How to Protect Your Real Estate Marketing Brand’s Reputation Online

You are always open to attack in real estate marketing. In the digital world, this is a simple fact. As new threats show up, new ways to stop them are made. Today, we’re going to go over twenty examples of how to protect your real estate marketing brand reputation online.

A quick disclaimer, this is an old-school blog. I feel like a scrooge for making this a point of pride; but this blog was not written using AI tools other than spell-check and good ole’ fashion with some critical thinking skills… and about a decade of experience in the industry.

One: Stay alert, and stay up to date on your real estate marketing brand.

Branding is dynamic. This means that conditions are constantly changing. In real estate, those conditions grow even further. You could see market dynamics, dynamic interest rates (sup 2021/2022). You’re also going to see radical shifts in trends and other standards. There is only one problem! You’re busy. And sadly so is everyone else. Luckily, for everyone looking to keep an eye on their real estate marketing, there is this powerful tool.

Google alerts. The best friend of the real estate marketing pro of tomorrow. And why? Well, you’ll be notified basically ASAP if any of your trigger phrases come into prevalence. This can be spliced in a few different directions. You can use it to pick up on encroachments to your brand. Are you the only one offering Matterport in your town? Keep an eye on the others by creating alerts for your competition + matterport. Ideally, as soon as it becomes an offer, you can make strategic moves accordingly.

Further still, use it to look out for hit pieces. Add alerts for your real estate marketing brand + negative implications in your industry, to help get ahead of issues before they are on the internet for long.

Two: Don’t just sit there.
Real Estate Marketing, How to Protect Your Real Estate Marketing Brand’s Reputation Online, Momentum 360

Real estate marketing is a game of reputation. And in today’s society, the keeper of the reputation ledger is Google. You got a great video testimonial like two years ago and after like 7 clicks I can find a lovely page dedicated just to it on your website; but no one is looking that hard. Google reviews are where it’s at.

For now, we’re gonna talk about negative reviews on Google. First off, did you know over half of negative google reviews violate the terms? So getting them removed is actually fairly simple. They usually just need to be flagged for the same reason by many (6-10) different people, not accounts. Don’t think switching your chrome profile and submitting 5 flags in 7 minutes to the same negative review is gonna get you anywhere. It certainly will not. Real estate marketing is all about timing and presentation.

If you can keep your cool, respond. Remember, this can and can’t be a great place to try to resolve things. If people are simply just ignoring attempts to fix problems and decide they just want to complain, call them out. If you truly did fail someone, ask them how you can make it right off the review to take it off. This is of course if flagging it fails.

It’s vital to see negative reviews for what they really are. Feedback. And you should use that feedback to grow and expand the best you can to improve. Someone who is capable of writing a long, scorching hot negative review is willing to do the same in a better light and tone, so keep that in mind.

Real estate marketing is the people’s business. And people, well, people can sometimes suck.

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Three: Press for positive reviews of your real estate marking brand.

There is NOTHING like turning in a massive project and getting loads of praise for it. It can make your entire day. But you could also let it make your entire year. When you encourage people to put their thoughts into writing and leave you a review, it can have a massive impact on your business. Reviews can help to improve your reputation, attract more customers, and even boost your search engine rankings. So don’t be shy – ask your satisfied customers to leave you a review and let the world know how great your business is!

This is where you can use psychology to your advantage. Use reciprocity. Leave someone a five star review first, and basically leave the review you would want them to leave for you, but obviously make it relevant to them. And then simply ask them to do the same.

Four: Use social media to build your real estate marketing brand.

Woah woah, don’t run anywhere yet. Yeah I know you’re in every local real estate agent group on facebook, and most of the national ones. And when you get a listing? Watch out because you are a content machine! Or not. The point here is that you should be, you need to be. You’re selling people the American dream, and you know what they say, they call it the American dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it, so you better be making some very dreamy content.

Real Estate Marketing, How to Protect Your Real Estate Marketing Brand’s Reputation Online, Momentum 360

Five: Be honest in you Real Estate Marketing Brand development

When it comes to any brand, honesty is key. I get it, we’re all out here to put our best foot forward. And in real estate marketing, that is no different. But we can’t go selling trailers as mansions, and we can’t move condemned homes and move in ready.

So what’s a savvy agent to do? Lean into the conditions. If that’s what you’re able to sell right now, let that be your thing. Or try to find a niche. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have a catch all brand unless it’s a holding company.

We all know that when it comes to real estate marketing, you don’t want to be accused of, or commit, misrepresentation. So take it slow, keep your eyes open, and use some common sense to help you get ahead.

Six: Stay relevant with your real estate marketing services.

As mentioned, Google is where businesses go to live and die. So make sure your GMB dashboard is as familiar to you as your numbers. You should have very recent and relevant posts that are seasonal and relative to your ideal client.

Showing vigor, showing an ability to lean in and develop a vision in your clients eye is important. In real estate marketing, it’s all about what you can do. So staying up to date with your client facing assets is important.

This is something that can be left to a professional or done in house. Results will vary based on strategy. Common sense will go a long way here. Keep everything up to date. Hours of operations, services, anything you want the client to know.

Seven: Professional Real Estate Marketing Brands Only Use Professional Marketing assets.

This is frankly a non negotiable. Every year I am BLOWN AWAY by how great these cell phone cameras are, ok? They’re good. Very good. However, and this is as true as the sky is blue. The quality does not match up to that of a professional mirrorless camera. No, your $1,100 smartphone which is basically a swiss army knife of gadgets cannot make images as good as my $3,500 camera which is just a camera.

Real Estate Marketing, How to Protect Your Real Estate Marketing Brand’s Reputation Online, Momentum 360

And there are plenty of real estate agents who call themselves professional real estate marketers and whip out the ole’ trusty iphone when they get a new listing. But they are liars looking to save a few hundred dollars. It would be super funny, until you realize people are trusting them to sell the most valuable asset they own- their home.

Eight: Real Estate Marketing Professionals Need SEO

Yeah, it’s time for this little bugger of an acronym again. SEO, or “search engine optimization”. This is a way of presenting your website on a technical level, to make it more appealing to indexing websites like google.

Why, you ask?

Well, the simple answer is that by making your real estate brand more SEO friendly, over time, more people are going to find your business online.

We have several much better blogs that go into SEO. For now, it is fine to say that it is a method of organizing the copy (words) in such a way so that Google picks up on threads of consistency that indicate to it, that this source is more comprehensive and complete. Therefore, when it must present its knowledge to a searcher, it will rank the results based on “most legitimate”.

Showing up on the first page of google is critical. Why? Well, when was the last time you visited the second page of google?

Nine: Real Estate Marketers Are Active in their community.

The days of masks and jabs are behind us, mostly. It’s time to get back out there. So go where the people are. Make yourself a face in the community. This is common sense for any real estate marketing professional. But it is worth it to really drive this point home.

When people go to put their most valuable asset on the market, that is an intimidating and scary process. Go, be down amongst the people. Be accessible. Be open to questions. This is still a people business and that includes socializing. And if after three years of COVID, if you lost your social butterfly, you should likely follow it to a new career.

Real Estate Marketing, How to Protect Your Real Estate Marketing Brand’s Reputation Online, Momentum 360

A Conclusion on Real Estate Marking

We covered nine thick topics on important aspects of real estate marketing. First, how to use google alerts to stay on top of your brand. Getting real time info on the state of the market and your spot in it, is invaluable. Second, staying active on Google My Business. It’s important to stay vigilant and update your people from every angle. You might crush it on instagram, but potential clients might not follow you there, so staying on top of google is critical. Third, keep pressing for positive reviews. It is a lot of hard work and energy to keep asking people for reviews, but I promise it is worth it. Fourth, we touched on the importance of social media, and used basically all of them to stay on point. Five: Be honest in your Real Estate Marketing Brand development. When it comes to any brand, honesty is key. And this is no different. So if your brand needs the work, get ready to roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done. You can do what you need to do, to get your brand off the ground. With faith, love, and compassion- and a little bit of value, anything is possible. Just always be nice to yourself.