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create a floor plan

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In this one, we’ll be discussing how to create a floor plan, how we create floor plans, the process, price, timeline, etc. So strap in, get a snack or beverage, and get ready to learn.

Let’s get started.

Just a disclaimer, this blog is primarily for educational purposes. If you’d like to hire Momentum 360 for professional services, you can contact us via our website.


Like we discussed in previous blogs, it’s very important to establish a vision that you can use as a fundamental viewpoint and guideline for your project. For example, a floor plan for a colonial modern residential house for a family of 4, will be vastly different than a luxury office building in a major city. This is obvious, but important to note because there will be different features in these two construction projects.

You also need to think about whether you want to do a basic 2D floor plan which normally comes in black and white with birds-eye-view, or a 3D floor plan that has color and showcases the entire layout much more vibrantly. For us, we know which one we prefer to work on, but you need to think about this for yourself!

Once you create a vision, our team handles putting together that vision in the form of a quote that encompasses:

  • Value, this is usually the price, but we like to think about $ from a value perspective that we’re providing to you
  • Timeline, how long it’ll take us to create a floor plan based on your vision
  • Follow Up, making sure that after we deliver what we promised, you’re still happy and will continue to use us in the future!

Now, if you’re a contractor, student, etc just looking to create a basic floor plan for a project, there are many links you visit online to accomplish this. Here is a brief list of free floorplan creators that we’ve used in the past:

Although these 5 companies do amazing work, we like to have a custom and professional approach to these projects, that’s why we do them in house!


create a floor plan

The process for creating a floor plan isn’t as easy as you think. For a lot of professionals like us, we use only the best for our clients. Here are some of the software we use to create a floor plan they won’t be disappointed about!

These applications are absolutely fantastic to use, as we do it on a daily basis! At the end of the day, it’s about the value you’re providing and how many repeat customers you can have. If you can do this, you’ll be busier than you know what to do with.

Once we understand a client’s vision, we’ll take that vision and bring it to life! We normally use CAD for a lot of our projects, but since we’ve been growing so fast, we’ve had to hire multiple editors in order to fill these projects! So we have an A, B and C team, not in the quality that they provide, but in the time and accessibility that they have to work on a certain project. From here, we’ll normally spend roughly 48-72 hours creating a floor plan just as a draft, not final version.

From here, we’ll simply send over the draft to the client and ask for their feedback. Once we get client feedback, we’ll implement the changes they want to make sure their floor plan comes out exactly the way they ordered it in their mind. Next, we’ll talk about pricing and how to accurately quote prospective clients so they go with you every single time. Remember, the goal isn’t to have a price race to the bottom, it’s to charge the most amount of money that you can for a project. Remember That.


Ahh the age old question, how much do these things cost? Well for floor plans, it can get a little tricky, just like a lot of services out there. For 2D and 3D floor plans, they greatly differ in cost. Obviously, a 3D floor plan will be more expensive than a 2D floor plan, but by how much?

For Momentum 360, here is our current rate for floor plan:

2D Floor Plan:

0-1000 sq ft = $150

1000-2000 sq ft = $175

2000-3000 sq ft = $200

3000+ sq ft = $250

3D Floor Plan

0-1000 sq ft = $350

1000-2000 sq ft = $450

2000-3000 sq ft = $650

3000+ sq ft = $750

Big difference right? But it’s justified. 3D floor plans allow you to actually see the finishes, furniture, all the cadence and environment in the place with actual colors. 2D floor plans are fundamental and get the job done, but it’s just a different thing at the end of the day.

Very basic stuff here. So if you were to create a floor plan for a client, we’d recommend starting with creating 2D floor plans, the basics, and going from there, then getting advanced and doing 3D plans. As the saying goes, “Crawl, then walk, then run!” Same thing here, you need to master the basics before you do anything else.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how long it actually takes to create a floor plan from scratch, whether you’re doing it for yourself, a client, etc.

Turnaround Time

create a floor plan

So now you understand the process, software, and prices associated with creating a floor plan, but what’s a feasible turnaround time for a 2D and 3D floor plan? Let’s find out!

Again, it all depends on the actual size of the property and what you’re doing for it, 2D or 3D. It’s also important to note that we’re basing this off of a residential model, instead of a commercial or multi-family model, which is more expensive and time consuming. When creating floor plans for clients, 80-85% of the time you’ll be dealing with residential plans. With that being said, below is a timeframe for Momentum 360 on turnaround times for each floor plan type and size:

2D Floor Plan:

0-1000 sq ft = 24-48 hours

1000-2000 sq ft = 48 hours

2000-3000 sq ft = 48-72 hours

3000+ sq ft = 72 hours

3D Floor Plan

0-1000 sq ft = 48 hours

1000-2000 sq ft = 48-72 hours

2000-3000 sq ft = 72 hours

3000+ sq ft = 96 hours

Like we’ve mentioned multiple times already in this blog, the 2 and 3D floor plans are vastly different in price and turnaround time. Now that you know the turnaround time for 2D or 3D floor plans, you can learn about all of the niches that you’ll normally work with while creating this type of service.

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Now let’s talk about the best niches that work with floor plans. Obviously, any niche on planet earth will suffice because it’s a rudimentary requirement for builders and developers to have a stamped floor plan from an engineer in order to start building.

With that being said, it’s again pretty obvious that residential and commercial real estate will be the most popular clients, especially residential real estate. In order to scale for this, you need to:

  1. Do incredible work
    1. Duh, but this is important especially as a first time client, if you blow it out of the water and crush it, you’ll be more likely to have them as a client a second time.
    2. People are a lot more likely to share your work on social media, creating more awareness for you!
  2. Have clear expectations with your clients
    1. For Momentum 360, we make it very clear that we have turnaround times that we’ll be able to stick to.
    2. We’re not perfect, but we need to get our projects done in a timely manner, rather than saying “24 hours or less” and being unreasonable.
  3. Reduce buyers remorse as much as possible
    1. When someone signs on the bottom line, they think to themselves, “ok…here we go, hopefully they don’t screw me!” So you need to do something in order to reduce that feeling
    2. Sending them a text message, email or calling them saying congratulations is a great way
    3. Sending them a small gift or hand written post card will go a long way

Humans will never stop building buildings, so if you can scale and continue to get referrals and repeat business, you’re on track to build a great business!

Best Practices

create a floor planNow that we’ve covered pretty much everything there is to know about when you create a floor plan, we’ll need to show you the best practices to have! Here are 10 notes that show you how to have best practices when you create floor plans for clients!

  1. Know The Fundamentals of Floor Plan Requirements
  2. Focus on Each Room Layout
  3. Monitor Entry & Exits
  4. Contemplate Each Type of Finish per Floor Plan
  5. Implement Organizational Accessibility
  6. Don’t Forget About Lighting
  7. Make it Make Sense from a Formatting Perspective
  8. Create a Floor Plan That You’d Want to Live In
  9. Showcase the Best Parts of BluePrints
  10. Don’t Rush Through The Job


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