360 Virtual Tour Camera

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The 360 Virtual Tour Camera, A Summary.

360 Virtual Tour Camera Introduction.

360 virtual tour cameras are quickly becoming one of the hottest Tech items to own in 2022. In the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic everything in the world either shut down and died or went virtual and thrived. These powerful and impacting pieces of Technology have only recently started being offered under $1,000, making bees 360 virtual tour cameras more accessible to the common consumer. However, 360 virtual tour cameras have been used by both professionals and hobbyists for several years. we’re going to be talking about several aspects of 360 virtual tour cameras. First we’re going to go into a literal definition of what 360 virtual tour cameras are. Second, we will be talking about dedicated 360 virtual tour cameras, and what’s available in the marketplace today. will also be talking about DSLR cameras and their ability to produce 360 panoramic images, as well as methods and strategies to improve on that process. won’t be taking a quick look at a panoramic image and what that is. Lastly we will be talking about the post-production workflow for 360 virtual tour images, as well as methods of final display for your new camera product.

360 Virtual Tour Camera definition.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines panoramic as, ‘with a wide view surrounding the Observer; sweeping”. Many different cameras have an ability to take panoramic images. Most cell phones have an ability to take a panoramic image slowly dragging your camera Over the Horizon to create an elongated photograph displaying a sweeping and often stunning View of whatever you happen to be looking at. Recently with cell phone applications such as the Google street app, people are able to take 360 virtual tour images with their cell phone. Automatically stitched, the quality is notably lower than other cameras who are dedicated to 360 virtual tour images, or high-quality DSLR cameras using independent and dedicated photo stitching software. Some 360 Virtual Tour Cameras have dual 180 degree photo lenses on the front and back, like the Ricoh Theta Z1. Other cameras use a rotation based motion to capture a 360 degree image, like a Matterport Pro2, similar to a cell phone. Even drones are 360 virtual tour cameras. Given their ability to fly high and capture unique Angles, along with their high precision makes them ideal 360 virtual tour cameras. We will include cameras that fill in the blanks of their own blind spots due to their respective mechanical limitations (Pro2, Drones, some cell phone applications like Cloudpano Capture App).
A visual of how 360 virtual tour camera field of view
360 Virtual Tour Camera Options.

There are many 360 virtual tour camera options that have hit the market- and not all are created equal. However, there are some strong brands who have put out an array of cameras to fit the budget of most photographers, from aspiring to professional. A good first glance is at the Insta360 One X2. This camera boasts some powerful features. 5.7k 360 image capture, a 30 feet waterproof rating, AI internal editing, voice control, steadicam features- and many more. Sounds impressive, right? Well, for a 360 virtual tour camera, this is certainly on the lower end. Yeah, voice activation and being able to make virtual tours at 30 feet are neat. But a deeper look reveals why this camera is not for commercial use. First, the glaring fact that the aperture is fixed to a 2.0, any fixed aperture is less than ideal to say the least. Second, with an image sensor size of only 1/2.3 inch. This is very small, and alludes to the reality that the 5.4k video is upscaled, and likely not the best image quality either. Combine with hyper exposed glass lens, and a missing GPS unit, and the Insta360 One X2 is likely best saved for your next vacation, and not much more. I wouldn’t be completely turned off by Insta360 however. At exactly ten times the price, a humble $4,700, Insta360 offers the Insta360 Pro II (not to be confused with the Matterport Pro2, another 360 virtual tour camera with notably less features). THe Pro II is an attractive benchmark for “what is a good 360 virtual tour camera”. Able to stream in 4K while also capturing 8K video on six massive 200 degree lenses. Built in GPS, native VR Adobe extension, live previews, stabilization; this thing is a beast. And it objectively looks cool, like a miniature money printing machine that looks like a globe. Like the Matterport Pro2, the Insta360 Pro II is compatible with the Matterport ecosystem.
Do you need a $4,700 camera to make great virtual tours? Absolutely not. Does it make things a lot easier while delivering higher quality deliverables while hosting some serious flexibility- you bet.
Waterproof 360 virtual tour camera in action
Another popular manufacturer in the 360 virtual tour camera industry is Ricoh Theta. The Ricoh Theta SC2 comes in at a modest $296.95 on Amazon, putting it within striking distance of an impulse buy. With a 12 megapixel resolution shooting 4K video, it seems like an easy option for getting into the 360 virtual tour industry. However, like the Insta360 One X2, it’s largely best for personal use. But for that personal use it comes in four fun colors; white, pink, yellow, and blue. Ricoh Theta is best known in the virtual tour industry for its flagship model, the Ricoh Theta Z1. A beefy $1,049.00 on Amazon, the Ricoh Theta Z1 can do it all. A glorious 1” imaging sensor, 52 GB of internal storage, 4K video shooting and streaming (but not both at the same time), an entire catalog of third party plugins, and a very robust user base- this is the jumping in point for photographers looking to take their 360 virtual tour business seriously; while not spending $4,700. Four-way audio with internal stabilization make the Z1 ideal for creating content for VR platforms. The Z1 is also compatible with Matterport, so investing in a Z1 can put you in the sweet spot of functionality and not requiring a second mortgage. a Ricoh Theta Z1 360 Virtual Tour Camera

360 Virtual Tour Cameras and Matterport.

It’s hard to write about the 360 virtual tour camera market and not talk about the big black and red elephant in the room. Matterport is the face of virtual tours to those who aren’t in the industry. Certainly not the first, but absolutely the most prominent, Matterport certainly has its own upsides. The Matterport camera line is thinner than most, the flagship model being the Matterport Pro 2 (again, not to be confused with insta360 Pro II). Notably different from other models with LIDAR built in, as well as it’s style of capture. Placed on a tripod, the Pro2 spins in a 360 circle, measuring the room around it and automatically building a 3D model. Unlike most 360 virtual tour cameras, the Pro2 takes over 30 seconds to capture a single panoramic. Also, the pro2 can’t see directly above or below it, making it less than a true 360 camera. Combined with other shortcomings like no video, no internal storage, no GPS, no removable battery, no camera settings adjustments like ISO or aperture. It can be hard for a lot of people to justify buying a slower, lower quality camera that only works in the matterport ecosystem. Matterport itself has lost it’s way over the years. Following their lackluster IPO, Matterport decided to cannibalize its own user base by undercutting the market, and offering these jobs to whoever was willing to accept the undercut price, of course only after Matterport gets their cut. Combined with insanely high hosting fees and a dwindling user base, it’s clear matterport is a sinking ship.

It’s important to note that there are cameras that are not dedicated 360 virtual tour cameras, but are able to put out stunning images. Starting with drones, this is likely the least intuitive regarding 360 virtual tour cameras. When considering their high precision, built in GPS and AI, as well as a host of other stabilization sensors; most drones will rotate in a single point in the air, capturing images as they rotate. This produces a stunning aerial panoramic that can turn a $500 virtual tour into a $1,000 virtual tour with a single pano. Some drones, like the common DJI brand, even have built in panoramic functions- meaning you can capture these images with a single button. They also have built in AI stitching software that can at times do a notably amazing job. But most commercial applications will require a degree of post production, but often not much. Traditional DSLR cameras are also able to capture 360 panoramic images, however the process is much more involved. With no AI and no automation, the photographer must use special tripod heads that remove the stitching errors that can be common with shooting with this style of camera.

a  virtual tour camera can be taken anywhere

Ultimately, the products of your 360 virtual tour camera can be hosted on a variety of platforms. From the loathsome Matterport, to more nimble platforms like 3DVista. Most users will find great success with companies like cloudpano. It’s also worth noting that Facebook and Youtube can host 360 content, although not much of a tour. An important aspect of 360 virtual tours is how the consumer will use them. This can be more finely adjusted in the layout and construction of the tour itself, while maintaining the various strengths of the individual platform. It’s with noting some offer more customization than others.

A Conclusion on 350 virtual tour camera offerings.

In conclusion, a dedicated 360 virtual tour camera is a new and budding tool in the photographers kit. From cost effective models that cost around $300, to more advanced models approaching $5,000- there is massive variability and options in the vertical. All cameras do basically the same thing; take pictures that allow the viewer to “look around”, and not be stuck with a 2D static view. This is obviously more engaging and more practical than other types and applications. As we move deeper into 2022 and beyond, the world will go increasingly virtual. A holdover of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual applications will grow in scale and scope, and those who master content generation in this field are certain to be in a position to operate profitable business for years and years to come. While a 360 virtual tour camera is a serious investment, it’s important to remember that this is a fun and engaging industry, where passive income and unique opportunities are absolutely on the table. It’ll be up to forward thinking people coming up with ideas and methods to enable this technology in their own communities, to seriously advance the market and make this technology shine through in every way it was designed to, and more.

360 virtual tour camera reaching new heights

360 House Tour

December 28, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

A 360 view on 360 house tours

An introduction to 360 house tours.

360 house tours are the next generation of home marketing. 360 house tours also known as virtual tours have been around for a very long time. We’re also going to touch base on the advanced capabilities of 360 house tours, allowing visitors deep and cutting insight into their market. One of the very first consumers of a virtual tour was in fact royalty of England. Opening an exhibit in 1993, the queen’s officials had requested titles and descriptions of each event of the opening of the exhibit. Dudley castle provided this as an explanation of the new phrase, “Virtual Tour; a cross between virtual reality and a royal tour”. From the very beginning, 360 house tours have been used to grant access and insights not otherwise available to the naked eye.

From this starting point it is easy to see how this evolving technology will soon become a mainstay prevalence in the marketing of not only homes but other important standing assets. A 360 house tour only really differs from a virtual tour in so far as there is a lack of three-dimensional data to accompany the tour. This is usually a negligible difference to the common end user. popular virtual tour platforms such as matterport might not always be the best solution for the home at hand. In this article we’re going to be talking about what is a 360 house tour, who uses 360 House tours, why do people use 360 house tours, how do I get a 360 how tours, how can they be used in other Industries, what is it like to be have a 360 house tour made, how do I use 360 house tour, and what do I do after a 360 house tour?

360 Home Tours are the very best way to increase awareness.

A 360 house tour is simply a collection of 360-degree panoramic sphere images that have been stitched together in order to create an immersive experience. This experience includes being able to rotate through the different spheres viewing the spaces as they were captured. A 360 house tour can also include several other creative elements that can outline and highlight various attractive aspects of a home. This can include things such as virtual staging as well as virtual call outs of important amenities, features, and other upsells to a listing. A 360 house tour is hosted online traditionally on a virtual tour hosting server such as Cloud Pano or Kuula. The Tories can then be accessed on most smart devices from a cell phone to a tablet or PC.

360 House tours can also be viewed in the upcoming and forward-leaning virtual reality headset providing a truly immersive and engaging experience. Lastly, 360 house tours can also be set to music providing a calming and contextual vibe to any tour. All 360 house tours are customizable and any reputable service provider of 360 House tours will be able to make and offer these customizations as you need them. Simply put, a 360 house tour is an upgraded and innovative way to engage in real estate photography that will leave a lasting impression for potential buyers and lease holders.

Who Uses 360 House Tours?

360 how stories can be used across a wide range of industries. Traditionally 360 house tours are created by real estate agents, and the end user is a regular consumer who might not otherwise be familiar with 360 house tours. With this in mind it’s important for the interface of a 360 house tour to be an intuitive and user-friendly layout. All good 360 house tour providers will be able to stage the way out of your home digitally to encourage ease-of-use and prolonged engagement.

360 Home Tours and how the effect your listing in the market.

Why do people use 360 house tours?

The average consumer will use a 360 house tour for several different reasons. In a post-pandemic world obviously 360 house tours and other virtual tours are going to be a massive and prevalent tool for those who wish to stay relevant in the marketplace. Alternatively, 360 House tours are used by buyers who might not live in the immediate area dramatically expanding the potential pool of buyers who are going to be able to have a meaningful experience walking through your home deciding if they would like to make an offer or not. This is often an overlooked aspect of any 360 house tour.

Most real estate agents will tell you it can be difficult to keep your house in show-ready condition for the length of time it may be needed to host potential buyers to view the property to make an offer. A 360 home tour is a reliable and effective way that the homeowner will only need to stage their property ones, have the tour made which can take about an hour, and then the house can go back to being lived in like a normal home. This dramatically decreases the amount of stress and impact the home sale has on the actual seller. An uncommon and ideal offering for any real estate agent looking to get ahead and stand out in their local markets and teams.

How do I get a 360 house tours?

Now more than ever getting a 360 house tour is as simple as possible. National providers of 360 House tours have made contact producing and distributing these tours as car cost effective and quick as possible. Today, the quality of 360 House tours has dramatically risen with the advent of new specialized cameras that are designed to take 360 panoramic images and the post-production software that has been developed in order to greatly increase the stitching color correction and other necessary adjustments needed for professional photography.

There are hundreds of 360 house tours providers in the United States. It’s important to go with a national provider, they have the experience required in order to ensure that any listing provided has the exact amount of experience required to pull the job off successfully. Being able to rely on a national network of photographers not just for coverage but for experience allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and potential for your listing.

360 Home Tours are easier then ever to have taken!

Can they be used in other industries?

360 house tours are so effective at what they do- showing off in highlighting spaces in their best light; that they have quickly and serendipitously made their way into other industries. 360 house tours have quickly turned into 360 restaurant tours, 360 shop tours, 360 school tours, 360 hospital tours and more. Restaurants will use 360 tours in order to help increase bookings, and visibility among other restaurants in the market around them. shops and other stores will have 360 tours made in order to help digitize their brick-and-mortar location and bring it into the online marketplace quickly and readily. Schools are large utilizers of 360 tours, they will use them not only to increase enrollment but also for recruitment. Hospitals will also utilize 360 tours in order to increase brand awareness, establish prestige in their respective fields, and most importantly to make potential patients feel safe about seeking important Medical Care at their facility.

360 tours used in other Industries are deployed in a very similar fashion to 360 House tours, Post online, a link can be distributed either directly or via a QR code to maximize potential effectiveness. Some of the most effective tours are simply linked in an e-mail signature.

What is it like to have a 360 house tour made?

Having a 360 house tour made is a relatively simple and straightforward process. There are several Guides Online that will help you prepare your space to have a virtual 360 home tour taken. There are some common sense and regular deductions that we could make in consideration of any type of Photography that would be taken of one’s home that is for sale. one often overlooked aspect is the obvious fact that this is a 360 Tour; to a finer point, the camera will capture every single thing within view of the camera itself. With this in mind it’s important to make sure that any pets, people, contractors or other moving assets are minimized in order to produce the highest possible quality.

How long it takes for a 360 home tour to be made largely depends on the size of the home. more pointedly to the number of rooms in a home combined with the needs of that particular listing. Some homes will get away with only having one panoramic image per room. established 360 home tours providers however, will recommend that you take two to three different 360 Panos per room, this helps to establish a fully immersive experience.

360 Home Tours are easier then every to have made and distribute!

How do I use a 360 house tour?

Once the 360 house tour has been generated it will traditionally be handed off to the real estate agent for distribution through a multitude of channels. Several online listing services such as Zillow will allow for 360 home tours to be implanted directly on the listing. Likewise 360 home tours can be embedded directly into websites making them an important and invaluable asset to homes that are having dedicated web pages built.

Furthermore virtual 360 home tours can be displayed by sending a traditional link via email or text. Without a doubt 360 home tours can be displayed on social media, however, clicking on the link will take the user to the 360 home tour hosting page, unless embedded in your own website. An experienced and reputable 360 home tour provider will be able to provide more information on these aspects.

360 home tours are adapted to be future thinking when it comes to technology.

What do I do after a 360 house tour?

Sit back and relax now that the hard part is done. You can rest easy knowing that you are showing your home using 360 home tours, the best and most effective way of displaying your listing online.


We discussed the realities and implications of a 360 house tour. We also talked about who uses 360 House tours – often ordered by a real estate agent, produced by a photographer, and all for the benefit of the buyer and the seller. We talked about why people get 360 House tours and how the different factors that go into that decision ultimately revolve around ease of sale of the listing. We talked about who you would need to contact to get a 360 house tour as well as how 360 house tours are used in other Industries. We also touch base on using a virtual tour and how they are best traditionally implemented by real estate agents who are otherwise experts in marketing homes for sale. Make sure that you insist that your real estate agent is doing everything they can to sell your home for the highest price, so make sure they are regular users of 360 house tours.

Google Maps 360

December 12, 2021 in Google, Photography, Virtual Tours

How Google Maps 360 and Street View Can Boost Your Sales in 2022?

Google Maps 360

Google Maps 360

Were you aware that Google Maps comes with more features than just directions? A feature like Google Maps 360 can help you to build trust with your customers (especially if you’re a business owner). Your target market will feel more connected to you. In this case, you might see an increase in return. By getting a glimpse of the restaurant’s atmosphere online, customers can get excited about eating there before even walking through the door. Furthermore, Google Maps uses a technology that automatically blurs license plates and faces. You don’t need to worry about your privacy being violated. Check out Google Maps 360 street view for your business to see how it can benefit you. Google Maps 360


Google Maps – Significance for Businesses

Google Maps celebrated its 16th anniversary in 2021! The Google Maps application has evolved over the years from a simple virtual map to a place where you can find local businesses, plan your commute in detail, and discover new places. Rather than a map, the platform is a place where discoveries are made.

Building a Solid Reputation

As many experts point out, fostering trust requires humanizing a brand. By adding photos of you and your employees to your company website, you humanize your brand. A separate “About Us” tab should also be added to the menu of your website. Using Google Maps street view can also humanize your business. You are able to introduce your business to your customers through a face-to-face interaction. This increases their level of comfort, which increases their likelihood of coming in. Be seen, not told. Moreover, it is trustworthy, since the customer is not explicitly told that your business is trustworthy. They see it for themselves. By having a virtual tour, you reassure the customer that your company is honest.


Google Maps; an Online Pool of Information

Google Maps 360

Google Maps 360

Your Google My Business profile, the official Google business page, provides information about your business to Google Maps. You can set up your free Business Profile on Google and fill out a comprehensive listing of your business details. Google Maps uses this information to display local listings. In addition to showcasing your business to users, Google Maps allows you to drive brand awareness and conversions by providing updated and comprehensive information.

Making Research Easier for Your Clients

As reported in a Forbes article, 82% of consumers do their research online before going to a store. Researchers may want to know what the exterior and interior of the store look like. Taking a virtual tour of a business before visiting is one of the benefits of using Google Maps street view. This tool can provide your customers with valuable information about your storefront. Additionally, the overall atmosphere of the business and the friendliness of the staff are important aspects. Usually on sites like Yelp and Glassdoor, consumers search for this kind of information.


Notching Up Your Communication Game

Google Maps 360

Google Maps 360

Establishing a better connection with your customers is one of the benefits of humanizing your business. Obviously, they know you’re legit, and so needn’t be on their guard.

Displaying Your Quality Products and Services

Research is not the only benefit of using Google maps street view. You can also demonstrate your business’s quality. Your business shows that it cares about customers by providing them with this feature. Your business will do everything it can to ensure that the customer experience is satisfactory. Customers are more likely to visit your business and make a purchase when both of these aspects of their research are considered. A potential customer can now see inside your business with a single click. After all, Google Maps is searched by 43% of the population.


Facilitating Decision Making for Your Customer

How much parking is available in the back? Does getting a spot require a lot of advance planning? Is there a dress code? Are there any security concerns? To find out the answers to these questions, customers may need to search review sites. Street view on Google Maps cannot answer these questions. By “walking around” your business, your customers can make all the informed decisions they need to make. Once they are able to plan accordingly, your business is ready for the guests. Customers can then relax knowing that there will be no unexpected glitches.


An Effective Means of Passive Marketing

It’s dinner time for one of your customers. He’s wearing a T-shirt that everyone compliments. He then tells everyone about your clothing store. How friendly and professional the staff was. What great prices you have. And that his loyalty to your business still continues to this day. He then shows how the store appears from the street view feature. It is now possible for his friends to visualize the experience of their friend. His friends can also confirm it is genuine. Plus, if it comes from a friend rather than you, they’re more likely to believe it and take action.


Knowing Your Target Audience

Suppose you own a sports bar restaurant that caters to fans of the NFL. The football banners and memorabilia in your restaurant are meant to attract a target audience. Of course, you want to display your decor. You can do that with Google Maps street view. Your restaurant has suddenly become a virtual tour stop for prospective NFL football fans. The football decor catches their attention.

Moreover, according to recent research, Google Maps has more than 20 petabytes of data. That’s 21 million bytes and 20,500 terabytes, in case you didn’t know. Potential customers may be browsing Google Maps data. Perhaps they are searching for restaurants near Austin, Texas. When they search for your restaurant, Google finds it. Also, customers can use the pin to find out if they would like to dine there. Maybe the street view will make the difference. It is especially useful when you compare your local competitors who don’t have access to Google Street View.

Convenience and Comfort

The street view feature can be used at any location, whether it’s a mall, park, concert, etc. Visuals are processed by the brain sixty times faster than text, according to research. Social media users may share images 40 times more often because of this. Whatever the case, 3D images of your business will be processed more quickly than just a description of what you do. As the saying goes, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Steps to Embed Your Google Street View

We live in a world in which almost anything you want to know about a business can be found on the internet. Through tools like Google My Business, people can easily find the address and hours of their favorite businesses. However, today’s consumers expect more from sites than just addresses and hours of operation. Businesses need to be prepared to take advantage of the virtual tours now that new technology is making them a reality. Google Street View has made it easier than ever for businesses to incorporate external virtual tours. You can embed a Google-powered virtual tour of your business onto your website to display a street view. What is the process for embedding the tour? Check it out.


Go To Google Maps

The first step to embed Google Street View into your website is pretty straightforward. To get started, simply navigate to Google Maps. You can then search a location according to your preferences. You should always search for a location that corresponds to the one you intend to embed on your site.


Turn on the Street View

You’ll need to enter Street View mode after you have successfully searched for the location. On the left side of the page, you’ll find an image of a street, not a label reading “Street View.” By clicking this image, you will enter Street View Mode. The Street View Mode can also be accessed through another route. Although it might be a more difficult route, we’ll share it with you since it’s viable and some of you might be familiar with it. In this case, you will have to find a location as well. You’ll then see a map similar to the one you normally see. It now begins to differ from the first method. Find the orange man icon on the screen instead of clicking on the image of the street. Several of you probably have seen it before, but you probably haven’t given it serious thought.

There may be an icon near the upper-left side of your screen, but it can also be located on the lower right corner. Drag this icon to the location where you would like a street view to appear. Using this method should give you the same result. Some people might find this method easier, but others may find it more challenging. Even with the location marker on the screen, it is difficult to drag the icon to the exact location you entered. However, you are free to choose the method that is most comfortable to you.



Select “Options”

Clicking on an image in Street View will enlarge that image. The address of the location you searched will appear in a small box in the top left-hand corner. On each corner of that small box, you will see three vertical dots. Clicking them will display a menu. You should select the option that mentions sharing and embedding the image from the list of options.



Choose the Dimensions of the the Image

In the middle of your screen should have appeared a small box if you successfully completed the last step. There should be two tabs, the first of which allows you to share a picture with the link. If you want to embed images, you need to go to the second tab. Once you click it, a larger box will appear. When you embed an image, you’ll see a smaller version. Above the image, you’ll see a link. Although that link could be useful for your site, it may not be the one you want. If you closely look at the image, you’ll find that it’s medium-sized, which might not be ideal for your website. Users can select between small, medium, and large images on Google Street View. Clicking on a size will reveal a drop-down menu with the rest of the sizes. The next section will discuss how to use a custom size, a feature that you’ll notice as well.



Choose the Custom Size

Choosing the “Custom Size” option will require you to type in your desired dimensions in the provided box. If you click the “Preview Actual Size” button after entering these dimensions, you can see a preview of the size you’ve chosen. When you click this option, you may see a new window pop up. It is normal.



Finalise the HTML Code

Copy the image code once you have selected the size. The next step is to access the HTML code of the page you wish to add the image to. Paste the code in the section which corresponds to where you want the image to appear. It is recommended that you have someone assist you in pasting the HTML code if you are unfamiliar with it. Additionally, you can take a quick HTML tutorial, which will make finding where to place the code much simpler.



Visit Your Page

You still have work to do. Even if you have already copied the code, you should always check your website afterwards to make sure that it’s working properly. It is important to make sure that your image is the right size and that it does not interfere with the design of the page. Ensure your page does not contain any errors as a result of the code. Check that the code has been pasted correctly if it has.



Google Street View Has Been Embedded

Thanks to Google Street View, your clients will now be able to take a virtual tour around your building’s exterior. You’ll be able to get more free traffic and your customers will enjoy seeing the area outside your building. Here’s what you need to do next to improve your virtual tours. You should consider letting customers tour the inside of your buildings instead of just the outside.



The “Explore” Feature

The update last year included the addition of an ‘Explore’ tab that allowed users to search for nearby companies and services and view their information such as ratings, reviews, and photos. Users were able to discover new local places on one platform with the explore tab. With the new features, Google Maps expanded its exploration and personalization capabilities. With an update to instantaneous Live View, Google Maps will show nearby eateries, how busy they are, and recent reviews. The company is also personalizing the user experience even further. In the morning, highlight breakfast spots nearby and in the evening, dinner spots. For example, you can use Google Maps to find tourist attractions in a foreign city. We see Google Maps magnify its role as a tool for comparing, evaluating, and searching businesses with the goal of making informed and actionable decisions. It’s not just a tool for finding the direction from point A to B, it’s also a tool for finding precisely where point B is located. In 2020, there will be more than 1 billion users of Google Maps, a number that we can only assume will grow. This opens up the possibility for businesses to communicate with a large audience. In particular, an audience that is prepared to make a purchase.


The project Street View started in 2007. Since then, it has grown into something businesses can use to promote themselves. Take advantage of street view to attract local customers. And let them know you offer top-quality services and products. Google Maps 360!











Virtual Tour Services in Europe

November 29, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours


As the world is slowly recovering from the detrimental effects of Coronavirus, borders are beginning to open and travel restrictions are starting to be lifted, mostly for fully vaccinated people. It won’t be too impossible for us to visit our dream and favorite tourist attractions sooner or later.

Virtual Tour Services in Europe

Virtual Tour Services in Europe

Eye-catching countries are located in Europe where most of the famous travel spots are located. But recently, a piece of alarming news spooked everyone with the increase in positivity and mortality rate in the continent. It’s different from what we are expecting to happen. We all thought that we can transition back to our normal lives since vaccinations are being prioritized and the target populations were achieved. However, with the current situation in Europe, we may need to reschedule our planned trips.

But, don’t be sad. Since virtual traveling is the new normal way of wandering around, you can visit your most admired museums, parks, and many more. You don’t even need to step outside, what you only need is your couch (bed or the area you’re most comfortable with) and your gadgets to visit them.

Don’t worry because we’ll be helping you with the spots that are offering virtual tours, including the website where you can have easy access. You’ll get the chance to visit France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom on the same day! How cool is that!

Virtual Tour Services in Europe

Virtual Tour Services in Europe


  • Musée du Louvre

LOCATION: Musée du Louvre, 75001, Paris

Louvre showcases different collections of artworks from their unending research and documentations by their expert team. To provide you an enjoyable experience, if you check www.louvre.fr they gave you access to their different exhibitions of artworks (paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, and many more) you can navigate and interact using the 360-degrees virtual reality, making you feel as if you are visiting it personally. If you have general questions and requests for information you can email at [email protected] or call at +33 (0)1 40 20 53 17 during office hours.

  • The Claude Monet Foundation

LOCATION: 84 Rue Claude Monet, 27620 Giverny, France

It is a house of Claude Monet who used to live there for forty-three years. Since Claude Monet loves gardening, he successfully grows a collection in his flower garden and water garden. The site plans to open in public on April 01, 2022. If you want to experience how beautiful it is feel free to check foundation-monet.com and access their 360-degrees interactive virtual tour. You’ll get the chance to stroll around the house and his garden. For general questions, you can contact them at +33 (0)2 32 51 28 21 or email at [email protected]

  • Montmatre of Sacré-Coeur Basilica

LOCATION: 35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris

One of the known Basilica in Paris that has been around for ages is famous for its amazing architecture, the Apse Mosaic (Mosaic of Christ in Glory) which is one of the largest mosaics in the world, its grand organ (the most remarkable pipe organ in Paris) and the Crypt. When you visit their website, www.sacre-coeur-montmartre.com you can experience the panoramic view and audio presentation about it. If you have general questions you can call 01 53 41 89 00


  • Bode Museum

LOCATION: Genthiner Street, 38 10785 Berlin, Germany

This encyclopedic museum preserves and displays human artifacts and cultural treasures. It has a wide collection of European ethnology and archeology. www.smb.the museum allows you to access the site via a 360-degrees virtual tour so that you’ll be able to know more about it without going outdoors. To answer some of your general questions their lines (+49 30 266 42 42 42 ) are open from Monday-Friday 9 AM-4 PM.

  • Carnegie Museum of Natural History

LOCATION: 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburg, PA 15213

This natural history museum is best for students who love to learn about artifacts and the history of Dinosaurs, Powdermill Reserve, animals, rocks and geology, plants, and many more. If you are planning to visit the site virtually there will be a $9 fee for students, you can book an appointment on www.carnegiemnh.org for more questions contact them at 412-622-3131.


  • Uffizi Gallery

LOCATION: Piazzale degli Uffizi 6, 50122 Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Uffizi gallery also known as Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi presents the collection of their artistry, their masterpieces with its untold history, and the stories of some of the famous persons such as saints and artists, www. Uffizi.it allows you to travel back in time virtually. You can discover the stories and the artifacts using their 360-degrees virtual experience. If you want to learn more about it and have some questions feel free to call +39 055 294883 or leave an email at [email protected]

  • Virtual Tour Services in Europe

    Virtual Tour Services in Europe

    Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museums)

LOCATION: Viale Vaticano, 00165 Rome

The Vatican is one of the must-visit places around the world. Before the pandemic started thousands of tourists were visiting this wonderful site. Thankfully, Musei Vaticani www.museivaticani.VA is now offering a virtual tour around the famous Sistine Chapel, the beautiful rooms, corridors, and even their archaeological areas. For general information contact +39 06 69884676 or +39 06 698831 45, you can also email at [email protected]


  • Houses of Parliament

Luckily, via www.parliament.In the UK you’ll be able to discover and walk around the famous home of the British government. They give you access to wander from the St. Stephen hall and whichever corridor you would like to access. You can freely interact because they are using 360-degrees virtual reality to let you experience and know the stories on the walls of the Parliament.

  • Natural History Museum

LOCATION: Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

The museum houses about 80 million collections of specific objects, each telling its own stories. In www.nhm.ac.The UK allows you to discover colorful and meaningful stories about our home. The virtual tour also gives you an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience. Photos, videos, and audio are made available for better engagements and learning. For general inquiries, call +44 (0)20 7942 5000 lines are open Monday-Sunday from 9:30 AM-5:00 PM

Virtual Tour Services in Europe

Virtual Tour Services in Europe

The great thing about visiting Europe virtually is that you won’t be spending a lot of money to visit these countries. Another plus is that you won’t be tired from travelling at all! It may be different from actually talking to a French guy or drinking some German beer or even hearing that British accent but virtual travelling allows us to enjoy places beyond restrictions and border limitations. So what are you waiting for? Grab your gadget and take that European trip you’ve been thinking of!

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

November 23, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality (VR), Helping Your Business Thrive in 2022

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Globalization is shrinking the world. Thanks to technology, physical distances can be spanned, and information can be shared regardless of where an audience is located. Using these advancements, we are able to explore locations that were once only accessible through travel. With the touch of a button, audiences can access virtual tours to explore landmarks and destinations. In order to connect with prospective students, college campuses are increasingly relying on virtual campus tours. Virtual tours are also used by towns and communities to reach out to new residents and tourists.

On-Site Virtual Self-Guided Tours

Virtual tours provide the possibility for a safe, self-distributed experience when your clients are offsite. Organizations can share a wealth of information through a quality, guided mobile tour while keeping their staff and patrons safe. Although we typically think of virtual tours as solely remote solutions, many virtual tour services in Atlanta provide audiences with an offsite or remotely accessible way to take guided tours.

Remote Virtual Self-Guided Tours

Visitors who are unable to physically visit a space can still get a feel for it through remote tours. Mobile technology can be used to take users along an interactive tour, which can make audiences feel as though they are actually there.

Purpose of Virtual Tours

Organizations are using virtual tours to highlight a range of places and points of interest using different virtual tour services in Atlanta. When students choose their colleges and universities, campus visits are an essential component of their decision-making process. Touring campuses virtually helps students and their families get to know more about institutions and campus life. Corporate campuses and hospitals with large grounds use virtual tours to familiarize employees with the campus before they ever step foot on it. Cities and towns are also using virtual tours to welcome visitors with tours that introduce them to local restaurants and shopping centers. A Chamber of Commerce might use virtual tours to create a local business directory. A virtual tour may also be a solution for your organization if its web traffic has been reduced.

Virtual Tours Supporting Organizations

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Even if your audience cannot visit a location physically, virtual tours can help to familiarize them with it. Students who can’t visit campus can picture themselves on campus with a virtual tour. The virtual tour allows students to tell their stories in their own words. An organization can showcase important information exactly how they want to present it with a virtual tour, whether it is to attract visitors, donors, or employees. With virtual tours, you can let your audience ‘try it out.’ For businesses and organizations seeking new customers, the tours provide the information they need to make an informed decision. Providing virtual tours can be an effective method of engaging audiences. Upon the opening of the landmark or destination, visitors will be able to explore your destination independently with virtual tours. You can track the interest of your audience through virtual tours. With analytics, you can track downloads, time spent touring, and popular content. Virtual tours let organizations gain a deeper understanding of their audiences.

The Amazon Explore

Nearly six months have passed since Amazon launched Amazon Explore – a virtual tour platform featuring virtual expert tours all over the world. At the time, Amazon appeared to be filling a void created by COVID-19, an opportunity recognized by others such as Airbnb, Tripadvisor’s Viator, as well as Klook and GetYourGuide, which both launched their own online experiences in April. Even as borders and destinations reopen, Amazon and other virtual experience providers say they will continue to develop virtual products – as an alternative to in-person travel as well as a new way to experience the world.

From culture and landmarks to food and drink, wellness and beauty, nature and outdoor activities and – naturally – shopping, Amazon Explore now offers more than 250 experiences starting at $10 in 20 different geographies. Intrepid Group’s Urban Adventures are just one of their many big clients. Personal hosts like Ken Sakata of Ken’s Tours Tokyo run tours as well as the mentioned big players like Intrepid Group.

A spokesperson for Amazon says the company will “explore expanding the service to other regions based on the findings gathered during the initial launch period” for the moment, since the experiences can only be streamed by customers in the United States. According to Amazon, the shopping experience is a key part of their strategy. However, they would not share numbers regarding bookings. According to the spokesperson, Amazon is always looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience for customers and is always innovating on behalf of them. The Amazon Explore program allows customers to find unique products, connect with new people, and learn new perspectives and skills.”

“Amazon Explore was intentionally created as a virtual service, and will remain a virtual service once travel resumes,” Amazon says in response to a question about if customers will be able to book in-person experiences as travel resumes. Customers can always use virtual experiences to preview vacation locations and destinations as travel reopens.”

Case Study of Tiqets

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Tiqets is based in Amsterdam and offers online experiences in a different way, but echoes the view that these options will still exist even if the pandemic no longer affects travel. In collaboration with its venue partners, Tiqets created one-time virtual experiences that transported visitors inside museums and attractions themed for holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

There have been more than 55 venues and 21,000 participants at the free events. “This campaign was created in an attempt to connect our venues that were closed at the time with consumers that were stuck at home, wishing they could travel, but not be able to leave, giving them inspiration for when they can travel again. From a business-to-business perspective, our focus was making sure the brands of the venues were still relevant,” says Daniel Hackett, Tiqets’ regional director for the Americas.


The virtual experiences are aimed at providing unique, compelling content rather than replicating the in-person experience at these museums and attractions. Hackett says, “To create an enticing message that consumers can’t get in person, you can use a virtual platform.” The company is exploring ways to use Facebook Live and Instagram Live to market its events, but it does not intend to turn them into revenue-generating channels. Hackett expects Tiqets to continue offering virtual experiences to its venue partners. “We are not looking to replace or monetize the in-destination, person-to-person experience. This provides consumers with the opportunity to engage with venues pre-travel and possibly post-travel, but it is not a strict replacement for the traditional booking process”, he said. Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta!

Case Study of Walks

Steve Oddo, Walks’ CEO, is focused on building virtual experiences to compliment in-person travel. Since March 2020, when Italy, Walks’ largest market, effectively closed, the company has focused on virtual experiences as a priority. In April, Walks offered over two dozen “Tours from Home,” which narrated in-person walking tours with the company’s 800 guides, as well as videos, photos, and narratives.

Walks has since added a “Spotlight Series” – presentations on current topics, such as walking tours of Wuhan, China, as it reopened, and one last summer featuring street artists and musicians in New York – as well as live online experiences with guides in six cities. There have been about 10,000 bookings for virtual experiences since Oddo began offering them, with individual tickets priced at $10 up to about $1,000 for large corporations like Cisco and Google. The virtual tours do not generate a lot of revenue for Walks, but they have provided income for some guides as well as allowed Walks to stay in touch with past clients and attract new ones. In fact, only 14.8% of tour operators who used virtual tours during the pandemic said they generated a lot of revenue, according to a recent survey by the Tourism Marketing Agency. According to 39.3% of respondents, virtual tours did not generate revenue, but did increase brand awareness.

Oddo says that if some of those customers tour with us in the future, those are customers we never have to pay to Google or whomever. According to Oddo, “My relationships with those customers, the good experiences they had, are things we are hoping will pay off in the future.” Considering that borders are now open and international travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels, Oddo says he sees opportunities for virtual experiences to market to travelers both during their travel planning stages as well as after their trips. “Take a virtual experience with us before you book, and we will convert that into the booking so it’s free,” Oddo says. Our virtual tours were also taken by past customers who had previously taken those tours with these guides. They loved reconnecting with them. “Once you create a virtual experience, you can keep delighting the same guests”, he adds further.

Virtual Reality Tours in Real Estate

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Technological advancements are transforming industries all the time today. VR (virtual reality) and virtual tours are the newest technological developments in the real estate industry. Right now, virtual reality is created by using a helmet and remote to create a virtual world based on plans created in 3D. Virtual tours on your site are essential to running your real estate business today, as they allow clients to see exactly what they want, which allows them to make more informed buying decisions. Furthermore, VR allows you to view a house without physically moving around.

Brings Imagination to Life

Virtual tours can be used to let potential buyers see what a property will look like once it’s completed. Before construction begins or once the property is completed, buyers can leave comments. In addition to building an emotional connection, helping your clients visualize each property can engage them better than 2D photos.

Site Traffic is Increased

The VR experience also holds the attention of viewers for longer than text or still images. Your site will receive more traffic as a result. Virtual reality will also help potential buyers visualize living in the property. VR tools, like mortgage calculators, can increase a buyer’s motivation to close the deal.

Saves Time

It is believed that VR could really assist real estate agents in saving time, especially when it comes to properties in remote areas. Viewing properties in remote locations or abroad is possible with this technology. To give them a clear, 3D view of each room, buyers can click on bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. VR frees up real estate agents’ time and resources that could be used to schedule an open house, acquire new clients, or retain existing ones!

24/7 Availability

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta

In addition, using VR technology in real estate makes all listed properties available around the clock for viewing. Through virtual reality headsets, homebuyers can tour properties at any time, day or night, without having to travel with an agent.

Reaching a Global Audience

When you arrange property visits, show clients around a property, negotiate terms and prices, you spend a lot of time. But with VR you don’t even have to worry about where your clients live. Through VR, you can showcase properties even to buyers who live far away. You can then work with more clients and respond to more inquiries at your desk as a real estate agent!

Saves Money

You may think that purchasing 3D virtual tour equipment is an expensive investment. On the contrary, it is a worthwhile investment. You not only stage homes but also take high-quality pictures of them. It only takes a panoramic camera and basic editing to create 360-degree videos and computer graphics.

Improved Online Communication

Through VR, clients can interact more directly with the property by commenting on any aspect. A client might want to know what type of flooring or insulation to purchase. You can provide instant feedback to the agent from your office and do so in real time! Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta!

No Need to Prepare Your Home for a Tour All the Time

In order to increase your home’s chances of being sold, agents recommend deep cleaning it to increase its appeal. However, keeping your house spotless for several days or weeks is not easy. Many home sellers even move out of their home while visiting. By using VR, you can clean your house once, shoot the property, and go about your daily routine.

The Buyer Saves Time

Organizing property tours can be challenging. You might not be viewing all properties in the same neighborhood if you are viewing several homes. Virtual reality might not entirely replace physical property viewings, but it could be used to introduce buyers to properties. You can also see properties online.

No Rush

You don’t need to feel rushed by the agent or the seller when viewing a property. Take your time. It’s also easier to review a property at your leisure. Virtual Tour Services in Atlanta!

The Future of VR Tours

It won’t be long before VR can even simulate flavors and smells. Potential buyers may subconsciously consider the kitchen to be better after smelling freshly baked cookies during a virtual reality visit. Furthermore, virtual reality will simulate touch with haptic technology (VR touch). You could then feel the texture of the walls and furniture! It is the goal of VR experts to make virtual tours as realistic as possible so visitors can experience them as if they were physically there.



Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

November 23, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

The Growing Acceptability for Virtual Tours in the 2022 Marketing Industry

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Finding a marketing strategy that appeals to all parties – agent, seller, and buyer – is key to real estate marketing success. Traditionally, visual marketing serves different audiences differently. Since 2D photos brought definitive value to agents, buyers, and sellers for a long time, they have long been the industry standard. Potential home buyers can be emotionally engaged by attractive images of a house. In addition to impressing buyers who want to know their homes will be marketed in the best light possible, they can also win agents’ listings. Real estate photography will continue to be an important part of any real estate marketing campaign, as camera technology improves on both DSLR cameras as well as those on smartphones. However, technology is constantly evolving. Beautiful real estate photos are only one part of a successful equation for buyers and sellers in today’s market. Virtual tours in 3D are the next step.

Facilitating First Home Buyers

Homehunters start their search online more than half of the time. The number of individuals seeking homes that are not close to their current location is increasing. Younger, digitally savvy first-time buyers increasingly want to get a true sense of the home’s real appearance and feel beyond static pictures. Modern buyers report that the two things they desire most from an online listing are high-quality, large photos and a virtual tour in 3D.

An 80% of real estate agents and sellers responded to a recent survey stating that their clients would like to spend less time staging their property. The same percentage of respondents (77%) say that after a staging and photography shoot is completed, they find a feature that was missed during the shoot. A number of virtual tour services in Seattle give agents and sellers the ability to create open houses that are always staged perfectly. Having this information available can help attract more leads to subsequent open houses and better qualify them. Listings with dynamic visual content generate 403% more leads for agents.

Let’s look at the numbers. In any real estate marketing package, large, high-quality images are essential. An agent who offers 3D visual tours can, however, differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a dynamic, interactive tour. In addition, it has been proven that offering this service will generate more leads. Because potential buyers have virtually viewed the home, they are more likely to buy. Additionally, agents can pay more attention to interested, knowledgeable buyers than listing properties. These virtual tour services in Seattle and several listing portals have invested a lot of resources in adding a 3D virtual tour filter for buyers, making 3D virtual tours easier to find for their end-users.

A successful customer journey is reflected in the following numbers:

  • 40% more clicks on listings with virtual tours than listings without.
  • 75% more email inquiries on properties with virtual tours versus those without.
  • VR generates 49% more qualified leads compared to non-VR means.
  • 95% more phone inquiries on properties with virtual tours.

These successes can be attributed to the fact that 3D virtual tours engage buyers in a way that words and photos cannot. These tools offer a visual representation of a property and enhanced emotional engagement through ‘location intelligence’. As opposed to an open house or home visit, a 3D virtual home tour allows the prospect to explore the features that make a house or apartment feel like home at any time from wherever they are located. In a highly competitive market, the experience factor is crucial for agents and sellers to win listings and build a business. In addition, it’s a modern, enjoyable, and memorable way to show more details about a home quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

In addition to being proficient salespeople, agents must be proficient marketers as well. Dynamic real estate marketing is being employed to delight sellers and make a home listing an unforgettable experience for buyers. By utilizing 3D virtual tour technology, you will be able to increase your competitiveness in your market, and your success with prospective customers. 3D and VR photography solutions provide a more realistic view of properties. All of the benefits of the best photos are combined in one shoot, and you can help to immerse buyers into a property’s experience, so they can connect emotionally as well as intellectually with it.

Real Utility

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Travel agencies, airlines, and tourism boards have used VR technology for marketing destinations for years. Ralph Hollister, a tourism analyst and author of a report on the VR travel industry, says that COVID-19 will allow [virtual reality] to overcome its image of a gimmick. A surge in popularity is being seen for virtual travel experiences.

Ascape’s Verdict

Valery Kondruk, CEO of VR travel company Ascape, has reported a 60 percent rise in downloads since December (traditionally the busiest month) and a double-digit increase since January. Education and nursing home workers are showing greater interest in the company’s VR programs, Kondruk says, even as airlines and travel agencies have paused their licenses.

Hollister’s and Samuel’s Analysis

Still, there’s a big difference between treating virtual reality like a destination and using it to “try before you buy”. It’s just not there yet. VR videos in 360-degrees are viewed using headsets (like Oculus Rift) or apps (like Google Cardboard). In addition to being expensive, heavy, and uncomfortable to wear for more than 30 minutes, the headsets can also cause nausea. Hollister says the apps don’t have any of these problems but aren’t as good as they could be. Another problem is limited sensations. Virtual reality experiences tend to be short, only lasting a few minutes-hardly the equivalent of an entire vacation. Videos focus on sounds and sights but not much on smell, touch, or taste. Samuel Greengard, author of Virtual Reality, says that some researchers are working on VR experiences that are ever more immersive, including haptic suits. In spite of the fact that a full-body suit with enhanced sensory experiences may improve the appearance of videos of the Amazon or Antarctica, it still cannot fulfill the more fundamental needs that spur us to travel.

Countering Overtourism

It may be necessary to use virtual tours instead for people who usually celebrate outdoors. We will be able to witness a technology that experts have developed as an eco-friendly solution to the overtourism problem. Most of the world is covered by travel restrictions, so many would-be adventurers are using virtual reality (VR) to visit Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands. Some of the unexpected ecological benefits that the coronavirus lockdown has made apparent-including cleaner air and water-underline the potential for this technology to lower tourism’s carbon footprint.

The Urge to Wander

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

There is no such thing as a local tourist or a business traveler. Typically, tourists are less directed in their explorations, preferring instead to discover and experience new things. According to Erick Ramirez, a philosopher at Santa Clara University who studies virtual reality, “this simply cannot be recreated in virtual reality.”.

Imagine that you could hook yourself up to an “experience machine” and feel happy for the rest of your life. This is how he compares the future of virtual travel. Ramirez says that “nobody would want to be hooked up to such a thing,” according to Robert Nozick, who developed the experiment. There are some types of tourist experiences whose value lies in the doing, not just in the seeing and hearing, and VR would be hard-pressed to replicate such experiences. Besides wanting to do things, we also want to make decisions about them. In a fundamental sense, virtual travel is constructed by others and fed to us; the extent to which it can be filmed and engineered is up to us. Among guided tours, Ramirez calls this one “the most authoritarian.”

If someone goes to India for real, they can choose what they see and where they go. This gives them a chance to be surprised and to learn. A person watching a video of India might not be able to appreciate certain aspects that a VR company obscures to make the experience more pleasant. To pick on someone, Ramirez says that a tour designed by Elon Musk would look very different from one designed by a working-class Indian living in India. As we embark on these touristy VR experiences, it is important to keep that in mind.”

A Client’s Experience

During a stay in Vancouver, British Columbia, a client of some VR company gave feedback that he had the opportunity to demo VR travel using the Oculus Rift. Four years later, when he visited the real place, he found that the demo was beautiful and similar to the real place. However, there were a few differences as well. Among the differences was the sense of touch and the cold air on his skin. There was a great deal of difference between what he experienced in VR and what he experienced in person. In person, the experience happened exclusively to him, he had full control over what he heard and saw, and if he wanted, he could see something else as well.

Experts’ Opinion

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Several of the world’s earliest cave paintings can be found in southern France, but the works are too fragile to open to the public. In spite of this, a replica of the original can be found only four miles away. According to Ramirez, virtual reality could be applied in a similar way — and even in a more accessible manner — to sites around the world. Compared to other technologies, VR can have a unique role to play in recreating historical attractions, agrees Hollister from Global Data. Ascape CEO Kondruk says the company has been working with Vietravel, a major Vietnamese travel agency, to recreate parts of Vietnam where the government restricts travel to tourists.


In the end, virtual reality’s impact on travel will depend on new technology’s development and application. As of now, advances have been incremental rather than at a scale likely to disrupt the travel industry or lead to a reduction in travel-related CO2 emissions once the pandemic is over. However, virtual reality could enable travelers to come closer to faraway destinations, and in doing so encourage them to adopt more sustainable practices wherever they may visit (or not visit) in the future.

Emirates and Hawaiian Airlines

The trend has been embraced by airlines. You can pretend you’re at the onboard bar by sipping a real cocktail while watching a virtual tour of Emirates’ Airbus A380 planes. Hawaii Airlines launched a series of video tutorials that teach Hawaiian languages and how to make poke bowls like those at the Koko Head Café in Honolulu.

Google Arts & Culture

Virtual reality became a gateway to the world as travelers stayed at home due to the pandemic. You can find photos and 360-degree videos of more than 2,500 landmarks at Google Arts & Culture, including the Louvre, the Tate Modern, and Mount St. Helens in the U.S. The company added new virtual tours this spring after rushing to add virtual tours before global lockdowns. YouTube concerts and walking tours relating to Mahler’s New York were made available on Google’s YouTube channel in April, for example.

Ancient Egypt

Now even bucket-list experiences can be viewed live online, such as a virtual tour of Ramses VI’s tomb and the northern lights from Manitoba’s Churchill Northern Studies Center. Virtual tours will be a great equalizer when it comes to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, which can’t be compared to a real-life visit. You have a wide variety of escape options when all you need is Wi-Fi to see the world.


Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

Virtual Tour Services in Seattle

As a result, Airbnb in a short period of time transitioned into the digital world with its popular guided trips that users host, called Airbnb Experiences. Catherine Powell, Airbnb’s global head of hosting, says, “We wanted to make sure we could deliver the magic of connection and authenticity with an online experience.” Activities include preparing tacos with a Mexican chef, sightseeing across Buenos Aires, or drinking sangria with drag queens in Lisbon.


The Future

Despite its limitations, virtual reality still offers intriguing possibilities, even if it will never replace traditional travel. This form of escape might appeal to the more environmentally conscious (especially those who are sensitive to flight-shaming) if the technology becomes sophisticated enough. People who cannot physically visit certain landmarks can experience parts of the world via virtual reality. In addition, it can make otherwise inaccessible places more accessible.