the Difference Between a Video Production Company and a Studio?

You should also be aware that production businesses or studios come in various shapes and sizes. A studio may make films for the general audience, while video production corporations assist a variety of other companies in creating their desired material. Typically, studios are substantially larger and frequently adopt a corporate business model. They are trusted in terms of how a production firm operates, what they generate, and how they serve their clientele, among other things.

Wrapping it up:

When it comes to coming up with video content ideas, many modern businesses are advised to engage the services of video production companies. After all, a film can help you reveal your company’s services and products in a fresh light. Production businesses match these high expectations by connecting their end-users with your items in an extraordinary way, as modern customers select only high-quality advertising campaigns.




360 Movie

November 11, 2021 in Blog, Videography, Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality in Movies: A 360° Perspective

Virtual Reality is no longer just for gaming. It is now being used in 360° and VR movies that are becoming part of mainstream viewing. A lot of movie producers are investing largely in these new and tech-advanced forms of entertainment. Movies in 360 perspectives present us with a whole new watching experience. It is changing the entertainment landscape and people are becoming more interested in spending their time in fully immersive movies.

360 movie

360 movie

Photo Source: Tima Miroschnichencko – Pexels

This new approach in story-telling gives its audience a refreshing perspective of things from different directions. It requires collections of camera equipment to have a 360-degree view (omnidirectional cameras). Both virtual reality and 360-degree movies are sometimes being used simultaneously. There are plenty of factors used to produce this type of movie. Aside from the cameras, computer simulations are also used and other forms of combining digital videos and images. In most cases, it is being created with the combination of shooting raw images and studio editing. These videos can be viewed using certain applications and web browsers for a better viewing experience.

But what is the main difference between watching 360° on social media versus watching it using a VR device? If you are watching a 360 video on social media it is just simply a 360° video. However, if you are watching a 360 video using any VR equipment it is being considered as virtual reality. The main purpose of the two is to make films and videos more interactive for their viewers. Aside from their imagination, these kinds of movies make them feel that they are part of the film.

360 movie

360 movie

Photo Source: Lê-Minh – Pexels

There are several types and formats of virtual videos:

  • Monoscopic

It is the first and prominently used immersive video format. Mono VR video is delivered from a single channel but the display is rendered for both eyes in the VR headset. The perspective in this type is the same for both eyes so there’ll be no sense of depth for the video.

In this type the video is being relayed with two video channels, the first one is for the left eye while the other is for the right eye. Since each of the two channels is giving a different perspective to the eyes, it gives out a perception of depth.

  • VR180 3D video

This type has two channels for each of the eyes but this is only for the front-facing 180° field of view. It will give a sense of presence but do not expect that it is going to be as immersive as 360 ° videos.

360 movie

360 movie

Photo Source: Mali Maeder – Pexels

Here are some of the best VR movies you can find:

  • Ashes to ashes

It is a 10-minute film that allows the audience to watch the movie from the perspective of the grandpa’s urn which gives the viewer a greater view of the tensions in the family.

  • The Invisible Man

It is a short movie that allows the audience to choose their adventure format where they can uncover important things on their own. Both of the eyes will see the same image and everything is projected back to the same depth in the viewing sphere. You can also try to turn your head to have a look around the scene.

  • Invasion

It is a 2017 Emmy-winning VR experience with the voice of Ethan Hawke. The creator is the one who directed “Madagascar” and the top-rated VR experiences “Crow: The Legend and Asteroids”. It is a story about two aliens with the ambition of taking over the world. It manages to direct the audience’s eyes using the character’s perspective.

Creating a full feature-length this way might be too challenging. The first-ever full feature-length VR movie “Calling” was screened on November 02, 2018. This movie was directed by Charles Zhang and was part of the Beijing Film Academy. The audience wore VR headsets to have them engaged with the movie. The story is about a middle-aged real estate CEO who is suffering from a mental illness because of emotional and work pressure. Director Charles Zhang explained the process of creating the movie and the reason why he chose to create such a type. It is because there are almost no VR movies available in the market that are longer than 60 minutes. He used it in promoting the development and improvement of the whole industry of VR movies. It took them almost a year and a half in preparing, shooting and producing the film. As they shoot, they’ve encountered challenges, they find it hard hiding the director, the devices and it’s also difficult for them to monitor the pictures during the whole shooting process.

360 movie

360 movie

Photo Source: Andrea Piacquadio – Pexels

Best applications and the web browsers to watch 360 and VR Films

  • Youtube

You can watch 360- degree videos, streaming content, and recently they opened a channel for the audience to have easy access to the most popular 4K/HD 360-degree videos, immersive 360-degree and VR videos with spacial audio, 360-degree horror movies, and many more.

  • Facebook

They started serving 360-degree videos last September 2015.

  • 360RIZE (360Heros)

It has hundreds of 360-degree videos on various categories such as music videos, concerts, sports, wildlife, and more. It also allows you to share 360-degree videos on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

  • VeeR VR

It is one of the fastest-growing 360-degree and VR movie sites. It promises to bring a smooth and immersive viewing experience.

VR users discovered how exciting it is to watch movies using a head-mounted display (HMD). You can just simply sit down and relax while you are enjoying the VR movie. Beware though that sometimes you may experience VR motion sickness. This sometimes happens because each time your eyes tell your brain that you are moving around with the VR environment, your body is just steadily sitting or standing. If this usually occurs to you as a viewer, it can ruin your overall experience. You might experience the feeling of dizziness, headaches, nausea, excessive sweating, and even salivation which can stay hours after you have taken off the VR equipment.

360 movie

360 movie

Photo Source: Fauxels – Pexels

Even though you might experience having motion sickness, there are still some remedies that can help in avoiding it from happening. First is you can try reducing the Camera YAW. YAW refers to the movements along the vertical axis, for example is turning the nose of an aircraft. Another thing is, you can try reducing the Vection. It happens when a part of something you can see moves, just like how your mind creates an illusion every time the train is moving and it is moving in an opposite direction. Reducing vection has different techniques. But the common one is by reducing the player motion and you can also reduce the complexity of the textures. You can also try taking medications that relieve nausea, vomiting, and dizziness caused by motion sickness.


Videography Services

November 5, 2021 in Blog, Videography

Videography: The Art of Telling Stories With Moving Objects

You may have attended a wedding and saw a guy taking videos or maybe an event with some staff holding their cameras while capturing the moment using their phones. Technology has allowed us to take videos with our phones and document those exciting moments of our lives with so much ease and convenience. But not everyone who has a phone and can take a video is a videographer. Being a videographer by profession requires skills, knowledge and years of experience before they are able to polish his/her craft and make it a source of livelihood. There are technical skills which one needs to learn in order to get those moments in film.

Momentum Virtual Tours: Videography Service

If you are looking for a professional videographer for an event, Momentum Virtual Tour can provide you with the best quality. We are partnered with Matterport and our mission is to provide our client with high-definition, good value for money, great quality videos.

It does not matter whether you want us to film buildings, parks, real estate properties or important events such as birthdays, weddings, conferences, and concerts. The team is flexible and can either work on a solo fly or with a team for your videography needs. We also make sure that we are using the best gear in town such as Phantom Series. We are well adept in using both Canon or Nikon (Digital Single Lens Reflex) DSLR with interchangeable lenses. What makes the team competitive is the workshops that they have been attending in person. Some of the guys are also taking up online courses to further improve their craft. There are plenty of reasons why you need to give us a call if you only want professional and skilled individuals working for your project. With the competitive filming industry, there are plenty of the newbies who will tell you that they are experts in the field. You can compare our portfolio with them and if you think we are worth a try, send us a message on the website right away and we’ll have someone talk to you right away.

Videography Services

Videography Services

Image Source: Pexels

Now if you are someone who believes that videography service is the right calling for you and you really want to learn this art. There are plenty of things you need to learn first in order to start making a name for yourself. Remember, it is a tough landscape and everyday there are new competitors coming out. You don’t only have to invest in yourself but you also have to be prepared to pay for some equipment. You don’t have to rob a bank or break your wallet to purchase your gear. But you have to do good research. This is important if you want to get your hands on the right stuff and create videos worth paying for.

What is Videography?

Videography is the art of taking videos of moving things and capturing it on an electronic device such as your phone, a digital camera and tapes for videos. It does not only include the process of taking videos but doing the post-production editing which includes the use of software.

Videography Services

Videography Services

Image Source: Pexels

Videography vs. Cinematography

These two are often interchanged but they actually mean two different things.They require different equipment, skill sets, approach in terms of artistic direction, timelines, and even in the number of people in the teams required. According to Adobe, videography is more about capturing moments and events such as birthdays and weddings thus more spontaneous in nature as compared to cinematography. The project for videography service could be a one man show or it could be run by a small team. However in cinematography, it requires a larger number of people involved. In the words of Whit Ingram, a filmmaker, cinematography is much more planned out.

Videography for beginners

If you are really serious in making videography your profession, you should start learning now. Anyone could tell you that shaky videos are annoying and won’t get you many clients in the future. So start educating yourself by following famous videographers online and absorbing their techniques. You will later on will have to develop your own technique to be known in the videography world. Below are some of the tips you can take as a videography beginner.

  • Invest in yourself. You may have the most expensive gear but if you don’t know how to maximize it, your network of clients won’t fly. The aspect ratios in videography are not the same with cinematography. Depending on the type of project that you are working on, camera setting and aspect ratios are things you should learn about. Terms such as spatial compression, temporal compression and image compression, bit rates, exposure triangle should sound familiar to you.

The best way to move forward is to educate yourself about the industry. Attend workshops where you won’t only learn but can also do networking. This may seem to be difficult given we still have Covid, but you can still take online training and online courses and network from there. Join online groups and communities and talk to like-minded individuals.

  • Invest in your equipment. For someone who is just beginning, do not buy the expensive gear. Try to get some clients first with the basic equipment that you can purchase. You can then upgrade your gear once you have the money and a good number of clients you’ve worked with. To avoid taking shaky videos you can use tripod and a dolly. It could be expensive to purchase a dolly as you are just starting, you can use a wheelbarrow, a cart or anything which makes it possible for you to steadily hold the camera while moving.
Videography Services

Videography Services

Image Source: Pexels

Some of the equipment that you must have if you are providing a videography service are lighting equipment – to make sure that if there’s no enough natural light you can still work your magic; stabilizer – this keeps you away from having a shaky video output; different lenses – depending on the shot you want to achieve, you will be needing to change lenses; additional memory card – it is always safe to have extra memory card for additional storage; microphones – you may want to attached additional sound accessories on your device to capture great audio; back-up camera – this may come handy in times of emergency as we all know live events are full of surprises.

According to Patrick Clark, if you are just beginning in the field, you can purchase gears like Nikon D3300 or the Canon EOS Rebel T6. The price rate for both is around $450. The former has the option if you want to change lenses.

  • Make a shot list. Videographers should be flexible as they are taking live events or moments that can only happen once so you have to be ready. It is recommended that you have a shot list that you can work on and navigate as the event is happening. Not everything will always go as planned so you have to make sure to use your creativity and capture those amazing shots.
Videography Services

Videography Services

Image Source: Pexels

Checking your location before the event is important. This way you can see if your prepared shot lists are achievable or perhaps you will have to be creative and try a new list.

Take as many shots as you need to make sure that you have enough file to work around when you are doing the editing. It would be too much of a hassle if you don’t have enough raw files to work on when you are already doing the post production. It is going to be a waste of time and money.

  • Use different types of shots. Get a mix of different shots, different angles and do not limit to just wide angles or just close ups. Set your shot properly so your subjects have enough space. The technique in making a composition in videography is not the same with that of photography. This is the reason why you need to invest in yourself to learn. Videography Services are here to stay!
Videography Services

Videography Services

Image Source: Pexels

  • Learn to use editing software. There are plenty of editing software you can choose online. Read the reviews and make sure to take time to learn or have someone teach you how.
  • Practice and Practice. You will eventually get acquainted with your cameras when you are practicing with them. Take time to shot and create your own composition.
  • Stay Professional. The most important thing that a beginner should learn is to stay professional. Remember your agreed schedule and the terms you have agreed with. Although we are already in a digital world, word of mouth is still powerful and your current client could introduce you to the next one if you do a good job.