How much to charge for a matterport scan?

What is the main variation you have noticed between few decades back and now? Of course, digital changes are the major thing that improved the standard of the current world. Once, technology was used for only a few essential things, but now it is impossible to complete a day without using technology. Many sectors need virtual tours for their business, such as architects, real estate, photographers, etc. They all attain the help of a matterport scan. It always seems to be a better option when you explain something with visuals because the understanding level will be more with visuals. You will learn about the matterport scan and how much it costs in this post:

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

Matterport: Overview 

Matterport is a 3D camera and software system that creates any home or building’s digital space or digital twin. It is exclusive in that it agreed you to make, plan, and control the online world which has been produced rather than plainly screening a virtual image of a space. The software allows photographers, architects, real estate agents, and other professionals to spend less time creating virtual tours that may contain inaccuracies. The program is simple to use and understand, resulting in a quick and efficient process with the highest precision and accuracy. In addition to its ease of use and distribution, the tool effectively allows clients to explore a space before investing.

How does it work?

The surety for a better digital world will be guaranteed when there is a matterport system. This 3D Matterport structure makes use of algorithms to transmit a physical space into a system-based site. It is possible to attain accurate visual and spatial information by using the matterport as it uses infrared scanning technology. The property will upload into the system once it gets scanned, and the complete information will be analyzed and processed, which has been taken from the camera. The software then automates the distribution of the new digital realm.

The software-generated content can be utilized without help or in combination with other platforms to best display the space. Matterport content isn’t just for real estate. Retailers are beginning to incorporate Matterport virtual tours into their websites in order to offer a virtual scan of the space to increase and prolong customer activity. In commercial spaces, the software is used to help with scanning, building, and development of the property. Matterport’s accuracy makes it useful for remote inspection as well.

List of cost package of Matterport


Free Starter Pro & Business Enterprise
$0/ forever

You get

1 Active Space

2 Users

Get Started Free and works with iOS, Android devices and supported 360 cameras.

Top Features

  • Privately viewed in Cloud
  • Photos and videos can be downloaded
  • Take measurements


$9.99 / month

Room to grow

5  Active Spaces

2 Users

Works with iOS, Android devices and all supported 360 cameras and Capture Services.

Top Features

  • Contain entire features in Free Plan
  • Schematic floor plans from $19.99
  • Share and embed anywhere
  • Distribute to Google Street View free for a particular time
  • Basic Space traffic analytics
  • Publish to
$69 / month

Starting at

25  Active Spaces

5 Users

Works with iOS, Android devices and all supported cameras and Capture Services.

Top Features

  • Contain entire features in Starter plan
  • Matterport technical files from $39
  • Schematic floor plans from $12.99
  • Team collaboration
  • Export Space traffic analytics reports
  • Automatic face blurring
  • Express schematic floors plans delivered within 6 hours from $34.99
  • BIM Files, add-on pricing varies by size specially for Pro2 and BLK devices
Contact them for a quote

Tailored solutions that scale Active Spaces and Users as needed

contact them

Works with iOS, Android devices and all supported cameras and Capture Services.

Top Features

  • Contain entire features in Pro & Business Plan
  • Volume discount pricing for Matterport technical files
  • Volume discount pricing for Schematic floor plans
  • Centralized account administration
  • Enterprise-level technical support
  • Powerful, fully scalable enterprise-wide collaboration
  • Access to a customer success manager
  • Access to Single Sign-On / SAML
  • Access to robust API’s & SDK’s for enterprise-scale automation and integrations
  • Access to Capture Services for Enterprise


How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?


Features of Matterport 

Before starting to use the matterport scan, it is essential to know about its main features, and here are the lists of features of matterport:

  • AI-Based Data Synthesis Measurements
  • Capturing Space Data
  • Digital Twins in 3D
  • Media Resources
  • Customization of Digital Twins
  • Annotations
  • Digital tags
  • Virtual Reality
  • Various Space Perspectives
  • Sharing and Publication
  • SDK for Matterport

Advantages of Matterport 

The most important advantages of Matterport are that it allows you to provide immersive experiences to prospects, customers, and other stakeholders by generating 3D digital spaces. It streamlines important processes associated with your business or profession and allows easy collaboration in physical spaces. Apart from this, various other benefits are listed below for you:

Matterport is a high-quality 3D imaging system

Matterport was developed to provide an accurate layout of space and portray a home in the highest possible quality. The 3D Matterport camera is lightweight and portable, allowing you to position it wherever you want on the property. The system ensures that a Matterport service provider can add benefits such as virtual staging later in the process. The virtual performance of these locations highlights the worth and comfort of the space. It provides a legitimate view of space and an inexpensive method of putting a design into action.

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

It blocks personal information

The artificial intelligence software known as Cortex is another significant advantage. Cortex removes all traces of personal information from images. For example, suppose you have a photo of your children on the fridge that you don’t want random people to see. In that case, Cortex automatically blocks out the faces so that no one sees these images or anyone in your home while the Matterport photos are being taken. The faces are blurred by Cortex. Furthermore, it has no idea what documents are important or private, so they must be removed from areas where the 4k imaging camera can read them.


One more advantage is that matterport also provides customization options, including adding, modifying, trimming, setting different starting points, and generating various output formats such as JPG, OBJ, and PDF files. Another intriguing option is Mattertag, which allows you to annotate the 3D image with explanatory text, videos, or links. Matterport features are also exposed through various APIs and SDKs, allowing businesses to build customized 3D capabilities on top of the base features.

Dollhouse in 3D with multiple perspectives

Thanks to the various view options, you can be confident that your property is accurately depicted. The Dollhouse View lets you zoom out and get a bird’s-eye view of your property. The Inside View feature allows you to take a virtual property tour. The Floorplan view provides a top-down view of the property’s layout.

Boost the buyers and their satisfaction

Companies can use Matterport to expand their reach beyond a local demographic. Matterport allows a real estate professional to examine space for a larger group of people. It will increase the online and in-person viewing of space. Any use of further technologies, such as virtual staging, virtual tours, and so on, adds an additional level of professionalism and appeal to a property.

Easy collaboration 

Matterport makes it simple for you and your coworkers or other stakeholders to collaborate. You can send links to team members to view 3D digital twins of spaces and media assets. The team members can access and view the digital twins and media assets at any time and on any device. They will be able to remotely inspect and evaluate properties, buildings, or spaces without physically visiting them. You can also invite collaborators to a cloud-based workspace where they can upload, access, and edit 3D digital twins.

Ways to scan

Capturing device, tripod, quick-release clamp, and supported iOS device are the essential equipment you need to scan.

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

Connect the camera with WiFi 

The scanning through your camera is not possible with your internet connection, and you need to connect it with WiFi. Until completing the entire scanning process, the WiFi connection has to stay active. You can achieve the clear pictorial representation of the particular property.

Scanning positions 

Scan the property in the direction you want the viewer to go. To get the best space scan, keep a direct line of sight between your scan points. It will ensure a smooth transition from one area to the next. Place the camera 5-8 feet away from the previous scan to create a continuous flow throughout the property. You should also keep it between 18-and 24 inches away from any walls or objects.

Making features and highlighting the top one

By marking mirrors or different reflective exteriors and windows, the Matterport Capture app pays no attention to the reflected images in the mirror or visible through the window. Mark these features as soon as you capture them for the best results. You can also take additional scans of any area you want to emphasize or where you want viewers to focus their attention. Having too many scans is always preferable to having too few. If you don’t have enough scans, you will have to return to the property and make more.

Alignment errors are being recovered

During scanning, you may encounter an error message stating it could not align and there is insufficient 3D data. Move your camera closer to your previous scan position and scan again to correct this. You could also add this scan as a 360° View instead. Additionally, you need to adjust the light. Consistent, adequate lighting throughout the space will give your scans a seamless feel and flow.

Scans of stairs 

You must go behind the path visitors are likely to take when visiting the property, just as you did with the other scans. As a result, when scanning multiple floors, it is recommended that you begin at the bottom and work your way up. Move the tripod up periodic steps at a time, ensuring it is secure and stable when you are ready to scan. Then, stay consistent with the doors, either keeping the doors open or closed before starting the scanning. Don’t cross the 45° angle when you decide to keep the door open.

Examining patios, porches, and gardens outdoors

Scanning in direct sunlight can be challenging. Consider creating 360-degree scans of these areas. Instead of developing a 3D scan of the area, 360° scans collect 2D visual data. The best times to scan the outside pathways around the property are dusk or dawn. It will produce the best outside scans possible, as direct sunlight will not interfere with the camera’s sensors.

How Much to Charge For a Matterport Scan?

Indoor and outdoor scans are combined

The 3D scan modes for indoors and outdoors modify the camera settings to capture the best scan possible under specific conditions. Switching between the two may cause alignment issues. It is recommended that you complete all indoor scans before proceeding to outdoor scans.

Taking test scans 

To check the optimization of the scan condition, you can go for the testing scan. Try one or two test scans or test models, and surely, you will get a clear idea about your scanning condition. The testing scan contains small data, and the result will be processed soon once you upload them to Cloud. Don’t scan the entire property without a test scan train because it is a waste of time for you when you find some issues such as adjusting light and other things. Find out the adjustment needs in the test scan and correct them before scanning the entire property. If you make changes like adding a new scan and deleting an irrelevant one, you might need a duplicate scan and take that.

Final thoughts: 

Matterport simplifies the process of obtaining a more precise and perfect vision. These Matterport scans are useful for real estate, travel, hospitality, architecture, engineering, construction, insurance, homeowners, etc. So, by considering the details listed earlier, use the Matterport to provide the virtual display for your property. It will helps to attract many new customers for your business.