Matterport Benefits: Stand Out With a Virtual House Tour

A Matterport virtual tour provides an enormous benefit for your real-estate listing. If you’re looking for a boost in a crowded online market, stand out with a virtual house tour!

Rapid advancement in technology has a history of drastically reshaping our economic landscape, and the real-estate industry is no exception. As this change is coming quickly, it’s important to avoid getting left behind. Changing industry standards are prompting marketers, realtors, and homeowners to swap static 2D images for more dynamic and visually appealing 3D models.

This is because easy access to 3D and 360 degree camera technology has driven innovation among competitors. In a booming housing market, static images which were once an industry standard, are quickly becoming obsolete. And for good reason. Matterport technology allows sellers to present an immersive, interactive, and realistic representation of their home. Proven to provide a noticeable uptick in traffic and leads, virtual house tours are now the go to strategy for real-estate listings. Don’t forget, providing an in-demand and top-notch product will greatly improve your chances of making a sale.

At Matterport Real Estate Tours, we stand by this statement and are ready to help. We can assist you in presenting the best version of your property with our industry leading virtual house tour. Consumers are demanding it and we want to work with you to provide it! But with this sharp rise in virtual tours, what sets Matterport Virtual House Tours apart from the pack?

What is a Matterport Virtual House Tour?

With new technology being developed at a blistering pace it’s easy to feel left behind. But don’t worry, Matterport Real Estate Tours has got you covered! Here’s how it works.

Matterport is a company at the forefront of 3D technology. They have developed special software that stitches together thousands of images to create a property’s “digital twin”. This is done with special 360 degree cameras such as:

  • Insta360 Cameras One R
  • Insta360 Cameras One X2
  • Ricoh Theta 360 SC2
  • Ricoh Theta 360 Z1

If you’re interested in the specific process you can check out our YouTube video on how to create a virtual tour.

Matterport’s groundbreaking software, powered by artificial intelligence, uses machine learning to create dimensionally accurate 3D models. These can easily be updated to reflect changes to their physical counterparts. So if you’re planning on making any improvements to your property don’t worry, a virtual tour is still the way to go. By creating a 1 to 1 replica, the Matterport service provides viewers with a realistic view of a property as if they were there in person.

Check out some of the previous work we’ve done for clients.

With Matterport technology, and advances in 360 degree cameras, creating your home’s digital twin is a breeze. In a matter of hours our expert photographers will have your home captured, recreated, and ready to crush the market. In this explorable space, prospective buyers will be able to interact with your property in real time. Much more detailed than panoramic scans or still photos, a Matterport virtual tour is proven to drive traffic and generate leads.

Matterport Benefits for Real Estate Agents and Sellers

In a crowded housing market it can be tough for your property to stand out among thousands of other listings. This clutter can make it difficult for prospective buyers to narrow down their top options; especially if they can’t visualize what their potential home looks like.

Lucky for you, this problem has an easy solution with proven results. A Matterport Virtual House Tour!

Look at these statistics taken from Matterport’s website.

  • Agents get 403% more leads from real estate listings with dynamic visual content.
  • Virtual Tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.
  • Properties featured with a virtual tour get 95% more phone inquiries.
  • Virtual Tours generate 49% more qualified leads.

The numbers make it clear. Having a 3D house tour is the most effective way to engage clients with your property.

But there are other, more tangible, benefits as well. This is especially true as we try to curb the raging COVID-19 pandemic. As the entire world goes virtual in an effort to mitigate the virus, a virtual home tour presents agents and sellers with a covid-safe way to show off their house. Not only is this safer, but the reduced foot traffic frees up time that would otherwise be spent staging the property. This is particularly helpful because it reduces the chance that an uninterested client, with no intention of making a purchase, will request a tour. As realtors are often busy people, this allows them to maximize leads and show clients more relevant properties.

There is also an added degree of professionalism to properties that feature a virtual home tour. A Matterport 3D model infuses your listing with a cohesive, innovative, and more complete look that is sure to catch the eye of potential applicants. As a realtor or property owner, this demonstrates that you are willing to go the extra mile to present an optimal buying experience.

In addition to this, Matterport virtual house tours are compatible with popular platforms like Google Street View, Zillow, MLS,, and more! With the option to upload a 3D model in just a few clicks, it couldn’t be easier to showcase your property. This is especially helpful for home-owners and realtors who are looking to rent their property on a yearly basis. Because we offer a Matterport virtual tour for a one time fee, it can be used annually with no extra cost or any hidden fees. As 3D home tours are proven to generate more leads, a Matterport virtual tour will pay for itself by reducing vacancy time each and every year.

Matterport Benefits for Buyers

A Matterport 3D home tour offers a unique opportunity for prospective buyers to virtually interact with a listing they are interested in. Given that more than half of home buyers start their search online, it is essential for a property to stand out in this digital space. This is because, with thousands of properties to look through, buyers will gravitate towards listings that are detailed and easy to digest.

An immersive Matterport virtual tour is the most effective way for a listing to be both of these things. Providing a complete, realistic, and undoctored view of a property that static images can’t, a 3D home tour is the best way to engage prospective buyers with a property. While the stunning detail gives an accurate reflection of all the property’s features, it can also help the buyer envision themselves in their new home. This is important because establishing a real and emotional connection to a house is what makes it a home.

Matterport virtual tours also help answer a ton of questions buyers might have about the property. They want to know what the bathrooms look like, what the bedrooms look like, how big the kitchen is, the finish the floors have, and so on. With buyers having specific questions that can’t be answered with a few static images, it’s important for them to get answers promptly and efficiently. With all relevant and important information right in front of them, it will be much easier for buyers to decide if they want to pursue a property further.

Virtual House Tours have Proven Results

In the end, a Matterport virtual house tour provides an all-encompassing experience where everyone wins. Agents and sellers get to free up time while boosting their property’s engagement. Buyers get to see and feel what it’s like to live in their prospective home. Choosing to provide a Matterport 3D home tour has clear benefits for both parties.

Check out some of our clients testimonials. They stand by the service we provide.

If you’re interested in taking your property listing to the next level don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you get the edge on your competitors with our professional grade virtual house tour. With proven results and an excellent track record, we ensure ultimate satisfaction for both home sellers and home buyers.

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