Convenience retail store virtual tours, and why they matter.

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The competition for convenience retail stores is fierce. Between regulations and occasionally sharing property lines with competitors, and an ever changing consumer landscape, things aren’t easy. And options for clear cut advantages are always non-obvious. This is where the beauty of logistics comes in. And when we’re talking about advantages for convenience retail stores and logistics, we must look at virtual tours.

Functionally, virtual tours solve three pain points for stores like Wawa, Royal Farms, and Sheetz. They build and maintain organic community outreach, and those of travelers. Second, they decrease the operational costs of these locations; by facilitating internal coercion, standards, and provide training opportunities. Third, they streamline the workflow of external suppliers and contractors, getting you more cost effective bids and less impact on your day to day operations.

What exactly is a virtual tour?

For a convenience retail store, a virtual tour is a 3D digital twin of the physical location. These tours are made with a camera that kinda looks like a cellphone from 1985. The camera sits on a tripod, and takes about 30 seconds to spin a single rotation. It uses LiDAR technology to scan as it spins. After that, the camera is moved about 6-8 feet away, to another spot, and the process is repeated. It would take no more than 15 minutes to complete a convenience retail store. And they can be completed in absolute off hours (think 2am) to minimize impact on operations. But functionally speaking, nothing in the store needs to change for those 15 minutes. Certainly no need to close the doors.

How do virtual tours foster organic community outreach for convenience retail stores?

If you recognize a cellphone from 1985, then you’ll recognize that the people of today are really into their technology. So meeting people where their attention is, is vital. These immersive tours connect seamlessly to the Google Street View platform. Well, so what? Google invested tens of billions of dollars to strap six figure cameras to the tops of cars and map nearly every road in the entire world.

When you map the inside of your own store, naturally, you will rank higher than your competitor who does not have a virtual tour. Turns out, Google has a preference for businesses who see the value of that platform, and engage with it correctly. This edge could mean millions of dollars in added revenue, merely by playing along with what Google wants. It’s a silly trick, but it’s true and it works. It’s also the foundation of SEO.

Wawa is actually the best in the NE USA, per anyone with a brain.

Wawa is actually the best in the NE USA, per anyone with a brain.


Breaking brand loyalty, 101.

Wawa, for example, is investing billions of dollars into expanding into new markets- with established names. And despite the clean stores, welcoming signs, and name recognition- people have hardcore loyalty to their morning routines. So what’s the new way to break the ice? Virtual tours. Let curious folks peek inside. Give them a very visual and interactive way to enter your store, to entice them to come and make their first visit. A key step on the journey of loosening brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is ingrained in human nature, we want to be loyal to the places that nurture us with convenience. But when we intersect the reality of the location of attention of consumers with the absolute must of getting in front of as many new potential daily customers and travelers as possible, virtual tours are the answer.

Happy families enjoy their routines

Happy families enjoy their routines

Reducing operational costs for convenience retail stores with virtual tours.

Virtual tours reduce the operational costs of convenience retail stores. This can be expressed a few different ways. First, in new policy/store feature roll outs. Second, visiting manager/employee orientation. Third, training opportunities. And fourth, diversifying bids for any work that needs to be done on the store.

If there are new and complicated sales features that need to be set up in store, virtual tours can be used to copy the desired final look in test/example stores, and be distributed to store leads. This can ensure consistency in branding and look of stores. It can also be used to set examples of store standards. SOPs, training materials, and other useful information can be embedded right in the tour, for optimal access and ease of transparency.

With a virtual tour, a convenience retail store has a digital twin. This can be used to orientate visiting leaders or associates. New floor plans can be issued to team leads to help familiarize themselves before they step foot in the store, or better yet, before the gas storage tanks in the ground out front have had time to settle.

Virtual tours assist convenience retail stores with employee training. An example of a “messy/poor performing store” can be made up, and new associates can walk around and learn about common issues a store might have day to day, and how to fix them. New materials can be inserted and swapped out with ease.

The fourth and perhaps most important is the diversification of bids an organization can attract. When you have more information, you get more competitive bids, and virtual tours are built for transparency. With the ability to measure between any two points in the store; contractors have every piece of information they need to issue a quote. This means any organization is able to disseminate their RFPs with more transparency, drastically decreasing miscommunication and friction in logistical operations.

Virtual tours streamlining operations for convenience retail stores.

Speaking of fierce competition in convenience retail stores, there is even more for who gets to stock the shelves. Coca Cola, Tasty Cakes, Herrs, and many other well known brands actually stock the shelves with their own products. This is a beneficial system for all, it encourages the distributor to keep fair inventory on the shelves, while also leaving it on them to literally put the product on the shelves.

But virtual tours make this beneficial agreement even better. These tours can be distributed to the vendors, who are then able to distribute them to their drivers and other employees. No more having new contractors wheeling in boxes of merchandise, searching for exactly where it should go. If a convenience retail store is getting a new regional manager for a group of stores, then the virtual tours can be distributed to them, instantly bringing them up to speed on their new territory, servicing you faster.

Logistics is a serious game. And when profit margins are thin, logistics can make or break a company. Virtual tours add a level of transparency that makes it easier for everyone to operate. Easier business environments are profitable business environments.

A legal perspective of virtual tours.

Our virtual tours are court admissible documents. This means that you have an extra layer of documentation of your convenience retail store. From civil unrest to natural disasters- making insurance claims and getting proper documentation; there has never been a more obvious and straightforward answer on the market. Virtual tours can take people into spaces from remote places, and that is simply a benefit that can’t be ignored. The context of it depends on how you deploy it. Luckily, these tours are customizable from the very start.

A conclusion on virtual tours for convenience retail stores.

We covered the three big pain points that are solved by a virtual tour. They build and maintain organic community outreach, and those of travelers. Second, they decrease the operational costs of these locations; by facilitating internal coercion, standards, and provide training opportunities. Third, they streamline the workflow of external suppliers and contractors, getting you more cost effective bids and less impact on your day to day operations.

And with the modern age, having these 3D assets really isn’t a matter of if, but when. And with that it’s important to consider, early adopters of this technology to help with logistics, and the issues above- will simply come out on top.

We’re not building virtual tours because people want to walk into a Wawa or a Sheetz with a VR headset on in their living room. We’re building them to make the locations rank higher on google, and to provide a level of transparency not before possible. Making the lives of the associates, management and owners, just that much better.

Momentum 360 is a Philadelphia headquartered virtual tour frim with a national network of 3D Virtual tour photographers. Momentum 360 has worked with clients like Starbucks, Marriott, and Home Depot, to help fortify and assist in their internal logistics and external marketing, all at once.


How to Protect Your Real Estate Marketing Brand’s Reputation Online

January 25, 2023 in Real Estate

How to Protect Your Real Estate Marketing Brand’s Reputation Online

You are always open to attack in real estate marketing. In the digital world, this is a simple fact. As new threats show up, new ways to stop them are made. Today, we’re going to go over twenty examples of how to protect your real estate marketing brand reputation online.

A quick disclaimer, this is an old-school blog. I feel like a scrooge for making this a point of pride; but this blog was not written using AI tools other than spell-check and good ole’ fashion with some critical thinking skills… and about a decade of experience in the industry.

One: Stay alert, and stay up to date on your real estate marketing brand.

Branding is dynamic. This means that conditions are constantly changing. In real estate, those conditions grow even further. You could see market dynamics, dynamic interest rates (sup 2021/2022). You’re also going to see radical shifts in trends and other standards. There is only one problem! You’re busy. And sadly so is everyone else. Luckily, for everyone looking to keep an eye on their real estate marketing, there is this powerful tool.

Google alerts. The best friend of the real estate marketing pro of tomorrow. And why? Well, you’ll be notified basically ASAP if any of your trigger phrases come into prevalence. This can be spliced in a few different directions. You can use it to pick up on encroachments to your brand. Are you the only one offering Matterport in your town? Keep an eye on the others by creating alerts for your competition + matterport. Ideally, as soon as it becomes an offer, you can make strategic moves accordingly.

Further still, use it to look out for hit pieces. Add alerts for your real estate marketing brand + negative implications in your industry, to help get ahead of issues before they are on the internet for long.

Two: Don’t just sit there.

Real estate marketing is a game of reputation. And in today’s society, the keeper of the reputation ledger is Google. You got a great video testimonial like two years ago and after like 7 clicks I can find a lovely page dedicated just to it on your website; but no one is looking that hard. Google reviews are where it’s at.

For now, we’re gonna talk about negative reviews on Google. First off, did you know over half of negative google reviews violate the terms? So getting them removed is actually fairly simple. They usually just need to be flagged for the same reason by many (6-10) different people, not accounts. Don’t think switching your chrome profile and submitting 5 flags in 7 minutes to the same negative review is gonna get you anywhere. It certainly will not. Real estate marketing is all about timing and presentation.

If you can keep your cool, respond. Remember, this can and can’t be a great place to try to resolve things. If people are simply just ignoring attempts to fix problems and decide they just want to complain, call them out. If you truly did fail someone, ask them how you can make it right off the review to take it off. This is of course if flagging it fails.

It’s vital to see negative reviews for what they really are. Feedback. And you should use that feedback to grow and expand the best you can to improve. Someone who is capable of writing a long, scorching hot negative review is willing to do the same in a better light and tone, so keep that in mind.

Real estate marketing is the people’s business. And people, well, people can sometimes suck.

Real Estate Marketing Information

Real Estate Marketing Information Today!

Three: Press for positive reviews of your real estate marking brand.

There is NOTHING like turning in a massive project and getting loads of praise for it. It can make your entire day. But you could also let it make your entire year. When you encourage people to put their thoughts into writing and leave you a review, it can have a massive impact on your business. Reviews can help to improve your reputation, attract more customers, and even boost your search engine rankings. So don’t be shy – ask your satisfied customers to leave you a review and let the world know how great your business is!

This is where you can use psychology to your advantage. Use reciprocity. Leave someone a five star review first, and basically leave the review you would want them to leave for you, but obviously make it relevant to them. And then simply ask them to do the same.

Four: Use social media to build your real estate marketing brand.

Woah woah, don’t run anywhere yet. Yeah I know you’re in every local real estate agent group on facebook, and most of the national ones. And when you get a listing? Watch out because you are a content machine! Or not. The point here is that you should be, you need to be. You’re selling people the American dream, and you know what they say, they call it the American dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it, so you better be making some very dreamy content.

Five: Be honest in you Real Estate Marketing Brand development

When it comes to any brand, honesty is key. I get it, we’re all out here to put our best foot forward. And in real estate marketing, that is no different. But we can’t go selling trailers as mansions, and we can’t move condemned homes and move in ready.

So what’s a savvy agent to do? Lean into the conditions. If that’s what you’re able to sell right now, let that be your thing. Or try to find a niche. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have a catch all brand unless it’s a holding company.

We all know that when it comes to real estate marketing, you don’t want to be accused of, or commit, misrepresentation. So take it slow, keep your eyes open, and use some common sense to help you get ahead.

Six: Stay relevant with your real estate marketing services.

As mentioned, Google is where businesses go to live and die. So make sure your GMB dashboard is as familiar to you as your numbers. You should have very recent and relevant posts that are seasonal and relative to your ideal client.

Showing vigor, showing an ability to lean in and develop a vision in your clients eye is important. In real estate marketing, it’s all about what you can do. So staying up to date with your client facing assets is important.

This is something that can be left to a professional or done in house. Results will vary based on strategy. Common sense will go a long way here. Keep everything up to date. Hours of operations, services, anything you want the client to know.

Seven: Professional Real Estate Marketing Brands Only Use Professional Marketing assets.

This is frankly a non negotiable. Every year I am BLOWN AWAY by how great these cell phone cameras are, ok? They’re good. Very good. However, and this is as true as the sky is blue. The quality does not match up to that of a professional mirrorless camera. No, your $1,100 smartphone which is basically a swiss army knife of gadgets cannot make images as good as my $3,500 camera which is just a camera.

And there are plenty of real estate agents who call themselves professional real estate marketers and whip out the ole’ trusty iphone when they get a new listing. But they are liars looking to save a few hundred dollars. It would be super funny, until you realize people are trusting them to sell the most valuable asset they own- their home.

Eight: Real Estate Marketing Professionals Need SEO

Yeah, it’s time for this little bugger of an acronym again. SEO, or “search engine optimization”. This is a way of presenting your website on a technical level, to make it more appealing to indexing websites like google.

Why, you ask?

Well, the simple answer is that by making your real estate brand more SEO friendly, over time, more people are going to find your business online.

We have several much better blogs that go into SEO. For now, it is fine to say that it is a method of organizing the copy (words) in such a way so that Google picks up on threads of consistency that indicate to it, that this source is more comprehensive and complete. Therefore, when it must present its knowledge to a searcher, it will rank the results based on “most legitimate”.

Showing up on the first page of google is critical. Why? Well, when was the last time you visited the second page of google?

Nine: Real Estate Marketers Are Active in their community.

The days of masks and jabs are behind us, mostly. It’s time to get back out there. So go where the people are. Make yourself a face in the community. This is common sense for any real estate marketing professional. But it is worth it to really drive this point home.

When people go to put their most valuable asset on the market, that is an intimidating and scary process. Go, be down amongst the people. Be accessible. Be open to questions. This is still a people business and that includes socializing. And if after three years of COVID, if you lost your social butterfly, you should likely follow it to a new career.

A Conclusion on Real Estate Marking

We covered nine thick topics on important aspects of real estate marketing. First, how to use google alerts to stay on top of your brand. Getting real time info on the state of the market and your spot in it, is invaluable. Second, staying active on Google My Business. It’s important to stay vigilant and update your people from every angle. You might crush it on instagram, but potential clients might not follow you there, so staying on top of google is critical. Third, keep pressing for positive reviews. It is a lot of hard work and energy to keep asking people for reviews, but I promise it is worth it. Fourth, we touched on the importance of social media, and used basically all of them to stay on point. Five: Be honest in your Real Estate Marketing Brand development. When it comes to any brand, honesty is key. And this is no different. So if your brand needs the work, get ready to roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done. You can do what you need to do, to get your brand off the ground. With faith, love, and compassion- and a little bit of value, anything is possible. Just always be nice to yourself.

What Real Estate Agents Need To Know For Virtual Tours

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How Virtual Tours Build A Brand

Virtual tours are a valuable tool for real estate agents looking to build their brand and reach a wider audience of potential buyers. By offering virtual tours of properties on their website or social media channels, agents can provide an immersive and interactive experience for potential buyers, save time and effort for both parties, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

It’s vital to stand out, and with a virtual tour, that’s never been easier. We’re going to dive into all the various ways and methods these can be used for literally any listing at any budget.

Interactive Experiences For Your Clients

One of the main benefits of virtual tours is that they provide a more immersive and interactive experience than traditional photos or videos. While photos and videos can give viewers a sense of what a property looks like, virtual tours allow them to actually walk through the space and get a feel for what it would be like to live there. This can be especially useful for people who are trying to visualize themselves in the property and decide whether it is the right fit for them.

People understand when they are being sold too, and they are adverse to it. Providing experiences where people let their guard down is important. It’s basically the only way to get people to be receptive to these messages. People are very conscious of putting out of their mind digital noise. From ads on the radio to the ads on tv. An interactive experience puts peoples mind in a receptive state.

See around you

See around you

Virtual Tours Are Cheap And Easy

To create a virtual tour, real estate agents can use 360-degree panoramic images to capture the entire space, including each room and any outdoor areas. These images can then be stitched together and linked to create a seamless tour that allows viewers to navigate through the property at their own pace. Some  capture software even includes features like hotspots, which allow agents to highlight specific features or areas of the property and provide additional information or images.

You can get away with making a virtual tour with your cellphone. Sure, It wont be the greatest. The quality might even be downright poor. But you can do it, and with practice, even make it better.

Give The Greatest Gift Of All- Time

In addition to providing a more immersive experience, virtual tours can also save time and effort for both the real estate agent and the potential buyer. Instead of scheduling in-person showings or driving long distances to view a property, buyers can simply take a virtual tour from the comfort of their own home. This can be especially useful for people who are trying to narrow down their options before making a final decision.

People like getting their time back. This is vital to understanding your customer. If you can send them 20 houses to look at with virtual tours, and they don’t have to burn a Saturday to go drive around- your value just went up. Forget about the listings. When you give people time, you give yourself power.

Stand Out By Letting Others Stand In With Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can also be a valuable tool for real estate agents looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. In today’s digital age, it is becoming increasingly common for agents to use online marketing techniques to reach potential buyers. By offering digital marketing as part of their marketing strategy, agents can stand out from other agents who may not be offering this type of content. This can help agents attract more leads and ultimately close more sales.

Set an open house, let it be captured, and make sure everyone is the first in the door, while having virtually zero impact on your clients privacy.

Know where you are

Know where you are

Quality Counts With Virtual Tours

There are a few key considerations to keep in mind when creating virtual tours for a real estate brand. First, it is important to make sure the tours are of high quality. This means using high-resolution images and making sure the tours are smooth and easy to navigate. It is also a good idea to include a variety of images and hotspots to provide a well-rounded view of the property.

Location Matters- Virtual Tours Are No Different

Another important consideration is how to promote your content. One effective way to do this is to include links to the tours on the agent’s website and social media channels. It is also a good idea to include the tours in emails to potential buyers and in listings on real estate websites. By making the tours easily accessible and promoting them through a variety of channels, agents can reach a wider audience of potential buyers.


Use QR Codes To Diversify Distribution

In addition to promoting the tours through online channels, it can also be helpful to include information about the virtual tours in traditional marketing materials such as brochures and flyers. This can help to raise awareness of the tours and make it easier for potential buyers to access them.

Stack For Added Effect, Maximize Your Dollar For Free

Another way to leverage the power of virtual tours is to use them in conjunction with other marketing efforts, such as open houses or in-person showings. By using virtual tours to provide a preview of the property, agents can help to generate interest and encourage more people to attend open houses or viewings.

Having more to to show the clients has never been a bad thing! People trust transparency.

Go above and beyond

Go above and beyond


Be Everyone’s Friend With Virtual Tours

In addition to the benefits for buyers and agents, virtual tours can also be a valuable tool for property owners looking to sell their home. By offering virtual tours of their property, owners can provide potential buyers with a more comprehensive view of the space, which can help to generate more interest and ultimately lead to a faster sale.

Unlimited Reach With Unlimited Potential- Virtual Tours Provide Solutions

Another advantage of virtual tours is that they can be accessed at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it easy for potential buyers to view the property on their own schedule, without the need for an in-person showing. This can be especially useful for busy buyers who may not have time to schedule a traditional showing.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Make Your own Virtual Tour- Or Hire A Pro For Cheap

There are a few different ways that real estate agents can create virtual tours of a property. One option is to use specialized software that allows agents to create their own tours using panoramic images. Another option is to hire a professional photographer or videographer to create a more polished tour. Whichever method is chosen, it is important to ensure that the virtual tour is of high quality and provides a comprehensive view of the property.

A Conclusion On Virtual Tours

In conclusion, virtual tours are an important tool for building a real estate brand because they provide a more immersive and interactive experience for potential buyers, save time and effort for both parties, and help agents stand out from the competition. By using virtual tours as part of their marketing strategy, real estate agents can reach a wider audience and ultimately close more sales. Whether you are a real estate agent, a property owner, or a potential buyer, virtual tours can be a valuable resource for understanding and exploring a property.


Post Pandemic Visiting Virtually

June 20, 2022 in Uncategorized, Virtual Tours



Visiting Virtually, digital twin, virtual tour, 360 walk through. All these terms basically come to the same conclusion. Allowing potential clients to visit you virtually is important. When the world stopped, everything went virtual. From schools to buying homes, shopping at traditional retail outlets, and even live performance.

Each had its own strategy for implementation. Sometimes a laptop webcam pointed in the right direction would suffice. Other times multi-person production teams were used. Often, there was middle ground that would be the best solution. However, at the time, the world had bigger problems to deal with.

Now that the dust is beginning to settle, we can take in the world. We can note the world has changed. It is clear virtual life is here to stay. Gone are the days of daily commutes, being forced to shop in stores. Even politically, America has never been more divided.

In short; people are cautious. People are on guard.

Understanding this, we can utilize the new options. The reality is, whoever adopts these new realities, will survive the coming recession. So what is visiting virtually? And how are they used?

Virtual Tour Open House

Digital Twins Will Put You On The Virtual Map!

What Is A Virtual Tour?

Basically, when someone can visit your space online at any time. Being able to walk into an area and explore it yourself. Allowing someone to be cautious on their terms. Visiting virtually allows people to engage at their own pace. And because you’ve put your best foot forward in the tour. Being able to prepare in time for all. You at your very best. Twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.

Some might argue that 2D still images are equivalent to being able to visit virtually. However it is more correct to note that with the transparency of 360 images people are able to explore spaces and contextualize their interests in the space for themselves.

Visiting virtually is essentially just a virtual tour that has been maximized for the individual business. For the longest time, virtual tours have been something that have only been accessible to those with Deep Pockets or large corporations. Now, it’s possible for even small locations to get quality virtual tours, to allow their clients and potential clients to visit virtually. But why is this important?

Visiting Virtually Check List

Do You Know How You’ll Grow Your Business?

Why Is Being Able To Visit Somewhere Virtual Important?

There are several reasons why virtual visiting is important. As we noted, people are more cautious. However there is also an increasing amount of competition in the space of every industry. With a looming recession, it’s important to stand out. The key here is the understanding that virtual tours are now accessible to all types of businesses.

Quite literally everyone. This implies based on the shifting Dynamic, that whoever utilizes these first will be at an advantage at a time we’re having an advantage could mean the difference between surviving and not. it really is just that simple. Those who are able to evolve and adapt will survive.

Being able to visit a location virtually is also a sign of quality. As virtual tours have been largely held for high-end or upscale locations, these tours carry the same type of gravitas when used as marketing assets for anyone. These assets portray quality.

As we come closer and closer to being a world that is centric on virtual reality, having content is important. But who will use that content? And where will they use it?

Who Uses Virtual Tours?

It’s tempting to think that virtual tours are only geared towards younger Generations. however this is not at all the case. All age groups and demographics can visit virtually. Virtual tours can be viewed on smartphones, desktop computers, and most smart devices. It’s important to understand that this technology is being geared to being as inclusive as possible.

So this raises ultimately, a very good question. Who uses virtual tours. What demographics are going to visit virtually? This largely depends on the tour itself. In consideration of the fact that they are so accessible, even when we sell these tours to retirement homes, the facilities see an uptick in enrollment.

It could be difficult to get people to accept the fact that they are moving onto a next stage of life that might require more care. This is difficult. Older adults might be apprehensive about going to visit nursing homes. However with a virtual tour, older adults are able to explore potential living situations from the comfort of their own home, making it easier for them to make a decision, and engage in that transition. It’s easier on everyone.

What About Younger Generations?

Another good example would be when we have elementary schools, and other day camps for kids. Usually as with most kids these days they are able to navigate the tour’s themselves, and will literally sell themselves on going to a place or to have an experience. If you didn’t know better, they look like a game.

Practically speaking the more tech-savvy the individual the higher the likelihood that they will utilize a virtual tour. It is worth noting that as time moves on the number of individuals who are very comfortable with this kind of technology is only going to increase. that not only makes virtual tours an exciting asset to have today, but an asset that will grow in value over time. Next, how do we get started?

Grow with virtual tours

Grow And Expand With Visiting Virtually

How Can You Get People To Visit You Virtually?

Encouraging people to visit you virtually is quite easy. You can embed virtual tours in lots of locations. One location that works exceptionally well for people is directly on their website. The second best location would be Google Street View. Virtual tours can also be linked to email signatures. A popular way to show them on physical media, like flyers, or business cards, is to use QR codes.

One of the most effective ways to drive broad traffic to your virtual tour is with paid advertising. Utilizing an experienced digital marketing company Will ensure your virtual tour get as many eyeballs of the demographic you want on your tour as possible. In consideration of how versatile these tours are, they truly can be utilized in many different ways. There are many hidden benefits. Visiting virtually has many.

Hidden Benefits To Virtual Tours.

Some of the most unseen benefits to being able to virtually visit a location are not obvious at first. Like being able to track who visits a tour. Or that anyone is able to visit your location while having absolutely minimal impact on day-to-day operations. You’re also able to have a 24/7 open house which you have prepared for in advance, and that will always show the best of your organization. Virtual tours can be provided to vendors in advance of any work minimizing their time on site allowing them to familiarize themselves with spaces again lowering impact in other areas of operations.

Being able to visit virtually is also a phenomenal recruitment tool. Being able to sell people on why your facility is a great place to work can be very important! Especially in finding skilled labor at a time when skilled labor is hard. But more, and who uses virtual tours?

Go Virtual

Take Your Brand Online And Get Maximum Exposure.

What Are Examples Of This Being Used?

As this technology becomes more and more acceptable, more people are using it. it’s important to know how easy this is. Virtual tours are being used in nearly every industry. They’re being used in schools and universities to boost enrollment. They’re being used in car dealerships too boost engagement. Also being used in real estate to sell more houses. Newly in the death care industry to provide cost-effective memorials to more people.

There are several great resources to see how a virtual tour might apply to you. First off Matterport has a new system where you can search by industry, to give you a much more broad idea of what might apply to you. It’s also worth mentioning that a virtual tour by virtue of what it is, can be made of anything. From industrial machines, to outdoor spaces with no actual structure. But where do I begin?

How Do I Get Started With Digital Open House?

Getting started with visiting virtually is easy. All you need to do is contact an experienced provider. It’s important to know that with virtual tours, you get what you pay for. Wow this technology has become more accessible for more people, it is very much worthwhile to consider the expertise of the company you are utilizing. As mentioned these tours help people put their best foot forward online. Inconsistent features in the virtual tour will negatively impact the overall perception of your business.

360 Virtual Tours

360 Tours Are Available For All

There are many resources and directories where you can find virtual tour providers. Google Street View is a great place to start, where you can look at the selections of Google trusted photographers. If you want a more comprehensive type of coverage then it is much better to go with a national firm who has locally trained contractors with specialty equipment to complete the jobs. What type should I get?

3D Or 360 Virtual Tour?

One great question is do I need 3D or 360? It depends on what kind of organization you are. If you’re looking to sell a home or industrial machinery 3D can be important. it will allow your customer to measure out various aspects to give a full and complete comprehensive View. Likewise, for purely marketing aspects like car dealerships or schools, 360 tours are much more applicable.

Basically when you’re trying to show off a space and not sell the literal object in view it’s best to go with 360. Take a car dealership for example. Every known specification about the car of any given make or Model includes a very thick very shiny brochure. While we may be trying to sell the interior of certain models of cars, we don’t need customers being able to measure how wide the doors are exactly. We just need to sell them on the atmosphere and competency of the space.

A Conclusion On Virtual Tours.

Allowing potential clients to visit your space virtually is important. As the world is changing, so are acceptable forms of marketing materials. Nicely produced videos are fine. High quality videos are the minimum. but the leaders of various industries of tomorrow and in the recession will be those who utilize the new marketing methods. being able to visit a place virtually is imperative. It is important to the health of a business that they are able to expose themselves to as many potential clients as possible.

Virtually any type of business can utilize these types of assets. Well that is true that virtual tours we are in the past exclusively for high-end listings and fancy hotels. The visiting virtually applications of today are accessible to all businesses.


Virtual Tours of Zoos

October 25, 2020 in Blog, Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours of Zoos

Hey everyone and welcome back to another Momentum 360 blog! In this week’s blog, we are going to be taking a look at some virtual tours of zoos around the world. Right now is the perfect time to be taking advantage of virtual tours of zoos, not only because of visitor restrictions due to the Coronavirus but also because the weather is getting colder as we move closer to winter. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the benefits of virtual tours in zoos and we’re going to be highlighting a couple of awesome zoos and animal habitats available to see online. These exhibits are perfect for animal lovers of all ages and are the perfect way to learn about animals you don’t see every day. Check it out!

Benefits of Virtual Tours of Zoos

Let’s be honest, nothing in the world has been completely normal for months now. We’re all learning to live with our new normal as best as we can. One of my favorite activities as a kid was going to the zoo in the summer and seeing the coolest animals in the world. When the virus shut everything down, zoos were forced to close to the public to ensure the safety of the zoologists and the animals they care for. 

In a time where everyone was stuck at home trying to figure out how to keep themselves and their children entertained and learning, people turned to exciting educational opportunities they could access online. 

Now, doing a virtual tour of a zoo isn’t the same as a museum’s virtual tour. In a museum, exhibitions are mostly stagnant and can be captured in a photograph. In a zoo, however, the main attraction is the animals who are living, breathing, and moving creatures. You can’t capture the majesticness of a lion in a photograph. 

So how do these virtual tours work? Well, a combination of virtual reality, live cams, and 360 technology. 

The live cams are pretty self-explanatory, a camera is set up on a specific enclosure and sends a live stream to the zoo’s website. People can log on at any time and from anywhere to see what’s going on in that enclosure. These are very popular for when an animal is about to give birth. 

360 technology and virtual reality are used to simulate an in-person visit to the zoo, with renderings of the attractions to make you feel like you are actually there. 

Online Virtual Tours of Zoos

Paignton Zoo

This UK Zoo has one of the most comprehensive zoo virtual tours. Paignton has a 360 aerial view tour of eight areas of their zoo. In this tour, visitors can learn about species of different animals while actually seeing what they look like in their enclosures. Some of these include crocodiles, lions, giraffes, and more! 

In addition to this virtual tour, Paignton Zoo also has live cams set up for their flamingos, meerkats, and the Sulawesi Crested Macaque. 

paignton zoo

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is an exhibit we have highlighted before in our “Educational 3D Tours” blog. This Baltimore-based aquarium is home to over 20,000 animals, including over 800 species. When you think aquarium, chances are you think of tropical fish, sharks, and turtles. While the National Aquarium has all these, they also have animals like birds, amphibians, and even mammals. All the animals housed in the National Aquarium have a unique connection to water, even if you wouldn’t think of them as fitting in an aquarium.

In this virtual tour, users can explore different areas like the Tropical Rainforest, the Atlantic Coral Reef, the Amazon Rainforest, and so much more! In these areas, visitors can also click and learn more information about the animals and fish native to these regions. This is an easy-to-use tour full of information that is perfect for any age. 

national aquarium dolphin

Plus, it has some really cute pictures of dolphins!

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia is home to many exhibits including a wildlife retreat, African Savannah, rainforest, and more! Using 3D technology in Google Street View, visitors can explore the Taronga Zoo in detail. You can see all the different enclosures and animals that the zoo has to offer. 

This includes animals usually only found in Australia, so if you’re like us, this may be the only opportunity to see cute and cuddly koalas, kangaroos, and more!

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