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How To Save Money on Your Matterport Account

Welcome to another Momentum blog. Today, we look at how to save money on your Matterport account using GoThru.

GoThru is a free software that allows Google Trusted photographers to edit and manage the 360 images you post on Google Street View as well as the virtual tours of your spaces on Matterport.

We will be archiving the spaces on your Matterport account and transferring them to another account using Google and GoThru.

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For a visual representation of what we go through in this blog, watch our video tutorial here.

Getting Started With GoThru

To get started, log into GoThru using your Google account login email and password. You need to use the account login information that you use for your Matterport account.

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Once logged into GoThru, locate the main menu at the top of the homepage that lists the tabs Dashboard, Constellations, Portfolio, Marketing, Help, and Go Pro. Select the Constellations tab.

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On the Constellations page, select the option “Import from Google” to import your virtual tour space from Google. Enter the location of your space on the map, and import the space.

When you have the space imported, select it to navigate into it.

On the following page, select the option in the top right corner to “Import Panoramas.” This will allow you to import the panoramas of the space from Google. Depending on how big the constellation is, this could take 2 to 3 minutes.

Archiving Your Space On Matterport

Once the panoramas have successfully been imported into GoThru, log into your Matterport account and navigate to the space. On the space’s main page, under the More tab in the top right corner, select Archive Space.

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This will archive the space on Matterport and allow you to upload new spaces without needing to pay for a higher Matterport subscription.

While the space will be archived on Matterport, its virtual tour will still show up on Google since you’ve transferred it using GoThru.

Below is a look at the Matterport subscriptions and pricing. Based on the current subscription you have, you can figure out the amount of money you’ll save by using GoThru instead of upgrading your subscription.

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