Drone Photography Near Me

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones has changed the photography landscape and heightened the competition amongst photographers. These drones have elevated, literally, our experience on how we enjoy a scenery.

Drone photography allows us to see things from a different perspective thus giving us a different experience. Big thanks to technology, we are now equipped with drones which can fly and provide us with amazing aerial views. No need to rent expensive helicopters and take heart-pounding sky diving lessons. If you provide drone photography for a living, you can now let your customers experience a view from a different altitude and creative angles. There are, however, considerations which must be taken if you are going to be a professional drone photographer.

If you are searching for an aerial or photographer near your area. There are several things you can do apart from asking around. Below are some of the websites you can check out to see what kind of services can be provided by these certified drone photographers.

  1. Momentum Virtual Tours
Drone Photography Near Me

Drone Photography Near Me

Image source: Momentum Virtual Tour’s Website

Website: https://www.momentumvirtualtours.com/

We have a team of drone photographers who are all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified. Whether you are looking for some aerial shots of real estate property, check the progress of a building construction or in need of a location map, we can provide you with high-definition shots. Momentum Virtual Tours uses premium gadgets such as Phantom Pro 4 and we are looking into investing in the newest equipment out in the market. Our drone photographers could provide you with either an image in HD or a 360° video shot. Alongside with drone photography, Momentum can also offer property marketing services as a top up. This includes virtual tours, walk-throughs and photography services. Real estate is not only inclusive of residential and commercial properties. Golf course owners and park owners are among the top lists when it comes to drone photography. Give us a quick call and we will give you a quote for FREE. Let’s discuss the pricing and keep the ball rolling!

  1. Aerial Innovations Southeast
Drone Photography Near Me

Drone Photography Near Me

Image Source: Aerial Innovations Southeast’s Website

Website: https://aerialsoutheast.com/

This company has two strategic locations: one in Atlanta and another in Nashville. When it comes to services provided, Aerial Innovations Southeast prides themselves in specializing aerial shots for construction development. Apart from drone photography, also included in their services are: aerial photography, video services, ground photography, stock photo. Their drone operators are all FAA certified. When it comes to drone equipment, they are armed with DJI equipment complemented with Phantoms and Mavics. They also make sure that there is a waiver signed by the client before flying out.

  1. Dronethusiast
Drone Photography Near Me

Drone Photography Near Me

Image Source: Dronethusiast’s Website

Website: https://www.dronethusiast.com/tutorials/

Their website offers comprehensive information which are all related to drones. Check the website to see the tips and tricks on flying a drone, a gallery of videos and pictures you can browse around and read through the news related to aerial photography. You can also read and watch several tutorials from their website if you are interested in becoming a drone pilot yourself. This website partnered with Drone Launch, a training company specific for those who want to become drone pilots. This website is dedicated to all drone enthusiasts around the world.

  1. Droners.Io
Drone Photography Near Me

Drone Photography Near Me

Image Source: Droners.Io’ Website

Website: https://droners.io/

This website is a showcase of drone pilots around the world. Think of it as the Upwork of Fiverr for drone pilots. If you are in need of a drone pilot to take a shot at your commercial building, simply post a job to describe your requirements. You will then be matched to a local pilot registered on the site. Before deciding on who to hire, you can look up other professionals on the site and compare their services, price rate, and licenses. One you are happy with your selection, you can then hire the pilot. The third step is to review sna make the payment. Once you have received the video or photo files from the hired pilot, you can then make your payment. The great thing about this site is that they don’t take out any cut from the whole transaction. The platform is there to simply connect the customers to drone pilots. In addition, before these pilots are added to this site they have to undergo a careful vetting process and their licenses would have to be checked first! There is also a feature for pilot chat on the website. You can easily communicate with the pilot and align with them with your specific requirements. When looking for the pilot to work with, you can first check their description. Other information includes their location, insurance coverage, license, rate and star rating.

5. Dronegenuity

Drone Photography Near Me

Drone Photography Near Me

Image Source: Dronegenuity’s Website

Website: https://www.dronegenuity.com/

Dronegenuity is another drone service photography provider. Included in their service is marketing imagery with 4K HD shots, commercial and residential photography, inspection services, land mapping and 3D models, and even thermal imaging. The company caters to about 50 states in the US and can work on your specific requirements. They also provide customized videos across different business sectors. If you want to learn to fly your own drown, reach out to them for training courses. Learn more about safety processes, laws related to drone flying, how to earn flying drones and what are the latest news about drone equipment. You can choose whether to have an online training or in person training. You will also learn a lot about the flight modes and drone hardwares. The website is rich in videos which you can watch and help you enrich your knowledge about drone flying. Topics such as cinemagraphs, long exposure, mavic pro setting, panoramas and others are covered.

6. Bark

Drone Photography Near Me

Drone Photography Near Me

Image Source: Bark’s Website


This company is almost similar to Droners.Io where you can hire drone photographers near you. The website has been featured in similar famous websites such as TechCrunch, The New York Times, USA Today, Cosmopolitan and Bazaar among others. To do a quick search, you can encode the zip code of the location where you are in search of a pilot. Then select from the choices of drone photographers. They are connected to a number of pilots across different US states so you don’t have to worry about not finding a drone photographer near your place. Also included in their list are professionals who do aerial photography, helicopter filming and aerial surveys. The price rate varies across different regions. You can select the cheapest dubbed as ‘great value’, then the ‘average’ and the most expensive ones are the ‘premiums.’

If you are really serious about drone photography and becoming a professional drone pilot, there are important things that you have to consider first.

  1. Are you prepared to get certified by the FAA?

Drone flying is more than just playing around the joystick. There are licenses and certifications that you need to secure first if you want to make money out of this profession. You have to get certified to assure your clients that you are well-aware of the operational rules for flying drones for commercial purposes. Make your own research on drone training courses in order for you to get certified.

  1. Do you know the provisions of flying drones during night time?

It is important to get yourself acquainted with the things you must and must not do when flying your drone at night. This is important in order to avoid collisions in the air when it is already dark.

  1. Are you well-versed in which flight mode to use on a project?

Check the settings of the drone you are using and decide which flight mode is the most accurate for you to use. This is important so you could capture jaw-dropping shots and could increase your competitive edge from other pilots.

  1. Have you read about state and national laws related to drone flying?

This is important as there are locations which are prohibited or would only allow limited access for aerial photography. Before you jumpstart with your project make sure that you have read the regulations. One example is taking drone photos or videos of people in a private engagement without their consent. If you do this in California, you will be in big trouble. There are also other countries which do not permit drone flying at all. This is why doing your research first is very important. You can also get in touch with local authorities who can provide you with assistance and know the local laws. Better to read and ask before flying out.

  1. Do you have the right equipment for your project?

There are plenty of drones in the market. Given that there is a huge demand for aerial shots, more equipment is being produced. Make sure that you have reliable and sturdy equipment to do the job. This is critical in delivering high quality output which could earn you your 5 star rating.