Reasons Why Professional Content Matters For Your Business.

Five Reasons Why Professional Content Matters For Your Business

Content, likes, shares; there’s so much more to online presence then SEO and we’ve been empowered to do it all. But why are so many Entrepreneurs falling so short when it comes to content for their business? The answer is plain and simple, you’re not a photographer or a videographer.

Duh. But this is entrepreneurship! Wearing many hats and making do with what you have is just part of it, right? Isn’t that why we’re here? To do our best, and to just make it work?

However, like some services such as a lawyer or a proctologist, you’re gonna need someone to help you out. And considering the situations and stakes, you’re gonna want a professional who knows what they are doing. I’m going to touch on the biggest five reasons why you want a good relationship with a professional photographer for your growing business. And, how to make these relationships grow.

Number One: Low Hanging Fruit.

First impressions have always mattered. People place even an outsized importance on first impressions.With the speed of the internet comes the speed that first impression must land a good impression to keep the eyeballs on target. You have under a second to keep someone’s attention. So much for the “that’ll do” attitude of framing the perfect shot and composing your video ad. When you have so little time to make a connection, to make things work- those first few frames matter a lot.

Number Two: Is this thing on?

Five Reasons Why Professional Content Matters For Your Business

Recent, fresh, and relevant content shows people you’re still kicking. Let’s be honest, making content is hard. So if you partner with a professional that makes it look easy, you can give the perception of running circles around your competition. Everyone loves the stronger choice. If you are more the creative and visionary type, like most entepepenures, then you’re likely not going to want to focus on the minute details of lighting properly or post production.

So, let someone else do it. You have two things you can use to make good content. Time and money. And if you can take the hundreds of hours it takes to learn content creation; then congratulations, you have saved yourself a few thousand dollars. If you have a few thousand dollars, want to get started right away, and know you can make tens of thousands of dollars in your space with the time you would have otherwise spent on learning content production- then hiring a professional is the clear winner.

Number Three: Brand Maintenance.

We’re all guilty of it, ok? You get some news, it’s bangin, you whip out your camera crew (read: cellphone) and you announce it to your budding brand. And indeed the news is good. And it stays true. And the video, it might even get some good engagements, good news always does. But there it sits. Forever in your channel, on your feed. Amateurish. Semi Professional at best. Like a bad tattoo from spring break or hell week. The memories; sweet. The aftertaste, sour. If you have regular content creation sessions or other production projects, you can make announcements and reveals that will be the crown jewels of your online presence for years to come.

Stick out like a well manicured thumb. If there is no one in your space and market engaging in even basic quality content production, then you have nothing but opportunity to organically get ahead of your competition.

Number Four: A picture speaks a thousand words (And it takes you a long time to write blogs anyway).

Five Reasons Why Professional Content Matters For Your Business

You can really get out a lot of information in a concise, well produced, thirty second instagram reel. And I’m not talking about $10,000 video production projects. Shop around your local inventory of photographers/videographers. You would be amazing at the quality of a relationship you can strike up with a fair retainer in place- that will have you dropping drips of quality content. Don’t forget, you can shoot a lot in two hours that can be slowly released over a month.
A word of advice- never trade exposure for work. It never works unless you’re paying more to work with someone who otherwise wouldn’t work with you. Professional photographers have all the exposure they need- trust me. They are the ones with the cameras and the ability to tell a story.

Number Five: Brain Drain, The Main Pain?

Maybe you crush it behind an iphone. Or you figured out how to get a gimbal to work. Perhaps you found the perfect spot in the office where you can hear other people and things in your audio the least. Either way, video production isn’t your bag- and you’re gonna look like a one trick pony super quick. This is poison for your brand. The more niche your audience, the more likely they are to see your ads and touch points with enough frequency to notice. You want to bring in professionals who are able to flush out shoots and sessions with fresh, new, and trending ideas- that they know how to pull off. Goodbye loom!

At the end of the day, luckily, you have choices. You can find a photographer, videographer, or studio that will fit your style and budget. You can scout locations on your own. Maybe even come to the table with some examples of what you like and don’t.

Seeking out a retainer will get you started on a path and a relationship with someone who is all about you, and showing you off. And in consideration of how vital and fleeing those eyeballs can be- when it comes to your online presence, you want to be the very best Entrepreneur you can be.

Five Reasons Why Professional Content Matters For Your Business

Jonathan MacKnight started taking photographs in 2012 and never stopped. He’s now the Director Of Operations for Momentum 360, a virtual tour firm headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa.

Five Reasons Why Professional Content Matters For Your Business, Five Reasons Why Professional Content Matters For Your Business, Momentum 360