Virtual Luxury Home Tours

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I hope everyone is staying safe out there through these unfortunate times in this global pandemic. Who would have ever pictured life like this back in 2019? Now, it is 2021 where we are following CDC guidelines, wearing masks in public, and the worst part… quarantining in our own homes; oh yes, cabin fever at its best.

Some of you can probably agree with me, but I absolutely hate being stuck at home. I enjoy going out and doing things like hitting the gym, going for a swim at the pool, or even seeing a movie.

Of course, there are people who do not mind staying home or just simply prefer to stay in the house– but one group in particular, typically homeowners of luxury homes. I am not targeting all of the luxury homeowners, but think about this– if you had a full-sized gym, an indoor and/or outdoor pool, and a movie theatre under one roof, would you leave your house? Speaking for myself, if I had that kind of luxury home, going out would not be a priority for me anymore. I’d have everything I want right in my own home!

Are you still not convinced or need to be enlightened? No worries, I know exactly how to fix that– a virtual tour, of course! Today, we are going to go on some Virtual Luxury Home Tours.

We are not only just going to take a virtual tour through a random person’s luxury home; we will be looking at some luxury houses owned by some well-known and successful individuals that you may or may not know. Want to know they are? Well then, get ready– we are off to our first of many Virtual Luxury Home Tours!


He might have started from the bottom, but now he is here living in this beautiful luxury home that was built in 2016! Located in Bridle Path, Toronto, Canada in a private neighborhood known as “Millionaire’s Row”, is this 50,000 square foot property that is owned by 34-year-old rapper, Drake.

Before walking towards this $100 million luxury home, there’s a fence in front of the home so he can have his privacy. I know, it’s definitely a very tall fence! Drake has been granted special permission from the City of Toronto to build this fence due to it being twice the size of the legal height.

Entering through the two tall black gates stands this huge property. The exterior of the luxury home includes bronze, limestone, and wood. The outside of the home has a black and white aesthetic. It is a white color luxury home with a black roof, along with black and white flooring.

Virtual Luxury Home ToursWalking inside of Drake’s home, you would not believe your eyes of how beautiful it is. Keeping up with the black and white aesthetic inside, it has high ceilings, a stairwell with a balcony, and replicas of the metropolitan chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling.

The next room in Drake’s luxury home we will look at is his NBA regulation sized basketball court. It is crazy to think that it is possible to fit in someone’s home! Looking around, the walls are a black color with a couch built into the wall and there is also a scoreboard attached above. The detail of the basketball court’s flooring is a tan-wood color and black with Drake’s signature OVO owl logo right in the middle.

Virtual Luxury Home Tours

Next up is the room where Drake makes all the magic happen… his private recording studio, obviously! The studio has black walls with dim pink lighting that has that loungy feel to it. It is also decorated with his favorite action figures! Drake also has “Award’s room” that displays all of his Grammy’s he has won in the past. If you think that is cool, he has this amazing dim light hallway of his collection of sports jerseys that are on each side of the walls.

Now that we have seen all the fun stuff, let’s go check out some rooms where Drake can be, you know, normal. This room here is what Drake calls “The Great Room”. For once, this room is not a black and white aesthetic. This is a big beautiful room that has a vintage look to it. There are white walls, pastel green couches, a gorgeous chandelier hanging from a 44 foot high ceiling, and a fireplace.

When looking at Drake’s 32,000 square foot master bedroom, you would not expect it to look like this. Similar to “The Great Room” it also has that vintage look; white walls, dark wooden floors, a chandelier with a huge elegant bed. Inside the master bedroom is a spacious bathroom that has black and white marble design all over with gold spigots. Drake’s two story closet also looks very similar with the marble design.

Drake’s luxury home also includes:

  • An indoor and outdoor pool
  • Two saunas
  • Massage room
  • Ten car garage
  • Singing toilet (Yes, you heard that right!)

I would honestly do anything to live in a luxury home like Drake’s. It is breathtaking just to look at– I cannot imagine what the next house is going to look like on our Virtual Luxury Home Tours. I am stoked though, so let’s go!

Floyd Mayweather

He might have won his way to victory by defeating Logan Paul the other night; but nothing can beat this look of his $25 million luxury home. 50-0 retired professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather, is a homeowner of a beautiful property located in Beverly Hills, California. Mayweather owns a couple of luxury homes, but this is his most expensive one yet.

The architecture of the outside exterior is very modern. Mayweather’s 15,000 square foot luxury home is an almost perfect square shaped, white colored home with a black roof. The windows are massive that shines the lights from the inside right on out. Surrounding the home are big beautiful palm trees.

Virtual Luxury Home ToursWalking inside of the six bedroom ten bathroom estate, we will start in the kitchen. This kitchen has an all different color white and gray aesthetic from the chairs, walls, decor and countertops. The flooring has a nice chestnut color to it– which makes the white pop out even more.

When the food is done in the kitchen, Maywhether eats in his lavish dining room. The walls are a light gray color along with again the dark chestnut flooring that matches the dining room table set which is placed in the middle of the room. Located behind the dining room set is a decent sized fireplace.

Mayweather has three lounges in his luxury home; two of them are a white aesthetic and one has more of a black aesthetic. All of the lounges are extremely spacious.

The next room in the Mayweather household is the living room. Almost matching his dining room, it has the chestnut color flooring, light gray walls, and another fireplace. The one cool thing about this fireplace is that it has black and white marble thick edging. The furniture in the living room is all white; but kudos to Mayweather– I would be so afraid to get it dirty. We cannot forget about the French doors leading out to the backyard, but we will get to that later!

Remember when we went through Drake’s luxury home and he had his “Grammy Room”? Well, Mayweather has something pretty similar. There is a room dedicated to all of the titles that he has won in the past. You got to show off your success somewhere.

Welcome to Floyd Mayweather’s master bedroom! The only place you will ever see him knocked out at (get it?). This room has another lounge area, a fireplace, and more french doors; oh, and not to forget the terrace looking over the backyard.

I think we waited long enough to check out Mayweather’s backyard. Nothing can top this! It has black and white striped tiling with a pool right in the middle. There is also a pool house right next to it. Other things that are included in the backyard are lounge chairs, fire accessories, bar, and of course– a jacuzzi.

Virtual Luxury Home ToursFloyd Mayweather’s luxury home also includes:

  • Movie theatre
  • Candy shop
  • Bar with a wine rack
  • Gym
  • Four car garage

Wow, I could get lost in Floyd Mayweather’s home. Everything about it was just astonishing. The bad news is that we are leaving, but the good news is that we have one more house to look at on our Virtual Luxury Home Tours. I will meet you there!

Kim Kardashian

Being one of the highest paid females in the game, it was expected that Kim Kardashian was going to live in her dream luxury home; and so she did. Influencer Kim Kardashian and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kanye West, have purchased her $60 million renovated home in the Hidden Hills of California. Most people say this luxury home is “interesting” and “one-of-a-kind”; let’s find out why.

Standing outside, from looking at the back of the house, it seems normal so far. This 15,000 square foot home is more narrow, but still a big property. In the backyard, it has a pool fountain with green grass all around. Before the doors is another black fountain statue that sits right in the middle above the steps. The colors of the exterior of the house are beige and white with a black roof.

Walking inside from the front, it looks completely bare. There is a beige-white table and a white stairwell along with a white wall banister; everything is white! I wonder how she keeps this super clean.

IMGThis is Kim Kardashian’s iconic hallway. This is an all white hallway with large arched ceilings. There is nothing in this hallway at all, just walls. It resembles the inside of a museum. The floor in the hallway is made by a special Belgium plaster. If something would happen to the floors, it would be an expensive fix.

Here we are in the living room now. With the walls and flooring still a white color, located in the living room is a huge C shaped white couch with windows behind it that touch the floor and the wall. In the corner is a white piano; and adjacent from it is a white chair and white coffee table. Not to forget, the white curtains and French doors in the background which brings in sunlight.

Virtual Luxury Home Tours

Heading over the master bathroom, you can see how spacious it is. Yes, I said bathroom! When you walk in, the first thing you see is the huge windows that show a forest of greenery. It looks like there is no privacy in this bathroom. There is a sink with two faucets, two chairs, an interesting looking bathtub right across, and a big glass stand-in shower right behind.

With the master bathroom being connected is the master bedroom. The bedroom is majority of a white with a white bed. There is not really much else to this room.

Next, we go to the kitchen. This kitchen has a great aesthetic to it with the huge island countertop in the middle and the plants placed on top of it. Kim Kardashian also has a staff and show kitchen.

The last room in Kim Kardashian’s luxury home we will look at is her oldest daughter’s, North’s room. Why is this room so important? Because this is the only room that is actually not a beige-white color! North’s room is an all pink bedroom; it is perfect for a little girl like her! It had a butterfly bed set along with pink walls, mirrors, desk, and drawers.

Kim Kardashian’s luxury home also includes:

  • Giant pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Kids Playroom

Although this is probably the most minimal luxury home I have ever seen, I have to say it was very unique!  We have to give props to Kim for keeping her all beige/white luxury home in tact when living with four small children.

Final Notes

Thank you so much for going on the Virtual Luxury Home Tours with me! I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did. We post every week; so feel free to subscribe and make sure you are up to date on the latest trends in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments below! From everyone at Momentum 360, thanks for the love, stay healthy, and until next time, build Momentum!