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I don’t know if you have been keeping up, but the University of Alabama has been the talk of the week everywhere. Why you may ask? The University of Alabama is known for their Greek life; which made #BamaRush a trending topic all over many social media platforms during their sorority rush.

As mentioned before in a previous blog, Virtual Tours Colleges, it was pointed out that the University of Alabama’s Greek life is famous for their luxurious fraternity and sorority houses. It is honestly shocking how huge each of these properties are.

I thought this would be a great time to give some Virtual House Tours! There are many houses for Greek life at the University of Alabama; so we will be looking at one sorority house and one fraternity house.

Are you ready to head to Tuscaloosa, Alabama? Then let’s get started on our Virtual House Tours!


Sorority House (Delta Zeta)

Welcome to the Delta Zeta house at the University of Alabama! This 40,000 square foot sorority house has so much beauty to it. On the outside, the house is made up of brick and has many windows. There are six giant pillars that give it a luxurious look along with black front doors at the entrance. Let’s head inside and see more!

Virtual House Tours

Starting in the foyer room, you are greeted with a center table with flowers. There is an amazing stairwell that leads you to the upstairs of the house; we will check that out soon! Also you will notice the high ceilings and the chandelier hanging from it.

Virtual House Tours

On the left side of the foyer room is the dining room. This is a huge room filled with tables and chairs for when the girls eat. On the side of the dining room are some booths too. The chandeliers in the dining room have some pink colors added to them which gives it a pop of color. There are some wall lamps hung up along the walls also.

Attached to the dining room is the kitchen. It has an all white aesthetic to it. Here you can find glass cabinets, drawers, and your typical kitchen appliances. There is also a buffet-style island that sits right in the center of the kitchen. Along the wall, there is a fountain soda machine built in; now that is pretty cool.

Up next, let’s look at the living rooms. There are two living rooms in one section– one on the left snf one on the right! The left side living room had some light pink floral wallpaper with a mirror hung up and a clean white couch in front of it. There are some chairs, lamps, some pillows, and a coffee table. It definitely gives you that at-home feel! The right side living room looks extremely similar to the left side.

Do you have a library in your house? Well guess what; these girls do! Here we are in the library of the Delta Zeta house. It has dull lighting to give it that cozy feel when doing school work or just simply relaxing. There are big windows, dark wood walls, sofa’s, tables, floor lamps, and a unique lamp that hangs from the ceiling. There is also a flat screen TV that is built into the wall; below that is a fireplace.

The last place we are going to check out in the Delta Zeta house is the back patio. This is a great place in the house to relax when it is nice outside. Here you can find tables and chairs, and patio sofas. There are also outside ceiling fans, and a flat screen TV hung up on the wall.

Well, that is it for the Delta Zeta house! There are many more rooms in this house; bedrooms, study rooms, lounge rooms, and many more. We still have another home to look at– so let’s continue the Virtual House Tours!


Fraternity House (Pi Kappa Alpha)

Welcome to this huge fraternity house of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Alabama! Similar to the Delta Zeta house, this one here is also made up of brick. They have giant white pillars in the front and many windows placed in two rows. Let’s go inside and see what all of the hype is about!

Virtual House Tours

Walking in the doors, you are now in the foyer room. You will notice their fraternity symbol is detailed into the floor. On the right side is a stairwell that is front in center and a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

Virtual House Tours

Up next is a living room area. It has glossy wooden flooring, two sofas on each side of the room, and white book shelves. There is a little center with a table, two chairs and a lamp; adjacent from that is a big window that brings in natural sunlight to the room.

We now move on to the lounge room. This spacious room has all white walls and glossy wooden floors. In here, the furniture that is included are four beige leather sofa chairs, a beige leather sofa couch, a black coffee table that sits in in the middle. There is also a flat screen TV hung up on the wall that faces out to the lounge room.

These boys have to eat, right? This room here is the dining room. There are beige colored walls and a few bright chandeliers hanging up above. You will see so many long, dark brown tables with a good amount of black chairs. There is light beige tile flooring. Lastly, more flat screen TV’s hung up on the wall!

Taking the elevator upstairs, there are many bedrooms for the boys, a meeting room for their chapter meetings, and so much more!

That is it for the Pi Kappa Alpha house at the University of Alabama! You know, I thought I would see some red solo cups laying around here, but it was actually pretty clean. What a great Virtual Tour.

Final Words

We have come to the conclusion of our Virtual House Tours! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. There are so many fraternity and sorority houses at the University of Alabama that are beyond huge and unique in their own way. That is the South for you!

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