Virtual Tours for Real Estate

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Momentum 360: Your Top Choice for Real Estate Virtual Tours

Are you planning to add a virtual tour feature on your website? Call us right now! There are plenty of reasons why you should be talking to us about your requirements. We may be considered as a relatively young company but we are composed of experts in the areas of graphic designing, virtual staging, photo editing, virtual tour rendering and marketing. You don’t have to look far to get a high-quality virtual tour for your company. Real Estate virtual tours can provide your customers with more in-depth details of what the structure would look like in real life. The renderings are of high-resolution images which are designed to give you an immersive experience as you tour inside and outside the premises.

At Momentum 360, we have catered to several clients in need of real estate virtual tours for their properties. Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential virtual tour service, we are well-versed in providing you both. Over the years, we have teamed up with the biggest clients in the industry such as WeWork, United Parcel Service (UPS), Cushman & Wakefield, Ryan Homes, OCF Realty, Keller Williams Realty.

Real Estate Properties In High Definition Images

When it comes to real estate property, we do offer high-definition photography services and real estate virtual tours. At Momentum 360, we are only using top-quality equipment to complement the skills of our photographers. We have invested in using high dynamic range (HDR) photography which is excellent for real estate property shoots. Our team of in-house professional photographers is the best in the field. These are the team in charge of capturing the images while our graphics team takes care of the post editing process. Whether you are after some high definition images or 360 high definition images, worry not as we are well equipped to handle both. We understand what realtors and property owners want to communicate to their market and we can help bridge that message through our high definition real estate photography service. Take a look at this property located at 1010 N Hancock Street in high definition image.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Services

Matterport, a virtual tour software provider, has been an awesome partner in creating real estate virtual tours. Imagine, we have been teaming up with them for more than six years now! The partnership is growing even stronger as both companies are expanding their network of clientele. We have plenty of properties under our sleeves that have been created using this software. When you visit our site portfolio, not only will you get a chance to tour around the place but each property has a detailed description of what you can expect inside. Things like how many bathrooms, bedrooms, area size, and year built are itemized in the description. Check out this residential property located at 1521A Floor Front Poplar Street Floor 2nd Philadelphia. If you are looking for someplace to have your art exhibition, check out this great location at 8622 Germantown Ave Philadelphia.

We do have virtual tours and virtual staging services offered to make sure that you won’t miss out on any potential home or property buyers. With our virtual tour service, your websites can become more interesting and interactive to navigate around. Allowing us to embed a virtual tour feature on your website could potentially increase not only your site’s daily traffic but could be your means of closing deals with those big clients. Virtual staging for real estate is done meticulously by our team. We are looking into every detail within the property to make sure that you capture your market. It does not matter what kind of look you want us to deliver, our team of designers will give you the best output. We understand how important virtual staging is in the process of negotiation. And, we always put our best foot forward and within the agreed timeline. Does it stop there? Of course not, we want you to win your clients and you expand business with us so it’s a win-win situation for both parties. In addition to the almost realistic virtual staging service that we offer, we also take care of the optimization when it comes to Google ranking. We want you to be seen by a bigger market and we know exactly how to do that.

Momentum 360 Real Estate Case Studies

Here comes the exciting part of this blog – the show don’t tell portion. I have been talking a lot about the services we can provide and how awesome our company is in the early parts of this article. It is time to show you some of the projects we have worked on in the past. This commercial real estate property in Greentree is shot in 3D allowing you to check the property’s interior and exterior features. When you sign up for a 3D virtual tour of your space, you’ll get a 3D rendered link of your place plus still images in 2D. There are awesome ways to get your client interested. We provide service to almost all kinds of clients. So whether you are looking into the more styled and luxurious type of spaces, Momentum 360 can deliver that classy, professional, and high-class real estate virtual tour for your buyers. Check this tour we had with 1 Hotel and Homes / South Beach Penthouse 1609. It’s difficult to leave the virtual tour after you have checked out every room from this place. And yes, that kitchen looks nice! Now step inside this gorgeous piece of property at 1804 Ocean Avenue. Wouldn’t you want to stay even for a night at this place?

At Momentum 360, we pride ourselves on providing virtual tours which equate to a higher ROI for our clients. We are well adept at creating real estate tours for various types of properties. We can create virtual tours for residential, commercial, and even newly constructed buildings. If you are a real estate broker, a property owner, a home buyer, a property developer, a renovation provider, it is high time to invest in real estate virtual tours.

Times are changing, the pandemic is not going anywhere, any time soon and we all have to adapt to the changes that it brings. Not all of your clients can personally come with you during site inspection so what better way to bring them into the property than to do a virtual tour. Premium real estate virtual tours are realistic enough to let you experience what the place looks like. But, more than that, it keeps you safe and away from harm’s way as you would not need to step out of your house. We are continuously facing a pandemic. In times like this investing in technology and innovations should be the direction of most companies if we all want to survive through this challenge. So, after having a short trip with our real estate tours, grab your phone and give us a call. Let us talk!




Virtual Tour of Houston

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Virtual Tour of Houston

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. If you are new, then welcome, I am excited to have you! If not, then welcome back– you already know the deal; we post weekly virtual tour content for small businesses.

This past month, I visited one of the most amazing cities in the United States. I would tell you to take a guess of which city, but we would be sitting here all night; so I will just tell you. I went to Houston, Texas!

Houston is so big, that it can go miles and miles out. Not only is Houston extremely huge, but the options of things to do and places to go are endless. So I thought, why don’t I just prove it to you by giving a Virtual Tour of Houston and I can just reminisce along the way? It is a win-win for both of us!

Houston is a perfect place to do some virtual tours since most of the spaces are big. Momentum 360 recently partnered with Marriott Marquis Houston and did an amazing virtual tour! Like come on, I am so tempted to jump in their gigantic Texas shaped pool.

Now, that was just a sneak peak of what you are about to see; but I think it is time to begin our Virtual Tour of Houston. I am about to show you the hot spots and the must see’s of this beautiful city. Here we go!


The Galleria Mall

I hope you have money, because we are going shopping! Ranking #7 in the biggest mall in America is the Galleria!

Virtual Tour of Houston

There are over 300 stores inside. It has almost every store you can think of! Personally, my hometown mall is ranked #3 of the biggest malls in the United States; but when I go inside the Galleria, it feels like they have way more stores.

When entering the mall, you are greeted by the valet parkers. Fancy! Too bad we did not drive.

Walking in, is the entrance of the second floor of the mall. You will notice how wide and spacious it is along with the amazing high glass ceiling that has a slight curve in the center of the Galleria. There are different stores along each side of the mall. On this floor level, you can find the majority of the luxury stores like Gucci (my favorite), Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, YSL (another favorite) , and so much more!

Virtual Tour of Houston

Taking the escalator up to the third floor, there are even more stores! These ones are a little bit more affordable than the previous stores we have seen. Shopping establishments like Forever 21, Vans, Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works, PacSun, and many others are located on this floor. Another interesting part of the third level of the Galleria is that there is a small section of small business boutiques to shop at! I absolutely love the fact how the boutiques are isolated from the mainstream stores so they can have their own recognition and have more of a focus on them. There are only a handful of small boutiques, but it looks like there are vacant spaces to open up more!

Oh, and one more cool feature about the third floor; there is a hotel connected! Yes, the Westin Hotel is attached to the mall too. There is an elevator that takes you from the third floor right to your room. Along the side, you can see patio’s of each hotel; that is a perfect place for people to watch! I’m shocked that this is even a thing… anyone can be like, “Be right back, I’m going to run downstairs to the Gucci store!”. Actual goals.

Going back down two levels, you would think this is called the “First Level” or the “First Floor”, but no. We are now standing on the “Rink Level”. Why is this called the rink level, you may ask? Well, take a look! There is a huge ice skating rink right in the center of the mall! Also, there are some shoe stores for all you sneakerheads, a travel shop that sells souvenirs, and of course– the food court. What is a mall without a food court?

The Galleria comes along with many restaurants; some for example:

  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Grand Lux Cafe
  • Chili’s
  • Del Frisco’s
  • Many more!

That is really it with the Galleria! I definitely recommend having a field day here. I needed two of them due to the size of it. I say we head to our next stop on our Virtual Tour of Houston… agree? Let’s go!


The Toyota Center

In the fine words of Houston native Beyoncé… London speed it up, Houston rock it! I welcome you to the notorious Toyota Center! This is the home of the NBA basketball team, the Houston Rockets. Luckily, during my time in Houston, I was able to attend a game (which they lost); but overall it was an amazing time. I would say let go see one right now, but unfortunately the Houston Rockets did not make the playoffs. Maybe next year!

The outside exterior of the Toyota Center is gorgeous and sits beautiful right in Downtown Houston. The building has a narrow square-round shape, with a perfect circle that sits on top. Right where the entrance is where the iconic Toyota Center logo with four tall flag poles waving over it.

Virtual Tour of Houston

As we walk inside, it looks like your typically home stadium entry; except this one is showing their Rocket pride. There are concession stands, sports gear stores, former and current players jerseys along the walls, and escalators/elevators to access the levels of the stadium.

Alright, this is what we all have been waiting to see; the Houston Rockets basketball court! Standing in the middle of the court, we are surrounded by rocket red stadium seats. In the middle, hanging from the roof is the giant jumbotron. There is the glossy wood detailing on the court floors along with red colors. In the middle of the floor is the famous team logo and along the side of the court are in big letters “Houston Rockets”; but most importantly, the basketball hoops! If you look way up high above the seats, that is club box seating; but I prefer the courtside. Just kidding, in my dreams. Catch me in the nosebleeds!

Virtual Tour of Houston

Get ready, because our last area that we will be looking at in the stadium, no one but exclusive people can access in here. This is the locker room for the Houston Rockets basketball players! So yeah, you are probably stepping in some of the players’ sweat right now. It is gross if you think about it, but exciting to know. Walking in, the ceiling is a white dome shape. Along the walls, each player has their own dark chestnut colored section to hang up their jerseys and put their personal stuff away. Above each player’s section has a tv screen of their name, picture and stats. Looking down at the ground is all velvet black flooring with the large iconic Houston Rockets logo in red. Of course there are showers in here; but I think we are getting a little too personal just by being in here as it is.

Not only are basketball games held at the Toyota Stadium. Many musicians come here to perform live shows also. It is pretty amazing when you can transform a basketball court to a stage!

That was a great time checking out the Toyota Stadium, but the game is not over yet. Off to the next stop of our Virtual Tour of Houston.


Lakewood Church

During my visit in Houston, I was in an uber on my way to the Galleria; I passed by this huge building that had the words “Lakewood Church” in front of it. I searched up on Google more information about it, and little did I know, it was Pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch! Unfortunately, I did not attend any services when I was there since I noticed it was my last day in Houston; so I thought, how about we all go together now?

With a $95 million renovation cost of the entire megachurch, the outside architecture looks very modern and structured well, along with bright green grass in front of the building. Also, it has a perfect background of downtown Houston right behind.

Virtual Tour of Houston

Heading inside, we enter the lobby area. Right in front of us are huge and wide all white stairs. It can get very crowded inside– so maybe having stairs like these is worth it! Also, right beside the stairs are escalators; maybe I will take them up since I am feeling lazy.

On the upper level is the Lakewood Bookstore. It is an area of the church where attendees can check out some interesting books. It looks like your typical bookstore, with a variety of books around the room and a cashier stand in the front.

Alright, the moment of truth, the room where all the praising happens. This megachurch is enormous; but you know what they say– everything is bigger in Texas. The megachurch is an oval-shaped room that is newly renovated which can now hold over 16,000 seats.

Looking up at the ceiling are all the production lights that have blue squares designs covering them on top.

All the way in front of the megachurch is the main stage. This has to be the most beautiful part. There is an elevated surface in the back where the band plays, Joel Osteen’s preaching platform, and right in front are just a couple stairs that lead up to there. One each side has more seating that is placed in a curved way; and not to forget, the giant screens for the people who cannot see the main stage as well.

Virtual Tour of Houston

Alright, that was amazing! I don’t know about you, but I never see megachurches often. Actually, I never see them at all. That was a first for me! I think it is time for us to go to our last stop of our Virtual Tour of Houston. Can you think where we are going? Let’s just say… we can swim on over and find out.


Downtown Aquarium

Welcome to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston! The outside of the aquarium gives a beautiful blue and gray tropical theme with palm trees surrounding the building.

Virtual Tour of Houston

Walking inside the entrance you will see more palm trees, a box office along the wall, and an amazing fountain with two giant swordfish statues in the middle of it. Some of the walls of the aquarium are a red-orange color that has a rocky texture.

The exhibits that are included in the Downtown Aquarium are:

  • Texas Bayou– You can look at some bullfrogs, alligators, turtles, and more to see in this exhibit!
  • Rainforest– Here you can see dangerous fish like piranhas and stingrays. Also included are boa’s, frogs, and some birds.
  • Shipwreck– You can find living coral reefs, clownfish, tangs, groupers, and more here in this exitibit.
  • Discovery Zone– This exitibit, you can be more hands on. There are bearded dragons, snakes, and many more fish you can find here!
  • Sunken Temple– There are lionfish, tarantulas, pufferfish here. Also, including an electric eel and a Tiger Reticulated Python that is over 20 feet long.
  • Underwater Rig– Here you can find more interesting kinds of fish. There are snappers, redfish and much more!
  • Stingray Reef– Of course you are going to see some amazing stingrays here! What makes it even better is that you can touch and feed them–how awesome is that?
  • Tiger’s of the Maharaja’s Temple– You can see some amazing tigers here!

What an amazing aquarium. I cannot even choose which exhibit I like the best, they are all so great! This is a beautiful aquarium to go to. There is so much to check out, and if you feel a little hungry, you can go to one of the concession stands to grab a bite to eat.


Final Words

Wow, what a tour that was. Thank you so much for coming along this fascinating Virtual Tour of Houston! I hope that gave you a little insight of what Houston is like; but of course, there is so much more to experience when in this amazing city.

We post our blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!

White House Virtual Tours

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White House Virtual Tour

Hey there! Thanks for coming back to join us on another virtual tour! This week’s virtual tour location is extremely exciting; given the fact you would normally need special top level security clearance to get inside access.

Welcome to the White House Virtual Tour! Located in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC is one of the most prestigious homes in the country – The White House. It is not only the home to the President of the United States, but it is also their office and where they would have to make some very important decisions.

Needless to say, the place is huge! The White House is split up into three sections, The East Wing, The Residence, and The West Wing. That is how we are going to split up this virtual tour of the White House. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right into it!

The East Wing

As we enter the Visitor’s Entrance of the East Wing we walk into the Lobby. The rooms on this floor are mainly for visitors and aren’t too exciting in my opinion – but if you go up the stairs you will see the offices for the First Lady and her staff. If she’s not too busy, maybe she might pop out of her office and say hey!

Ahead of the Lobby we have the Garden Room, which goes into the East Colonnade. The East Colonnade is pretty much the hallway connecting the East Wing to the Residence. But don’t go too fast!

Check out that door around the corner on your right-hand side. That is the Family Theater where the President and his family come to watch movies and unwind, but it also serves as a nice private area where the President practices speeches for upcoming events.

White House Virtual Tour

Wait outside the Family Theater in the visitor’s foyer before we step into our next stop of the White House Virtual Tour, the Residence.



The Residence

From the East Wing, we enter right into the Center Hall on the ground floor of the Residence. Right now, there are two floors below us that make up of storage rooms and mechanical rooms (boring if you ask me) and there are three floors above us, which we will get to.

On our left, the first two rooms, the Vermeil Room and the China Room are storage rooms, but for some very, very fancy items. Across the hall from here is the library. It would be cool to see what our President is reading these days and what’s around from past presidents. I’m sure there are some awesome reads in there.

The next room on the left I think is really cool. This is the Diplomatic Reception Room. This is where foreign ambassadors enter the White House. Were the massive paintings on the wall the first thing you noticed too? I think that is what makes this room stand out compared to other rooms in the White House.

White House Virtual Tour

The door at the end of this room goes outside to the South Portico. Ahead of that is the South Lawn, which serves as a landing pad for Marine One, the President’s helicopter. I’d bet that Presidents enter the White House from the South Portico way more than they enter from the North Portico using the driveway. I can’t imagine how mad the landscapers get when they see the helicopter mess up their lawn! Okay, back inside we go.

Back in the Center Hall, if we keep going straight, we will go right into the West Wing, but before we do that, let’s see some more of the Residence.

Before we go upstairs, take a quick look at the end of the hall on the right to see the kitchen where all of the President’s meals are made by some of the best chefs in the world! The State Dining Room is right above us for the chef’s convenience. Now, let’s head upstairs.

At the top of the staircase, we enter the Cross Hall. The Entrance Hall is that area right in front of us behind those big columns, and that is the front door to the White House! If we were to go out there, we would walk into the North Portico where the front driveway is located (driveway in front, landing pad in back, the President has it all!).

First, let’s look into the East Room. This room is the largest room in the house and is used to host large events and gatherings. As you can see the three beautiful chandeliers hung from the 22 feet high ceiling makes the room look so elegant. Back in the hallway to our left are the Green Room, Blue Room, and Red Room which are all formal gathering and receiving rooms. As you can tell, the rooms are colored that way as well. The Blue Room is one of the four oval shaped rooms in the White House, the others being the Diplomatic Reception Room, the Yellow Oval Room, and the Oval Office.

At the end of the Cross Hall, we have the State Dining Room where only fancy dinners are served. As you can see it looks similar to the East Room, but it’s a little bit smaller and only has one chandelier hanging. The President and family normally eat in the smaller Family Dining Room which is to our left.

Now as we walk back to the Entrance Hall you will see the Grand Staircase which goes up to the second and third floors. Those floors are where the President and the First Family actually live. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get security clearance to show you guys his living quarters, I guess the President would like a little bit of privacy! Let’s go back down to the ground floor and we will head on over to the West Wing.



The West Wing

From the ground floor of the Residence, we head into the Palm Room of the West Wing. From here we can go two ways, either through the Press Corps Offices and Press Briefing Room, or we can stay outside and take the West Colonnade. The West Colonnade is the prettier way to go as we can see the Rose Garden on our left. The Rose Garden is a beautiful area right outside the Oval Office where the President will host press conferences and other events when the weather is nice.

We could keep going around the corner, but we will enter inside straight ahead so we can stop by the Cabinet Room. This room is where the President meets with his advisors (Anyone know the name of these advisors? Hint: It’s in the name of the room) and talk about some pretty important topics. Anyone notice how one of the brown leather chairs is a little bit taller than the rest? That’s the President’s seat and you better bet it’s off limits to anyone else. From the Cabinet Room let’s go out the south door and sneak past the President’s Secretary.

We are about to enter the Oval Office. Do you think we should knock first? As we enter one of the four doors to the Oval Office, it is cool to think about the people that have also been in here and the meetings that have taken place here. Some of the most influential people in the world have met with our President in this room.

White House Virtual Tour

Let’s exit the Oval Office and finish up this White House Virtual Tour at the bottom floor of the West Wing. There’s one room I’ve always wanted to see, the Situation Room. I always see it in action movies when the President has to make military decisions. Notice how this room is similar to the Cabinet Room, but it has televisions on all of the walls so the President can connect with others that are far away. From the Situation Room, the President can command the military and talk to other leaders anywhere in the world.



Closing Time

Now that was a fantastic virtual tour! I hope you enjoyed getting a peak into the White House as much as I did. It is so fascinating to me that there is so much history in this iconic house. The greatest leaders of the United States and some of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen have lived here. It is cool to think about!

Join us next time as we go one another awesome virtual tour! If you didn’t get enough, check out our other virtual tours right now!

Virtual Luxury Home Tours

June 10, 2021 in Blog, Real Estate, Virtual Tours

Virtual Luxury Home Tours

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs; the best place for small businesses to get their virtual tour content.

I hope everyone is staying safe out there through these unfortunate times in this global pandemic. Who would have ever pictured life like this back in 2019? Now, it is 2021 where we are following CDC guidelines, wearing masks in public, and the worst part… quarantining in our own homes; oh yes, cabin fever at its best.

Some of you can probably agree with me, but I absolutely hate being stuck at home. I enjoy going out and doing things like hitting the gym, going for a swim at the pool, or even seeing a movie.

Of course, there are people who do not mind staying home or just simply prefer to stay in the house– but one group in particular, typically homeowners of luxury homes. I am not targeting all of the luxury homeowners, but think about this– if you had a full-sized gym, an indoor and/or outdoor pool, and a movie theatre under one roof, would you leave your house? Speaking for myself, if I had that kind of luxury home, going out would not be a priority for me anymore. I’d have everything I want right in my own home!

Are you still not convinced or need to be enlightened? No worries, I know exactly how to fix that– a virtual tour, of course! Today, we are going to go on some Virtual Luxury Home Tours.

We are not only just going to take a virtual tour through a random person’s luxury home; we will be looking at some luxury houses owned by some well-known and successful individuals that you may or may not know. Want to know they are? Well then, get ready– we are off to our first of many Virtual Luxury Home Tours!


He might have started from the bottom, but now he is here living in this beautiful luxury home that was built in 2016! Located in Bridle Path, Toronto, Canada in a private neighborhood known as “Millionaire’s Row”, is this 50,000 square foot property that is owned by 34-year-old rapper, Drake.

Before walking towards this $100 million luxury home, there’s a fence in front of the home so he can have his privacy. I know, it’s definitely a very tall fence! Drake has been granted special permission from the City of Toronto to build this fence due to it being twice the size of the legal height.

Entering through the two tall black gates stands this huge property. The exterior of the luxury home includes bronze, limestone, and wood. The outside of the home has a black and white aesthetic. It is a white color luxury home with a black roof, along with black and white flooring.

Virtual Luxury Home ToursWalking inside of Drake’s home, you would not believe your eyes of how beautiful it is. Keeping up with the black and white aesthetic inside, it has high ceilings, a stairwell with a balcony, and replicas of the metropolitan chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling.

The next room in Drake’s luxury home we will look at is his NBA regulation sized basketball court. It is crazy to think that it is possible to fit in someone’s home! Looking around, the walls are a black color with a couch built into the wall and there is also a scoreboard attached above. The detail of the basketball court’s flooring is a tan-wood color and black with Drake’s signature OVO owl logo right in the middle.

Virtual Luxury Home Tours

Next up is the room where Drake makes all the magic happen… his private recording studio, obviously! The studio has black walls with dim pink lighting that has that loungy feel to it. It is also decorated with his favorite action figures! Drake also has “Award’s room” that displays all of his Grammy’s he has won in the past. If you think that is cool, he has this amazing dim light hallway of his collection of sports jerseys that are on each side of the walls.

Now that we have seen all the fun stuff, let’s go check out some rooms where Drake can be, you know, normal. This room here is what Drake calls “The Great Room”. For once, this room is not a black and white aesthetic. This is a big beautiful room that has a vintage look to it. There are white walls, pastel green couches, a gorgeous chandelier hanging from a 44 foot high ceiling, and a fireplace.

When looking at Drake’s 32,000 square foot master bedroom, you would not expect it to look like this. Similar to “The Great Room” it also has that vintage look; white walls, dark wooden floors, a chandelier with a huge elegant bed. Inside the master bedroom is a spacious bathroom that has black and white marble design all over with gold spigots. Drake’s two story closet also looks very similar with the marble design.

Drake’s luxury home also includes:

  • An indoor and outdoor pool
  • Two saunas
  • Massage room
  • Ten car garage
  • Singing toilet (Yes, you heard that right!)

I would honestly do anything to live in a luxury home like Drake’s. It is breathtaking just to look at– I cannot imagine what the next house is going to look like on our Virtual Luxury Home Tours. I am stoked though, so let’s go!

Floyd Mayweather

He might have won his way to victory by defeating Logan Paul the other night; but nothing can beat this look of his $25 million luxury home. 50-0 retired professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, is a homeowner of a beautiful property located in Beverly Hills, California. Mayweather owns a couple of luxury homes, but this is his most expensive one yet.

The architecture of the outside exterior is very modern. Mayweather’s 15,000 square foot luxury home is an almost perfect square shaped, white colored home with a black roof. The windows are massive that shines the lights from the inside right on out. Surrounding the home are big beautiful palm trees.

Virtual Luxury Home ToursWalking inside of the six bedroom ten bathroom estate, we will start in the kitchen. This kitchen has an all different color white and gray aesthetic from the chairs, walls, decor and countertops. The flooring has a nice chestnut color to it– which makes the white pop out even more.

When the food is done in the kitchen, Maywhether eats in his lavish dining room. The walls are a light gray color along with again the dark chestnut flooring that matches the dining room table set which is placed in the middle of the room. Located behind the dining room set is a decent sized fireplace.

Mayweather has three lounges in his luxury home; two of them are a white aesthetic and one has more of a black aesthetic. All of the lounges are extremely spacious.

The next room in the Mayweather household is the living room. Almost matching his dining room, it has the chestnut color flooring, light gray walls, and another fireplace. The one cool thing about this fireplace is that it has black and white marble thick edging. The furniture in the living room is all white; but kudos to Mayweather– I would be so afraid to get it dirty. We cannot forget about the French doors leading out to the backyard, but we will get to that later!

Remember when we went through Drake’s luxury home and he had his “Grammy Room”? Well, Mayweather has something pretty similar. There is a room dedicated to all of the titles that he has won in the past. You got to show off your success somewhere.

Welcome to Floyd Mayweather’s master bedroom! The only place you will ever see him knocked out at (get it?). This room has another lounge area, a fireplace, and more french doors; oh, and not to forget the terrace looking over the backyard.

I think we waited long enough to check out Mayweather’s backyard. Nothing can top this! It has black and white striped tiling with a pool right in the middle. There is also a pool house right next to it. Other things that are included in the backyard are lounge chairs, fire accessories, bar, and of course– a jacuzzi.

Virtual Luxury Home ToursFloyd Mayweather’s luxury home also includes:

  • Movie theatre
  • Candy shop
  • Bar with a wine rack
  • Gym
  • Four car garage

Wow, I could get lost in Floyd Mayweather’s home. Everything about it was just astonishing. The bad news is that we are leaving, but the good news is that we have one more house to look at on our Virtual Luxury Home Tours. I will meet you there!

Kim Kardashian

Being one of the highest paid females in the game, it was expected that Kim Kardashian was going to live in her dream luxury home; and so she did. Influencer Kim Kardashian and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kanye West, have purchased her $60 million renovated home in the Hidden Hills of California. Most people say this luxury home is “interesting” and “one-of-a-kind”; let’s find out why.

Standing outside, from looking at the back of the house, it seems normal so far. This 15,000 square foot home is more narrow, but still a big property. In the backyard, it has a pool fountain with green grass all around. Before the doors is another black fountain statue that sits right in the middle above the steps. The colors of the exterior of the house are beige and white with a black roof.

Walking inside from the front, it looks completely bare. There is a beige-white table and a white stairwell along with a white wall banister; everything is white! I wonder how she keeps this super clean.

This is Kim Kardashian’s iconic hallway. This is an all white hallway with large arched ceilings. There is nothing in this hallway at all, just walls. It resembles the inside of a museum. The floor in the hallway is made by a special Belgium plaster. If something would happen to the floors, it would be an expensive fix.

Here we are in the living room now. With the walls and flooring still a white color, located in the living room is a huge C shaped white couch with windows behind it that touch the floor and the wall. In the corner is a white piano; and adjacent from it is a white chair and white coffee table. Not to forget, the white curtains and French doors in the background which brings in sunlight.

Virtual Luxury Home Tours

Heading over the master bathroom, you can see how spacious it is. Yes, I said bathroom! When you walk in, the first thing you see is the huge windows that show a forest of greenery. It looks like there is no privacy in this bathroom. There is a sink with two faucets, two chairs, an interesting looking bathtub right across, and a big glass stand-in shower right behind.

With the master bathroom being connected is the master bedroom. The bedroom is majority of a white with a white bed. There is not really much else to this room.

Next, we go to the kitchen. This kitchen has a great aesthetic to it with the huge island countertop in the middle and the plants placed on top of it. Kim Kardashian also has a staff and show kitchen.

The last room in Kim Kardashian’s luxury home we will look at is her oldest daughter’s, North’s room. Why is this room so important? Because this is the only room that is actually not a beige-white color! North’s room is an all pink bedroom; it is perfect for a little girl like her! It had a butterfly bed set along with pink walls, mirrors, desk, and drawers.

Kim Kardashian’s luxury home also includes:

  • Giant pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kids Playroom

Although this is probably the most minimal luxury home I have ever seen, I have to say it was very unique!  We have to give props to Kim for keeping her all beige/white luxury home in tact when living with four small children.

Final Notes

Thank you so much for going on the Virtual Luxury Home Tours with me! I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did. We post every week; so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!



3D Rendering Services

June 9, 2021 in Blog, Local SEO, Virtual Tours, Web Design

First off, let’s define the words 3D Rendering Services. These words stand for three-dimensional which represents something that has height, length, and width. Think of something which is solid in form and is tangible. There are different kinds of 3D. It could be a 3D printing image, a 3D model, 3D printing, or you might have watched and experienced a movie in 3D, right? It becomes more exciting to watch and more immersive in nature compared to the normal movie.


3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

When we say 3D images, these are representations of objects which are more detailed. 3D models, on the other hand, are the representation of an image. 3D models are formed into objects capturing the fine details of the images and models.

In terms of 3D rendering services, this is the process where computer software is used to calculate various elements to form an image or succession of images. These elements include the lighting, reflections and shadows, the environment, texture, and other elements are calculated to form an image. Basically what we are trying to achieve is to adapt the likeness of a particular object. Rendering is the marriage between the artist’s creativity and the innovation of technology called softwares.

What are the factors involved in 3D rendering?

3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

The first is a 3D model. This is important because the rendering will be based on this 3D model. Think of it as the skeletal structure of the 3D rendering process in three-dimensional form. The texture is another thing. This pertains to the appearance of the object or how an object would feel when touched. Going back to the earlier example where the 3D model being the skeletal structure, a texture is your skin attached to that structure. Texture helps to add more depth into the image making it look more realistic.

Lighting or the environment is the third factor. This is an important element as it helps highlight the shape of a certain material. This pertains to the atmosphere and background of the image of which you are planning to render. For someone who is not familiar with the term 3D, it might sound a bit confusing at first. To simplify what it means, think of having to draw a face. First, you sketch out the outlines of what you are trying to draw. Once that is done, you are simply adding more details to your drawing making it more real-like. You start putting in the details of the face, even adding those wrinkles and grey hair. This is the rendering part.

Now, there are different kinds of rendering, architectural is one. This involves the rendering of 3D structures for real estate companies, building developers, house owners, architects, and engineers. Some companies also specialize in 3D floor plans. These are images of the buildings showcasing the floor area of the whole structure. Have you tried going to an exhibition for house developers? They would usually have a miniature model of the houses being sold, try removing the roof part and you’ll see the floor area of the whole house.

Here in Momentum Virtual Tours, we do not only provide virtual tours for our clients but part of the services we offer include 3D rendering. You can always visit our website to get a quote for FREE! Pretty good, right? We have a team of seasoned experts who have been providing these service for years. We have provided 3D rendering service for our clients across a variety of sectors which include commercial and residential real estate, hotels and hospitality, automotive, beauty and spa, restaurants and retails, travel and tourism, automotive, schools, events, and a lot more.

Types of software used for 3D rendering


3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

There are several types of software used for 3D rendering services, you can choose from any of them depending on your requirement. This software would enable you to insert 3D models for rendering which can later be exported for usage on websites and other media platforms. This software is designed to have tools for rendering, navigating, and controlling 3D environments. It also should have features where you can manipulate the lighting, and texture as well as the effects of the environment. Youtube is always a good place to help you get started with the tutorials.

3D Rendering Service Provider


3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

Of course, we would want you to experience the kind of quality Momentum Virtual Tours can provide in 3D rendering services but we would not stop you from exploring other options. There are a couple of companies that provide 3D rendering services in the US and other parts of the world. Some of the companies you can check include Archello, which provides architectural rendering for clients. They specialize in residential landscapes, individual buildings, and housing. Archicgi, this company offers interior and exterior rendering of structures as well as architectural animation. Vrender, offers similar services offered by the two companies mentioned earlier. CAD and design is another service that they provide. In Asia, there are also several 3D rendering companies such as VSLB Inc. but focuses more on brands. Similar to VSLB, DANDIFY Design Studio provides rendering services for brands and product design. Their team makes visuals that look realistic for Amazon products. RealSpace, which is located in Vancouver, provides Architectural Rendering services and 3D animation. They include rendering for townhouses, highrise buildings, landscape rendering, product rendering, interior, and commercial rendering, and residential 3D rendering. In terms of floor plan rendering, companies such as Vizsource could be a great option. They are based in San Diego and are known as a 3D Rendering Services and Computer Generated Imagery Company. The company was built in 2006 and has served over 3,500 clients already.

If you are serious about learning more about 3D rendering services, there is software you can choose from. G2 provided a list of software which includes the following: 3ds Max Design, Maya, Keyshot, Cinema 4D, Substance Designer, Lumion, Modo, Direct 3D, Solidworks Visualize, Renderman, and Adobe Dimension. Some of this software is open source and free to use and some have a paid license which you need to purchase first.



3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering Services

National Virtual Tour Company

June 3, 2021 in Blog, Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours have become a huge trend this past century for business and real estate. With the popularity of Virtual Tours rapidly growing, lots of Virtual Tour Companies start to constantly develop and bring in many clients. Why is that you may ask? Properties that have a Virtual Tour attract 55% website traffic, 41% more reviews and 29% more customers. That makes a huge difference with a business without a Virtual Tour.

National Virtual Tour Company

The amount and variety of businesses that provide Virtual Tour services are more than you think; but sometimes you need to think about some of these questions when choosing the right Virtual Tour Company:

  • Cost of services
  • Benefits
  • What Virtual Tour softwares and services they provide
  • The timing and process of creating the Virtual Tour
  • The quality of their previous work
  • How much experience the company has
  • Reviews
  • And so much more!

Have you ever thought about any of those considerations when choosing the right Virtual Tour Company? Well, now you do! To help make your decision easier, I would like to give you some useful information on an excellent National Virtual Tour Company that matches up positively with the considerations above– Momentum 360!

Momentum 360: Who Are They?

What makes Momentum 360 so unique is not only is it a Premier Virtual Tour Agency, but it is also a Content Agency too! Although it is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Momentum 360 works with businesses and real estate nationally and globally, which is why it is a National Virtual Company.

National Virtual Tour Company

Momentum 360 has and will always travel long ways to make sure business owners and realtors are satisfied with the perfect Virtual Tour for their properties. Not many Virtual Tour companies are willing to travel and would prefer to work with clients virtually; but whether if is a small business in Los Angeles, a restaurant in New York City, a retail shop in Tokyo, a brick-and-mortar in Paris, a dealership in Dubai or a real estate property just right around the corner; no place or location is too far for Momentum 360.

Softwares and Services

When searching for the right Virtual Tour Company to benefit your business, you should be aware of the softwares and services options they would provide to you, because it is always quality over quantity. At the end of the day, this Virtual Tour will be yours to cherish forever and it represents not only your company, but also you; So make sure you choose wisely when it comes to this kind of stuff!

There are many Virtual Tour softwares out there, but like any other product, some are just better than others! At Momentum 360, this National Virtual Tour Company provides the three of the trending Virtual Tour Softwares currently:

  • Matterport
  • Cloudpano
  • 3DVista

Of course, it is obviously all based on which software you would personally prefer, but Momentum 360 is always here to recommend and advise throughout the process.

One thing you can definitely depend on with Momentum 360 is their honest opinion. Some other Virtual Tour Companies will not listen to your needs and will just say what you want to hear; resulting in charging you with the highest cost of software. For example, if you do know, 3DVista is the most expensive Virtual Tour Software on the market; but it is for sure worth it for its high quality! If you are a business owner looking for that, then Moment 360 would be more than happy to help out with that; but if you would decide that you’re more interested in the Matterport kind of look– they will be just as happy to help that too. Momentum 360 would never put anyone in an uncomfortable position to push them to buy the best of the best.

When it comes to Virtual Tour services, Momentum 360 provides a variety of ways to spice up your way of showing off your property for your business! Aside from the regular 360 Virtual Tours that Momentum 360 provides, Momentum 360 also provides services of:


Virtual Staging

Photography/ Videography

Drone and Aerial

Real Estate

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the services that are provided by Momentum 360. Don’t you love having different kinds of options? I know I sure do!

Cost of Virtual Tour at Momentum 360

This is the big question that everyone who is investing in Virtual Tour wonders; “How much does your company charge to do a Virtual Tour?”. Every Virtual Tour Company is different when it comes to pricing their Virtual Tours. Some might be over priced and some might be under priced. Some might charge a ridiculous amount of fees and some might not charge any fees. Some might charge a flat price and some might charge by the square footage of the property. It all depends what Virtual Tour Company you decide to get your services from for your business. Each person has their own preference!

Now that I explained the cost of Virtual Tours generally, you are probably thinking about how much Momentum 360 charges for a typical Virtual Tour. Well, the motto they use is “Pay Once, Keep Forever” which is absolutely true; because you only pay your one time fee for the Virtual Tour and optimization for your website. Yes you heard that right; One time fee with NO monthly or yearly recurring fees.

So, let’s talk numbers now! A Virtual Tour at Momentum 360 cost starts at $300 + 10% of your square footage. This also includes Momentum 360 posting it on Google My Business, Google Street View, your website and your social media platforms.

Their are also premium features that includes:

  • Matterport software, the best virtual tour software in the world.
  • Hosting on Matterport’s premium cloud.
  • Unlimited “Mattertags” that help show off your business.
  • Local SEO to help your business get noticed on Google.
  • Repeat/multiple shoots to keep up with your seasonal changes and updated changes to your shop.

Lastly, if you are like me who is not a math wizard at all, Momentum 360 provides a Virtual Tour calculator so you can add up the total cost of your spendings for your Virtual Tour. How convenient!

Time and Process of a Virtual Tour at Momentum 360

It is a hit or miss for how long each Virtual Tour Company takes when doing a Virtual Tour for a client. Each Virtual Tour company is different when it comes to that; But what I can do is speak for Momentum 360– and you will not believe this, but it is only three easy steps! You heard that right… 1, 2, 3 simple steps.

Here is the full Virtual Tour process when deciding to do a Virtual Tour with Momentum 360:

  1. Contact Momentum 360 for a FREE quote or demo
  2. Schedule your Virtual Tour with Momentum 360
    • Following your quote, a certified representative from Momentum 360 will schedule your photo shoot.
    • Our virtual tours generally range from 1-2 hours to shoot.
    • You will receive the final version in less than 24 hours.
  3. Publish and share your Virtual Tour!
    • Momentum 360 will post the finished product to your Google My Business (Google Maps), as well as give you embed codes for your website.
    • You can also use this to post your Virtual tour on your social media platforms.

National Virtual Tour Company

See, you would not be getting your Virtual Tour in a matter of weeks, you can have it in a matter of DAYS! Momentum 360 is very efficient when it comes to being on time; whether it is for responding to your messages and requests, meetings, shooting, editing, and so much more. This is an important trait a National Virtual Tour Company should have.

Reviews of Momentum 360

It is always great to see and hear other individuals’ reviews on their experience when getting a Virtual Tour done with a Virtual Tour Company. You need to know what you are getting into when choosing the right establishment that provides Virtual Tour services. Each review is always important! When searching for these reviews, you can go on websites like Google or Yelp and view them there.

Now, I can go on and on about how great of a National Virtual Tour Company Momentum 360 is; but maybe it is time for you hear it from previous clients:

Gregg ★★★★★: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“As a realtor here in Philly, I rely on Momentum 360 for all my photography and videography needs. They’re easy to work with, really responsive, and they help me present my clients’ properties in the best possible light. Would definitely recommend using them.”

Marci Hosier ★★★★★: Positive: Quality

“The process was super easy and the quality was great. The team is easy to work with and was able to answer all questions and provide insight as to how to market the tours.”

Shannon McFadden ★★★★★: Positive: Value

“I had 2 properties become available during the height of the pandemic. It was frightening to think that the traditional ways of showing a property were not possible. No one wanted to meet live and everyone wanted a virtual showing.I contacted Sean and his team about the need for a virtual showing. His team was prompt, efficient and did an amazing job showcasing the properties! Not only do I now have a virtual showing for years to come but I also had both apartments rented in just 2 days!I thank Sean and his team for providing a great service with amazing quality. I will use his team in the future when my other properties become available for rent. Seans’ Virtual showings are amazing and I will never do a live showing again without a virtual showing first. Highly recommend!”

Kathleen Kelly ★★★★★: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“I met with photographer Garrett, of Momentum 360, to discuss ideas of how I wanted to visually market my luxury listing in historic Mt Airy. His true expertise shined through as he captured the old world charm and pure elegance of this home. Many of my clients have commented on the photographs! I also love the video tour and am using it on my FB Page to advertise my business. Getting lots of ❤️! Thank you Momentum 360 for a job well done!

Brendan Steinbrecher ★★★★★:

There’s a ton of various services that you could find out there to increase the marketability of your business, but when it comes to a 360 virtual tour, especially designed by Sean, you will find yourself an immensely crucial investment in this service. The 360 virtual tour service allowed future customers to have a virtual taste of what my store had to offer, allowing them to have much like a “preview” experience to set the tone on what they could expect when they come walking through the door. Soon enough, all restaurants and stores will have this service accessible so it was in my best interest to get in on it now, in order to separate myself from the rife amount of competition throughout the city of Philadelphia.”

Nick Lell ★★★★★: Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Very well put together operation. We have already used them for 10 projects or more at this point and plan on continuing the relationship. Professional, timely, organized, and high quality. I would highly recommend using them for any virtual tours.”

You can check out more of these awesome reviews on Google Reviews!

Why Momentum 360?

Out of all the National Virtual Tour Companies in the world you should go with Momentum 360. If any of the information that was provided today did not persuade you enough feel free to check out Momentum 360’s website! If you are fully convinced and ready to get that Virtual Tour you always wanted you can book your demo here. Trust me, you will not regret it. Thank you for reading this week’s blog and I will see you next time!