Welcome back to another Momentum Monday! Though the official start of summer isn’t for another month, today is Memorial Day, which for a lot of us is the unofficial start of summer. New Jersey beaches have been opened to the public, so many people have flocked to the shore to celebrate their three-day weekend. For many people, this is the first taste of freedom they have felt since the Coronavirus and state shut-down orders took effect back in March. Restaurants and bars are still closed because of the virus, but the beaches are open and many are taking full advantage.

Of course, Memorial Day isn’t about the beach or a three-day-weekend, it is about remembering those who lost their lives fighting in any of the branches of the U.S military. We salute them for their service and remember their sacrifice.

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As always, we hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. We can’t wait for this chapter of history to be closed, but for now, we’re staying home, listening to the advice of experts, and working hard to still provide the best service possible despite less than ideal situations.

Our last two blog posts have been about the top real estate groups in Philadelphia and New Jersey, respectively.

This week we’re setting our sights on the Big Apple, specifically in the Brooklyn borough. It’s no secret that we at Momentum 360 love New York City. Even though we are headquartered in Philadelphia, we have so much love and respect for The City That Never Sleeps. Last month, we wrote about some of our favorite spots in New York (check it out here). This week, we’d like to continue our trend of highlighting innovative real estate groups, this time in Brooklyn, New York.

In this blog post, we’re going to be talking about The Corcoran Group, EXIT Properties, Fillmore Realty, Douglas Elliman Realty, and Compass Real Estate. These groups are among the biggest and best groups in Brooklyn, and we wanted to dig into what makes them so successful.

The Corcoran Group

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The Corcoran Group isn’t just one of the best real estate groups in Brooklyn, they are one of the best in all five boroughs of New York City, the Hamptons, and southern Florida. Specializing in luxury real estate, Corcoran is devoted to finding the best property for their clients to buy, sell, or rent. They understand that real estate is difficult to manage in a city as big and as populous as New York, so they take special care to match their clients with the best fit.

Corcoran employs over 2,000 realtors and has been a titan in New York real estate since it was founded by American businesswoman and “Shark Tank” judge Barbara Corcoran in 1973.

The Corcoran Group is built on three pillars – experience, innovation, and integrity. In terms of experience, the Corcoran Group has been real estate leaders in New York for over 50 years and brings an unparalleled knowledge of the communities they serve. For innovation, the Corcoran Group prides itself on staying ahead of the curve in terms of market trends and technology. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the Corcoran Group regularly made use of virtual tour technology for its real estate properties. Now, in these unprecedented times, the Corcoran Group is prepared to meet the needs of its clients because of their innovative attitude. And finally, the integrity of the Corcoran group is shown by their achievement of being named to the Ethisphere Institute’s annual list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for eight years running.

The Corcoran Group’s affiliated charity “Corcoran Cares” has been responsible for raising over $4 million since its inception in 1973. According to a March 25th press release from CEO Pamela Liebman, “Giving back to our local communities is something we are proud to take seriously, and we have identified five charities at the epicenter of the pandemic that require our assistance. All are serving New Yorkers who urgently need help now.”

The Corcoran group’s dedication to not only their clients but to the city they serve is admirable, and is just one of the many reasons the Corcoran Group is one of the best realty groups in Brooklyn.

EXIT Properties

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EXIT Properties is a realty group specializing in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. For over 15 years, EXIT Realty and its team of over 75 realtors have been servicing the neighborhoods in Brooklyn with their buying and selling expertise. EXIT Realty has been a leader in real estate throughout the Brooklyn area because of its core goal, “delivering exceptional consumer experiences.”

Each EXIT associate is chosen for their experience and dedication to providing the best client experience whether through buying, renting, or selling. Like many businesses, EXIT has felt the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, EXIT has taken steps to revamp its business in the face of the pandemic and utilize technology to help keep business moving. These include consultations via video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and more. They also make use of online home listings and electronic document signings to make everything accessible even through socially distant methods. Finally, EXIT uses virtual tours and showings because of the regulations on gatherings. By using virtual tours, EXIT gives its clients access to seeing properties without ever leaving their homes.

EXIT Realty has always prided itself on “disrupting” real estate. The company was designed to break out of the typical process and create something meaningful and helpful to its clients. Right now, they are proving themselves to be client-first, which is why EXIT makes the list of best Brooklyn realty groups.

Fillmore Realty

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Fillmore Realty has been working for the Brooklyn borough since 1966. In over 50 years of experience, Fillmore has grown to be the largest privately owned and operated real estate group in New York City. Fillmore has managed to grow from a 25-person company up to it’s current status as one of the biggest. Today, Fillmore employs over 300 realtors, all of whom have the professionalism and skill set to continue to serve its New York neighborhoods. Fillmore is a powerhouse in the world of real estate, but prides itself on their intimate knowledge and care for the people they serve. People are the foundation of Fillmore’s business model. Each client is their most important client.

In order to serve their clients during the ongoing pandemic, Fillmore has made their listings more accessible through Matterport 3D tours. With over 500 residential virtual tour listings from Brooklyn, NY, on their website and almost 1000 for their entire realty zone, Fillmore clearly understands the importance of online tours especially within current times. By using 3D technology to list their properties, Fillmore is indicating to their clients that even if people are not allowed to visit properties in-person.

With all that is going on in the world today, it is important as clients and as people in general for others to help out however they can. Obviously, companies are not immune to the effects of Coronavirus and it has been impacting real estate groups as hard as any other industry. The commitment to clients that Fillmore Realty shows is greatly needed in difficult times, which is why they have ended up on the list of the best realty groups in Brooklyn.

Douglas Elliman Realty

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Douglas Elliman Realty has been serving the Brooklyn area for over a century. Founded in 1911, Douglas Elliman is the second largest independent residential real estate brokerage in the United States by sales volume.

Douglas Elliman Realty is “passionate about delivering unparalleled experiences. From sales, rentals and new development to mortgages and title insurance, our agents are relentless advocates for our clients.”

CEO of Elliman Realty, Dottie Herman, has acknowledged that the New York real estate market has been hurt by the Coronavirus but, in an interview with Fox Business, she predicts that it will rebound. She stated that New York is resilient, and states “Do I think we’re really gonna have to go through… a little hell first? Yes. But I am confident that New York will get out of it as they always do. We’re fighters.”

As far as the company’s adaptations to the current market, they are utilizing virtual tours as well as digital walkthroughs of properties. These are designed to encourage people to buy the properties even though they can’t see it in person. Virtual tours are the next best thing if you can’t see a property in person, and the needs of clients don’t stop while everyone tries to stay safe from the virus.

It is the relentless optimism and dedication to clients that have earned Douglas Elliman Realty their reputation, their growth over the past 109 years, and ultimately, a spot on the list of the best Brooklyn realty groups.

Compass Real Estate

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The final real estate group on the list of the best Brooklyn realtors is Compass Real Estate. A relatively new real estate group, Compass was founded in 2012 and has been making a splash in the real estate industry ever since. Their mission is simple: to help everyone find a place in the world.

Compass is a pioneer in modern real estate by combining top notch agents with the most innovative technology to create a simpler buying and selling experience for their clients. Compass believes that to be the best in the field, you have to be employing the best technology. Here at Momentum 360, we wholeheartedly agree. Compass employs the passion and solutions-driven mindset of a startup with the sophistication of a luxury brand to ensure their clients are receiving the best service possible.

Their website includes guides to each of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Compass combines its agent’s familiarity with the communities and modern technology in engineering, strategy, and design to find the perfect space for clients looking to buy or rent and the best strategy to assist clients looking to sell.

Compass is on the cutting edge of modern real estate and uses technological tools for agents to provide the best service to their clients. Especially amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the latest real estate technology is quickly becoming essential for real estate groups and by acknowledging that from the jump has put Compass ahead of the curve, making it one of the best real estate groups in Brooklyn.

Final Notes

New York and its citizens have been devastated by the effects of the Coronavirus. By implementing technology and by giving back to their communities, these real estate groups are hoping to ease the burden on their clients even a little.

Momentum 360 is proud to support real estate agents and groups who are working as hard as they can to keep business moving, as well as small businesses everywhere as we all attempt to keep moving forward in a difficult and often-troubling time. Virtual tours are the future of real estate and we work hard to make tours available for any of your needs.

As always, stay safe and keep washing your hands! These are trying times but before we know it we will be out living our lives again.

Here at Momentum 360, we want to make growing your business easier than ever. Investing in a virtual tour is without a doubt an imperative step in making that happen. Our society is prioritizing digital content now more than ever, and we likely will not see a decline in this mindset in the future years.

If you are interested in learning more about Momentum 360 Virtual Tours or would like to have one made for your business, feel free to email us or schedule a call with Sean or Mac. For more information, visit our website! Mac Frederick and Sean Boyle, owners of Momentum, have over twenty years of experience in the digital marketing field and have a passion for helping businesses reach their fullest potential.

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