Boost Your Real Estate Sales With The Matterport Virtual Tour in 2022

matterport virtual tour, Matterport Virtual Tour, Momentum 360

A Matterport 3D Tour for Real Estate leaves an unforgettable impression on buyers with its vivid details and three-dimensional views. Using walkthroughs can help you generate more leads, gain more control over your marketing, and sell listings more quickly. Those are just a few of the ways technology helps you earn more in less time by catching the attention and interest of the buyer.

Guided Real Estate Tours

You can create high-quality tours of your 3D model with Matterport. Easily create a guided Matterport Virtual Tour of your 3D model or real estate by choosing highlights from it. Create a great tour in minutes whether you’re guiding workers through a construction site or highlighting the features of a property.

matterport virtual tour, Matterport Virtual Tour, Momentum 360

Matterport Notes

Keeping you connected with an integrated workflow to plan projects and discuss spaces, Matterport Notes is a game-changer for teamwork and efficiency. Teamwork and file sharing are made quick and easy with this easy-to-use tool. Conversations can be started, mentions made, hashtags added, deep links made, and attachments added into your Matterport Virtual Tour, all directly through the Matterport Space. Manage your project in one place from anywhere. Share attachments, ask questions, and assign tasks to collaborators within your organization. Matterport Notes can be created, viewed, and commented on by anyone with edit access to your space. It allows you to track your progress and receive notifications when files are opened or comments are made. Workflows can be closed, deadlines can be updated, and reminders can be sent. Space documentation can be used by contractors and interior designers to discuss options with property owners, insurance providers to confirm claims values for accurate claims, and retailers to manage store redesigns remotely. You can access the open beta with any subscription plan. You can start a conversation in any space in the Matterport Real Estate Suite using Matterport Notes.

The Matterport Asset Bundle

With Matterport Cloud’s Professional and Business plans, you can import, edit, and download MatterPark’s digital assets. You can import:

  • Point cloud (.XYZ) in color
  • Floor plans and reflected ceiling plans with high resolution
  • Multiple files (.JPG)
  • All floors in one file (.PDF)
  • Texture map image files (.JPG) along with 3D mesh files (.OBJ)

With fully automated point cloud registration, all sweeps (scan positions) are confirmed to be within 1% of reality. A 3D model of a real-world place can start a project in MeshLab or Maya for 3D developers, designers, and virtual reality enthusiasts. A MatterPak bundle let’s architects, engineers, and construction professionals quickly and easily import point clouds, high-resolution floor plans, and reflected ceiling plan images into third-party programs such as AutoCAD, 3ds max, ReCap, or Revit but neither 360 cameras nor smartphone captures are supported with this feature.

Matterport BIM

matterport virtual tour, Matterport Virtual Tour, Momentum 360

An integrated BIM file from Matterport is often the most reliable data source. Photorealistic 3D as-built data captured by Matterport can be converted to BIM files, which can be used in Autodesk or another BIM application to design, manage and build. As with conventional surveying and as-built documentation, Matterport provides BIM files for a fraction of the cost. Instead of being stalled by documentation of site survey notes, your team can focus on securing more jobs.

Floor Plans

Easily create professional black-and-white floor plans from almost any Matterport space with Schematic Floor Plans, a feature available as an add-on for Professional and Business plans. The Matterport Schematic Floor Plan is a 2D representation of your property with room measurements and illustrations of its features that will be accurate to within 2% of reality. Time, money, and hassle can be saved by using Matterport’s Schematic Floor Plans. Select the Add-ons tab on your Matterport Cloud account to order your Schematic Floor Plan. As soon as possible, a DWG, PDF, or PNG file of the floor plan will be available for download. However, as of now, the floor plan cannot be viewed in 360 degrees or captured with a smartphone.


XactimateTM software can easily import Matterport TruePlanTM files in both floor plans and 3D views, a first-of-its-kind service. Insurers and restoration contractors no longer need to measure and sketch to estimate repair and reconstruction costs. Within two business days after placing your order with Matterport, you will receive an accurate Xactimate-compatible file (.SKX). By capturing and documenting as-built features and dimensions, TruePlan accurately calculates damage to buildings and generates loss estimates. Matterport Virtual Tours are here to stay!

Google Street View

Publish your Matterport 3D tour on Google Street View (GSV) and put your business on the map. To publish your space to Google Street View, you can select the GSV add-on in Matterport Cloud. When you publish a Matterport model to GSV, you provide your customers with an inside look into your business. As well as Matterport virtual tours, you can download other digital assets for use in your marketing from the 3D capture. Media rich listings, such as GSV, rank better in search results, and are more likely to generate interest and engagement once found. The following are Google’s findings:

  • 44% of the time consumers search for a listing that has been mapped properly
  • The chances of an MLS listing generating interest are twice as high if it has photos and a virtual tour
  • Approximately 41% of all place searches end in a site visit

Use the Matterport Pro2 3D camera to capture 4K-ready photos of your model. You can choose to have Matterport create amazing 4K images of your scan or have it create them automatically.

Some Standard Matterport Tour Features

Dollhouse View

Matterport Dollhouse View is a fully interactive 3D floor plan that provides a photorealistic perspective. The Dollhouse View features a 3D perspective, which offers a better way to visualize the flow of rooms and the relationship between spaces, as well as allowing users to navigate to any space of interest quickly. Matterport Cloud automatically creates 3D Dollhouse Views when a property tour is uploaded. See your property from the outside in a 3D digital twin and rotate it along any axis for any perspective you choose. Dollhouse View provides a more realistic sense of space and size than two-dimensional photos or videos could ever achieve.



matterport virtual tour, Matterport Virtual Tour, Momentum 360

Adding mattertags enriches the digital twin experience with additional information about features displayed within your 3D models. With Mattertags you can include notations, links, videos, and even e-commerce workflows directly in your 3D model, making it easy to highlight points of interest. The features of your equipment can be highlighted, repairs can be documented, equipment can be branded, photos can be added, and training information can be provided. They can display the Mattertag from any vantage point by attaching it to an object within the 3D model.

Blur Brush

By blurring their faces and personal information, you can protect the privacy and identity of your visitors to your Matterport spaces. Uploading a scan triggers a machine learning algorithm to enable Blur Brush. In public places, such as museums and retail outlets, automatic face blurring provides an extra layer of protection when scanning people. The automatic blurring of faces is currently available in the BETA. All plan levels include this feature.

Measurement Mode

Measuring anything within your 3D model – from the dimensions of rooms and doorways to the elements themselves – is easy. When using Measurement Mode, you will be able to eliminate multiple trips to the site physically. Matterport allows you to measure any element within a space using any device and any 3D model. From your desktop or smartphone, check if furniture or equipment will fit in a particular location or pass through a door. It is a valuable tool for sharing information and creating smarter space plans, utilizations, and collaborations.

The use of real estate virtual tours can make listings more appealing to clients and may encourage them to buy quickly. Three-dimensional images give viewers a better idea of how a space feels and looks compared to two-dimensional ones. There aren’t as many real estate agents that offer 3D tours, so you can take advantage of this to show how you’re on top of the latest trends in real estate.


Ranking With Google

The search engine ranks Web pages with more frequent visits higher than those with shorter visits. Users can explore the overall height, width, and length of the space with the Floor Plan, Inside, and Dollhouse views. As they explore and control the experience, users will spend several minutes on your page. That’s what engagement is all about. You can save everyone some time if you do the showings on a screen instead of going to the property. Same with a Matterport Virtual Tour. As a result, you have more control over when you visit a property because the tours weed out those who are just looking.

Earn More With Matterport

matterport virtual tour, Matterport Virtual Tour, Momentum 360

Marketing with virtual tours has resulted in clients receiving more than 50 percent of what they were asking for. A remarkable return on investment in a hot real estate market can be used to attract several buyers and increase your profit margins. To show prospects what your real estate office can offer, a display brings more prospects in. With Matterport, your clients will experience the realism of their visit and take home memories they won’t be able to replicate with paper documents.



Through Matterport scans, you can create high-definition two-dimensional photos (up to 36 megapixels), media-rich three-dimensional tours, and virtual reality floor plans. You can reach buyers on their phones, computers, or VR headsets with these impressive visuals thanks to Matterport Spaces. You can access your listings on multiple online portals in addition to devices. Matterport has partnered with Google Street View, Zoopla, Rightmove, and OntheMarket to let you incorporate 3D tours into your listing strategy. With today’s technology, advertising can be done virtually everywhere: on YouTube and other video sites, social media, emails, websites, and even directly on smartphones. You can also create emails with stunning properties linked from your email signatures. Promote your virtual listings with postcards. Create a Facebook page with teaser videos and panoramic photos. Let clients know when your virtual tours are available via push notifications. Android smartphones nearby receive notifications when open houses occur. You can do a lot with this.


24/7 Sales

You can take a virtual tour at any time. With a few clicks, you can walk through properties in a flash. Especially if they work outside of business hours, buyers can view listings when it’s convenient for them. Including virtual tours with the photography you’re already taking with Matterport is another cost-effective way to show more details of more houses and save time. Tours can also be shared easily. To enhance viewers’ overall impression of your business and listings, you can send them a link via email, post it on Facebook or Instagram, or share it on YouTube.

Customize the Listings

With Mattertag Posts you can add images, audio, video, polls, links to product pages, Google Maps, and Street Views to listings. You can use them to highlight important features you know will appeal to your clients, whether it’s a user manual for a new refrigerator or a narration that explains how a house was built. A link only needs to be copied and pasted. With mattertags, each listing becomes a truly interactive experience that personalizes for every user. Buying a property in this way creates a greater sense of connection with the buyer, who feels like the property is just for them. A Matterport virtual tour is magical because of the striking details that make a home feel like home, and the ease with which you can market and sell your home. While conventional photographs are static, Matterport 3D is dynamic and fluid. How will your business look five years from now? Is it going to stagnate or grow? There is an expanding market for virtual tours, and now is the time to tap into it to make more sales before you’re forgotten.

Filling the Market Gap

Especially when they are thousands of miles away, virtual listings can reach decision makers who lack time and cannot visit a property. The tours that bring properties alive will help them decide if it’s the one, regardless of whether they’re overseas buyers, investors, families buying for students, or relocators. Emotions and feelings tend to influence people’s reactions. Virtual tours capture imaginations and simplify marketing by their eye-catching details and dimensions. You’ll already be well on your way to making another sale if buyers already feel like it’s their dream home. Use retargeting instead of following up while prospects are still considering a home so you can give them more information about it or on other homes they might be interested in. You can check this out when you get a Matterport virtual tour. You can retarget your Facebook or Google ads to clients who have visited your website by installing Pixel.

Take-Home Thoughts

By using Matterport, you not only give yourself a competitive edge as a tech-forward agent, but also build your brand as an expert in the field. With the Matterport platform, you can build a brokerage around a 3D tour proposition, recruit top agents, and retain them. By providing the most accurate view of a potential workspace, Matterport can help businesses gain confidence. Streamline the sourcing, viewing, and engagement process online, saving time and money for your clients. With Matterport, you can attract more high-quality prospects and increase engagement with your properties online, improving the vacancy rate. With the platform, you can deliver high-quality and consistent outputs for 3D tours, photographs, and floor plans across all your locations at scale. Virtual tours offer prospective leads the ability to explore your properties from any location, resulting in greater engagement and interest.

matterport virtual tour, Matterport Virtual Tour, Momentum 360

  • Increase your sales price by 4-9 percent.
  • Up to 31% reduction in time on market.
  • Listings with 3D tours will be more compelling to 90% of buyers.

Your property will attract more qualified prospects if it gives viewers a full representation of its features, filtering out those who may not be a good fit and attracting leads who are genuinely interested. Check out a Matterport virtual tour today!