The ultimate guide for the HomeJab

Making photography is important for Real estate. A HomeJab excellent photograph will highlight a home’s best characteristics and make it more desirable to a potential buyer. Your services will be in high demand with local real estate brokers if you can shoot beautiful images of a home. You have to be clear and aware if you are entering into real estate photography for the first time.

The home jab login procedure

If you want to log in with the HomeJab, you must create an account with a unique email address. Go to the home jab website enter the email and create a password. Once you enter that, you can log in to the site. Then, you have to enter your home details like your house’s name, address, mobile number, location, and room details. So you can post your house photo and make an advertisement.


Home jab

A home jab is a tool that helps you sell homes more quickly and efficiently to expand your business. It offers you the best-in-class photography, including high-end, custom photography, videography, etc. HomeJab also provides you with

  • Local Professionals: Home jab hires only the most qualified photographers in your area to shoot and capture your property.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: They are exceptionally quick while yet being exact. Your media will be delivered 24 hours after your appointment has been scheduled.
  • Increased Sales: They provide you with high-quality images, videos, and interactive tours that can help you sell your properties rapidly.


Things a real estate photographer should have

Real estate photography does not need a lot of equipment, as much of it is normal. Here are some necessary things are mentioned for photographer should have:


Still, like real estate photography, photography does not need an expensive camera with numerous capabilities to generate high-quality images, so do some research to see which camera would be ideal for you and your budget. Multiple exposure bracketing and the ability to activate a remote flash are two things you must have. These features can be found in a basic digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera and interchangeable lenses, which can be useful for capturing different-sized buildings and rooms.


Modifiers of Light

In real estate photography, the bare flash will frequently produce undesirable results. To soften the light they generate, you have to point them toward the ceiling. But if the ceiling is too high or there isn’t enough light bounce? Then you should think about utilizing light modifiers. Shooting umbrellas is usually enough to get the job done. It is easy to move because it is compact and light weight.

Remote trigger

Without touching the camera the remote triggers will allow you to take a picture. The importance of this may not be immediately apparent, but remote triggers will reduce camera vibrations, resulting in blurry pictures or a loss of clarity. This is especially true in real estate photography, which frequently utilizes slow shutter speeds. Even gently touching the camera to trigger the shot at these rates can result in camera shaking and out-of-focus images.

Camera lens

A wide-angle lens helps you fit more into the frame by making them great for real estate photography. When you take a photograph of the houses with a wide-angle lens, they appear more expansive. Choose a lens with a focal length of 10 to 24 millimeters or 16 to 35 millimeters for the best results.

Use a Tripod

A tripod is a great piece of real estate photography equipment because it allows you to keep your camera at the same height from room to room. It will also ensure that your real estate photographs are clean and sharp, with no haze or blurring caused by a shaky hand or quick camera movement. A tripod is also necessary if you wish to shoot long exposure photos of the house’s exterior, resulting in a stunning shot that real estate brokers will appreciate.


In real estate photography, strobes or flashes are the most important but sometimes neglected equipment. They are very useful in dimly lit rooms. Monolights and flashguns are the two major forms of flashes. Monolights are the greatest option for shooting larger properties because they have a greater light output. Because using flashguns is affordable so you can begin with them.

Light stands

If you are using a flash then it is natural to have light stands. If you use both the flash and other lights you need a place to keep it. While using lightweight stands will work great for flashguns or strobes, a C-stand will be more stable and reliable if you utilize larger moonlights.


Tips to take the best Photography

Create a Shot List

Make a list of the images you want to obtain for the property to stay organized during the session. Though your shot list will vary depending on the type of property, a real estate photo shoot should generally include the following:

  • Two wide-angle photos of the living area, kitchen, and bedrooms
  • One snapshot of the bathrooms, unless they are large or lovely enough to warrant multiple shots.
  • One shot of features such as the laundry room, garage, pantry, and walk-in closets
  • One to three images of your backyard
  • One or two images of the home’s front to emphasize its curb appeal

You can also include aerial images in your shot list if you have a drone.

Carefully compose each picture.

The composition is more crucial than any other photography in real estate photography. The term composition will refer to the proper placement of objects. Changing the angle of your camera by a few feet can make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. It is preferable to shoot shots from the corners of the room to fit the entire space within the photo. However, it is critical to pick some of the HomeJab most notable rooms or features and take images from a range of views.

Use a Drone for a Bird’s Eye Perspective

Drones have boosted modern real estate photography to new heights, literally. Drones can provide a different view that was previously unavailable or prohibitively expensive. The height will provide a panoramic picture of the entire property as well as its borders. Drone real estate photography is frequently used when the house’s location and surroundings provide a special selling advantage. These real estate photographs allow you to highlight the stunning view while also including the property. Real estate agents are increasingly using video and real estate images to sell their properties. Adding a drone to your collection of tools is a terrific way to differentiate your real estate photography firm. It can also help you charge more for your real estate photographs!

Choose the right time. 

You have to select the correct time to take a photo. Make a schedule for a photoshoot during the day. If you take a shoot in daytime then you will get natural light and vibrant, saturated colors in your photos. You should shoot at a different time if the weather is cloudy. Some people enjoy taking photographs of real estate at sunset. During this time of day, you can undoubtedly capture some stunning images.

Be adaptable

A photographer’s biggest gift is adaptability, and real estate photography is no more an exception. Take a creative approach to your tasks, infusing them with personality, a distinct perspective, and a new perspective. Allow the property you are shooting to lead you in the right direction. If you stick to a defined pattern, you will end up with the same shots repeatedly.

Play Around With Color

An interior photo might benefit greatly from a pop of color. It can also help draw the viewer’s attention to factors you want to emphasize. Throw pillows are a fantastic choice because you can easily transport them and toss them into your interior photos. You can also bring small decorative things with you. For a long time, neutral-colored homes have been popular. A lot of houses have gone all-white recently. Adding a splash of color will do more than give the photo individuality. And it also makes the viewer stop scrolling.

Features to highlight when selling your home

Selling your property will depend on how well you communicate the home’s outstanding qualities. Because most potential buyers will only remember a few things about each property they visit, highlighting a few important perks will help your home stand out. Rather than emphasizing essential qualities that are most likely to attract a buyer’s interest, some vendors will give those features equal billing on lists with less valuable features. Let’s look at how Home jab can emphasize unique qualities that can help you sell your house faster and for a higher price.


It is important to highlight about the features and location because a buyer will give importance to location and facilities of the house. Tell them where the closest shops are, where the nearest school is, how far away the bus stop is, and whether a clinic is nearby. Provide as much as possible information. A residence that is centrally located is a selling point.

Security system

Buyers will also see whether you have any security measure in your place. So don’t forget to mention automated garage doors, an electric fence, a CCTV system, electronic beams, and motion-sensitive lighting or alarms.


Outdoor space

Outdoor spaces built for leisure have grown increasingly desirable to purchasers as people spend more time at home, whether working or simply exercising safely. Many people are looking for a home with a well-kept backyard with patio space where they may meet safely and comfortably. In fact, 87 percent of purchasers want a patio in their new house. Outdoor furniture, grills, and decor on patios can be staged in a well-kept environment to emphasize the home’s gathering capabilities and appeal to a larger number of purchasers looking for a house for sale.

Number of Bedrooms 

Consider the number of bedrooms in your home when selling it. Almost everyone wants at least three bedrooms in their home. Families with additional members require more space. Bedrooms that family members aren’t utilizing can be converted into guest rooms or a study. A child’s playroom can be converted from an extra room. The options are limitless. If you have more rooms is the easier way to sell your home. Depending on who is interested in buying, you or the realtor can explain numerous ways to use the house and what different rooms can be made into.

Floor plan 

A well-designed floor plan can make navigating the house a pleasure. The area will appear more open if the kitchen flows into the dining room or the lounge flows out to the veranda. It will be making interactions between residents in different spaces simpler.

Upgraded kitchens

Kitchen is the most important thing in house. Modern, wide kitchens have become so fashionable that a buyer may pay more for your home only because of the kitchen. If you already have a beautiful kitchen, this is another characteristic you should emphasize. If yours is an older home with outdated cabinets and cupboards, do the necessary repairs before putting it on the market. You have to remove the old appliances and replace them with new ones to make the kitchen look attractive. HomeJab can also paint the space to make a new look of your house.


Best time of day to take photos

Choose the right time is important to take a photo. The property’s aspect determines the timing of its orientation in the four cardinal directions. It is ideal if the sun is directly behind you. The sun will shine directly into the lens if the sun is directly behind the house, causing a glare. When taking photos, be cautious of your own shadow. If the property is situated in front of:

  • East: as the sun rises and hits the front of the home in the morning light
  • West: shoot during the Golden Hour, when the sun shines brightly from a low angle on the front of the house.
  • North: Late morning to early afternoon
  • South: Early in the morning or just before sunset

Bottom line

Maintain consistency in your technique and practice if you want to make real estate photography a sustainable source of revenue or if you want to be a professional photographer in this sector. Don’t get too caught up in the equipment when you first start. Beautiful real estate photography does not require a large budget. Without the help of assistants, the best real estate photographers may complete the work entirely independently. Use HomeJab today.