How much does virtual staging cost? 

Today, the world will test you in various ways, and it is far better to have an asset in hand than to have cash. People love to save money and build or buy a house for themselves. Whenever they need money in the future, they will sell it easily using some techniques. How many of you know about staging? Most house owners and real estate people know about it.

For years, real estate brokers and sellers have employed the concept of staging a home for sale. Home staging entails a lot of hard lifting, furniture shifting, and meticulous attention to detail and decoration. When a home is beautifully arranged, a buyer can see its potential. In this post, you will learn the complete information on virtual staging:

What is virtual staging? 

The term ‘virtual staging‘ refers to digitally adding furniture and decor to a photograph of a home to increase its appeal and value. The best virtual staging businesses use 3D software and gaming technologies to make the extra table look indistinguishable from genuine furniture. Some virtual staging firms use skilled designers to create the environment with the highest level of proficiency.

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, Momentum 360

Virtual staging can attract a buyer’s interest in a space’s size, intended use, and genuine potential as a home. The vast majority of buyers cannot envision a home’s possibilities without first seeing it in person. Thus, virtually staged photos make it simpler for homebuyers to see a space or a home’s full potential.

Traditional Vs Virtual staging 

There is no huge difference between traditional or real, or physical staging and virtual staging. Both are used for selling the home by increasing its value. Traditional staging is a professional stager visiting the property and analysing how it appears to make adjustments to increase the likelihood of the property being sold.

The stager will calculate and take pictures of each room to fix on what things are necessary. They will bring in furniture, rugs, and accessories once the house is ready to be staged. The seller does not need to relocate furniture or empty rooms using virtual staging.

The virtual staging company requires clear images of the home’s bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, and kitchen. Some of its benefits and cost may bring additional differences. Most virtual stagers will come to the house to take professional photos, but as a seller, you may be able to submit them yourself.

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, Momentum 360

Incredible benefits of Virtual Staging

Technology always provides numerous benefits to the users, and there is no doubt about that. It will help you more when you utilise the virtual staging after knowing about its incredible benefits, and here are the lists of them:

  • Minimum investment and maximum return 

Home staging has been the most effective real estate marketing tactic for selling properties for decades. Although virtual staging is not a new concept, it is a novel, faster, and more affordable way to achieve identical goals. According to studies, staging a home can help it sell for 20% more and 88 percent faster.

Based on research, nine out of 10 purchasers use online listing images to determine whether or not they want to walk inside a home. It is difficult for potential buyers to gain a good sense of the size and feel of a place when the house is vacant. You will earn more with minimum investment when you use virtual staging.

  • Display entire potential 

It is difficult for a buyer to get a sense of a room during an online viewing because empty units can feel cold. Virtual staging provides a great middle-ground, making a space feel warm and inviting while also allowing the customer to visualise themselves in the apartment.

The homes with dated interiors and new builds found this virtual staging more helpful. You can save valuable time using the virtual staging software and concentrate on other works.

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, Momentum 360

  • Offers more convenience 

The normal response time is 24-48 hours from when your room photo is submitted. How long does a traditional stager take to remove your old furniture, bring in new furniture, and masterfully arrange each piece for the perfect shot?

Virtual staging is convenient, efficient, and allows you to choose from various style options for the same home. For the same budget, how many distinct styles can you get? What impact does traditional staging have on your daily routine?

  • Allow marketers to reach a wider audience

Technology also gives unique outreach chances to diverse industries by boosting operational efficiency. It includes improving construction employees‘ precision and accuracy by employing a visual plan of the project.

Because virtual staging allows homes to be marketed on a much larger scale, it can help create a more intimate experience with the property than traditional staging. So, the customers or buyers will enjoy the virtual stage more than the traditional one.

  • Enjoy the limitless design elements 

Traditional house staging gives limited variety in interior furniture and decor that will best suit your listing, depending on your budget. Usually, everyone loves one thing when it offers some options to the users. The virtual staging also follows that concept where you can render your rooms with more options.

With the virtual staging service, you will have access to many furnishing options. Those are updated regularly to keep up with the latest interior design trends. Your property images will receive the ideal pieces for the space thanks to a limitless pool of alternatives.

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, Momentum 360

  • Possible to Share Virtual Staging

The capacity to exchange photos with customers from anywhere, at any time, is perhaps the most significant benefit of Virtual Staging. You can utilize your virtual staging photos in any way you choose once you get them. You can easily share them with clients by simply clicking a button.

Put another way, and there is no need to plan a showing or deal with competing schedules. Everything a client would require can be shared swiftly and efficiently via the internet. They can then share the film with their spouses, friends, and family, avoiding the need for additional tours.

How much does virtual staging cost? 

Cost plays a vital role when you are doing something to earn money. Everyone thinks virtual staging costs more than the traditional one because it is the latest technology. But that is not true. Virtual staging can save you up to 90% on traditional staging costs. And depending on whom you ask, these savings don’t come at the expense of quality.

People consider the cost of virtual staging as one of the major benefits of using it. Depending on quality, virtual staging normally ranges from $75 to $300. This price includes no additional charges aside from a possible payment for any modifications or revisions. It might vary. By employing Virtual Staging, you can make more of your homes stand out online in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Lists of essential rooms to be staged

Each room plays a different role when you want to sell your home. Inside your home, you must use virtual staging in various places. Focus on the rooms that are given below and try to attract the customers or buyers as much as possible:

Living room 

You want to create a welcoming atmosphere in the living area. Find the focal point of the room and work around it. A new area rug can completely transform a room, making it feel fresh and inviting.

Place some modern, appealing furniture strategically to demonstrate to potential buyers how they may fill the space. Allowing natural light to flow through the room, along with some fresh plants and flowers, will help to bring life to your space.


The kitchen is the most crucial room to the stage because it is the heart of the house. While you have established a functional dining area, this is where you will be hosting the majority of your meals and get-togethers. It will be something you will want to flaunt.

Maintain a clean and well-lit kitchen by refreshing it. Remove all but a good cutting board and a bowl of tempting fruit from your counters. Bring barstools to your island, and if you have room, set up a small table where you may have your usual meals. Make it feel like you want to spend a lot of time there by freshening it up with some decor.

Master Bedroom 

In a study, more than 80% of consumers said they give more importance to the master bedroom. You have to focus more when planning to stage your master bedroom. The buyers should feel relaxed when they view your bedroom in virtual staging.

If you want to stage a master bedroom, then it is suggestible to avoid the themed bedrooms. Closets should be cleaned and organised to show off their storage capability. Add colour with toss pillows and blankets. Toiletries and personal things should be removed from en-suite bathrooms.

Guest Room or Home Office

Having a distinct place for a home office is just as crucial as the rest, especially in today’s atmosphere. Many house purchasers now consider a home office a must-have because more individuals are working from home.

Even if the buyer does not want a home office, they will love this space since it allows them to picture an additional location in the house. So they may use their computer or even a guest room instead. The buyer can see how they could use the space if the room is staged with furniture, or it can just demonstrate how large the room is.

How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, How Much Does Virtual Staging Cost?, Momentum 360

Tips to prepare your home for virtual staging 

Make the necessary repairs

Make sure about any much-needed repairs before putting the house on the market in any way. Before you start working on your virtual images, you need to finish them. That is because you should eliminate everything that gives your home a bad vibe.

For the photos, you must ensure that everything is neat. For example, stained carpets, ceilings, and damaged walls will appear in the photographs. That is why, before you begin shooting pictures, you should ensure everything is in order.

Make a Neutral Background

From the buyer’s standpoint, staging serves a variety of reasons. It gives a sense of place and a definition of space that can be difficult to grasp in an empty house. Virtual staging also makes the property feel warm and inviting without being overtly customised, allowing potential buyers to picture themselves living there.

Providing a neutral backdrop to a staging firm helps them choose the correct virtual furnishings for the home without worrying about clashing colours. The virtual staging business can generate engaging photographs by painting the rooms in warm, neutral hues, removing the carpet and replacing it with wood flooring, and establishing a timeless backdrop.


Before photographing virtual staging, make sure that all the debris has been removed. You have to remove certain things such as extra furniture is available, family photos, toys, and other items are available.

De-cluttering in this manner will make your home appear more spacious, allowing you to create stunning virtual images. The house will appeal more to your target demographic, and the inside will be virtually staged. As a result, make sure to eliminate all of these items to make your home appear larger and cleaner.

Don’t forget about the outside and yard

While most people associate home staging with the interior, high-quality, electronically staged photographs can enhance the exterior just as much. Staging the exterior areas is equally as vital as staging the inside spaces.

From adding conversations set and grill to highlight the possibilities of a patio to adding foliage, you have to focus. Make sure you establish a clean, restored space, just like the interior, so the photos you create should get the most bangs for your budget.

Wrapping it up: 

Buyers and sellers have adopted Virtual Staging based on the increasing popularity of the technology among real estate professionals. Virtual staging is used for various purposes such as home sales, renovations, redecorating, etc.

If staging one or more unoccupied houses isn’t in your budget as an agent, virtual staging provides many of the same benefits at a fraction of the expense. With the click of a button, this technology allows brokers and agents to optimise the value of unoccupied listings at a low cost.

Many industry experts opt for virtual staging rather than paying thousands of dollars to arrange a home physically. Considering the points listed earlier, choose virtual staging over traditional staging and sell your home easily.