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This week, we’re talking real estate in New Jersey!

We have a couple locations in New Jersey and can’t wait to expand. Virtual tours in New Jersey will be a thing in the future, just like it is everywhere else in the world!

Quarantine regulations keep getting extended on the East and West coasts, and many are starting to experience “Quarantine Fatigue”. We know it’s difficult, but for now we all need to continue to stay socially distant, keep washing our hands, and check in on each other during these difficult times. One day, things will hopefully return to a new normal but until that day we have to keep pushing forward.

In last week’s blog post, we highlighted some of the best real estate groups in the Philadelphia area. This week, we are diving in and talking to some of the top realty groups in New Jersey!

The real estate market has taken a hit, as has many other industries during this pandemic, but here at Momentum 360 we believe in rolling with the punches and continuing to drive forward. The obstacles we face today can only serve to make us stronger and more prepared in the future.

The real estate groups we are highlighting this week have the same mentality. Their core values haven’t changed and realtors all across New Jersey remain committed to helping their clients in the safest ways they can. The impact of technology in helping to sell and buy real estate in current conditions cannot be overstated.

There are many real estate groups in New Jersey that are continuing to work hard and overcome obstacles in the face of the Coronavirus. This week, making our list of the top 5 real estate groups in New Jersey are Weichert, Garcia Realtors, Keller Williams’ Quintin Group, Home Ex, and RE Linc. These groups have a lot in common, including their commitment to customers and their drive to evolve and continue to work during the pandemic. That’s why virtual tours in New Jersey will be great!

virtual tours in new jersey


Weichert Realtors is a real estate group based in Morris Plains, New Jersey, that has been active since 1969. In just over 50 years, Weichert has grown from a single-office into one of the most prominent residential real estate companies in the nation.

Weichert believes in a customer-first policy, making sure to meet and exceed the needs of their clients in buying, selling, mortgaging, or whatever else is asked of them.

In the wake of the Coronavirus, Weichert has expanded their digital efforts to make sure their customers have access to all of their services while staying safe and healthy.

We spoke to Denise Murphy, a Weichert realtor based in Watchung, New Jersey, about how the real estate landscape has changed for her in recent months.

Her group, Weichert Realtors of Watchung, have expanded their efforts in making their services available by regularly posting listings on social media, hosting virtual open houses, virtual tours, and virtual walk-throughs. Each one of these virtual events are conducted with an experienced realtor from the group who is there to guide potential buyers through the homes, answer any questions, and generally attempt to make the event as close to an in-person experience as they possibly can despite the current circumstances. These virtual tours, walk-throughs, and open houses are a way for the Weichert realtors to stay connected to their clients as they would have before the Coronavirus pandemic while still ensuring the safety and health of clients and their own staff.

virtual tours in new jersey

Garcia Realtors

Garcia Realtors is a realty group headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey. Focusing on South Jersey residential real estate, Garcia Realtors describe themselves as a “one-stop-shop” for their clients’ buying, selling, and investment needs.

Garcia Realtors make real estate easy for their clients, whether they be first time homeowners or more seasoned investors.

In addition, Garcia Realtors operates in both English and Spanish to best suit the needs of their clients. Almost 33% of Trenton residents speak Spanish, so by employing Spanish-speaking realtors, the Garcia Group is committed to being accessible to the needs of their clients and their community.

The realtors at Garcia are committed to showing their properties even despite social distancing protocol through virtual open houses. These are conducted via Facebook Live, allowing clients to see the homes and space from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The ability to adapt and grow based on their clients’ needs and the changing landscape around them makes the Garcia Group one of the most reliable realtors in South Jersey, especially during this time of need. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of the rules for how business operates, especially in terms of buying and selling a home, so clients need to know they can trust the realtors they work with to have their best interests in mind.

The Garcia Group is just one of the real estate groups in New Jersey that is trying to continue to provide their services for clients, and they along with others, are working hard to achieve results for their customers.

virtual tours in new jersey

Keller Williams – The Quintin Group

The Quintin Group, a subsidiary of Keller Williams Realty, is a realty group based in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Time and time again, Keller Williams has proven themselves to be at the forefront of an ever-changing real estate landscape. This is due, in large part, to the dedicated and focused teams spread all across the New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets. Last week, we spoke to Mike McCann of Philadelphia’s McCann Team.

This week, we focused on the Jersey Shore super team known as the Jeff Quintin Group. The Quintin Group’s mission is “to assist all parties in accomplishing their goals and obtain a satisfied conclusion to the purchase or sale of their real estate. We make a positive difference in our client’s lives and are committed to our clients having ‘the best real estate experience they’ve ever had.’”

The Quintin Team is dedicated to assisting their clients in the buying and selling of their Jersey Shore residential real estate properties. Not only this, but they are dedicated to educating and training the next group of realtors that are committed to the same values that lead the Quintin Team – serving their community and ensuring that their clients have the most professional buying and selling experience possible.

In the wake of the Coronavirus and the ensuing quarantine, social distancing measures, and the New Jersey stay-at-home order issued by Governor Phil Murphy, the Quintin Team knows that real estate can’t operate under “business as usual”.

The Quintin Team offers a variety of tools to make this process as safe as possible for their clients, including photo galleries of properties and immediate responses on their website.

The Quintin Team, like many of us, were not prepared for the full extent of Coronavirus implications, but have been doing their best to serve their community. They awarded a COVID-19 nurse at Shore Memorial Hospital with their “COVID Community Heroes” initiative, proving how dedicated they are to their community and serving the essential employees within it.

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HomeEx Realty

HomeEx Realty is a real estate group located in Trenton, New Jersey, that is constantly innovating to meet the needs of their clients. Like the other real estate groups mentioned in this blog, HomeEx Realty strives to place customer needs at the forefront of their business. Virtual tours in New Jersey seems like such a great idea now, right?

One of HomeEx’s main draws is their simple management style. Rather than associating with a large company that potentially would have large overhead costs, HomeEx is run by realtors themselves, all of whom have many years of experience and have earned top Sales Awards from the New Jersey Association of Realtors (NJAR).

The operational structure of HomeEx Realty allows them to heavily invest in advertising each property they come across, ensuring to the people selling that their property will be seen by more potential buyers.

The simple management of HomeEx Realty also allows them to be truly personable with their clients. Without a large corporation looming over them, HomeEx realtors are more invested in their clients and are able to create personal relationships.

Clients enjoy working with a small team of realtors that have knowledge of their community, decades of experience, and awards recognizing them for their exceptional service. In short, customers like to feel like they can trust the realtors they work with and HomeEx provides their customers with the knowledge that they are being put first.

Clients are quoted as saying that the HomeEx team “were not only efficient and knowledgeable, but so enthusiastic and kind. They made [the] move so much easier and way more fun.”

Results are proven in the happiness of the customer, which is why HomeEx Realty is considered one of New Jersey’s top real estate teams. Their commitment to making their clients happy no matter the circumstance is unparalleled.

virtual tours in new jersey

RE Linc

RE Linc is a real estate group based in Mullica Hill, New Jersey and Southampton, Pennsylvania. This group’s slogan is “Loyalty, Integrity, Never Ending Commitment.”

RE Linc practices their commitment to clients through their training and mentorship programs to grow their realtors into ones that represent their core values.

During the time of the Coronavirus, RE Linc is doing its part to maintain their commitment to their customers as best they can. They are still updating listings of each property on their website, as well as sharing tips on social media for people thinking about listing their homes now or sometime in the future.

They are also conducting socially-distant home inspections, because RE Linc understands that just because it seems like the world around us has stopped, the need for quickly buying and selling homes has not. The team at RE Linc is committed to making the process as smooth and professional as possible for their clients, which is just one reason they earn a spot on the list of top realty groups in New Jersey.

Momentum 360 is proud to support Philadelphia and New Jersey real estate as well as small businesses everywhere as we all attempt to keep moving forward and adapt to the difficult situations of today.

We are seeing every day how virtual tours and other 3D technology is quickly becoming the future of real estate and we work hard to make tours available for any of your needs. As the pandemic continues and people are ordered to stay socially distant and to stay home as much as possible, the need to buy and sell residential real estate hasn’t diminished.

Virtual tours, walkthroughs, and open houses are just a few of the many inventive ways realtors have implemented in trying to work around the pandemic. Even when the pandemic ends and we are all allowed to gather again, the importance of virtual tours in real estate will remain. We believe virtual tours are already an important tool in buying and selling homes, and they will only become more important as we move into the future.

As always, stay home, stay safe and keep washing your hands! There is no question that what we are all going through right now is difficult, but we know that the future is bright if we can all just hang in there and do our part to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here at Momentum 360, we want to make growing your business easier than ever. Investing in a virtual tour is without a doubt an imperative step in making that happen. Our society is prioritizing digital content now more than ever, and we likely will not see a decline in this mindset in the future years.

If you are interested in learning more about Momentum 360 Virtual Tours or would like to have one made for your business, feel free to email us or schedule a call with Sean or Mac. For more information, visit our website! Mac Frederick and Sean Boyle, owners of Momentum, have over twenty years of experience in the digital marketing field and have a passion for helping businesses reach their fullest potential.

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