Bucket List Travel: The World’s Best Virtual Tours

If you love to travel, you will have a wishlist of locations you like to see. From some of the world’s most iconic milestones to natural phenomena and dramatic views, there is something here to satisfy everyone’s wanderlust. While travelling there might not be a possibility right now, there is nothing to stop some armchair travels with these amazing virtual bucket list experiences.

But the thing about living up inside all the time is that it can intensify our already existing wanderlust. Fortunately, one of the few positive side effects of this pandemic has been how so many famous voyage destinations have made virtual tours known to anyone for free online.

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt is the last standing wonder of the ancient world. The pyramids of Giza have survived for millennia among the ages. Built about 4,500 years ago as graves for some of Ancient Egypt’s pharaohs, new-age Cairo and the Sphinx both lie nearby on the rim of the desert. Now this virtual tour can take you around the pyramids, including pictures of people on the site to show the complex scale of the ancient constructions, as well as a chance to walk past the Great Sphinx.


Now, if you want to take regular virtual tours of Graceland which is just one of the things you can do while you’re stuck indoors, you can get a peek inside the rock ‘n roll icon’s home, as well as the rare key to their typically off-limits archive. Each of the tours is available on the social media page and includes offerings like a look inside a box of Elvis’s acetates: a type of record widely used from the 1930s to 1950s for special recording purposes like comparing other takes or reaching preview documents into the writings of important disc jockeys.

The Great Wall of China

If you are fortunate enough to get to see the Great Wall of China in person, most people aren’t able to see all 3,000 miles of it in one trip. But now anyone can experience more than 2,000 years of history thanks to this visit to the Great Wall of China. If you are not sure where to start, the virtual site tour provides tips, based on what you want to see, like sections built during the Ming Dynasty between the 14th and 17th centuries. It is located in the suburbs of Beijing, which includes Badaling, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Juyongguan, Gubeikou, and Jiankou.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The very scale of Angkor Wat is amazing, itself just one of the many temples of Angkor, just beyond Siem Reap in Cambodia. And the opportunity to see the intricate carvings of the Hindu temple complex near up is unmissable. Start your virtual visit with a look at the Angkor website designed by a variety of professionals including historians and archaeologists, as well as virtual record experts, to bring the temple complex to life. You can see what the city would have been like when it was settled back in the 13th century, including 360-degree video simulations. Then take a virtual tour turn of Google Maps Street View. Walk the favourite line of statues at Angkor Thom as well as through Angkor Wat, then examine some of the other temples including Ta Prohm additional to Beng Mealea, still half concealed in the jungle, and Banteay Srei.

The Northern Lights

A quest for the mystical Northern Lights can be led to more frozen fingers, riding around and long campaigns to the Arctic wilds than even seeing those charming dancing lights in the sky. So the possibility to spy on them from the comfort of your armchair is attractive for more reasons than one!

Start with the webcams on the website with prospects in Canada and Iceland, as well as across Scandinavia, including Finland, Norway and Sweden where the Aurora Borealis can most typically be seen. You can even attempt to spot the Aurora Australis and the Southern Lights from webcams here.

One of the best places in Churchill known as the polar bear capital of the world, there are also about 300 days of aurora moving every year. If you are viewing from the UK, early mornings are often best.

Grand Canyon, USA

The sheer hierarchy of the Grand Canyon makes it one of the most amazing natural spectacles in the US, with guests getting a choice of examining both the north and south rims, along with heading down into the river canyon to trek further.

But you don’t need walking boots for the tour from the National Parks Service, a virtual tour of archaeological excavations which took home along the Colorado River between 2007 and 2009. Showing some areas which lived and then reburied to protect them, you will see more on your armchair travels than you would be able to on the land in Arizona.

Petra, Jordan

Another competitor to the title of Lost City, Petra is one of the most senior cities in the world with its stunning rose-coloured buildings dating about to close the 3rd century BC. Emerging from the shallow tunnel known as the Siq to see the carved façade of the Treasury is a spine tingling sight but the site itself stretches on much further. Take a virtual trek via Petra, accompanied by an audio companion as you stroll past tombs, ruins and the hilltop towering above. You can also see more of the highlights in real time on this petra cam.

Colosseum, Rome

The world’s most renowned amphitheatre, the very stones of the Colosseum tell stories of spectacles and emperors, gladiators and regular recreation in ancient Rome. Built to place as many as 80,000 spectators, take your first view peeking down onto the remains of the structure with this 360-degree aerial view.

Then head inside with this virtual tour where you can trek around the corridors and look into the nature of the amphitheatre to the facilities built to hold individuals and animals under the arena itself.

Machu Picchu, Peru

The lost city of the Incas is well known city appearing on bucket lists galore to the extent that actual visitor numerals have had to be restricted. Virtual visitors are at liberty to spend as long as they fancy looking at this fascinating site. Check out these 36 starting with the popular view down onto Machu Picchu until you are standing inside marvelling at how such a remote place was constructed on the mountainside. Like a whole tour, there’s an audio guide to explain some more of the history and architectural details: look out for the alpacas too.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Not all the world’s wonders are man-made – seeing the fabulous marine life of the world’s largest coral reef system is a true bucket list experience. The Great Barrier Reef stretches for over 1,400 miles off the coast of Queensland, made up of over 2,900 reefs while a virtual visit can’t show you every corner, this 360 degree valley is the ideal way to transport yourself to this magic marine world.

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

Taj Mahal, India

This gleaming white sign of eternal love is one of the world’s most iconic structures, created in the 17th century by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. You will find several other Virtual tours of the Taj Mahal to whisk you there.

This virtual tour brings you via the grounds to the various buildings, past pools and along trails. To get a closer view, the Street view takes you right to the opening of the building, letting you soar in on the numerous complex details.

Disney parks

You are probably very busy keeping your children educated and entertained. Here are some happy moments to keep them entertained. So if you haven’t checked out the youtube of Disney parks yet, you are in for a surprise. If you wish, you could go on the small tour from your couch. If you want to see how Disneyland Paris looks at night, there’s a virtual tour of that, too. And die-hard Disney fans will love the new behind-the-scenes tour also.

The Catacombs of Paris

The Eiffel tower may be a popular tourist spot in Paris, but one of the considerable interesting tours takes place underground, in the city’s catacombs. Dating back to the late 18th century, these subterranean necropoleis contain remains which are between six million and seven million. Parisians spread out over approximately 200 miles of tunnels. The Catacombs of Paris have been open to visitors since 1809, and now they welcome even more people through virtual tours.

Buckingham Palace

If you have ever wondered what it looked like inside the iconic Buckingham palace building outside of some pictures of the palace, now is your chance. Buckingham palace is offering several virtual tours featuring locations like the Grand Staircase, the White Drawing Room, the Throne Room, and the Blue Drawing Room.

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

The Maldives

This tropical country in the Indian Ocean is made up of more than 1,000 coral islands. It is home to some of the world’s most luxurious spa resorts, with white sandy beaches, submerged villas and restaurants and bright blue waters.


Italy is a famous bucket-list destination in general, particularly the ancient city of Pompeii, one of the cities we all understood about in school that no longer exist, which was frozen in time when Mount Vesuvius exploded in 79 A.D. Thanks to new drone technology, we can see even more of the town than before and that includes those of us visiting from our homes. The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities released a tour of two newly excavated homes in Pompeii. Virtual visitors will get to see newly found archaeological details like relics of a millennia-old garden, and a well-preserved mosaic of the hunter Orion hingeing into a constellation.

New York City

Whether you have always wanted to see the Big Apple, are a frequent visitor, or even live here and miss your city, you are in luck. Untapped New York which is a site with fascinating articles about the history of New York City as well as tours of local attractions is offering people two monthly subscriptions to its virtual tours. And these aren’t your regular tours of Central Park or going to the top of the Empire State Building: these tours take you to locations in New York City that you didn’t even know you wanted to visit. This contains an underground tour of the subway, a virtual tour of Grand Central Terminal, and a visit to the iconic Fulton Fish Market.

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

Mount Everest Base Camp

Perhaps climbing Mount Everest was not even on your bucket list, but now you accomplish have to let the distance or lack of training stop you from sharing what it looks like at base camp. Now, thanks to google street view trek anyone can enjoy the 360-degree views of their journey. In addition to a collection of pictures at key camps, the team also captured fascinating stops like a Buddhist hermitage.

Mohonk Mountain House

If a Victorian castle on the cliffs located on a lake is your idea of the perfect trip, then you are going to want to check out the virtual tours and possibilities offered by Mohonk Mountain House. The 151-year-old family-owned resort which is located about 90 minutes north of New York City is so dreamy, it was recently featured as a version of heaven. Once you have taken a virtual tour of the property, you will probably agree to the statement. During the pandemic, Mohonk is offering virtual mindfulness events, as well as virtual hikes and panoramic views from the historic site.

The World’s Best Virtual Tours

The World’s Best Virtual Tours


Marrakesh is located in the country of Morocco. This ancient walled city is the residence of mosques, palaces and lush gardens. It is known as The Red City thanks to the colour of the brick walls enclosing the city. The medina is also in the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Check out The World’s Best Virtual Tours today! 

Bottom line

These are some of the best virtual tours that you can enjoy in the luxury of sitting on your couch.