How Much Does Video Production Cost?


How Much Does Video Production Cost?, How Much Does Video Production Cost?, Momentum 360

Welcome back to another Momentum 360 blog y’all! In this one, we’ll go over how much does video production cost, and why you should get one for your company!

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We’ve worked with every single kind of business and niche, large and small. We’d love to end up working with you in the future and provide you with some amazing content, but lets get to that later 😉

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In today’s day and age, people have some of the shortest attention spans of all time! So, the question becomes, how do you create content that grabs that attention, and never lets go? That’s the million dollar question right there. The answer in short: create a vision!

Having a vision for what you want to do is extremely important to what the end provide will be. Half ass this vision you have, and the final product will mirror very much your half assed vision! It’s that simple. A fundamental guide to create a vision for your video is as such:

  • Who? – Who are you targeting?
  • What – What do you want them to get from your video?
  • Why – Why should they listen to you? Why are you so special?
  • Where – Where are we posting this? Google? Socials? Website?
  • When – When are you looking to get started? Timeline?

The classic 5 W’s pokes its head out again and makes a very important appearance to ensure that your vision is created in the best and easiest way possible. For the average small, medium or large business owner, this is sometimes a challenge, simply because there are so many things to think about! All we can say is that once you have these 5 questions answered, we the creative can take this over and help you carry out your vision in the best light we can.


This is a huge part of the process, almost as important as the vision…almost. So there are a lot of things in videography that are used when creating videos, camera, teleprompter, lighting, etc…but what are the essentials? What creates a great equipment set up that will help create a tremendous video? I’m glad you asked! We’ve compiled this list of 10 must have features that we use when we create videos:

  1. Camera
  2. Highly portable camera
  3. Tripod
  4. External microphone
  5. Lighting
  6. Gimbal
  7. Editing/production software
  8. Transcription service
  9. High-Quality Memory Cards
  10. Dummy Battery

Check out this list where we go through certain things that we must to set up the perfect video! This stuff in all transparency is quite expensive, so if you’re a small or medium, even a larger business, it makes sense to pay a 3rd party like us to do this for you, it’ll save you money and time trying to figure it out on your own.

The best videographers in the world can make magic on some of the most basic equipment, but even if they did that, they still wouldn’t be the best! That’s why you have to invest in this kind of tech to get the results you want.

Now that we have the equipment out of the way, we can finally talk about the actual process of shooting and setup! It’s important to discuss with the client and creative first to get a gameplan of how the shooting will go down. In the next section, we’ll discuss the makings of how it looks like to create a 5 minute promo video for an average joe corporate client for us. The process might be more than you were first expecting!

Process + Pricing

How Much Does Video Production Cost?, How Much Does Video Production Cost?, Momentum 360

So, we’re using an example of a client who needs a 5 minute promo video. For Momentum 360, we value the client’s time and money. This is why we have affordable rates at each level. For us, promo videos start at $1000 and go all the way up to $10,000, depending on the project. For a 5 minute video, we’re roughly looking in the mid-range price for something like this. If you’re interested in getting a quote, contact us directly to get a more certain price for something like this.

After the quote has been accepted, it’s important to also hop on a call with the client to understand your process. Each creative will tell you, they have their own process which they swear to that ends up in video content gold, or in easier terms, more money for you! With Momentum 360, we love to hop on a quick Google meet call with the client + point of contact who will be at the shoot to ensure that they both are on the same page of what we’re doing here. If they don’t understand what we’re shooting, where we’re shooting and when we’re shooting, it’s a lost cause!

We normally take a dedicated hour at least to go through the shot list, the people who need to be at the shoot, all the important high level details, etc. The smaller details like equipment and how we capture the content isn’t as important, since they probably have no idea what you’re talking about, so don’t bore them! A lot of people will ask how much does video production cost and worry more about that than the actual project, which is wrong. It’s always value over the money you pay.

Once this call has commenced, the next thing to do is pencil in a date! There are a lot of great scheduling softwares out there, but we personally enjoy Calendly, as it’s easier, cheap, and does exactly what we need it to do!

On-Site Shooting

So we’ve finally talked with the client through everything they need, now what? Now, we shoot! You now have a vision of what you’re looking for, the equipment necessary to shoot it, the professionals creating a plan of action of when exactly we’re going to shoot, and we have an accepted quote and we’ve went over the vision, shotlist and on-site shooting day to the team, so now we’re good to go!

The day of the shoot is pretty simple, we’ve already gone through what’s going to happen, so it’s a pretty easy day, just execution from here start to finish. Before showing up on-site, we like to give the point of contact a call, text message and email that we’re arrived. This may sound like overkill, but it’s just making sure the client knows that they’re in good hands!

Once we arrive, we like to immediately get to work, not wasting any precious time. Based on the scope of work in place, we’ve already taken a great measure to ensure that this will be carried out thoroughly. For a 5 minute promo video, we’re looking at taking roughly 1-2 hours on-site to get the content we need to shoot. For instance, if you’re a school, we’ll probably set up some sort of a dynamic shot list where the teachers are teaching to students, the school band is playing, the school basketball team is shooting hoops, stuff that showcases the entire school!

Post Production

How Much Does Video Production Cost?, How Much Does Video Production Cost?, Momentum 360

Once we’ve shot everything, now is the time for post production! This is simply taking all of the raw footage that we captured with all the cameras, and making magic with it! To the naked eye, there are just files that need to be put in order to make a video..but to the artist, it’s so so much more! An artist like ourselves sees that we need to showcase emotion, and never have the person feel bored, to keep their attention the entire time will be our main objective! The longer someone keeps their eyes on our video, the easier it will be to get sales from the video!

We like to use a lot of softwares to edit, but the best one by far is Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what this is, you better YouTube and Google to figure it out! To date, it’s easily one of the most used editing softwares on the planet.

Now in terms of actually editing, our editors will normally take roughly 48-72 hours to edit the video to the specific length, features, music, etc that the client wants. We normally give the client 2-3 versions of the final product that they like, hop on a call with them, then further edit it down. From there, we’ll simply edit it down further to make sure they get what they want perfectly!

Final Delivery

This is it! You’ve done everything they’ve asked you to do. From here, you hit “send” and that’s a wrap folks! If the client needs any further editing, we normally give them 2 free editing passes, then anything else we’d charge extra for. If you’ve followed all of these steps to a tee, you’ve most likely created an incredible product for your client, which you should be extremely proud of!

From here, the final steps are to check in with your client next week to make sure the video they have is producing great results. After that, our job is done! We like to collect a google review and testimonial if the project went extremely well, which it normally does! Back to what we were talking about before, when a person asks how much does a video production cost and they have an understanding that it’ll take a nice size budget to do something magical, those are the clients you want, because they respect your craft and effort!


How Much Does Video Production Cost?, How Much Does Video Production Cost?, Momentum 360

Like we said before, we work with small, medium and large types of businesses! If you or anyone you know of needs a video produced for your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We provide video production services for all 50 states and 15 countries!

It’s very simple, all you have to do is go to our website, call or email us, and we’ll be in touch with you within 5 minutes to talk about your project and give you a quote! While writing and talking how much does video production cost, I want to make sure that every lead we come into contact with understands that at the end of the day, it takes money to make money!

Momentum 360 is a full scale content production company that works with businesses of all kinds in the United States to provide tremendous valuable content that converts and gets your new customers. We’ve been mentioned in many publications such as Redfin, Matterport, MarketWatch, Philadelphia Magazine, as well as others!

We hoped this was helpful, we only wish to continue to inspire the next generation of 360 photographers to not only create quality work, but to uphold the level of professionalism and purpose that comes with being a 360 photographer. We’re glad we were able to show you how much does video production cost!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at or call us at 215-607-6482. We work around the clock 24/7/365, so feel free to contact us whatever time of day, we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Momentum 360 also has a partnership program as well, where we partner with top 360 photographers across the country, giving them resources, guidance, and more importantly, gigs!

Momentum 360 is a virtual tour company that provides virtual tours, photography, videography, virtual staging and 3d rendering in all 50 states and 15 countries!

How Much Does Video Production Cost?, How Much Does Video Production Cost?, Momentum 360