Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most well known monuments in all of the United States. The statue and it’s torch represent the path to liberty that immigrants took to secure freedom. Located on Ellis Island of New York, the statue has been popularly visited by tourists for years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Ellis Island and its Statue of Liberty have been closed to visitors. This makes it a perfect time to utilize virtual tours of the monument.

Architect Paul Davidson spent ten nights in the Statue of Liberty in order to capture the most perfect shots of the monument. These shots would be put together to form an extravagant Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

virtual tour that people could watch while not being able to visit physically. This virtual tour includes areas of the monument that visitors wouldn’t actually be able to see in person, like the crown and torch. Davidson expressed the challenge of capturing this statue that was never still due to the wind. Luckily, the statue was meant to sway and was designed to have a flexible support system. Davidson’s scan of the statue would be part of the National Park Service’s Historic American Buildings Survey and serves as a 3D high-tech blueprint.

There have also been virtual field trips of the monument that schools have used to show students what the statue looks like without leaving the classroom. The ClickSchooling website offers free audio, video, and a navigated tour throughout the site. Instructions are provided that include historical information, symbolism description, and comments made by park rangers. When you click on the arrows of the statue on the screen, you will see a map of the island with red dots showing you where you are. This virtual tour is a unique and educational way for educators to teach their students about one of the most historical and well-known monuments without actually going. Other interactive virtual tours of Ellis Island and it’s Statue of Liberty combine high resolution spherical images, historical information, and historical images.

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour


The Coast 2 Coast With Kids website even ranked the Statue of Liberty National Monument the first best national park to go on a virtual tour of while staying home. The electronic tour has 18 stops for kids and parents to look through as well as a sidebar map to navigate the island. The tour also has Park Ranger film clips and a panoramic and close up photos of the different parts of the statue to explore. Scholastic also offers an interactive virtual tour of Ellis island for students to explore online. This virtual tour allows students to follow in immigrants footsteps by hearing first-hand stories told by those who came to this island. They can also see historical photographs and films, read interesting facts, and discover what role this island played in American immigration. Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

The abandoned Ellis Island hospital tour is also available virtually for individuals to explore. The Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, of the non-profit organization called Save Ellis Island, shot this tour of the hospital. As you explore, you will feel just like you are standing there in person. You can see the laundry building, contagious disease wards, autopsy rooms, staff house and more.

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour


Due to this time where there is less travel and gatherings, virtual tours are more important than ever. Educators and parents take advantage of this technology to be able to showcase this island and statue to children. Virtual tours of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty remain educational, enlightening, and entertaining for young Americans. Luckily, there are so many different Statue of Liberty virtual tours to choose from!