Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Hey guys! Welcome back to another virtual tour adventure with Momentum 360. On today’s adventure we are going to get an exclusive virtual tour of one of the highest selling homes in the state of Colorado. That is right, we have ourselves a luxury mansion virtual tour! Put on your walking shoes because this home has a lot of ground to cover. I will meet you all there!



Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour So, starting outside, we approach this home on a long and winding driveway. Let’s stop in the grand motor court to take it all in before we head inside. Notice the big overhanging archway that leads from the front to the back. And of course, the massive four car garage. You are going to be hearing the word massive a lot today, it really is just the perfect word to describe everything about this luxury mansion.

Let’s enter through the front door. This is the biggest front door I have ever seen. It is one massive pane of glass that is on a swivel, so there are no hinges to open it. As you open it up and enter this great room with forty-foot-high ceilings and a perfect a frame, we have this direct, stunning view of Aspen Mountain. That is probably why the front door is glass, so you can pull right up in your car and immediately get this amazing view through the house of the mountain. It really is a treat.

There is more to see on our Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour!

Grand Living Room

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour Front and center in the great room is an oversized, double sided fireplace. It is really rare to see a fireplace this massive in a home like this. Directly across the great room from the fireplace, we have what they call a champagne onyx. That is just a really fancy term for a decked out, fully stocked, wet bar. This initial room is already the best place to entertain guests. Let’s see where we head to next.

On the other side of the double-sided fireplace, we have the dining room with a twelve-seat table and more stunning views of the mountains. I forgot to point out the floor to ceiling windows that are all over this luxury mansion. They really want to expose the gorgeous views of the mountains in the backyard.



From the grand dining room, we walk past the chef’s prep kitchen, and we enter the gourmet chef’s kitchen. Now take this all in for a second. This is massive for a kitchen! There is another long slab of marble that matches the initial wet bar to make up the grand breakfast island. Set behind that is the main chef’s island where most of the meal prep will take place. All utilities in here are top of the line, industrial grade. Off to the right we have not one, not two, but three refrigerators. How much food could they possibly have?Luxury Mansion Virtual TourOff of the kitchen we have the more informal dining room with a round knight’s table. This is a great area with again, a spectacular view out the window of the mountains. Set behind this table is another beautiful fireplace in the corner.


Home Theater

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour Now this next part of the luxury mansion virtual tour is pretty crazy to me. Adjacent to the gourmet kitchen and informal dining room, separated by sliding pocket doors, we have the movie theater. I really love this home theater because it is not separated from the rest of the home. Typically, you would find the home theater in the lower levels in the corner somewhere. Here, the home theater is connected to the rest of the home and promotes itself to be used by the guests. On the righthand wall there is even a door to get outside from the theater. You just don’t see this in other homes!

Continuing from the kitchen we run into the floating staircase that wraps around an industrial elevator. So, if your feet are tired take the elevator on up!

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Guest Bedrooms

At the top go down the hall that runs above the garage and, on the right, we will check out just one of the eleven guest bedrooms. I’m not going to show all eleven guest bedrooms, but you get a good feel of what they are all like in this one. All guest bedrooms have fireplaces, an attached full bathroom, and this one does have a balcony. The ceiling height in here is easily twenty feet high! That is pretty grand for a guest bedroom.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Let’s meet back at the elevator and we will check out the other side of this floor. As we go down, we just see more guest bedrooms, we can breeze by these because there are just so many, and we have a lot of houses to see. Let’s just stop in this one right here to show you the outdoor space this has. This guest bedroom has a full-size balcony with a view off to the side of the house where a creek runs. The sound of that creek is just pure serenity if you ask me.

Now let’s take the elevator downstairs to the lower level.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we exit the elevator on the lower level, we are in the guest wing suite. This part of the house is essentially its own apartment. It has its own entry point where these guests could enter and exit as they please right into their suite.

Across the hall are two more guest bedrooms which we will skip over for now. Let’s head back to the elevator and continue on to the rest of this lower level.



As we walk down this hallway check out that room on the left. This room is an industrial grade laundry room. It is home to four washers and four dryers. Of course, it has a flat screen in there as well. This room also has something I have never seen in a home let alone a luxury mansion like this. There is a commercial grade steam press for your clothes. I guess that takes place of having to iron your clothes.

Back out in the hallway we walk and enter one of my favorite areas of this luxury mansion. Here is an awesome media room. A grand open area with a bunch of couches and sitting areas that would be a great place to hang out with friends. On the far wall is another full size, fully stocked bar. The marble that is used for these bars is so beautiful and just massively long. It truly is elegance in its finest.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

It is also a great place to hangout with friends because right behind us is the wine cellar. You have to go in and check it out. It is a fully glass room with a round knight’s table in the center and wine racks embedded in the glass in the entirety of two of the four walls. In the corner over here we have a fully stocked wet bar with a stainless-steel sink.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

From the media room we keep walking and enter the double height atrium that has a grand staircase back up to the initial great living room we entered upon. This is a beautiful, curved staircase that comes from that great room down into the lower level.

Let’s continue our Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour!

Workout Areas

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Right at the bottom of this staircase is a glass wall that leads to the fitness wing of the luxury manision. In here you find a gym and a patio off of the gym so you can work outside in the beautiful Colorado summers. Right off the gym there is a full-size bathroom stocked with a steam shower and a deep set jacuzzi. Anything you need for recovery is a small reach away.

There are even some things that you do not think you need, but they have anyway. Another room right off the gym is the hair salon. It is equipped with a hair washing station and industrial hair dryer. Talk about a full recovery!

Back outside this gym let’s head down the stairs to the lowest level. If one gym was not enough, here we find another full-size gym. This gym is equipped with literally any piece of workout equipment you could think of. This sub terrain layer is the perfect place to get a private workout in.

Now let’s head all the way back up the atrium steps to the main floor. This is right where we entered the home, we are in the great room right next to the fully decked out wet bar. We are going to go to our right into the owner’s wing of the home.

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Owner’s Wing

As we go up these three steps notice the grand double doors that open to give us access to the owner’s suite. Right as we enter, we come into the sitting area by a fireplace. On the right we have a huge oversized executive desk made out of one solid plank of wood. From the desk you have another amazing view of the mountains through floor to ceiling glass windows that go along the entire front of the owner’s suite.

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we keep going through the suite, we enter the owner’s bedroom. It is an absolutely massive bedroom, and the glass wall really accentuates the luxury these owners have. On the far corner, next to the fireplace we can enter the master bathroom and just wow! A full-length mirror goes the extent of the wall. It is marble everything, from the sink to the master jacuzzi tub, to the steam and mist shower. The tub is one of the biggest chunks of marble I think I have ever seen!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

Further back in the master bathroom we go into a makeup vanity room that goes into one of the two walk in closets. You could literally get lost back here it is almost like a maze of hallways with different amenities. As we exit this walk-in closet, we take a left, go through the vanity hallway and enter the matching walk-in closet on our left. The two walk in closets are separated by a wall so each owner has some privacy.

We are going to now make our way out to the owner’s terrace. This terrace go the whole length of the wing with floating glass railings and just a spectacular view of the mountains through the backyard.



The yard of this luxury mansion is one of the main reasons someone would want this home. It sits on a 4.5-acre plot of land that are literally in the rolling hills of the Aspen mountains. The green grass rolls up onto a natural stone patio that is absolutely massive. The centerpiece of the home is the huge, natural looking pool which was designed to mimic a pond. There are actual boulders set in the pool to give it this look!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

As we keep going through the backyard, we pass the pool and come up upon a naturally occurring creek which I mentioned previously. The sound of the waterfall gives this home a natural vibe of the outdoors and the wilderness.

As we continue on, we stumble upon the guest home! On top of everything this home has to offer, it offers another home for even more guests.

This luxury mansion is one of the craziest places I have ever seen! I am so glad you got to come on this luxury mansion virtual tour with me. I know we didn’t get to see all 22,000 square feet of the luxury mansion, but we would’ve been here for a whole week showing you guys everything!

Luxury Mansion Virtual Tour

This amazing luxury mansion was sold for $72.5 million dollars, breaking the record for the most expensive property sold in the state of Colorado.

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