Graceland Virtual Tour

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Today, we are going to take a trip to Memphis, Tennessee. There are so many great landmarks in this city, but a particular one is very iconic– Graceland!

If you are not familiar with Graceland; Graceland is a 13.8 acre estate that was previously owned by the legendary singer and actor, Elvis Presley. The estate was purchased by him in 1957. When Elvis Presley died 1977, his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley became the owner. Now, the public are allowed to visit the premises and take a full tour. Graceland is the most visited home in the United States.

Should we see what all of the hype is about? I sure do! I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to go visit the King of Rock n’ Roll’s house? Graceland may be a huge property, but I am going to show you the best and important spots throughout the whole property.

Are you ready? Let’s get started on our Graceland Virtual Tour!


Welcome to Graceland

Before we head inside, I want you to take a look at the beautiful outside exterior. Before the stairs, you are greeted with two white statues of lions. It also has four tall white pillars in front of the house. The center of the house is a white color and each side is made up with a tan-colored limestone. Alright, time to go in.

Starting off once we step inside is the foyer. The one thing that pops out the most in this area is the crystal diamond chandelier attached to the ceiling. It definitely brightens up the place! There is a white stairwell that leads you to the upstairs along with mirrored walls directly next to it, topping it off with a photograph of the king himself hung up.

 Graceland Virtual Tour


Living Room

Inside the Graceland estate, you are greeted with the living room. This room is a majority of a white color with some mirrors. There is some stained glass art of giant peacocks which brings out a pop of color to the living room along with some blue drapes. It is furnished with a long white sofa, two white chairs that are catty cornered and a mirrored coffee table. There is a marble fireplace that blends in well with the aesthetic.

When you pass the colorful stained glass art of the peacocks, you will notice that there is another section attached to the living room. This is the back room of the living room; where the Presley family would play music and watch television. It has great lighting in here with the sun shining through the windows. Continuing with the all white aesthetic, There is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a small white-leathered sofa with a coffee table in front of it, a white vintage television set, and topping it off with an all white piano.

Graceland Virtual Tour

With all of the white colors, It must be hard keeping it clean! Kudo’s to the Presley family for that. We are just getting started though let’s continue this Graceland Virtual Tour.


Dining Room

Off to the right of the foyer room is the dining room. Now, if you think the chandelier in the foyer room was great, nothing can beat the one in the dining room. This one is fairly huge and very elegant. Below the chandelier is a dark colored mirror dining room table . It already has plates, glasses, floral, and so much more still placed on top. Surrounding the dining room table are eight chairs that complete the whole set. Behind the table and chairs, placed along the wall is the China cabinet.

Graceland Virtual Tour

The flooring is white carpet, but right in the center where the dining room table and chair are is black marble tile flooring. There are a few giant windows finished off with blue colored drapes; the same ones from the living room. Here is a fun fact for you; each year around Christmas time, the blue drapes get changed to red drapes!



This kitchen may look like it needs to be updated, but think about it, it was designed in the 70’s. That is what makes it iconic. This is where all the family dinners were made and where some would hang out at.

The kitchen in Graceland has glossy wooden finish on the walls, the cabinets, drawers with a white kitchen countertop. There is red and green carpet flooring. Above are colorful kitchen lamps hanging that go very well with the floor.

Graceland Virtual Tour

It also has your typical kitchen appliances like a stove top, microwave, sink, refrigerator, and more! That is all for the kitchen; off to our next room on this Graceland Virtual Tour.



Welcome to the basement! This room here was made to be the ‘movie room’ of Graceland.

I honestly love the color contrast here. The basement has an asthenic of yellows, blacks, and some whites. The walls have a mix of all three colors. Along the wall are three vintage television sets that are built in with a movie player and records right besides it.

The basement is furnished with a gigantic black couch with a pattern of white and yellow pillows on top. It looks so comfy that I can totally see myself taking a nap there. There is also a coffee table placed front in the center of the couch, and two black ottoman chairs in front of that. Across, is a fireplace with their signature mirror walling. We cannot forget the amazing mirrored ceiling above!

Graceland Virtual Tour

Down the basement has a bar area in the corner too. It has a yellow/tan L-shaped island with five leather barstools. There are some objects behind the bar that belonged to Elvis Presley that are on display and also a sink.

There is also a room in the basement where they would play pool. Of course, there is a pool table present and some home decor. The cool thing about it is that there is fabric everywhere! From the walls to the furniture which matches perfectly. Elvis Presley did all of these decorations himself.

Graceland Virtual Tour

That was a lot for one area, on to the next room of the Graceland Virtual Tour.


Jungle Room

Way down in the jungle room! This is the iconic room where Elvis Presley would listen, play and record his own music.

The carpet is a green color as well as the ceiling. Yup, There was carpet on the ceiling as well! That is so 70’s. Along the wall is a water fountain with greenery on it giving the room a jungle vibe. The walls are a glossy wooden, just like the kitchen.

Graceland Virtual Tour

The jungle room is furnished with a 15 foot sofa and a ten foot coffee table. There are also green curtains that hang half way up the windows.


Gladys and Minnie Mae Presley’s Bedroom

These two women who had a bedroom in Graceland were Elvis Presley’s mother, Gladys, and his grandmother, Minnie Mae.

This bedroom is actually super adorable yet very elegant. It has an aesthetic of purple and white colors. The whole bed is the color dark-purple with just a few white pillows on top. The drapes are also dark-purple with white colored curtains that fall behind them. There is a beautiful chandelier that hangs above the bed, a white sofa chair, some white dresses and lamps.

Graceland Virtual Tour

Connected with the ladies bedroom, is a bathroom. In there, you will see your average bathroom set up with poodle wallpaper. You are probably thinking, why the poodle wallpaper? I know, me too. Gladys and Minnie Mae helped pick out the wall paper, and that is what they liked!

Adjacent from the bathroom is their walk-in closet. In here, you can see that both of their clothes are still hanging in the closet, along with their jewelry, perfumes, and much more that is also present. I think that is pretty cool.


Leaving Graceland

Unfortunately, the upstairs of the Graceland property is completely off limits to view. Trust me, I would have loved to see Elvis Presley’s bedroom. We did get to see some amazing rooms throughout the whole estate!

Besides the upstairs, there is so much more to check out when in Graceland. There is a museum dedicated to Elvis Presley’s life, His father– Vernon Presley’s office, and the backyard that includes a farm where horses currently are at.

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