USC Virtual Tour

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another one of our weekly blogs. If you are looking for some amazing virtual tour content, then you came to the right place.

This past week, I visited one of the most iconic cities in the United States; Los Angeles, California! It is always a great time when I come to visit. I saw so many interesting landmarks in Los Angeles, but one had caught my eye; the University of Southern California, also known as USC.

USC is definitely one of the most well-known universities in California. I heard amazing things about USC and also considering attending grad school there; so I thought, why don’t I just check it out while I am here?

I have to say it was… you know what, how about a USC Virtual Tour and you will see why I am now obsessed with this campus.

This is going to be an interesting virtual tour because I personally took some amazing photos of USC. The campus was so huge that I literally almost ran out of storage when taking photos! Lucky enough, I am going to show you the coolest spots that I have seen here.

School is in session, let’s get started on our USC Virtual Tour!

Michelson Hall

We are starting off at Michelson Hall; the center for Convergent Bioscience. This is one of the largest buildings on campus. The outside architecture is made up of brick and has three arches in the center entrance.

USC Virtual Tour

Walking inside, the interior is very modern and up to date with renovations. One the lower level is an open space area once you walk in. Looking up, there is a glass balcony that you can see connected to the second floor.

As you are still one the first level, you can go straight down a hall that leads to doors to the back patio of Michelson Hall. Here, there are tables, chairs , and umbrellas where you can relax and get some work done. You can also have some nice views of beautiful palm trees too!


Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall is one of the most amazing hall’s I have ever seen. When walking in, you are greeted with the ‘Hall of Champions’’ with statues dedicated to famous USC legends.

There are also USC Football jerseys hung up along the wall behind glass. Heritage Hall is two stories of beauty!

USC Virtual Tour


Katherine B. Loker Track Stadium

As we leave Michelson Hall, the sights we are seeing here are amazing outside. Walking past the USC Athletics Hall of Fame, you will notice many well-known names there that are honored. The next spot we are going to check out is Katherine B. Loker Track Stadium.

USC Virtual Tour

USC are runners, USC are track stars! This track stadium has a 3,000 seat capacity. It has a huge track field with bright green grass in the middle. Also, there is a gigantic jumbotron on the side!


Pertusati University Bookstore

The next stop on our USC Virtual Tour is Pertusati University Bookstore. Here, you can purchase books, supplies, USC clothing apparel and more.

When walking up the steps and entering the building, you will see lots of amazing USC gear on display like tops, bottoms, sports jerseys, water bottles, and more. It is huge, so you may be spending many hours here!

USC Virtual Tour

Going up the escalator, you can find even more clothing apparel. You know what else is cool about this bookstore? They have a full on section of Ray Ban glasses in the corner! I am honestly shocked; I never have seen a school that actually sells a high-end product in a school bookstore before.

I can definitely feel the school spirit in here, but let’s check out some more places around the campus!


The Quad

I have seen many University quads, but nothing can compare to USC’s. This quad is huge and so beautiful. It is very spacious with a lot of grass space.

The first thing I want you to see here is the famous Trojan shrine statue also known as “Tommy Trojan”. The trojan is USC’s iconic mascot. This life-sized bronze statue here represents USC as a whole, which is amazing to me. Many students take pictures with it too! The way the trojan statue stands high and mighty, looking out at the campus looks beyond cool.


USC Virtual Tour

In the middle of the quad is a water fountain. It goes well with the nature on campus. You can sit along the sides and relax while listening to the water splash in the fountain.

Last but not least here in the quad, the Trojan horse statue! This bronze statue horse is white color and is surrounded by colorful flowers. It represents USC’s mascot horse whose name is Traveler.

USC Virtual Tour


Doheny Memorial Library

Not that far from the quad, walking down a small pathway, we will run into Doheny Memorial Library. This is one of the few libraries here on campus. What makes this special is the size of it– I mean look, it is huge!

Unfortunately, we cannot go inside due to COVID-19; but look at the outside architecture. This big building is made up mostly of brick. It has these narrow steps right in front. There are also two tall palm trees on each side of the library. It is an amazing view just looking at it.

USC Virtual Tour

In front and center of the library is a water fountain. This big fountain has clear water inside of it, and a statue of people in the middle. It is so pretty the way it sits in front of Doheny Memorial Library!


USC Village

Our next stop on our USC Virtual Tour is USC Village! This is the coolest place to hang out on campus.

Here, you can hang out with friends, get some school work done, and eat! This area is like the quad but ten times better! You are surrounded by all of these campus buildings.

When walking in USC Village, there is a pathway you have to go down. There is this tall, beautiful, black-colored statue that looks over USC Village.

USC Virtual Tour

You can get some yummy food here; like Wahlburgers for example, and many more restaurants. There is also a nail salon! I swear, USC is living lavishly.

Alright, one more stop to go! This next one is going to be a walk, just warning you.


Galen Center

Between the California heat and walking to the Galen Center, wheew! Welcome to the iconic Galen Stadium. This is the home of the USC basketball team.

This building is huge; I am talking width and length.The Galen Center is a 255,000 square-foot arena with 10,258 seats. It is surrounded by beautiful palm trees. It also has many entrances.

USC Virtual Tour

Unfortunately, we cannot go inside the building; there is security swarming the place. But, we can peek through the windows.

There is nothing but USC pride inside. There is lots of open space.

Maybe when basketball season comes around, you should definitely go to a game. They are one of the best college basketball teams in the United States


USC You Later

Thank you for joining me on this lovely USC Virtual Tour! Although we did not see everything on campus today, we definitely saw a great chunk of it.

I enjoy USC so much, even on a virtual tour. I hope you also enjoyed it too!

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