How Google Maps 360 and Street View Can Boost Your Sales in 2022?

Google Maps 360

Google Maps 360

Were you aware that Google Maps comes with more features than just directions? A feature like Google Maps 360 can help you to build trust with your customers (especially if you’re a business owner). Your target market will feel more connected to you. In this case, you might see an increase in return. By getting a glimpse of the restaurant’s atmosphere online, customers can get excited about eating there before even walking through the door. Furthermore, Google Maps uses a technology that automatically blurs license plates and faces. You don’t need to worry about your privacy being violated. Check out Google Maps 360 street view for your business to see how it can benefit you. Google Maps 360


Google Maps – Significance for Businesses

Google Maps celebrated its 16th anniversary in 2021! The Google Maps application has evolved over the years from a simple virtual map to a place where you can find local businesses, plan your commute in detail, and discover new places. Rather than a map, the platform is a place where discoveries are made.

Building a Solid Reputation

As many experts point out, fostering trust requires humanizing a brand. By adding photos of you and your employees to your company website, you humanize your brand. A separate “About Us” tab should also be added to the menu of your website. Using Google Maps street view can also humanize your business. You are able to introduce your business to your customers through a face-to-face interaction. This increases their level of comfort, which increases their likelihood of coming in. Be seen, not told. Moreover, it is trustworthy, since the customer is not explicitly told that your business is trustworthy. They see it for themselves. By having a virtual tour, you reassure the customer that your company is honest.


Google Maps; an Online Pool of Information

Google Maps 360

Google Maps 360

Your Google My Business profile, the official Google business page, provides information about your business to Google Maps. You can set up your free Business Profile on Google and fill out a comprehensive listing of your business details. Google Maps uses this information to display local listings. In addition to showcasing your business to users, Google Maps allows you to drive brand awareness and conversions by providing updated and comprehensive information.

Making Research Easier for Your Clients

As reported in a Forbes article, 82% of consumers do their research online before going to a store. Researchers may want to know what the exterior and interior of the store look like. Taking a virtual tour of a business before visiting is one of the benefits of using Google Maps street view. This tool can provide your customers with valuable information about your storefront. Additionally, the overall atmosphere of the business and the friendliness of the staff are important aspects. Usually on sites like Yelp and Glassdoor, consumers search for this kind of information.


Notching Up Your Communication Game

Google Maps 360

Google Maps 360

Establishing a better connection with your customers is one of the benefits of humanizing your business. Obviously, they know you’re legit, and so needn’t be on their guard.

Displaying Your Quality Products and Services

Research is not the only benefit of using Google maps street view. You can also demonstrate your business’s quality. Your business shows that it cares about customers by providing them with this feature. Your business will do everything it can to ensure that the customer experience is satisfactory. Customers are more likely to visit your business and make a purchase when both of these aspects of their research are considered. A potential customer can now see inside your business with a single click. After all, Google Maps is searched by 43% of the population.


Facilitating Decision Making for Your Customer

How much parking is available in the back? Does getting a spot require a lot of advance planning? Is there a dress code? Are there any security concerns? To find out the answers to these questions, customers may need to search review sites. Street view on Google Maps cannot answer these questions. By “walking around” your business, your customers can make all the informed decisions they need to make. Once they are able to plan accordingly, your business is ready for the guests. Customers can then relax knowing that there will be no unexpected glitches.


An Effective Means of Passive Marketing

It’s dinner time for one of your customers. He’s wearing a T-shirt that everyone compliments. He then tells everyone about your clothing store. How friendly and professional the staff was. What great prices you have. And that his loyalty to your business still continues to this day. He then shows how the store appears from the street view feature. It is now possible for his friends to visualize the experience of their friend. His friends can also confirm it is genuine. Plus, if it comes from a friend rather than you, they’re more likely to believe it and take action.


Knowing Your Target Audience

Suppose you own a sports bar restaurant that caters to fans of the NFL. The football banners and memorabilia in your restaurant are meant to attract a target audience. Of course, you want to display your decor. You can do that with Google Maps street view. Your restaurant has suddenly become a virtual tour stop for prospective NFL football fans. The football decor catches their attention.

Moreover, according to recent research, Google Maps has more than 20 petabytes of data. That’s 21 million bytes and 20,500 terabytes, in case you didn’t know. Potential customers may be browsing Google Maps data. Perhaps they are searching for restaurants near Austin, Texas. When they search for your restaurant, Google finds it. Also, customers can use the pin to find out if they would like to dine there. Maybe the street view will make the difference. It is especially useful when you compare your local competitors who don’t have access to Google Street View.

Convenience and Comfort

The street view feature can be used at any location, whether it’s a mall, park, concert, etc. Visuals are processed by the brain sixty times faster than text, according to research. Social media users may share images 40 times more often because of this. Whatever the case, 3D images of your business will be processed more quickly than just a description of what you do. As the saying goes, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Steps to Embed Your Google Street View

We live in a world in which almost anything you want to know about a business can be found on the internet. Through tools like Google My Business, people can easily find the address and hours of their favorite businesses. However, today’s consumers expect more from sites than just addresses and hours of operation. Businesses need to be prepared to take advantage of the virtual tours now that new technology is making them a reality. Google Street View has made it easier than ever for businesses to incorporate external virtual tours. You can embed a Google-powered virtual tour of your business onto your website to display a street view. What is the process for embedding the tour? Check it out.


Go To Google Maps

The first step to embed Google Street View into your website is pretty straightforward. To get started, simply navigate to Google Maps. You can then search a location according to your preferences. You should always search for a location that corresponds to the one you intend to embed on your site.


Turn on the Street View

You’ll need to enter Street View mode after you have successfully searched for the location. On the left side of the page, you’ll find an image of a street, not a label reading “Street View.” By clicking this image, you will enter Street View Mode. The Street View Mode can also be accessed through another route. Although it might be a more difficult route, we’ll share it with you since it’s viable and some of you might be familiar with it. In this case, you will have to find a location as well. You’ll then see a map similar to the one you normally see. It now begins to differ from the first method. Find the orange man icon on the screen instead of clicking on the image of the street. Several of you probably have seen it before, but you probably haven’t given it serious thought.

There may be an icon near the upper-left side of your screen, but it can also be located on the lower right corner. Drag this icon to the location where you would like a street view to appear. Using this method should give you the same result. Some people might find this method easier, but others may find it more challenging. Even with the location marker on the screen, it is difficult to drag the icon to the exact location you entered. However, you are free to choose the method that is most comfortable to you.



Select “Options”

Clicking on an image in Street View will enlarge that image. The address of the location you searched will appear in a small box in the top left-hand corner. On each corner of that small box, you will see three vertical dots. Clicking them will display a menu. You should select the option that mentions sharing and embedding the image from the list of options.



Choose the Dimensions of the the Image

In the middle of your screen should have appeared a small box if you successfully completed the last step. There should be two tabs, the first of which allows you to share a picture with the link. If you want to embed images, you need to go to the second tab. Once you click it, a larger box will appear. When you embed an image, you’ll see a smaller version. Above the image, you’ll see a link. Although that link could be useful for your site, it may not be the one you want. If you closely look at the image, you’ll find that it’s medium-sized, which might not be ideal for your website. Users can select between small, medium, and large images on Google Street View. Clicking on a size will reveal a drop-down menu with the rest of the sizes. The next section will discuss how to use a custom size, a feature that you’ll notice as well.



Choose the Custom Size

Choosing the “Custom Size” option will require you to type in your desired dimensions in the provided box. If you click the “Preview Actual Size” button after entering these dimensions, you can see a preview of the size you’ve chosen. When you click this option, you may see a new window pop up. It is normal.



Finalise the HTML Code

Copy the image code once you have selected the size. The next step is to access the HTML code of the page you wish to add the image to. Paste the code in the section which corresponds to where you want the image to appear. It is recommended that you have someone assist you in pasting the HTML code if you are unfamiliar with it. Additionally, you can take a quick HTML tutorial, which will make finding where to place the code much simpler.



Visit Your Page

You still have work to do. Even if you have already copied the code, you should always check your website afterwards to make sure that it’s working properly. It is important to make sure that your image is the right size and that it does not interfere with the design of the page. Ensure your page does not contain any errors as a result of the code. Check that the code has been pasted correctly if it has.



Google Street View Has Been Embedded

Thanks to Google Street View, your clients will now be able to take a virtual tour around your building’s exterior. You’ll be able to get more free traffic and your customers will enjoy seeing the area outside your building. Here’s what you need to do next to improve your virtual tours. You should consider letting customers tour the inside of your buildings instead of just the outside.



The “Explore” Feature

The update last year included the addition of an ‘Explore’ tab that allowed users to search for nearby companies and services and view their information such as ratings, reviews, and photos. Users were able to discover new local places on one platform with the explore tab. With the new features, Google Maps expanded its exploration and personalization capabilities. With an update to instantaneous Live View, Google Maps will show nearby eateries, how busy they are, and recent reviews. The company is also personalizing the user experience even further. In the morning, highlight breakfast spots nearby and in the evening, dinner spots. For example, you can use Google Maps to find tourist attractions in a foreign city. We see Google Maps magnify its role as a tool for comparing, evaluating, and searching businesses with the goal of making informed and actionable decisions. It’s not just a tool for finding the direction from point A to B, it’s also a tool for finding precisely where point B is located. In 2020, there will be more than 1 billion users of Google Maps, a number that we can only assume will grow. This opens up the possibility for businesses to communicate with a large audience. In particular, an audience that is prepared to make a purchase.


The project Street View started in 2007. Since then, it has grown into something businesses can use to promote themselves. Take advantage of street view to attract local customers. And let them know you offer top-quality services and products. Google Maps 360!