How we got 356 real leads for only 5 dollars each!

Yes, this is real. Since the beginning of 2023, we were able to get 356 real leads from real clients who needed our service for only a 5 dollar cost per lead using Facebook ads. Keep in mind, this is not 5 dollars per view or per click, these were real leads. We achieved this by reviewing our analytics and coming up with a new strategy. Today, I’m going to teach you how we were able to pull this off, and give you insight on how you can achieve this too! Let’s get started!


This all started after we noticed, through our analytics, that the millennial and gen z communities, for the most part, already know about the services we offer. That being Virtual Tours, Drone Videography, and all the other Virtual Content. We know this because a majority of our clients right now are men, aged 18-35 Our services are very popular with these generations because they know about its existence! But when looking at our analytics, this younger age bracket actually performed the worst in terms of engagement with our ads!

Advertising, especially on Facebook and Google, can get very expensive, so we wanted to come up with a new strategy that could get us more calls for less money in 2023!

When we reviewed our analytics, we noticed a slightly higher interest and conversion rates from the older age brackets, 45-65+. Our theory to explain this is that people in these brackets might not know about the services that we offer and would then be more interested in clicking on our ad to learn more. Drone Videography and especially Virtual Tours are services that are pretty new to the industry, and if you aren’t active on the internet and social media, there’s not many ways you could really get exposure to this stuff. This is a great opportunity for us to educate this demographic on the usefulness of our products that they are missing out on!


Also, people in this age bracket might have more money to spend on their own small businesses or be executives of companies that have the power to hire us to improve their digital marketing with less risk!

How We Got Real Leads for Cheap

How We Got Real Leads for Cheap

So how did we educate this demographic about our Virtual Tours and Drone Videography for only 5 dollars per lead? Well, we accomplished this in a way that might surprise you!

How We Got Real Leads for Cheap

How We Got Real Leads for Cheap

We didn’t feature any crazy reels or drone shots that showed off our work. Instead we made an ad with just a single image that reads: “3 Best Lead Generation Tactics for 2023”. This picture links to a landing page on our website, which explains what Virtual Tours, Instagram Reels, and Drone Videography is and why it will help their business. It also gives them a way to sign up for a quick call from me, personally, to further explain what we do and also sign them up!

Since our services are useful to pretty much just about anyone who has a business with a physical location, we have our demographics set very broad. For instance, Virtual Tours are, I’d say, most commonly used for Real Estate properties. But they are also useful for other businesses like Schools, Colleges, Car Dealerships, Hotels and pretty much any brick and mortar business! These people, though, might not know that virtual tours even exist! This benefits us because we can provide them with these tours, and it also greatly benefits our clients who have these businesses because they will stand out from their competition and be promoted by Google’s algorithm.

Now, only 2 months into the new year. We have a new advertising campaign that has already paid itself off within the first 2 weeks! We are getting a lot of new leads and clients from our new demographic, and we couldn’t be happier helping them with their Digital Marketing! If you or someone you know needs any of our services; With Momentum 360, you will get the highest quality services provided by a team of dedicated professionals. Don’t hesitate any longer and give me a call! I’d be happy to explain how we can help grow your business! Contact us today!