How to market commercial real estate for lease

You all know how marketing plays vital role in this modern world. Whatever your business may be, the primary thing that comes into mind is marketing. If you market your business, you will get more leads than non-marketing. You can also market your business through an online platform in the technology world. This will effectively reach people compared to offline marketing. You may be aware of how the commercial real estate industry has developed in recent times. Also, the commercial real estate industry is experiencing a digital revolution like never before. This disruption is helping commercial real estate marketing in a variety of ways. In order to remain effective and achieve results, commercial real estate marketing plans have to adapt to these developments. Successful marketing plans require more than static flyers, LoopNet listings, or stale presentations to promote commercial properties offered for lease and sale. Here you will get a clear view of how to market commercial real estate for lease:

Things to remember before starting your commercial real estate marketing:

Review your client’s financial situation before you begin your marketing campaigns, and decide what kind of marketing will help you to be most beneficial to your needs. You can develop your marketing tools based on the requirement and budget after you have that information. Hiring a marketing firm for a comprehensive marketing plan is usually good. There are various marketing tools available. You can also decide which option best suits you and familiarize yourself with all possibilities.

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

Essential marketing tools leasing firm needs to provide

Marketing flyer:

A basic marketing flyer is a must-have marketing tool for informing people you are leasing out commercial property. Do you know what a flyer is? A flyer is a one-page marketing document that includes key selling points about the property you want to rent out. You can use your company’s basic brand design as a starting point. Your marketing flyer should accurately represent the property you wish to rent out and include all key information. Ensure that it is available as a downloadable soft copy as well as a printed hard copy that may be distributed to tenants. Listed below are a few other items to include in marketing flyers:

  • Images of the property from different viewpoints that are of high quality.
  • The second most significant aspect of any property is its location. As a result, you can provide a map of the site in the flyer. Is there a nearby landmark that you can visit? Then underline it on your website if you are marking in the online platform.
  • Mention all of the benefits that come with leasing the property. Do not be shy about mentioning neighboring attractions or services that are easy to get from the accommodation.
  • If someone is interested in learning more about the property, they should know who to contact. As a result, a marketing flyer must include the concerned person’s current contact information.
  • Include rental data, parking facilities, floor plans, and other information in the flyer if space allows.

A good marketing flyer must have high-quality images. If you do not have any photos, suggest to your customer that you hire a professional photographer to picture the property. Remember that shabby photos might easily discourage potential buyers from researching the property further. Make sure your pictures are of top quality and attractive as in the real.

Property listing page:

It is possible that the house you want to rent for lease should be outstanding. However, people must be aware of this fact. In addition, you have to find potential tenants for your lease. As a result, you can also make it searchable. Place it on the website of the leasing company. That is the best way for people to find your properties. A downloadable version of the marketing flyer should be available on the listing page, which may be downloaded and referred to at any time, if someone is referring your site. Property listing websites are an excellent method to interact with potential buyers. You can also consider including a virtual tour video of the property or a contact form on the page instead of simply the content from the marketing flyer.

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

Writing the best advertisement

Put a leasing sign:

Even though everyone lives in a digital world, no one can overlook the value of traditional marketing. There is also no break in combining your digital and traditional marketing strategies. For example, putting up a leasing sign at your business buildings is the most effective way to let the world know that your property is available for lease. Maintain a simple design. Only use relevant information in strong and large characters so that it may be immediately documented when driving or strolling by the property.

Earned media

Earned media is free online exposure that you get without paying for it. This includes social media pushes, press coverage such as TV, newspapers, radio, local business journals, and SEO. SEO is a helpful tool that has been improved to the place where strategic use of keywords, inbound links, and other factors may maintain your company’s information and website on the first page of Google search results. So you can also use social media platform to market your commercial real estate property for lease. After all, having an expensive, showy billboard on a highway with no traffic is pointless. Instead you can market in online for better view.

Consider an email campaign:

An email campaign is a series of emails sent to your target audience at a particular time. Make your emails as interesting as you can so that clients will interact with you for further details. For that, you can also include high-resolution images, property highlights, and contact information of commercial real estate. Remember that your target audience may receive a lot of emails from commercial properties. They will be more likely to open the email if the subject line is interesting. As a result, make it interesting and unique.

Tips for using digital marketing wisely in commercial real estate

Provide High-quality Content

The foundation of digital marketing offers high-value content that your target audience cares about. Many commercial real estate enterprises are founded on the backs of small businesses, and many are struggling and will continue to battle to get back on their feet. Some people may be considering how social distancing will affect their company models in the future. So will all these glances, you can consider what people in your sector need to know right now and in the coming six months. You can also consider how you may help people in another way. Offer your suggestions and advice to your clients who like to lease your commercial real estate property.

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

Approach in the latest way

The competition for viewers has risen as more businesses rely on digital marketing to generate revenue. Now is the time to play around with your messaging. Of course, you can continue with your current digital marketing methods but expand out. Think about the current situation as an opportunity to express yourself. Use platforms like Zoom or GoToMeeting to host online meetups. Use social media live streaming to host exceptional events, such as the Cincinnati Zoo’s living home safaris. Try with a new feature on a social platform that your company already uses.

Social media to connect with your community:

You may be aware that half of the population uses social media, and you cannot afford to ignore it when it comes to marketing your commercial real estate properties for lease. Use Instagram to showcase your properties with stunning graphics, or use Facebook Live to take the audience on a virtual property tour. Arrange your sessions so that you can connect with your audience and answer any questions they may have about project leasing. The best part about social networking is that it is completely free. Try things out for free before investing in sponsored posts to give your marketing efforts an additional effort.

Identify good customers for commercial real estate property

Set your ideal client profile 

This is the most important initial step in customizing your marketing strategy. Knowing your target client profile allows you to interact with the right people in the most effective way possible. It assists you in matching your goals and contact systems with your client profile.

The owners of high value

It takes effort to build trust and confidence with some of the city’s largest property owners. However, the procedure is necessary for building a quality listing bank of good properties. Make direct contact with your prospects and clients and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

The portfolio owners in your town or city 

Local property owners, particularly those with large property portfolios, are good clients with whom you can work in the long run. They will require assistance with areas of property change such as remodeling, refurbishing, leasing, tenant mix, tenant attraction, purchase, and sale. Get to know a lot of these people and form long-term interactions with them, so that you can market commercial real estate for lease. Allow them to see how you can assist them with complex property issues and base your service pricing on all types of professional services.

Meet new individuals and maintain contact with old ones: 

As you know that commercial real estate is a personal contact industry. You can easily get more new people if you do anything with the correct information. Then it is all about making meaningful and continuous connections with new people and existing contacts.

Property attorneys 

As professionals in the field, you can have direct contact with clients. When a property is under some occupancy or performance constraint, property attorneys do not have the time to process sale and purchase decisions. Offer your services to those who are interested, so they know who to contact if clients have property issues. Make your job easier by assisting them with client property issues.

Accountants and bankers

These industry professionals work on properties owned by investors. Over time, the connections you make there may be able to assist you with listings and professional services. Make a list of specialized services that your professionals would consider client beneficial. Market your services directly to these accountants and bankers, and earn their trust over time.

Market your types of commercial real-estate lease:

Full-service lease:

The most frequent type of commercial lease for office buildings is a full-service lease. In this case, you can assume responsibility for the property’s maintenance. You will be responsible for all property-related costs, such as property taxes and insurance, repairs and maintenance, utilities, and janitorial services. You can show no hidden fees, and businesses can plan their monthly and annual lease payments in advance.

Net Lease 

When compared to a full-service lease, a net lease arrangement requires the landlord to charge a reduced annual rent. On the other hand, you can include standard monthly charges, including property taxes, insurance and common area maintenance (CAMS). There are three types of net leases: single, double, and triple net leases.

Single net lease: A customer pays rent plus a pro-rata share of the building’s property taxes under a single net lease.

How to Market Commercial Real Estate for Lease

Double net lease: A tenant pays a share of the property insurance in addition to rent and property taxes under a double net lease.

Triple net lease: A tenant pays the pro-rata portion of property taxes, property insurance, and CAMS under a triple net lease. The most landlord-friendly leases are triple net leases, which are most frequent in retail sites.

Modified gross lease

A modified gross lease combines the benefits of both the full-service and net leases. With a modified gross lease, you can cover all the services. A tenant may pay their share of property taxes, insurance, and CAMS, but they do it as a sum payment in addition to their rent for lease. As a result, the rent on a modified gross lease is fixed, and there are no hidden costs or charges. The rent remains unchanged if the cost of taxes, insurance, or CAMS rises.

Bottom Line:

You may also know that a long-term rental agreement between a commercial owner and a business is known as a commercial real estate lease. Researching where you want to lease space, finding the proper agent to help you, and negotiating the best conditions will all go a long way towards ensuring that you secure the best possible lease for your company. The above listed are all ways you can market your commercial real estate property for lease.