Momentum 360 in Denver

Hello everyone! We are back at it with another weekly blog; where small businesses can get their virtual tour content.

We have been exploring different places each week by going on virtual tours, but I think it is time to kick it up a notch. Where should we visit next?

I got it! Today, we are heading to Denver, Colorado.

When you think of the city Denver, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the mountains; or maybe something else. Well, believe it or not, there is so much more to Denver and I am here to give you a virtual tour of it! Here at Momentum 360, we want you to have an amazing virtual tour experience; with that being said, welcome to Denver everyone!


Union Station

All Aboard! This first stop is 25.1 acres of beauty; the iconic Union Station. Located in the heart of Downtown Denver, this vintage looking building has one of the best exterior architectures in Denver. It has its famous Union Station Travel by Train sign in a red-orange color. If you scroll through Denver related content on Instagram, then most likely you will run into a picture of Union Station; it is for sure Instagram worthy!

Momentum 360 in Denver

As we walk inside the Union Station building, you will notice it is not your typical train station. Of course, it has benches to sit and wait for your train to arrive, but it also has so many shops along the walls.

There are food places like ice cream shops, a bar, restaurants, and so much more. There are a variety types of foods and even local beer that has been brewed all over Colorado!

When you are finished grabbing a bite to eat and drink, there are some retail shops to check out also. From high-end to basic souvenirs, there is a retail shop for everyone here.

If you are taking a train right into Denver and need a nearby hotel to stay at, no worries! The Crawford Hotel is located in Union Station. How convenient is that? It is a very unique hotel with their multiple different styles of rooms.

Going outside, here is the RTD Bus & Rail. If you are needing to go from Downtown Denver to the airport or vice versa, this is the most fast and environmentally friendly way to do so! It leaves every 15 minutes, so it is not a long wait. The RTD is for sure more affordable and convenient than calling an Uber or Lyft!

Momentum 360 in Denver

Last but not least, there is also an Amtrak line where you can go to different cities in the United States such as Chicago, Salt Lake City, Omaha, and more!

There are multiple things to do here in Union Station, even if you just want to simply walk around to enjoy the scenery. It is definitely a sight see, but we have so many more places to visit, let’s go!


Coors Field

Before you ask, no this is not a field full of beers. Welcome to Coors Field, where the famous MLB baseball team the Colorado Rockies play!

Located in Downtown Denver, this 76-acre field is flat out gorgeous. Starting with the outside, Coors Field has an architecture of brick which gives it a vintage look. Topping off the vintage look is the clock that sits between the wording of Coors Field above. Lastly, there is a statue of Branch Rickey outside too.

Momentum 360 in Denver

Going through the gates, we are officially in the stadium! Here, you can purchase your food, drinks, and Colorado Rockies apparel! There is Colorado Rockies’ pride along the walls and hanging up everywhere you look.

Now on to the best part, the playing field! Coors Field comes in at three of the biggest baseball stadiums in the United States. There are over 50,000 seats. Wow, that is a lot! There are about three levels of seating in the stadium. Enough about the seats, let’s talk about the actual field itself. It has bright green grass that has the Colorado Rockies iconic logo printed over it. We cannot forget the jumbotron facing the field too! Above the jumbotron, it has the Rockies logo and stadium lights.

Momentum 360 in Denver

You already know at this point, that when visiting a stadium, we have to check out the locker rooms. When walking in, You can see each player on the team has their own section with their name to put their stuff at. The locker room also has about five flat screen TV’s, couches, massage chairs, jacuzzi’s and so much more!

That concludes our visit at Coors Field! I would say that was definitely a homerun. There is more to come and more to see as Momentum 360 gives you this virtual tour of Denver.


Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

If you like music and nature, then you are going to love this spot. Welcome to the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater! The Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater is open to the public, so take advantage of the amazing views when it is free. This is a great place to exercise. Think about it, you are getting in shape while looking at a great view.

Momentum 360 in Denver

The only time when it is not free is when there is a concert occuring. Yes, you heard that right! There is a gigantic stage located at the Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. Many well known music artists have performed here. At night, you get a stunning view while the show is going on. It is highly recommended to come see a show here when you are visiting Denver.

If you go to the top of the amphitheater, there is an entrance to a museum below the amphitheater. This is a museum that shows and tells you all about the history of Red Rocks, the famous musicians that performed live here. There is also a concession stand, a restaurant, and of course– a gift shop! You definitely want to grab a souvenir to remember your time at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater.

Momentum 360 in Denver

There are also hiking trails that lead all around the park. The trails open one hour before sunrise and close one hour after the sunset. You can choose which trail you would like to take, there is a variety of them!

Finally, there is the Trading Post. The Trading Post is near the Trading Post Trails where you can purchase gifts and souvenirs. You can learn a little bit more history about Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater here also.

I could literally stay here all day! Gotta love nature, am I right? That was an amazing time at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater! We have one last stop of Momentum 360 in Denver!


Larimer Square

Here in Larimer Square, it has an amazing atmosphere. You can discover restaurants, bars, and small shops.

Momentum 360 in Denver

The first thing you will notice about Larimer Square is its hanging lights above. It gives the neighbor an aesthetic; especially at night, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Larimer Square is very spacious to ride a bike, walk your dog or simply walk and/or run alone. When doing that, you get to enjoy nice scenery! There is so much to look at from the colorful flowers to the skyscrapers from downtown.

Momentum 360 in Denver

That is it for Larimer Square! I definitely give it a 10 out of 10.


Final Words

That concludes Momentum 360 in Denver! I wish I could show you more, but I hope this virtual tour gives you an idea of what Denver is actually like. I know for sure it is on my bucket list!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. As always, we post blogs every week, so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!